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La Bella Vita Lifestyle: Live More - Stress Less

April 27, 2020 Daniela Aradanov Season 1 Episode 5
Heart Soul Wisdom
La Bella Vita Lifestyle: Live More - Stress Less
Heart Soul Wisdom
La Bella Vita Lifestyle: Live More - Stress Less
Apr 27, 2020 Season 1 Episode 5
Daniela Aradanov

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Daniela is an accredited professional engineer, who left a lucrative corporate career in management consulting to pursue her passion for people. Having founded several businesses in the past, she is now inspired by energy philanthropy vs business. She helps women of all walks of life reconnect with their natural Female Power, and experience true Love and Passion, Ageless Beauty, and Effortless Success. Daniela now travels the world and often settles in the beautiful Adriactic Coast of Italy, where together with her partner Massimo, she conducts her signature program Perla Nera-The Art Of Being A Woman, and La Bella vita Lifestyle - Living Your Best Life On Your Own Terms.


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Love & Relationships
Health & Well Being
Freedom & Fulfillment
Travel & Adventure
Passion & Purpose

Daniela is an accredited professional engineer, who left a lucrative corporate career in management consulting to pursue her passion for people. Having founded several businesses in the past, she is now inspired by energy philanthropy vs business. She helps women of all walks of life reconnect with their natural Female Power, and experience true Love and Passion, Ageless Beauty, and Effortless Success. Daniela now travels the world and often settles in the beautiful Adriactic Coast of Italy, where together with her partner Massimo, she conducts her signature program Perla Nera-The Art Of Being A Woman, and La Bella vita Lifestyle - Living Your Best Life On Your Own Terms.


Gift: https://labellavitalifestyle.com/perla-nera-free/

Reference: www.marinajacobi.com

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Welcome to the Heart Soul Wisdom Podcast. A journey of self discovery and transformation. Moira Sutton and her amazing guests share real life stories, tools and strategies to inspire and empower you to create and live your best life. Come along on the journey and finally blast through any fears, obstacles and challenges that have held you back in the past so you can live your life with the joy, passion and happiness that you desire. Now here's your host.  Create the life you love Empowerment Life Coach Moira Sutton.

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Welcome to Episode #5, La Bella Vita Lifestyle: Live more - stress less with Lifestyle Expert Daniela Aradanov.  Daniela is an accredited professional engineer who left a lucrative corporate career and management consulting to pursue her passion for people. Having founded several businesses in the past, she is now inspired by energy philanthropy versus business. She helps women of all walks of life reconnect with their natural female power to experience true love, passion, ageless beauty and effortless success.  Daniela now travels the world and often settles in so many beautiful places like the Adriatic coast of Italy were together with her partner Massimo. She conducts her signature program: Perla Nera: The Art of being a Woman and La Bella Vita Lifestyle - Living your best life on your own terms.

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So without further adue, it is my pleasure to introduce you to my close and dear friend, Lifestyle Expert Daniela Aradanov.  Welcome, Daniela.

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Hi Moira. Thank you. It's even fun saying those words, La Bella, you should feel very feminine out there and just just beautiful.

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That's actually how I felt when I started coming more and more to Italy, I realized how deep the culture is in Italy. And that's why I wanted to throw some of those words, it inspires me, brings romance.  I'm a little bit nostalgic today.  But the old time when you know things were slower. People had more time. So Italy reminds me a little bit of that time when I grew up with simpler.

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Yeah, So I get that we're rushing all the time and busy and we're gonna get into that today because with this time, with this corona virus happening as we're doing this live interview today. A lot of people aren't comfortable with that slowing down. They're not used to not being busy, busy, busy instead of just being in the being this of the present moment.

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I know. Tell me about it, But isn't it perfect?

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Oh, I love it. 

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I think that's exactly what we need right now.

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Yes, yes. So what is La Bella Vita Lifestyle?  How would you put that in a I know you can't say it in one sentence, but give her audience and idea of what is that?

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Well, La Bella Vita. To say it in English is the beautiful life. But interestingly enough, if you talk to Italians , La Bella Vita, has a little bit of negative connotation because it's assumed that it's the lifestyle that is lived by the rich. And it's not something that people in the kind of working class can afford. So it's something reserved for people in more favorable position. But I wanted to have fun with that and turn it around because, to me, beautiful life has never been dependent on money, and it's more off mindset, so I believe it's money, sometimes an excess of money can even spoil it for you. Um, when I was in India, actually made a point to go to places, that are very, very poor. And then I stayed at very luxuries. So, you know, all posh hotels and what I notice that in the places friends were really poorer, people were healthy. People were really you know, they they moved more, they ate  less. And the places that I went which were expensive I saw a little bit of the pandemic we have in North America where people have, you know, overdone it with food. And I think human nature. We have this tendency to indulge and sometimes money. It works against us. So, um, La Bella Vita lifestyle Often I struggled explaining it to people, especially North America. So I found a really easy way to explain La Bella Vita Lifestyle.  And it's, um and I explain it to you in terms that Canadian and American people can understand. And I use the American dream as a reference because we all know about the American dream. But there isn't. They call it The dream is because you mostly sleeping to believe it.  Right? So what Bella Vita lifestyle is to Me is everything that the American Dreaming is not.  It's not about boring yourself to a point where you can't see the stress thinking about bills. It's not about being buying the biggest piece of property that the bank and lend you money for It's not about, um, running, ah, multi $1,000,000 business that one day will bring you the satisfaction that you hoping for so you can start living. It's not about finding your trick to sell more products to more people. And it's really about owning less and living more . In the now focusing more on enjoyment and less on possession. Less on, um, materialism ~  actually less of materialism. Less on consumerism. And it comes natural to the Italian people because if you try to explain that to people,  they would think you crazy like why would you even talk about it. But it's really important for us. In North  America to see how slowing down actually can bring us more satisfaction.

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Yes and that's where spirituality comes in, like either meditating or walking in nature or just being quiet.

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and just being like you said. We  have a problem just being we are trained to be constantly doers in North America doing doing. I had some issue about myself When I first the started spending more time in Italy. I didn't know what to do with myself. But I'm very proud to confess now. I could do Dolce far niente -  that's the sweetness of doing nothing.

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I love that! I love that! I'm okay with it. Or just sitting. I know we have a beautiful Willow Tree behind us and I sometimes  just with gratitude, I talked to my trees in my birds and animals. Yeah, but, you know, I think the willow tree for her wisdom - and she's there for inner vision and dreams and just thank her for her beauty and and the birds that come by, I take the moment to just watch them. You know, being so thankful that there, yes, part of our whole life. I love this idea about living a minimalist lifestyle. I'm not there yet, but I'll tell you, it's somewhere that I'm heading for me. It's probably gonna be on that sailboat, but for you, both of you, you both left these lucrative corporate careers you and Massimo and jumped into this whole area of simplicity and enjoying the life. How did you do that? How did you make that leap?

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Well, I wish I could say there is a formula to do it, but I think everybody finds their own for us. It wasn't actually direct transition out of corporate, Massimo never had a corporate job, he has always done a business. And after I exited my corporate career, I ran a business for a while. As well. So I think it's not so much about having a leap of faith. But it's more of a transition from certainty to less certainty and to no certainty at all. And I know a lot of people have, like, we don't have different tolerance with certainty rights.  Certainty versus uncertainty. You find your own tolerance, but especially as you mentioned right now where is the certainty?

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We're in uncertain times.

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I think this is just an illusion.  We never really have certainty, so the more we learn to live with uncertainty and be okay with it. I think the more you can live a lifestyle of, you know, freedom and adventure and trust in the presence and know that tomorrow is going be okay.

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I think that's wonderful. And right now I'm re reading many of the books from Eckhart Tolle and the Power of Now,  and Cliff, my soulmate, partner. He's also reading this and I love, that he talks about the past. When you think about the past, you're doing it now. When you think about the future or the uncertainty of the future or worrying, you're doing it now. So you only have now so just be present. And for me it's always to be in gratitude and be focused on that with intention of NOW, what it is you want to create in the moment. It could be a beautiful meal. Listen to, you know, some music, Cliff and I when I'm cooking now, I have music on now with my Hey Google player,  which I love and you know we'll both dance and that's being in the now. Yes, I love that certainty to uncertainty, to no certainly.  That could be very scary for a lot of people seeing that right now, a lot of people are very anxious in this uncertainty that they're feeling right now in the fear that's coming up for them.

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Yes, totally and then for us. For me especially. I think certainty is a big deal when you have a corporate job because that's that's really the most certain thing. You can have it. It's, ah, you know, continues paycheck and you have benefits and you have your life kinda taking care of.  But us. We all know a job is never really certain because you can lose it. It's an illusion of certainty. So I think what helped us, um, to to get to your point about the advice we can give to other people would be really scaling down and embracing a minimalistic lifestyle. Because the stress comes from expending yourself to a level where two people have to work, to, you know, to sustain your lifestyle. And once you start scaling down, you realize that life can be a lot more stress free. And the added benefit is that life could be a lot more enjoyable because once we start piling up, I find that in North America, we we just have too much stuff with surrounded with stuff. We have houses full of stuff we have. It's just so much clutter in your mind, in your brain.  Like you have moved several times.  I moved many times in Canada and every time we scaled down and scaled down - we sold things and we donated things and there's no end to it Like we're surrounded, we're so much stuff. So scaling down and embracing like now we really have to think twice if we want to buy something, we really really assess it. Not from a point of can we afford it,  but from a point. Do we really want it?  

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We are doing the same thing.

spk_0:   12:50
So I think it just comes down to conscious choices. Yes, and obviously there are phases in life where you can do more of that. There's phases in life where you may need more material stuff. If you're raising young kid and you have a family and you know it is more action and more need. But I find that the minimalistic lifestyle has given Me a peace of mind ability to focus on what matters. Um, the clatter of my mind and the biggest benefit is actually something you mentioned in the beginning is the Energy Philanthrophy, it is a new concept, which I'm only able to embraced now because I don't have a lot of expenses. I've been very careful not to add expenses to my list, So because of that, I'm able to help people without stressing whether they can afford to pay me or not.

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So let's go into that a bit deeper. If you can explain this spiritual energy, philanthropy versus business, I want to hear a bit more about that and then get into the female masculine energy and business. So let's start with what is that? Because most people would never have heard of this. I think,

spk_1:   14:16
Well, it's a new concept for me as well, and I want to credit the person who introduced that to me. Her name is Marina Jacoby, and I encourage you to look her up. She's a channel, but she she works with the Council of Nine, and this is the energy of the future. But I had always felt this inside of me when I had a business. I really struggled with the idea that I have to like - marketing has always felt to me - I don't want to say that selling is wrong, but I held always had issues with marketing, where I have to trick people into buying a product. I want selling to be authentic. I want people to really put their focus and energy in something that's going to help them and moving forward. But the energy philanthropy takes it one step further, and it says trust in the universe. But when you give something because money is energy, right, so it's always a new, energetic exchange. When you get something, something will come back to you. It may not come back from the same person, but it will come back to you and you would have what you need to sustain your lifestyle. That's basically energy philanthrophy. So whatever I have, I'm willing to share freely with the world, and I trust that I will be rewarded for it. In some shape and form may be from the same person. Maybe it will come from somewhere else. But what I'm saying is being in a position to not stress about where my next paycheck is gonna come from, has made it more easy for me to embrace the Energy Philanthrophy.

spk_0:   16:14
So people who are not in this position, they do need that paycheck - you  would just give them that advice you said earlier. To scale down. Start looking at. If you're going to purchase something, be very conscious of it. What is that bringing into your life? You know, not debt. Um, and start like you say it's scaling down, getting simpler in your ways of being every day to get to this place that you can be in philanthropy and this energy you're talking about.

spk_1:   16:42
Well, I think budgeting is definitely a skill, but it's not so difficult. If you think about it. Maybe it comes down. I think now is a good time for people to look at their lifestyle and figure out what is it that I truly need? Um, we haven't been traveling and we haven't died yet. We haven't been going out to restaurants and we're still alive. We haven't bean socializing,  so because a lot of our wants are minimized right now, I think it's a good time to look at what is truly needed, and when you do, you're budgeting. You start with needs, then you start adding you want so needs are very basic it's your shelter and your foods, right? So one is to take care of that. You can start adding Q wants, but you want to be very careful where you willing to pay for your ones. And ultimately people pay with their lives because we convince ourselves that we have to stay in a job that is draining our energy just because we need to afford certain lifestyle. And I see that it's an oxymoron, because if a job is draining your energy, you're not getting it back by buying more stuff personally out. Preferred to minimize my needs and have more time for me. More time to contemplate nature and the universe. But that's my personal choice, right? So everybody has to take a look at themselves and decide what is it that I totally needs in life. If I am I willing to pay with my time, my energy, my health, my family, in order to, you know, bring in more material goods into my life, and I don't even own a phone anymore. I'm very happy not having a phone connected to me all the time.

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You know, I do believe like you're saying for people to really figure out what they truly want that I believe there's a gift in every moment, even in the challenges we're going through right now. Yes, there are horrific things happening. People leaving the planet and families and, you know, despairing that for sure. On the other side, there's this opportunity, this gift to really discover what is that you truly want. Do you want to go back to that job? Maybe you have time right now to learn a new skill or have that time to start, you know, exploring some passions that you have. And how could you turn that into maybe, um, a vehicle for your business to help others? And I think in every moment to people ask, How can I be a service that's shifts their state from being in this anxious state of fear to How can I help somebody today? It just shifts the whole way that we look at our life and I want to ask you So what is your day to day life look like for you and Massimo - you get up in the morning Coffee? 

spk_1:   19:55
You want the current theme for the day or the actual day, which I don't think actually changes very much. But we start our day with, um we drink lemon water in the morning. You know, if that's something you're familiar with, but

spk_0:   20:13
I have it right now.

spk_1:   20:17
Fantastic. So we usually drink that before we have our coffee. And then we spend sometimes meditation or something, you know, to basically focus your day. Massimo likes to catch up on the news. I don't really care about the news, so I do some meditation. I chat with my mom online and some friends up until 10 o'clock. We have time for that, then after 10:00 a.m.  if we're not in quarantine. We walk down to the beach and it's a beautiful walk about 45 minutes. Walk to olive trees, really beautiful. And I considered my walk part of it, it is a really important part of my life. I was talking to a friend of mine from New York, and she owns a property in Italy, she said, but she feels guilty when she doesn't do something productive every day. And I thought about it and I felt I honestly feel guilty if I don't take my walk. If I don't walk and see the ocean every day. I feel like I I haven't done something good for myself today, So walking down to the beach is between 10 and 11. Then I spent about a couple of hours down and we I may read some book or I might do some work for a couple of hours. We have a place down on the beach, with Massimo's brother, and then we come back up for lunch around one o'clock. It's religious, lunch is a very important thing in Italy. So people have a bigger lunch, then dinner. And after lunch, people rest. So until a siesta, Yeah, it is a Siesta Time, it works, yes napping!  I have grown accustomed to, and I'm religiously protecting my siesta. So I'm not scheduling anything between two and three after my lunch and then 3 to 6, I do some work again. It could be a something I do online courses. I write stuff. I may read something new. Then, after six, we try to sneak out and do another hour to walking. There's some beautiful sites that we like to walk, too. Dinner movies, and that's about it. Sounds nice. We don't travel, so my point is again really everybody designs their own day, and I think human beings. We can assess how much how much productive versus non productive, what's like. I was talking to a friend of Massimo and here in Italy. Everybody is a philosopher and he said to me, Daniela, tell me who decided that human beings should work eight hours a day because if you work eight hours a day, when is the time for romance and love? When it's time to write poetry, when is the time to, you know, explore art and music and all this stuff that really feeds your soul? So I think it really comes down to making personal choices. And once you have scaled down your life, you can embrace more art and more beauty. And you don't have to make your whole day be about being productive and, you know, producing something that you can sell.

spk_0:   24:17
Well, I think again, and this time that we're talking about, that's exactly people aren't traveling. A lot of people travel 1 to 2 hours to their work and then back four hours out of their day versus now if they can look at this. But it's a new it's a new habit. But even if you take one step at a time and start incorporating those little gems and creating this new, you know wiring in your brain that you start doing things differently, Yes, so, Totally.  I agree too, I created a program years ago which was create your life by design, and I think you have something similar because we're very similar to our message. And that's exactly it, we are the directors of our life and our story and what we tell ourselves and others and create a powerful story. So we are inspired, and empowered because that's what the show is about, to inspire our listeners and empower them to live their best life on their terms and not compare your life to someone else. And to hear your path that's a choice of people can start thinking, Oh, maybe that's a choice for me. What is ageless beauty? And let's talk about this. How do you define it? Sounds really nice. Ageless beauty.

spk_1:   25:26
It is beauty, I think. Well, that's part of my female power program. It's a series of programs. But since I've started focusing on femininity and female power, and I started learning. It's actually nothing new, but in this modern day and age, it's interesting that we have to teach women how to be feminine. So I first started, as I mentioned when I was in India and I've looked for ancient knowledge, and women used to know that that it's actually even written in the Scriptures that, women are born as a woman and men are built. So what that means is that women actually feminine energy is all around us. Feminine energy is a state. And so when you look at babies, little boys, they have more feminine energy, they're not really developed into being a man yet. So for a man to become for a boy to become a man. He must chronology grows through overcoming challenges. And in the past, tribes, they used to have rituals where a boy had to to become present to his masculinity, to his power. The tribes, they had to kill a wild animal, and that signifies that now they are men.  So going back to feminine masculine, and I will talk about the ageless beauty, but it's linked to being feminine. That's why I'm going off tangent. But my point is that women men are built so men have to go through challenge to become strong and powerful to become a man. Feminine is the exact opposite, actually, and in the Scriptures they say that feminine female power has to be preserved. So, women we drain our female power by engaging too much into doing it. Too much action bring in the mosque in state and modern lifestyle actually provokes us into being in a masculine state because almost everything we do, like even you and I. Right now you are in a more muscular state because you provide the structure. Feminine is more about flowing and free flowing, and it's because no structure, no directions. It's the space. It's the field. So masculine is what gives you the direction. It's about accomplishes, about results, and so how women today why we lose a lot of our power, which is our health and our beauty, is through draining our energy, and it gets drained, as I said by being in a masculine space, by being engaged predominantly in masculine activities, making decisions, being responsible for results, which is a lot of the corporate jobs, right? It's running a business is definitely a very masculine way of being, and it drains our energy and it's ages women prematurely. So Ageless Beauty is about recapping that feminine energy and being conscious of how we lose it, it being conscious of how we can recharge it, and it's basically recharged through. I know that we cannot escape the modern age. I know that, if you want to be successful in business, there's certain boundaries you have to go after certain goals, and it requires your masculine edge. But being conscious is already a good start because then you can take time to recharge. And some of the recharging is basically in being still.   Feminine Energy is passive, so what you were describing earlier on contemplating a tree like just being and sucking on the sun just, you know, contemplating day dreaming. For some women, it's about taking a bath, going to massage, really being involved in feminine activities, that recharge your body.  Shopping, could be a very feminine activity, but it's not my thing, but it is for a lot of women, so It's just giving yourself permission to recharge back to, to charge. You fill your cup with feminine energy. Pleasure. Pleasure is a very feminine thing.  We were more sensual? We we like to experience pleasure. So Ageless Beauty came out of that being conscious of how, because if you pay attention and you start to notice women who are constantly on the go and they discharge, their feminine power, you would notice that they could be really beautiful women, but they're drained like it's it's almost like there's no juice insides us. I saw it on myself when I was running a business. I I started to look like a prune. I was younger, but I looked more drained. You know what I mean?  

spk_1:   31:06
Yes, you can feel that for sure.

spk_1:   31:08
Yes, you can feel it and you can see it on women. It's not our fault, but life pushes us, and we're totally unaware of what it does to us. So, Ageless Beauty, I think, is something that we can embrace a certain philosophy, an idea. And then I supported by again growing from ancient practices, some off the practices that they had in China and India about skin rejuvenation and, you know, different massage.  Pilates, as you know, I taught Pilates and yoga for years, Dance.  Those are all Feminine ways of keeping healthy and keeping fit and going to the gym is a totally masculine way to stay healthy and fit. So if women are inspired, it's actually a good way to kick your masculine edge. I remember when I was in business, it gave me a lot of power to go to the job. Get charged like I feel rah rah, yeah, yeah, bring it on. Starting masculine energy, right? So if you want to recharge, you know, rejuvenate your beauty. You want to stay more on the feminine side. You wanna be less on the goal, less pushing, less pulling and feminine energies. Magnetic. It's like you know, it's a really easy analogy.  Nature does it right, so  look at our sexuality. It's like the egg and the sperm. The egg doesn't go chasing because it has nothing to prove. It knows the only job of the egg is to, you know, to rejuvenate yourself to be full of nutrients. So when it meets the sperm, creates a healthy child. So it's the same with men and women.  

spk_1:   33:07
If you think about it that the job of the woman is to, you know, rejuvenate and then stay healthy and the problem that I ran with female power it's a lot of the interest in women is how to attract, um, how to attract the right partner.  So women often go and search for partner. It's not their job to search for a partner. Their job is to become the best of who they are. Then the right partner will find them. Men are attracted to a woman who is full of femininity, and it's it's like, you know, it's ripe with juice. And it's attractive to them, so women who know how to use the femininity and their full of female power you can see it at any age. They're actually full of vitality, their their vibrant. They look alive and juicy.

spk_1:   34:15

spk_1:   34:15
Juicy is a really a powerful word.. Yes, it is - especially in this context.  Actually I get that from men because men know it's almost like you know, what a woman is to a man is what fruit is to us.  Like women, we enjoy our senses. So when you see a nice ripe pear, you want a bite it right? Like you want a pear to be juicy.  You don't want the pear to be, um, hard and that that's I get actually, because my program, like I said, it's a lot of it has to do with, um feminine and masculine attraction. And you know, all relationships. And how do you How do you - how does this passion work? How do you know that? The attraction between man and woman. So I've interviewed a lot of men and I realize that we as women, we totally don't understand. What is it that attracts them to us? We are wasting all this time on you know, makeup and plastic surgery and busting our ass is in the gym. And what men really want is our feminine energies.  That is what is attractive to them.

spk_0:   35:41
Well, I think about my 30 years with Cliff and I know that he told me he was attracted to me. I was traveling the world. I was very independent. I had my own business, but I was very creative and everything I did. And so when he met me, he loved that about me that that I was up to like, Do you want to travel somewhere next month? Where do you want to go? Kind of thing. We did that right at the beginning. We just You know, at that time it was Mexico and we were gone the next month. Now let's go to Mexico. But let's go explore that it was really about from myself. And what he liked was the whole - he liked my independence. But he also loved that I was open for adventure, which is one of my key values. Its freedom, that freedom, freedom totally, to do anything you want at any time. But these men are using words like vibrant, juicy the men that you interviewed. Yes, and that's what they're dreaming about. Wow!, yes, that's very, very cool.! I can understand the vibrancy and and versus a man being really tired and in working, because I can, in my own business, as you said earlier that the masculine is I'm putting together this show. But behind the scenes there's so much creativity that I get to add into the show, and that's fun for me. The fun part - the editing and everything's more the masculine again that it has to be done right. The creative energy with this is like writing and interviewing and us having this heartfelt conversation and sharing for other people to walk away, that they might not know this way of being. And they walk away with some inspiration and empowerment in that sense to live their best life on their terms.

spk_1:   37:16
And it's exactly the point you could not escape in this life today. If you want produce something, you cannot just be, in a feminine state. You need to embrace your masculine inside in order to create something, package it and bring it to the world that it comes down to having healthy balance. I guess so, like you said, right now you are in a leadership mode in this interview, but then I will be in the leadership mode in my business, and it's just about being conscious. Ideally, they say, a woman should spend about 75% being involved in a masculine, in a feminine because we women right, like, why did we come in a female body if we wanted t o be a man we would have chosen to come to this lifetime in a masculine body. So a woman, ideally wants to have 25% of her time spent in masculine activity and 75% in feminine.

spk_0:   38:22
And we all have within us. Either way, we all have the female/male within each one of us.

spk_1:   38:27
Oh, yes, Absolutely.

spk_0:   38:29
And when you talked about the consciousness, this show about globally, this movement that I have my vision for that connects up Heart Centered People who are consciously creating their lives. And I believe that together we can raise the consciousness for each other, and for the greater good of humanity and our planet. So not only at this time I believe that is a it's part of my whole core. That's my message. I want to get out.   Daniela, you have this "Wine's and Castles,  ventures in wine with style. Tell us a little bit about that.

spk_1:   39:05
Well this is the initial trips that we started when we first started traveling more to Italy.  I was so taken by the lifestyle in Italy and ah, I asked Massimo if we could introduce that to others but I've always been attracted to the extraordinary because you can come to Italy and travel and you can book a trip with an agency. But I wanted to show people the more. It's not even an extravagant way to travel, but Italy has a lot of castles, that have been converted into hotels and there's often a winery that goes with it. So we started putting trips together that are, there's activities that you can do outside off the castles. But it's mostly the accommodation is in castles. And, uh, wine, of course, is this different regions, and it'll live, but each one is famous for their own wines. Um, I've learned so much about wines because of Massimo.  I've always liked drinking wine, but I didn't know much about wines. And so it was really lucky that this was his forte.  He was in the wine - food and wine business. He knew alot about wine,  so combining the two really works in synergy to, you know, educate people about wines and culture and at the same time create this amazing adventure and places that you wouldn't normally stay if you traveled to Italy.

spk_0:   40:54
I love that. We're gonna put that link up for our listeners. So, Daniel, could you share your unique gift that you're going to give to our listeners today and I'll be posting that link below this podcast and what is it called the gift? Just tell us a little bit about it. 

spk_1:   41:10
The Gift that I would like to offer is my signature program called "Perla Nera - The Art of Being a Women" again came out of my passion for female power. Perla Nera is black pearl in Italian, and I'd really like that name because every woman I see every women as a Pearl. But often we don't understand our true value as Women and the whole feminine movement, I think, came out of women not understanding that we were powerful already? We didn't need to be empowered because a woman is already truly powerful in a feminine way. And so Black Pearl is. It's even one step further, not just an ordinary pearl, but  Black Pearl is very rare and unique, and I see that every woman is born with uniqueness. We have it in us and we often forget about it. We try to prove that we're something else. We think we need to grow into being something else and we already are. Like I said, women are born feminine, we already are everything we ever need to be is inside of us. It's just a matter off unleashing it. So the gift that I am offering is actually tailored to single successful women who are looking to, I'm not going to say find Mr One because, Mr Right, because  once you embrace your female power, Mr Right finds you. And that was my personal experience with Massimo.  When I met Massimo, I wasn't looking for him, but he found me in the most unbelievable way. So I think when women embrace their femininity and they become feminine, feminine energy is magnetic. So when they charge themselves, they become juicy.  

spk_1:   43:08
I love that, I'm going to add that into my vocabulary.

spk_1:   43:10
They become charged right. So in order for men to notice you or not just men,  opportunities like when a woman is charged, which means she is fulfilled and happy she starts drawing to herself. She she needs to be really congruent with her values and what makes her happy. So when we're true to ourselves and we honoring ourselves, we start drawing to our life opportunities, men.  Ah, you name it a woman creates the reality around her, and that's our power, while true power is in being magnetic. So that's the program that I would like to offer to your audience, Moira and this is one of many series that I'm creating in the moment this 1st 1 is basically helping women to reconnect with and to understand why is it that they might be attracting the wrong type of men and its happens to all of us? The more women step into their masculinity, the more we start attracting the wrong type of men, and we actually can charge the men we are with and we can charge them (energy). And it's really interesting because once you start to understand the magnetic forces that work between the feminine and the masculine and inside couples, a woman can shift the polarity and we can shift the energy in the relationship. I totally believe it that a woman is responsible. Like responsibility comes with a negative connotation because women will say, Well, why should I have to be responsible so that you're responsible? We have the power to do it and totally didn't reframe. Yes, we have the power, and then why not do it if we have the power that if we shift the energy, men have no choice but to rise to the occasion. 

spk_0:   45:10
I think that it is interesting to what you said about Massimo,  when in the way that you two met because what I was saying earlier with Cliff, now that they're saying it that way because I wasn't looking anymore When I met Cliff, I had stopped looking at It was I had my values, freedom and good food and wine and travel, and I had things that were important to me. But I wasn't looking for a "man" at the time, and that's when Cliff found be. And I had just come back from Europe. I had been traveling for a month over there, and I was in this great state when I met him in and in a NLP course. Yes, there's 30 years ago,

spk_1:   45:46
But isn't it interesting? That's exactly what I'm talking about. We're not looking, but you know who you are. Yes, and you know what you want - men find you.  And then not only men but opportunities, even in business. It's so powerful because the feminine power doesn't go after opportunities. We actually manifest first opportunities. They come to us.

spk_0:   46:11
I think that's a great message.

spk_1:   46:12
And it leads to Effortless Success because for a woman success shouldn't have to come with effort. Work is not how we become successful.  We create magic and miracles. That's the female power.

spk_0:   46:27
That's beautiful.  Daniela thank you for sharing all of your passion. All these insights and studies you've done to share all this with all of us today from your heart and soul as a Lifestyle Expert, as a very good friend of mine and a person that speaks and walks her truth, and that really inspires other people. So thank you for teaching us how to step into that life by design and that life living our best life and on our terms and much love, Daniela. 

spk_0:   46:59
Thank you Moira, my pleasure. and I really appreciate you having me on the show. Thank you.

spk_0:   47:04
Thank you. Namaste.

spk_0:   47:05
Thank you for listening to the Heart Soul Wisdom Podcast with Moira Sutton.  I hope you enjoyed today's episode. Please join our community at www.moirasutton.com and continue the discussion on our Facebook page. Create the Life you Love.  You will be part of a global movement connecting with other heart centered people who are consciously creating the life they love on their own terms. Together we can raise our consciousness for the greater good of humanity and for our planet.