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How to Live a Life Fueled by Freedom & Adventure

March 30, 2020 Moira Sutton Season 1 Episode 3
Heart Soul Wisdom
How to Live a Life Fueled by Freedom & Adventure
Heart Soul Wisdom
How to Live a Life Fueled by Freedom & Adventure
Mar 30, 2020 Season 1 Episode 3
Moira Sutton

Health & Well Being
Freedom & Fulfillment
Travel & Adventure
Passion & Purpose

Jenny is a world traveler, life adventurist and the author of “Rock Your Lifestyle: It’s YOUR Life, Start Acting Like It!” Jenny and her husband, Jai co-founded 2jHolla and they both work with ambitious and motivated professionals ~ creating life changing experiences and helping them to live a healthy lifestyle fueled by freedom and adventure (on their terms). She has a curiosity and a deep passion for life and exploring the world. She believes in finding fun, freedom and joy in everything that you experience in life ~ and she is focused ~ on inspiring others to do the same.

Website: www.2jHolla.com

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Health & Well Being
Freedom & Fulfillment
Travel & Adventure
Passion & Purpose

Jenny is a world traveler, life adventurist and the author of “Rock Your Lifestyle: It’s YOUR Life, Start Acting Like It!” Jenny and her husband, Jai co-founded 2jHolla and they both work with ambitious and motivated professionals ~ creating life changing experiences and helping them to live a healthy lifestyle fueled by freedom and adventure (on their terms). She has a curiosity and a deep passion for life and exploring the world. She believes in finding fun, freedom and joy in everything that you experience in life ~ and she is focused ~ on inspiring others to do the same.

Website: www.2jHolla.com

Gift: Burnout to Bliss Guide: A Mini Life Survival Guide


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Welcome to the Heart Soul Wisdom podcast. A journey of self discovery and transformation. Moira Sutton and her amazing guests share real life stories, tools and strategies to inspire and empower you to create and live your best life. Come along on the journey and finally blast through any fears, obstacles and challenges that have held you back in the past so you can live your life with the joy, passion and happiness that you desire. Now here's your host. Create the life you love. Empowerment Life Coach, Moira Sutton

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Welcome to Episode Three. How to Live a Life fueled by Freedom and Adventure with our special guest Life Adventurist Jenny Holla. Jenny's a world traveler, Life Adventurist and the author of Rock Your lifestyle. It's your life. Start acting like it. Jenny has been in the professional sales field for 15 years, and she was consistently ranked amongst the top 5% of her peers. She left her corporate career and her six figure income not once but two times. There was a story in that Jenny and her husband, Jai, co founded 2J Holla, and they both worked with ambitious and motivated professionals, creating life changing experiences and helping them to live a healthy lifestyle fueled by freedom and adventure. On their terms, Jenny has a curiosity for life in a deep passion for exploring the world. She believes in finding fun, freedom, and joy in everything that you experience in life. And she has focused on inspiring others to do the same. So without further adue,  it is my pleasure to introduce my friend and fellow adventure Jenny Hollow. Welcome, Jenny. Holla on. That is so cute. You will have a name like that.

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I know I was one of the requirements of marrying my husband. I always tell people because my name before I went by Jenny O, because my last name was Olding and I said, Man, I had a cool like I was always like, Hey, I'm Jenny O, and I said they had a have a cool name in order to marry me.  Only to take on their name, right,

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That it so cute!  I have so much I want to discuss today because you have so much you can share with our audience and inspire them. My whole theme is inspiring. Empower them To the life they love on their terms. So we're right on the same page. But I want to start with the story of you leaving your six figure job in corporate America. You know, not once, but two times. And you know what? Did you go back the second time for him? What's different now for you?

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Yeah, you know. So I've always had this dream to be an entrepreneur. I love to travel. I want to have more adventure. But corporate America gave me, like, a peace of mind, I guess you could say, because it was like the safe visit decision, the practical decision and especially following a career as a sales professional, hit six figures in my early twenties. Well, and so I was doing all the right things. You know, I bought a house in my early twenties. I had this great career. That's great trajectory. So being in corporate sales was part of my identity. But I always felt like I wanted something more. And so when I left the first time, it was it was fun because I had a little bit success. I had published my book. I had an audio coaching program. I was speaking around town at different local events and meetings. And I had a couple of private coaching clients, and so I had a little taste of success on my own. And I was like, All right, I'm going for it. Woo, isn't it the first leap? And honestly, at that time, I felt like a lot of my success was tied in my ego and what I felt like I should be doing or what made me good enough. And I felt like I should be able to make six figures in a very short period of time. I feel like at that time, a lot of people that I was going to go listen to speakers, authors, coaches. We're like, Oh, you know, six figures fast. You gotta move fast. You gotta go for it. And when I didn't make it fast, I felt like I felt not good enough, and I thought, Well, maybe I need to just go back into corporate, even though I really didn't want to. And so I got lucky I was able to go back in, and I kept it pretty quiet. I don't really tell people on the outside because I didn't want them to see that I had, like, failed, but it really wasn't a failure, really wasn't a big deal. but I was really nervous about that. So the second time was about three or four years later. And it was most recent where I had already gone through the grieving of shutting down my first entrepreneurial business and then reopening with my husband because we have very complimentary interests and passions, and that's where 2JHolla was founded. 

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I just left my corporate job. Last day was January 3rd, 2020. You finally took the next leap of faith, and it's been wonderful. It's been a little over, you know, a couple of months. It's been a short period of time, but I am so glad I did it. The biggest things that I learned in this is that you know, it's about slowing down and not speeding up. And the corporate world that I was living in a sales professional was about going faster. And another part is I realize that what got me there to that level of success experienced in corporate America won't take me to the next level of success I'm creating.

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And really what you just said that I haven't been in the corporate world for over 30 years as an Entrepreneur, that long.  But the people I talked to also, who are in for the exact reason you're saying and they really, they don't know how to take that leap there very, very scared. And, you know, what would you say to them for them to take the lead? Because they want more in their life and they want more excitement and to travel and freedom. Freedom's of biggie. But taking that leap and oh, no, I might not have money to pay the rent kind of thing. What do you tell those people?

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I think there's so many factors that in my personal opinion, I wish there was an easy formula. But there there isn't because you're talking about life changing. This is a life changing decision, right? And there's so many factors that go into it. The factors, like you said, you know the financial aspect, where where your bearings, What do you have, where your reserves do? You have family who depend on you. Do you have a mortgage? What kind of bills? What do you have in your life that contributes to this decision? Yes, I think the thing I always talk about taking that calculated risk because both times that I left both felt like very smart calculated risks.  This time was driven by more of if I had more of a foundational base in my business that I knew was set up for scaling and growth. And I learned so much more. But also this time I made the jump based on having a financial pillow or net there to help in the transition but also knowing and believing that if things don't work out, always find a way and isn't just woo head in the head in the clouds. Like I have a lot of skills talents that I know that I can find a way to make money. It just may not be the way that I want to make if things don't quote unquote work out. So you know, we we don't own a house we rent. It's just me and my husband. So we talked about it. I know things. Then get more challenging the more things that you're tied into, right? You have a house, you have a mortgage, you have kids and a family, and you have certain bills that you have to pay. It becomes much more complex decisions. So I think you really just have to weigh everything out. And sometimes you just have to go for it. Smart, right? Be smart about the decision. And make sure you're still covering your bases.

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Yes, I know. When I first became an entrepreneur, 30 years ago, one of the things I started ~was I was really good back then on the back end of computers in that and I worked for agencies. But then I decided, I want my own company and this is when you used to go door by door, hand letters and stuff not like today. And I always knew, too, that I had I could always go back and do a job or work for an agency. But my business took off and it was just really believing in myself that I could do that also, once I got a taste of it started taking Fridays off started skiing in the winter. There was almost like no going back.

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Yeah, yeah, I get that. Because this time in leaving, I feel the exact same way. I was like, I'm not going back the first time. I don't think I was ready. I thought I was, But I also, you know, I've been learning the lesson off manifesting in the universe. And would he hold on to something really tight? And you want something really bad How it almost, like, propels it from you? Yeah, verses. If you let go and you trust and you allow it to happen, it comes much faster. Exactly why I left the first time, the job I left actually had asked me to come back about 2 to 3 months after I left. Actually, that the period of time that I was gone was enough to where I did not have to wait the traditional, like, 60 days to get health insurance. So I think it was like, just short of three months after me to come back and work in a different division, and I feel like, Welcome back, that was the universe. Going. All right, you have to try it, But we know you're not ready. So here. Here's a perfect thing for you to step back into until you're ready again. It's like, all right, like, here's your sign. 

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I like that you shared that because again, we're both on the same page, Jenny, that you know, you have to sometimes have a clear intention of what you want and a clear vision. But you don't have to figure it all out. It's good to have all their skills that you're bringing forth into your business and I was believe that the universe orchestrates everything perfectly, even if we can't see it in the moment. And there is a trusting and a believing in that to, you know, take that leap and, you know, see what shows up. You know, the people, the circumstances and the opportunities you talk, about possibilities and how... You know, I think you said that you helped people discover how to make the impossible seem possible. How do you do that?

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That's a great question. I think you know, one of the big foundations of that is what you already hit on is the confidence, health, confidence, because you have to be willing to believe in yourself first, before anybody else will believe in you. And the funny thing about that is, sometimes people will believe in you more than you believe in yourself. And that's what might help you pull it out. But for you to have longevity, you need to believe in yourself first and foremost,

spk_1:   11:19
definitely true and also starts with self love. Yes, you know, honoring yourself and with all you know, and this thing about failure and again, you know, how do you define failure? And I really like you. You talk about it being really a step to move you forward in your success. So you talk about that with your work, to share that with your clients all the time. If they're seeing something as a failure, they kind of re define that and look at that in a different window. A different frame.

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Yeah, because one of the things that I've really learned in this this relates to health and fitness is you have to be willing to celebrate the small wins. And the 1% better because for you to change health habits, right? We could be very hard on ourselves because it's like you start a program and you're like, Oh, my God, I didn't do the work every single day. I wasn't perfect every single day, and then we start to beat ourselves up. You think health and fitness is a good example of that? Because everybody can relate different aspects in their life. Definitely, it still rolls into business or career financial or whatever it is you're trying to improve. And I think just focusing on being 1% better and being willing to experiment ~ those are 2 foundational things and realize that when you experiment and maybe you quote unquote fail, it's an opportunity to learn like, Well, that didn't work for me. Write it like that. That wasn't a good fit, like right there that that's the foundation to help you, propel you forward. Actually, just read something. A book today that's like before you can be absolutely superb. You have to be excellent. And before you could be excellent, you have to be good. And before you can be good, you have to be bad. And before he could be bad, you have to try.

spk_1:   13:10
Mmm. It's taking that next action every time because I know that was success. What I teach is that the next step is ~ you get become clear what you want. So if you want his weight, you want add in more nutrition, better habits in your life, taking that first step, and then the next step shows up, and the next step. It is taking those baby steps sometimes, like you know, that's a good way to move forward and create a healthier lifestyle.

spk_0:   13:37
Yeah, and use that momentum and celebrate because sometimes for overachievers like I'm a overachiever, high achiever type of personality. So it could be tough because you'll go a whole week and, you know, Sunday comes and say you get you, ask yourself or you get outside the blue like, What do you do this week? Or like man, nothing I didn't do anything. But if you remembered you look back, you and like you did a lot this week and you have to, like, be willing to just honor that and appreciate that and be a little bit more gentle with yourself, right? Like give yourself a little bit more. I'll have to be so hard core, and that's coming from a super hard core girl. 

spk_1:   14:17
I love the celebration. So tell me what it means to live a life fueled by freedom and adventure. Because I know what both you and Jai are outdoor people. You're into health and lifestyle, for sure. And you know, I'm also all about adventure and freedom. So, tell me what it means to you and for people listening because they were going to say, Hey, I want freedom. I want adventure. What did Jenny do?

spk_0:   14:41
Yeah. You know, the one thing I want to say is that I want you to really tap into your heart and step away from any expectations or should. Or coulds and really tap in and say what I really want and just listen without judgment and take note of that. And then the next thing I want you to do is start to really see, like, What's possible? Can you work towards that? Do you really want it? Let's see how much it aligns with you. Love it Because what I did or what I do may not be exactly what you want to do. Then this example is with like ~ Jai and I love to travel We want to be out doing adventure, and we want to be all over the place that there's so many things we want. And if you talk to my parents, you know they're totally not into those same things. And so even though I'm like, yeah, rock your lifestyle of your best life, live this life filled with freedom and adventure I mean that not their world with the way that I describe it, the way they describe freedom and adventure for their life. It's hanging out their house. They just put a beautiful pool in their backyard. They've always wanted it. They finally said yes to it. After probably 30 years of wanting a pool in the backyard.

spk_1:   16:03
But they did it!

spk_0:   16:04
they did it. So they've got that. They love to play tennis. They love to be active. They love to spend time with family. I think that's an amazing life filled with freedom and adventure.  

spk_0:   16:16
Yes, how you define it, like you said, right?

spk_0:   16:18
Yeah. I mean, it's so you know, it's really just tapping in. And the one thing that's always inspired me is as you look at life and especially as I was leaving this job. You know, my corporate roll this next time. So I started asking myself some questions like Does it really have to be this way. Who said that I have to say it a corporate job. Who said that? I have to You know, when I first when I moved out of my house, I had I have this, like, kind of embarrassed about renting because I was like, Oh, I'm almost 30 and I'm renting. I'm not supposed to rent at this age means I'm not good enough. Well, who says, concerning the question? Some of the things. So if you really want something different, start questioning like who said it has to be this way? Who said that I have to show up a certain way if I want something drastically different.

spk_1:   17:09
That why it's so important that on my tagline like, it's also yours is do life on your terms. Don't allow somebody else to define it for you because for lot of people, if you don't have what you want and discover all that somebody else will fill it in for you, or you should be doing that like you said, should you know should, Could, would ~ you have a choice point in every moment and get very clear on that? Because other people jump in there, say, Oh, you know, that person failed at doing that or they will get into stories of that and I don't even listen to them. I just say thank you and then move on. Right, right. But on your terms is so important. Along with a freedom and adventure, however you define it for you and how people define success for themselves. Like you were saying with your parents and their freedom. Adventure, right? So how do people really get stuck? How did they get stuck in this mentality in this mindset, and how much do you think that plays into it?

spk_0:   18:08
Based on my experience, I think that if we are really busy and caught up in life, it's almost like life becomes a little bit on autopilot because, you know, maybe it's because your routine is the same every day. Or maybe it's because you're just so busy. Like when I was traveling the country with my job, I was so consumed in that and I enjoyed it. I had a lot of fun, So I'm not saying it has to be something you hate. It's just you're so consumed with life. You got so many things coming at you that you may not be willing enough to stop and ask some of those questions and push the boundaries. So when you kind of get stuck, I got really stuck, in the previous not the job I just left with the one before. It was a very toxic environment, and I got stuck because I stayed too long. I had a moment where my intuition told me that I should leave, and I stayed an extra two years after that first intuitive hit that I should leave. And what I found was, as I got like in that bubble, and I was just kind of going through the motions but never would have admitted it at the time. It's like I became a part of that little mini corporate culture where I was always trying to impress them. I was always trying to make sure they knew or thought that I was good enough, and a lot of my self worth was coming from that corporate environment. And so When I started becoming a little bit on the outside, I was like on the outsiders list of that corporate environment, because I asked questions and I questioned the norm and it made me an outsider. And so I was constantly trying to please these people until I hit a point where I was like, Do I want to be like these people? I'm not talking about the toxic push out I'm talking about, like, are these people, people that look up to that? I want my life to be like one day and I was like, No, like these people are nothing like I what I want to be. So why am I putting so much value on what it is that they're telling me that I should be doing in this corporate environment, like, you know, I think when we were when we get stuck, it's because we're just so caught up in the story or so caught up in the bubble that we haven't started peeking our head up and looking around and saying Why? Why is it this way? Can I do something a little bit different? And if you're too afraid to ask those questions. You stay in this stuff.

spk_1:   20:34
Yes, and what you mentioned about "not enough" and that affecting your own. You know how you feel about yourself, your confidence and all the rest of it. That is a huge just syndrome. I'm going to say that's not the right word, but that whole thing about not enough, not enough. You know, I don't have enough. I'm the way I look, the way I talk about whatever it is, I don't have enough education versus just knowing that I am enough just being, you know, we are enough. And I think a lot of people have bought into this societal theme.  Who are you?  What do you do? versus really exploring. and saying "Oh, I love doing this in life and this is how I do it and I'm a life adventurist." How cool is that?

spk_0:   21:19
Yeah, Yeah, it is true, because I think I don't know. I think it's just sometimes deceptively easier just to fall into the footsteps of the world versus to create your own footpath . I have felt that lots and lots of times throughout my life, and I have said like I should be so much easier if I would just, like, do what everybody else is doing. But honestly, the thing is, that's the question, right? Is it really easier to do what everybody else is doing? Or is that just an illusion? Because if you were to do what everyone else is doing, but you still always have that thing inside you craving more how easy is that? Really,

spk_1:   22:03
Yes, and some people just turn that knob down. Like when we have desires and dreams. They're put on our heart for a reason. It's for us to wake up and realize what that is. And it could be anything It doesn't have to be that something huge could be, you know, creating a garden vegetable garden or something like that that you incorporate that into your lifestyle, like eating healthy and that but to listen to those desires and the intuitive nudge. And I love that you share that it took you two years to, you know, take that leap because again, I know a lot of people who are staying in jobs for the security, and they really don't like it and they know they want to jump into this bigger part of who they are with their passions and their life, purpose and create prosperity in all realms of their life, their health and well being from that place. Yeah, and not look outside because maybe go outside for people. As you know, Jenny, for people outside to tell us who we are if we're good enough, and all of that , NO the only person that knows us the best is us and to come from within because that's where we create it really is, it starts with self love and honoring oneself and listening to our intuitive nudges and aligning with our values and our life purpose.

spk_0:   23:16
Yeah. I mean, I think one of the things, if I had to really break it down into a handful of steps to help, like, make that leap right, whether it's getting out of a stressful moment or like you said, you've got friends who were in jobs and maybe settling or not sure, like when to go or how to do it. One of the key things is boundaries being aware of your boundaries, and this applies to all aspects of life. So it's time like you said your own like being protective of your own self worth and your confidence and who you are All of that.  Boundaries is number one when you get your boundary straight And I think some of these are going to go hand in hand so they won't necessarily go 12345.  Boundaries, I feel like is like you gotta get when you're trying to shake things up. You gotta figure out the boundaries because something's out of whack with your boundaries. Another thing that's going to go line in line with that is gratitude. Love that, yes.  And sometimes like in that toxic environment. I did not realize how ungrateful I was because I'm always like, Oh, I'm a grateful person. I'm positive. But sometimes when you're stuck in the muck, right, you kind of are figuring out what to do, gratitude is like one of those like, Oh, I know they say to do it, but like, you really got to do it like seriously, and part of that as well, is that mindset shift and that self love like we're talking about because my friends, you know, you talked to your co workers and friends and you end up talking about the same thing all the time. What's not working, feeding off each other, And you really don't realize how negative you are unless someone can, like, snap you out of it. And you're like, Whoa, I didn't even know that I was doing that. And then it's, you know, starting that process of rebuilding or increasing that belief in yourself, integrating in more fun and more freedom. But it's piece by piece and realizing that it's a process and it's not going to happen overnight because you didn't get there overnight. So it is something that you're gonna be working on, to pull yourself out and you will get out. I promise. I got out of that horrible toxic environment like you totally can, too,

spk_1:   25:25
And I love that, and one of things you share is you know, the journey is the destination. It's it's being very present in our life every day with gratitude. And when we come up to challenges and obstacles, I always tell my  clients and share that there is a gift in that. What can you learn from this? What can you change. You know if there's a learning curve and everything, even the hardest challenges or even its people who have health challenges. There's a gift in that to learn and grow and whatever it is, but again, it's about going within and really listening intuitively, to. You know what our heart is saying to us and what is real to us.  I know many years ago, I'm trying to think who it was, but it was. Don't share your dreams and your your inner desires with people who are negative because, they'll they'll find all the loopholes in there or even right now you look at you know what's happening on the planet with this virus and fear is just going out there and we can buy into it and watch it on the news. I know it's real, what's happening, but the other thing we can do is not buy into the fear, but just send love to that and come from a place of the intention of healing and health and well being in unity and all those things. Yeah, so tell me why you're so passionate about what you do?

spk_0:   26:48
You know, I I just have this genuine interest for life and for something more. And I've always had a streak of curiosity. Like my mom said when I was a kid. I would be like, How does the sink underneath work?  She was like, I don't know,  like the questions I asked ~ she would feel like you're so curious. But I've always just wanted to push the envelope and do things different. Love that!  Which is interesting because so much my life I've lived in the mainstream path. But the next phase of my life is just continuing to see, like, where can I push envelope and how can I be different? How can I inspire other people to really just, like, step into this amazing life that they could have? Like when I hear people talking about like, Oh, you're so lucky? It's not luck. It's by design and I just I want other people to be able to feel and experience some of these things because it is possible, and the more people I can help do that I feel like the more we can up lift the energy around and create, like you said. Instead of focusing on the fear and the things that are wrong and not working. We can focus on love and the things that are working so we can attract more of that in your life. More amazing people, more amazing experiences, more travel, more whatever it is that you want. But it's helping raise people up to that level. Yes, and I'm just I'm so grateful that I'm finally like fully present to do this, and this whole path has brought me here. And what's cool is you reached out like, you know, I was just hanging out, you reached out. And this, like, everything happens for a reason. So everybody was listening. I just think, you know, you listen to the heart soul wisdom podcast today for a reason. There's something for you to get out of this that you can take into the future.

spk_1:   28:46
Well, I know we met many years ago and I consider you, as I said at the beginning, a friend and a fellow adventurist and just, always had a lot of love towards you, Jenny because you are the real deal and I just love that.  And it sounds like, Yeah, it sounds like you've come full circle back to that curiosity which is a really good share for our audience because curiosity ~ if people started getting curious about things. Um, it takes you in a different way. It's a reframe again, you know, curious about this. And so it opens up your mind versus being stagnant and shut down to look at those possibilities again. ~ right ~ and I was thinking what you said went back to me about the fear that I was just sharing. You know, I remember what somebody said. That Mother Theresa that was asked to, you know, walk with that. It was a protest for something like war something negative. And she said, No, I won't walk with you on that But if you walk for peace, I will join that. So I believe and part of this show is a global movement for people to come together and not only create the life that they love, but also to raise the consciousness for the greater good of humanity and each other. And I totally believe in that. And you're you're one of the people on the way doing that, and Jai and the people that I want to share this message with and get out to as many people as possible.

spk_0:   30:05
Yes, I love that. And I totally agree.

spk_1:   30:08
So you and Jai working together? What's that like? Because I work with my husband and partner in life. I'm also his muse, Cliff and I love him to bits.  So, how is it to work with your partner because there might be people who are saying, Hey, I would like to do that.

spk_0:   30:20
Yeah, it's definitely been a journey. Okay, so, yes, one of the things is because I am so high energy overachiever. It took me a while to really accept and understand, and I'm still working on it His style of working and his style of showing up in the world because early on, especially when I had my corporate job, I was constantly like measuring how much I was working compared to how much he was working, which would have never, ever added up because having a corporate job and doing a business the list is never ending. And so now that I'm free of the corporate role and we are able to work together, we've really tapped into some good flows and I think we both are learning how to ~ he's he's stepping up in being more like, You know, I got to do all these things like I am. But then that's not always good because he brings me down where it's like, No, we need to recover and recoup and really be in the flow and be with the energy So we're both teaching each other and I am letting go of control happily of some of the things that he's really good at. He's really good at design. He's really good at Tech and systems. He's really good at sound.  So that's fine. I don't need to know them right there is two of us in the business for a reason. Like we can both do what were amazing at and still move the business Forward collectively. So Oh, you know what? Let me add this when the things we started doing is focusing on projects, not about what each person did each day working. We focus that, Hey, this is the project we're working on. These are the things you're doing. These are the things I'm doing. Our goal is to get it done by Sunday, and then however you want to work from now to Sunday is up to you. You know, that way it gives each person some freedom. So if you want to work 24 7, you can if.  If you want to work two hours, you can, you know, as long as you get it done. Was based on the project completion.

spk_1:   32:16
That that is beautiful. Because I know one of things we had to learn is yeah, What you said monitoring each other. What are you doing? What are you bringing in? What are you getting done today versus No, this is what I'm doing. You're doing that. And sometimes Cliff and I will say, Well, do you want to do...?  That is that shiny object syndrome thing, right? Like, do you want to go over here and do that? I'm like, No, I'm focused on this show. And I'm focused on, launching my books this year and next year retreat,s as you're going to also be doing. And maybe we'll do it together. Jenny, that would be cool.  

spk_1:   32:45
That would be fun because it is one of my dreams.

spk_1:   32:48
Mine too! They are a lot of fun and I think listening, listening to each other in respect those are all key values in my life but it's also in a business ship partnership, and I love your celebration again to celebrate what you are creating, what you're doing every day. And I love the project idea of looking at the bigger picture division.

spk_0:   33:07
Yes, it helps. It helps tremendously.  

spk_0:   33:12
Tell me a bit about this tag line that you have on your Facebook site. That says ~ redefine, realign and redesign.

spk_0:   33:18
Yes, what's amazing is this. This came out of that space between the notes that something that Jai taught me music, their space between the notes, and that's what creates the beauty. And this just really plopped into our life. And it's really about, so  2J Holla is lifestyle redefined and in order to create that, regardless of whether you're going through a certain program of ours or there's something you want to change, it's about redefining. So you look around and you redefine what's going on in your life, right? Maybe ask new questions. Get curious, you re align, and this is when you maybe start to put more support in, or you start to put some coaching aspects in, and you start to put some things into realign where you're going and then redesigning is my favorite part, right, because it was fun, right? You're stepping in and you felt like a blank slate. You're redesigning and you're creating something new where you're adding more adventure and freedom. And what's cool is what we've created is each one of our programs that we either have now or we'll have in the future. I can take you through each one of those steps, whether it be a hole in our business or each aspect of it, like we're able to dig into those three foundational pillars of the business.  

spk_0:   34:38
Jenny, we are kind of close to the end, even if  I don't want to close this because you're so great to talk to, but in the sense, for people who really want to make that first step and have more nutrition and fitness an exciting part of their day, what would you tell them to do as, ah, one step? So it's not overwhelming that they could just start into integrating those little baby says.

spk_0:   35:00
I think I'm just being willing to experiment and being okay with being 1% better those are two foundational things that will help you in the process because you can try a lot of different things for your health and fitness, and there's a million things out there. But when you decided to switch it up and do something different and maybe do something opposite of the way you've done your whole life instead of going for the quick fix like, how can you really focus and create the sustainable change that you've been craving? You know, your body deserves.

spk_1:   35:35
That's wonderful and also not for people to not wait for some kind of health crisis that happen to start doing this in their life because, um um, a lot of us there, because I'm  coming from my heart. I was thinking that I lost my brother last year to cancer, and you know, you really look at health and nutrition and starts thinking just how important that is, it is so important. And, you know, with everything you've discussed today, you know our health. Well, beings number one and self love. Yeah, it's the baseline. Yes, it is.

spk_0:   36:08
Without your health, without the energy without, you know, the good night's sleep without, you know, that everything else can still be amazing. But just imagine how much more amazing it could be if you had more energy and you felt amazing in your clothes and you have more confidence. And you know, you were able to do all those things. It would just amplify every other aspect of your life.

spk_1:   36:31
Perfect. Jenny, can you share with our listeners where they can find out more about you and Jai and your programs and also this unique gift that you've created just for our listeners today And to just let everyone know you will also find all these links below this episode with Jenny. So if you can tell us about that Jenny, that would be wonderful.

spk_0:   36:49
Yes. So to live a life filled with freedom and adventure I have created a Burn out to Bliss Guide and this is for you. If you're feeling like you're stressed out or you want more from life or you're looking for more adventure freedom, it is going to help create alignment for you. It's going to be one of the first steps of many and moving towards the life that you want. But it's gonna help bring in some of those more high vibrational energies to help you really create that bliss and adventure. And so it's a high energy, colorful resource. You're really going to love it. And it's at ~ do you want me to share the link or you just want them to get it below the episdode?

spk_1:   37:34
You can tell them now and also they will find this below.

spk_0:   37:36
All right. Perfect. So the link is http://bit.ly/blissguide-hsw for Heart Soul Wisdom.

spk_1:   37:55
Hey, Jenny, Thank you for sharing your life journey and your wisdom from your heart and soul because you're all about that and as a life adventurist,  teaching us how to start living our life fueled by freedom and adventure. Namaste Jenny

spk_0:   38:11
Thank you for listening to the Heart Soul Wisdom Podcast with Moira Sutton.  I hope you enjoyed today's episode!  Please join our community at www.moirasutton.com and continue the discussion on our Facebook page. Create the life you love. You will be part of a global movement connecting with other heart centered people who are consciously creating the life they love on their own terms. Together we can raise our consciousness for the greater good of humanity and for our planet.