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How to Fully Live your Purpose

March 21, 2022 Moira Sutton Season 3 Episode 50
How to Fully Live your Purpose
Heart Soul Wisdom Podcast
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Heart Soul Wisdom Podcast
How to Fully Live your Purpose
Mar 21, 2022 Season 3 Episode 50
Moira Sutton

Health & Well Being
Passion & Purpose

How to Fully Live your Purpose

Bijou ran two businesses while living in Austin, Texas for 15 years.  All of the stress began to affect her mental health and well being.  She referred to herself as a “B” boss, a super consumer and an avid partier all wrapped up in a hard shell, sprinkled on top with health problems. She was burned out and worried about her future health and happiness. This was a turning point for Bijou who found magic & medicinal mushrooms, and everything changed for her. She started her love affair with micro dosing the year before the pandemic hit. 

Micro dosing helped Bijou connect with herself, her loved ones and nature in a new and beautiful way. At this time her partner asked her if she wanted to leave everything she knew and built, in Austin, and move out into the middle of no where, to the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. Over the last year Bijou tucked herself away in the mountains on a personal mission to get psilocybin legalized and share with everyone she knows the benefits of micro dosing. She believes that conscious entrepreneurs and mushrooms are going to save the planet.

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Show Notes Transcript

Health & Well Being
Passion & Purpose

How to Fully Live your Purpose

Bijou ran two businesses while living in Austin, Texas for 15 years.  All of the stress began to affect her mental health and well being.  She referred to herself as a “B” boss, a super consumer and an avid partier all wrapped up in a hard shell, sprinkled on top with health problems. She was burned out and worried about her future health and happiness. This was a turning point for Bijou who found magic & medicinal mushrooms, and everything changed for her. She started her love affair with micro dosing the year before the pandemic hit. 

Micro dosing helped Bijou connect with herself, her loved ones and nature in a new and beautiful way. At this time her partner asked her if she wanted to leave everything she knew and built, in Austin, and move out into the middle of no where, to the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. Over the last year Bijou tucked herself away in the mountains on a personal mission to get psilocybin legalized and share with everyone she knows the benefits of micro dosing. She believes that conscious entrepreneurs and mushrooms are going to save the planet.

Website: http://www.storyxstyle.com/

Gift: http://www.storyxstyle.com/

Your Gift:  $5 off Bijou's  $17 guide with code MOIRA.
Moira's Website: https://moirasutton.com/

Create the Life you Love Community: https://www.facebook.com/CreatetheLifeyouLove1/

Long Distance Reiki Healing Sessions:  https://moirasutton.com/long-distance-reiki-healing-session/

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Close  0:03  
Welcome to the Heart Soul Wisdom podcast, a journey of self discovery and transformation. Moira Sutton and her amazing guests share real life stories, tools and strategies to inspire and empower you to create and live your best life. Come along on the journey and finally blast through any fears, obstacles and challenges that have held you back in the past so you can live your life with the joy, passion and happiness that you desire. Now, here's your host Create the Life you Love, empowerment life coach, Moira Sutton

Moira  0:59  
Welcome to season three, Episode 50 'How to Fully Live Your Purpose' with our very special guest, the mushroom mama sita, Bijou Finny. I love that title. I'll tell you a story about that later. Bijou ran two businesses while living in Austin, Texas for 15 years. All the stress that began to bottle up, it became to affect your mental health and well being. She referred to herself as a B boss. You can guess what that is. A super consumer and an avid partier are all wrapped up in a hardshell. Sprinkled on top with health problems. She was burned out and worried about her future health and well being and her happiness. This was a turning point for Bijou who found magic and medicinal mushrooms and everything changed for her. She started her love affair with micro dosing the year before the pandemic. Micro dosing helps Bijou connect with herself, her loved ones and nature in a new and beautiful way. At this time, her partner asked her if she wanted to leave everything behind, everything she had built in Austin,  and move out into the middle of nowhere. And they moved to the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. Over the last year, Bijou tucked herself away in the mountains on a personal mission to get psilocybin legalized and share with everyone she knows the benefits of micro dosing. And she believes the conscious entrepreneurs and mushrooms are going to help save our planet. So without further ado, I would like to welcome to Bijou Finney. Welcome Bijou.

Bijou  2:32  
Hello, thank you so much for having me,

Moira  2:34  
This is going to be fun and lots of things I just said to you before we started this is pushing me outside of my comfort zone because I know nothing about this area. And I just really was drawn to you and your message. And I thought this would be really great for the listeners and something new will ask them, you know, what's their takeaways? How did they feel about this? And, yeah, and the mamas sita part there Bijou was my mom and I used to travel away before I got married. I didn't meet my husband till I was 30. And he was 40. And before I traveled with my mom quite extensively, and I remember in Mexico, there was this other couple that kept calling her moma sito. So that's not mama sita but mama sito because she was like the grandmother. And anyway, she didn't like it, but it became - everybody there called her that. I kind of thought it was cute. So there you go. How did you come up with that title?

Bijou  3:28  
I'm uh, yeah, so I'm originally from El Paso I spent a lot of time in Mexico. Part of my heritage is Mexican. Yeah, I it was just a natural progression that it kind of called mama sita by some of my friends and clients, I guess last year.

Moira  3:55  
So I think it's more like you have wisdom then. Right? 

Bijou  4:01  

Moira  4:02  
There you go. Okay, you're cutting out a little bit. Hopefully, we won't have a lot of that because we want to hear your wisdom and everything you're about to share today. Bijou please let's start with defining micro dosing, and then your personal journey on finding magic and medicinal mushrooms and how this really did change your life and everything for you. That's a big one. So that's where we're starting.

Bijou  4:23  
Yeah, um, micro dosing is utilizing a very, very small dose of psilocybin or different psychedelics. People will microdose with quite a few things, but I got really interested in micro dosing psilocybin just because it's very manageable. Very small doses can help you function better in your life. It's, it's similar to me to like a new tropic or a, a coffee or something. So it really just helps trsess management helps with focus helps with creativity. It also has been shown to reconnect neural pathways in your brain. So it helps with aging in the brain. 

Moira  5:12  
Oh, I like that one.

Bijou  5:13  
Yeah, it helps with the novelty of life. So sometimes when you're doing tasks that seem a little bit mundane, or you're kind of just sick of them, it kind of reinvigorates that. So there's so many uses for microdosing. In fact, so many that some people don't believe that it can really help with so many things. But I've seen it. I help a lot of people on their journey. And it's helped anywhere from reconnecting couples relationships to dealing with past trauma, to getting over addictions, or, yeah, just optimizing your life as an entrepreneur. So there's a million different uses for this medicine. And I believe the fact that it's so safe, and it does so much good for people that it should be legal. And I think a lot of people agree with me. So it seems to be moving up in legislation pretty quickly.

Moira  6:16  
Oh, you answered a lot there. I'm thinking Where do I go next with that one? So let's look at that the safety aspect in small doses. It What if this is really scary for people? Because, you know, I, as I said, I knew nothing about this. You know, up here in Canada, we have, you know, there's cannabis marijuana, micro dosing isn't something I heard of. You know, you can get it in the liquor store and stuff and what we have now that's legal. But what's the difference with that, then, you know, the, all the different qualities of what's in to do micro dosing versus the cannabis or the marijuana? Are you taking for anxiety or sleep? Or if you can dive into that a bit deeper? For others and myself?

Bijou  7:02  
Yeah, so um, it's very understandable that people would be apprehensive about psilocybin and it hasn't gotten the best PR up until recently. Yes, with large doses, it can be a little bit nerve wracking or traumatizing, if you don't feel safe and supported. And you don't have a facilitator guiding you through that experience. Because essentially, what you're doing is healing a lot of the stuff that you never really give yourself time and the energy to heal. And so it's, it should be respected. And it should be understood if you're taking large doses of it. But small doses of it are very manageable. It's it's kind of just like a supplement, like a vitamin that you would take. And a lot of people either have heard things over the years that made them afraid of this, or perhaps when they were in college, they were out at a party drinking and they took way too much. And this, in my opinion, is a medicine and it needs to be taken with the right set and setting and the right intention for it to be truly healing. Otherwise, you're kind of just overwhelming your system and freaking yourself out. So a lot of people that I work with, we do have to get over the hurdle of, "Oh, I heard that it's gonna make me go crazy and jump out of the building". And that's definitely propaganda. I think that the government was sharing back in the day to keep people quote unquote, safe. But on the spectrum of drug safety or substance safety, it's actually safer than table salt. So there are no recorded happenings where someone overdosed on it. It is not addictive. It is not habit forming. And yeah, I mean, with the right support, people are taking super high doses and really moving through some trauma and really cancel clearing a lot of the ruminations that they have in their mind all the time. So your question about the difference between cannabis and psilocybin is there's a difference in the way that it affects the brain. So a lot of times, especially with the potency that cannabis is in nowadays, some people can take a gummy or an edible and they might have a little bit of a panic attack, or they might get extremely paranoid. And that's because it really excites the mind. That's why a lot of people utilize it for creativity. Or sometimes they use it to numb out a little bit, whereas psilocybin affects a different part of the brain and it turns off the part of your brain it's getting in those thought loops, or the ruminations on negative things. It's more of a healer and in a way to empower yourself to heal yourself. So they are very different, in my opinion. And with my experience.

Moira  10:12  
You started experimenting with micro dosing. You did it for five years. Now, did you have support? Or you did this at the beginning by yourself? And then you reach out to other people to teach you how to do this in a safe way?

Bijou  10:25  
Yeah, that's a great question. So the reason why I'm so passionate about helping people now is because I did not have support. And I did make some, I wouldn't call them mistakes, because I definitely needed to understand this realm and the boundaries of it pretty well to be able to support other people on it. But I did have a lot of trial and error, I did have to try a lot of things. I did devote a lot of my time and energy to it. And I know that most people don't really have the desire or the time to do it. So yeah, to answer your question, it was me trying a bunch of different doses, a bunch of different psychedelics coming to what I believed was the right protocol, the right psychedelic for me. And then I after that went and got facilitator training, to be able to support other people on their own psychedelic journey.

Moira  11:23  
So was that one of the aha moments for you that this is like defining your own life path and what you're passionate about in your life purpose?

Bijou  11:31  
Oh, absolutely. I've, I've had a lot of different jobs in my life, I owned a boutique at one point and a video production company. And then I was a brand consultant. And I loved those because I loved connecting with people. I loved telling their story; I liked making them feel good about themselves. But a lot of that was somewhat superficial in the sense that I couldn't get intimate enough with them, I couldn't get deep enough with them to kind of really help with their mental blocks, or help with their comfort level and being seen. And that's where I really found psychedelics to be very useful. When I work with people on our sessions, I'm able to go much deeper with them, and they're much more open with me. So they see much better results, typically, then just working with a different coach or therapist that doesn't really have this catalyst to really help them bring down their walls.

Moira  12:32  
Mm hmm...And when you do work with people, because I work with belief systems, I have for conscious core transformation for 30 years. Before people were doing that. But in that, in that sense, when I work with people, and they literally have a breakthrough. They they literally don't even remember where they were at before. This was way beginning of my business that, you know, if I didn't get I didn't get testimonials there at the beginning. And then people would say that that's not me. I wasn't there. Because literally they I told them once you do the breakthrough, you're not going back. You know, once you get clear of what you want. Is that what happens with your clients?

Bijou  13:07  
Yes, I mean, it's pretty amazing. It's it says knowingness that happens, where they, all of a sudden, something just clicks in their mind, and they have the vision to see what was holding them back. And they see that it was mostly just a facade, it's something that they can change themselves and move forward in the way that they want to. So yeah, I mean, I will say that people, at this point, from my experience with working with them, they are able to see the difference in their past life versus how they feel now. And they're pretty astounded by it. And they're extremely grateful to the point of tears a lot of the times. So it is such amazing work that I can't believe that I get to do and I love it so incredibly much. Because I, as I told you before, I think that entrepreneurs have a typically pretty rough go at it, they don't have very much support. They have an extreme amount of stress on them. And they're also trying to be creative at the same time. So yeah, in order to be able to support them, I feel like I'm really helping in a big way. And that's a feeling that I love having from my work

Moira  14:30  
Because you're totally on purpose, your contribution, you know and community, helping other people live their best life, which is what this show is about creating living your best life on your terms. That's very important to me that that last few words. Let's look at some terms that are that I saw as I was doing research for our heartfelt conversation today. You use the word psychonaut. I think that's how you say it, and also the word biohacking. Can you explain what those two things are in regards to micro dosing?

Bijou  14:59  
Yeah, That's such a great question. I was self dubbed biohacker. I was really interested in utilizing different wearable technology or supplements or modalities to be able to optimize my brain and my health and my life. And I tried, and I still do try a lot from gadgets that stimulate your vagus nerve to calm down to wearing aura rings to track your sleep to be able to optimize it to using nootropics to help your brain. Biohackers are typically people that are trying to find little shortcuts or catalysts to be able to help them get to the next level or to the health that they want in their life. And I believe that psychedelics are a bio hack, because you're using a natural substance to be able to support you in drastic change and better mental health and even physical health. So yeah, biohacking is extremely interesting. If anyone hasn't heard of it, there is a plethora of information about it on the internet. And you essentially turn yourself into a mad scientist, and you have to try a variety of things on yourself to see what really works for your physiology. And just for your disposition, and your lifestyle. And a pschonaut is someone that is utilizing psychedelics for either psychedelic psychotherapy, or to get any of the benefits that I mentioned, like clarity and focus and mental health and stress management and neuro like neuroplasticity. So yeah, psychonauts are people that utilize psychedelics to optimize their lives and dig deeper into their psyches.

Moira  17:08  
So if we look at habits, which we know are very important in our life - our habits with our lifestyle with our health and well being. In this regards habits to be taking, you know, micro dosing and incorporating this into a person's life. Is this something that you'll be doing forever? Or is this like, you said it was like a vitamin or, you know, a supplement?

Bijou  17:31  
No. And that's what's so awesome about mushrooms, in my opinion, and why I love them so much is that they have an amazing residual effect. So they've found in studies that they're doing at Johns Hopkins right now, when people are at end of life, like they found out that they had, they have a diagnosis that they don't have very much time left, just one trip can typically change their frame of mind and their happiness for months, or even years at a time. And and that's an amazing residual effect. And microdosing, I typically consult people into doing three months stints where you are diligent about doing it for three months, and then you have the afterglow effect, where you kind of get to experience the the lightness and the happiness of all of the muck that you move out of your system and your psyche. And I utilize it at times in my life where I'm feeling extra stressed, or I just need a little extra support. So picking it up and putting it down as you need it is definitely the way to go about it. You don't want to take it consistently forever, because you don't want to develop a tolerance. And you also want to understand the baseline of the new normal that you're experiencing now, because of the mushroom. You want to give yourself space to feel that.

Moira  19:04  
So do you do for yourself? What's your experience? Have you been like three months on three months off? That kind of thing? Or it? Does it vary for you?

Bijou  19:12  
Yeah, so when I first started, I was very consistent because I was trying different strains and I was trying different protocols. And I was utilizing bigger trips to kind of really move a lot of the heavy, deeply rooted, limiting beliefs and traumas that I had. And then I was using microdosing as more of a maintenance to like, keep myself going. Now after so long of doing it, I really just listen to my body and know what's going on in my life and utilize it as I need it. So I might do it for a month and take two or three months off, or I might do it for three months consistently. It really just depends but there's definitely been times where I've taken off four to six months at a time with no issue. That's another reason why I really love it is that it's truly non habit forming and non addictive. So for instance, they're are finding that things that are illegal, like ketamine and kratom, are actually addictive. And so I love the fact that I've been able to have this relationship with a medicine that truly isn't and really empowers you to, to know that you can heal yourself with other modalities; like moving your body and breath work and hard conversations with loved ones. So yeah, that, to answer your question, it really just depends on what's going on in my life.

Moira  20:48  
If somebody like let's say, somebody's suffering from anxiety, or they're on antidepressants, can this get them off? First of all, help them with anxiety and then get them off of that antidepressant?

Bijou  20:58  
Yes, in fact, most of my clients or a quite a few of them are utilizing microdosing to wean off of their SSRIs and antidepressants. And it works really well for that. I've had some clients that have been on certain antidepressants for anywhere from 10 to 15 years, and within two to six months are completely off with no issues. It's actually one of the favorite, my favorite things to help people with. Because, in my humble opinion, I find that more and more people are not experiencing many benefits from their SSRIs. They might not be working very well for them. And the side effects are not really worth it. So I would say, Yes, I love helping people get off of their SSRIs.

Moira  21:52  
Mm hmm. That's big. What do you mean by fill up from the top down? There's a term that you use there on your site?

Bijou  21:59  
Oh, okay. Yeah. So when I, I actually had this vision. I love microdosing because I'll randomly have these concepts or visions come into my mind. And I don't know, if they're just for me or a higher power, but I had this vision of these beautiful glass cups. And they were kind of in a in a tiered system. And I had the vision of the fact that if your cup is not full from the top, so if you are not full, if you're at the top of your family, or the top of your business, or the top of your relationship, it's very hard for you to continuously pour love and attention into presence into the cups below you. And so it's really important that people fill themselves up at the top. I know it's extremely hard for women, to feel like we should take care of ourselves and fill our own cups first. But it's kind of the same concept as putting on the oxygen mask first, and then giving it to the people that are dependent on you. So yeah, a lot of my work is helping my clients believe that they're, they're worthy of taking care of themselves first, and they're not selfish for doing that, and that their lives and their loved ones will benefit from them actually giving themselves proper self care.

Moira  23:30  
So is that how you, thank you? Is that how you help women to remind themselves and heal the world remind women that they're powerful healers? You know, we all have feminine and you know, the male and the female. Is that what you do in that work that to remind people that they're worthy and to take time for themselves? And for them to really get clear on their, their own wishes and fulfillment?

Bijou  23:56  
Yeah, in fact, some of my retreats are really focused on rewilding women and having a women actually feel supported by other women for the first time. I really believe that there's a mother wound out there. And that means more than just like your mother. But it's something that I know for a fact most women do not feel supported by other women. They do not feel totally supported by their family members and their friends. And it's it really does a number on us where we need to kind of start with supporting ourselves. And I believe that that vibe and that energy will attract the people that are also doing the same. Or it'll inspire the people around you to do the same, which will make everybody much happier and much more empathetic and much more loving. So yeah, I think that all of us are very used to the masculine energy. We're all working very hard. We're all moving forward a lot. But the feminine energy kind of gets pushed off to the side a lot. And there's a lot of power in that. So it's just reminding people to balance the energy within themselves.

Moira  25:12  
Mm hmm. I think that also connects into the zoo that, you know, the mother wound is also our Mother Earth, you know, that she, that she's wounded. And right now, you know, what it takes for us to really become aware that this is a living planet, and what's happening around the planet goes back to her. And we have to take care of our planet and the animals and each other. You know, that's, for me, it's about raising the consciousness and the vibration of each other to heal humanity, and Mother Earth, because she is our home. And she's quite beautiful.

Bijou  25:46  
Exactly. And that's one of the biggest things that I love about mushrooms is that it's, you can't be stopped once you try mushrooms, you really do feel so much more connected to nature and to your neighbors, that it's very hard for you to not see yourself as a as a piece of the whole, which really changes the way that you live. And it changes the choices that you make. And that's what I mean by conscious entrepreneurship. Because entrepreneurs that start working on their consciousness, whether it be meditation, or breath work, or psychedelics typically get much more interested in how their work is gonna benefit the greater good and the environment.

Moira  26:35  
That's, that's beautiful. Because I'm a believer, like you in conscious capitalism. And in this, I love how you said that about conscious entrepreneurs, because your belief, as we said at the beginning, is that, you know, conscious entrepreneurs and mushrooms are going to save the planet.

Bijou  26:51  
I truly believe that.

Moira  26:53  
How do you think individuals who really want to become part of this conscious movement and conscious entrepreneurs and really take responsibility for actions, you know, in their, in their personal professional lives? How do you think they can become part of this movement? What would you be your insight with that?

Bijou  27:11  
I think, honestly, all I can really speak to is my own personal experience. And I think before, I was definitely lost in the dogma, or idea that I was very focused on myself, like, how can I make more money? How can I have better health? How can my family have what they need, and I really didn't think about the bigger whole. And the more I started leaning into my idea of what spirituality was, when I started connecting with my body more when I started spending more time in nature, when I started actually having really thoughtful, intimate connections with people and conversations with people. That's when I believe my consciousness came up with a couple rungs. But it's a forever journey that I'll be on. But I definitely say that more connection to nature and to people. And then just really wondering, asking yourself questions like, "What is my business doing for people? Is it making them feel bad about themselves? Or is it empowering them? Is it helping the planet? Or is it hindering it?" And, and those important questions, I think, are what's going to help move the needle forward and in the way that I believe it needs to be moved?

Moira  28:38  
Yeah, that's wonderful. I think by asking empowering questions is one of the keys and and being really kind to yourself when messages come up and not judge yourself. Just the journey is forever, you know, even when we leave our physical body, it continues on the other side of the veil or whatever term you want to use there.

Bijou  28:58  

Moira  28:59  
How do people and where do we start to start to destigmatize and decriminalize magic mushrooms? I know you you feel like people are going that way? What do you see with that unfolding?

Bijou  29:11  
That's why I love microdosing so much, because it's very manageable to dip your toe in. It's it's such a delightful experience that people really start to trust and and love mushrooms and see the good that can come with developing a relationship with them. If they can handle some of the very intense things that are out there in the world, then they can handle this nice, light, euphoric feeling. And then, most of my clients who are extremely apprehensive at first typically become much more comfortable; enough to actually try maybe a smaller trip with their partner to reconnect and rebond all the way to a pretty big trip with a facilitator to potentially move a deeply held belief or trauma that is really affecting their lives. So I believe that microdosing is kind of going to be the path forward where people try that because it's very manageable; they can go about their lives, and see the benefits of it. And the more that they trust this medicine, they will start doing some really deep healing work with it.

Moira  30:31  
Beautiful. Now you have some personal plant Miss medicine ceremonies, that you do not only at your retreats. Can you share what that looks like, for like a beginner to you know, plant medicine and herbalism and all that kind of thing? What would that ceremony look like? What's your envision when you do that? And when the people come together and then the results that they have after experiencing one of the ceremonies?

Bijou  30:56  
Yeah, that's, that's a great question. So plant medicine is, is so beautiful just because there are so many powers to these plants. Some of them currently illegal, some of them legal. The legal ones I will do on my property until the ones that I really, really love become legal. And I go to properties or locations where plant medicines are illegal with my clients to actually do retreats and bigger deep diving trips. We typically start with virtual, like guided sessions where the client will find source and take a microdose before we actually do a session. And I will guide them virtually to understand some of the bits of their psyche that are limiting them. And then we'll determine after a couple of calls, the ones that are not able to change with small habits. And then now new knowingness. Some of them are so deeply entrenched that they need typically a bigger ceremony, in which case, we will find a location that is appropriate in nature, in a place where it is legal. And we will put together a really beautiful ceremony. There's so much to be said about the medicine in the ceremony. And what I mean by that is currently, some people are maybe in a very sterile clinical setting, putting an eye mask on and taking an amount with someone that's just sitting there and taking notes. And I believe that that will still be healing to someone. But to actually be in a ceremony setting where you're surrounded by nature, and you're held by someone that is there for you. And there is beautiful music and incense and whole five senses situation, you can really go deep because your body feels very comfortable. And it feels like it's very special. And yeah, we give you the the appropriate amount for you and what you're trying to do. And then we really just hold space for you the whole time that you are kind of in that other dimension or talking deeply with your own psyche.

Moira  33:31  
Mm hmm. Yeah, holding space and the intention that you have around that. That's very important. Now, we talked a little bit about Johns Hopkins, early on with research. Is there any other research that you'd like to share with our listeners that's been done to support the use of psychedelics?

Bijou  33:47  
Oh, yes, there's so much right now all over the world. Obviously, a lot of it is not going to be published for the greater public yet, but you can sign up for the MAPS organization or decriminalize nature and follow some of the other psychedelic supporters to understand some of the the research that is being leaked in small amounts. But I mean, right now, it's all over the news that the experience that people are having. so psychedelics are helping with PTSD, they're helping with depression, they're helping with like healing trauma and severe addictions; they are helping with people's brains that are aging. They're helping with relationships being mended. Yeah, it's, it's just across the board, the amount that it's, it's being helped. I think that in the next year, year and a half, we're going to actually have the tangible results from some of these experiments that have been running. But right now it's mostly just all piecemealed together.

Moira  35:08  
A lot of areas. Bijou, I know you have a vision for 10 years, but what is your big vision, if you could share that for the next five to 10 years in your the work that you're doing and other people that work in this field?

Bijou  35:21  
I really believe that that coaching and support systems are so incredibly important. And I know that it's a big industry right now, but I think it's going to get even bigger just because we are dealing with so much stress currently. And we, we don't have systems set up where we can be adequately supported from the community around us. So I believe that coaching and facilitation and support are going to be even bigger. Over the next couple of years. I do believe that for some people, they'll have a better experience if they utilize plant medicines as a catalyst for change. So I do believe that this psychedelic coaching world will get bigger and allow for deeper and more quickly of a change to happen in someone's life. And so I just hope that everybody respects the medicine, that the coaches do their due diligence to do the research and the work and the training that they need to do to fully support someone in this. And that people actually do their research and not just go and take a bunch of a random strain of a mushroom by themselves, just because they're hoping to facilitate a big change in their life. I just hope that everybody is respectful enough about this medicine, that the press and the PR stays good. Because I just would hate to see some random cases turn into a big deal on the news and scare people that would really benefit from this in a big way. So yeah, my hope is that this medicine is respected. And that people really do the work in order to be able to support other people on their journey. And hopefully, that'll connect everybody more to the planet that will potentially take more people off of some pharmaceuticals that are not serving them, and give people just a happier existence.

Moira  37:35  
That's wonderful. And I also love on your site that you say, "I have the audacity to think that I can help heal the world by reminding women that they are powerful healers," and then you have this one, line "10,000 in 10 years," tell us about that.

Bijou  37:50  
So I believe not only that conscious entrepreneurs are, are the real ticket to us turning this crazy train around. But I also deeply, deeply, deeply believe that conscious women are really going to heal the wounds that this planet and this society has. Women are just really nurturing and really loving and really think of things in in a big picture kind of way. So my goal is to really help women believe that they are healers and remind them of their power. Because the more empowerment that women have, and the more abundance financially that that women have, I believe that they will actually utilize that power and that abundance to do good in the world. So a lot of my work is just reminding women that they are healers. So not only can they heal themselves, but they can heal their families and they can heal their communities. And what's so cool about it is that once women do have that knowledge, they typically turn right around and are excited by that and want to go out and really make a difference in the world around them. So exponentially. One woman could turn into her daughter and her sister and her mother. And then those women will turn around and be better people to their sisters and mothers and daughters. And so it really just is this shockwave that could go out from each individual woman that believes that she is a healer.

Moira  39:33  
Definitely and also the generational healing that you're talking about. Once it creates a snowball effect, you know, once here the next shows up. How do you see men playing a role in this because again, as I said earlier, you know, we all have the masculine and the feminine within us. You know, there's just some different traits that we show each day, but we have both so how do you see men playing a role in this?

Bijou  39:54  
It's really interesting. I believe that my work is my medicine and I had a hard time with intimacy before. And now I have such intimate conversations with people that it's really helping me heal that that side of myself. But I also really was not in touch with my feminine. Which, why working with women was so important to me to really heal my own mother and sister wound with deep connection with women. But my focus was really just on them for a while, but out of nowhere, I started getting more male clients. And I really, really love working with them. Because men don't have very much support in our society, they have a lot on their shoulders, they have no way of moving their stress, or really talking about the pain that they're experiencing, or the trauma that they might be experiencing. So it was really eye opening to me how much we need to be able to support the masculine to be healed as well. And that way they can support women in a really healed way instead of the the masculine, the wounded masculine that is currently at war with the feminine. I believe that it's this balance. And so yeah, I've really loved my experience with my, with my male clients, and I want more of them, because it's really just helping me connect with the vibe or the the issues that are going on with both sexes right now. And really just understanding how to fix that in couples as well. I just love my couple work so much. Because it really helps me to balance myself out by seeing both sides of the story and healing the connection between the two of them.

Moira  41:45  
Yes, I also love working - like, I'm a Women's Empowerment Life Coach. But I also love working with men, because it's just a whole different dynamic, and just the healing for for all.

Bijou  41:56  

Moira  41:57  
And in relationships; I'm also trained in that area. And you know, it changes through the years to in your life. You know, as you get older, it's interesting how the things that you thought were important that aren't as important. It comes down to for me, you know, health and well being contribution community and our life purpose and our passion and really living our best life.

Bijou  42:20  

Moira  42:22  
Well, this has been so much fun Bijou. I'm glad that we connected. And I really want to hear from the listeners what they take away from this show, and I always invite people now to you know, join us on our community support the show, subscribe, rate us to -something I'm still learning about Apple, iTunes, it's all a learning curve. And literally that builds this community, but also the goal of raising the vibration and consciousness to heal our planet and humanity. And I'm all about the vision of this, creating conscious cultures, you know, with our values and purpose and people worldwide thriving and leading these lives infused with passion, love and creativity. So you're right on that path. Bijou please share with our listeners today; I always love my guest sharing something special for my listeners because I really honor them. And special offers or the gift is and the links to connect with the Bijou and the gifts she's giving today, which is really lovely, are listed below in the show notes. So if you could share that that would be wonderful.

Bijou  43:26  
Yeah, I developed a guide that would help people because it's really important that if you are deciding to go out on your own micro dosing journey, that you ask the right questions, so you can source the right medicine and then understand what you're - like getting your expectations in line, so you actually stick with it. And so asking your grower how old the product is, what the strain is just because certain strains are better for micro dosing, and some of them are better for deep diving trips, understanding what the right dose is for you, and what to expect is going to be imperative for you to actually stick with it and see the results that you need to. So there's a guide that has a habit tracking journal; it has a meditation; it has the guide, and it also has the ability to reach out to me with questions that you might have. So that is $17, but you get it for $5 off with your special code. And I will also be sharing the meditation in it for free if anyone is not quite ready for the micro dosing guide and they just want to maybe listen to a meditation that is appropriate for people that are trying to change their mind. I partnered with a hypnotherapist and we wrote the script together and the meditation is just beautiful. And so yeah, those are the gifts that I have today. But also feel free to reach out to me. I love connecting with people and supporting them on their journey.

Moira  45:13  
Thank you. I think a real bonus and that one Bijou is that they get to, like you said in the course or your offering that outside of the course that they get to reach out to you for support from you. And I think that's really important. Bijou thank you so much from sharing from your heart and soul today your wisdom on how to fully live your purpose. Namaste.

Bijou  45:37  
Thank you

Close  45:43  
Thank you for listening to the Heart Soul Wisdom podcast with Moira Sutton. I hope you enjoyed today's episode. Please join our community at moirasutton.com and continue the discussion on our Facebook page Create the Life you Love. You will be part of a global movement connecting with other heart centered people who are consciously creating the life they love on their own terms. Together we can raise our consciousness for the greater good of humanity and for our planet.

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