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Aligning with your Divine Plan & Soul Mission

September 05, 2022 Moira Sutton Season 3 Episode 60
Heart Soul Wisdom Podcast
Aligning with your Divine Plan & Soul Mission
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Aligning with your Divine Plan & Soul Mission

Stephen is the founder of The Heart Initiation Academy and is on a mission to heal hearts and align souls with their Divine Plan. He is the author of the book, My Ecstatic Rebirth: The 10 Keys to Unleash Your Power, Purpose & Pleasure. He’s currently writing his second book, The True Divine Self, A Journey to Truth which explains his awakening journey and the discovery of truth via his I AM Consciousness or Higher Self.

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[00:03] Intro : Welcome to the Heart Soul Wisdom Podcast, a journey of self discovery and transformation. Moira Sutton and her amazing guests share real life stories, tools and strategies. Strategies to inspire and empower you to create and live your best life. Come along on the journey and finally, blast through any fears, obstacles and challenges that have held you back in the past so you can live your life with the joy, passion and happiness that you desire. Now, here's your host. Create the life you love. Empowerment. Life coach, Moira Sutton.

[00:59] Moira : Welcome to season three, Episode 60 aligning with Your Divine Plan and Soul Mission with our special guests all the way from Prague, Stephen James. Stephen is the founder of the Heart Initiation Academy and is on a mission to heal hearts and align souls with their divine plan. He is the author of the book my Ecstatic Rebirth: The Ten Keys to Unleash Your Power, Purpose and Pleasure. He's currently writing his second book, the True Divine Self a Journey to Truth, which explains his own awakening journey and the discovery of truth via his I am consciousness or higher self. Let's just jump in because there's so much to say about Stephen and I want to get going. Without further ado, it's my pleasure to introduce you to Stephen James. Welcome, Stephen.

[01:48] Stephen: Hi, Moira. Thanks for the intro.  and thanks so much for having me on today. I've been looking forward to this for many weeks now.

[01:56] Moira : Yeah, this is going to be exciting. And as we just said before we began, Stephen and I were talking about having him back. I would like to have him back in the new year because he's doing such big work in the world. And as you just heard, his whole mission to heal hearts and align souls with their divine plan and where our world is right now, especially any time that's important. So let's just dive in. Okay, Stephen, can you share your big why you wrote this book, my Ecstatic Rebirth: The Ten Keys to Unleash Power, Purpose, and Pleasure. And how long was this in the making and creating and tell us just how that really fits into this puzzle of your mission.

[02:40] Stephen: So why? It's going to be probably quite a long answer. It just goes back to where I start, really, but probably ten years ago when I was 28. I'm 38 now, so 28 traditionally. I think people come to realize that the Saturn return comes around, I think, 27, 29 years of age. And if you're into astrology, you kind of know that's big. And a lot of people I've met on who really gone on a spiritual journey do tend to start around that age, and for me, it was no different. And before then, I was quite just a normal dude that you would meet on the street in London, where I was living at that point, and some British born back in 2008. I was an entrepreneur and I wanted to do something that was a bit more different. So I started a magazine for men and women about relationships, which is called Raw Attraction Magazine. And that came through Divine meeting with someone I would call it. And I had a magazine for men and he suggested I do one for men and women anyway. So I felt the co creation with the universe through that and then through what I would call good journalism because sometimes there's not particularly good journalism in the world, but there are some good journalists out there. And I was editing the magazine for many years and putting together some of the best educators about sacred sexuality, self love, what it really meant to be in relationship with a woman, and vice versa, woman to man. And being the first one out there in any magazine that I've ever seen that was putting both men and women on the same page and having a conversation about what is actually going on between us. And that led me to start a podcast. And then I got into a relationship soon after that because I was essentially looking for the right partner for myself because I want to do good relationship. And all of that led to an awakening journey three years later in 2015, I realized that it was all inner work. I mean, I was starting to realize that with the people I podcast with was a podcast with Teal Swan first and she kind of mind open and then various other people came on, J.P. Sears came on the podcast and some just great guests that are probably less well known to people, but they're just really high level people I'm sure you have in your progress. All of that led to me I'm in a relationship in 2015 and it's not the same one I'm in now, but it was a mirror relationship and it was a shamanic relationship from my point of view and my mentor at that time, who was an elder woman from Colorado as shamaness, who was doing shamanism on the cosmos, like clearing things from the astral realms. And then I ended up getting involved with her because she was the wisest woman I've ever met in my life and it's mentioned in my book and the tools that she was using was around the higher self. Anyway, so the book, Long Story short, came out a lot of that journey. Even that first three years, I was learning a lot and I realized the people around me, the friends at that time, they weren't learning a lot, they weren't normal jobs. And I was sort of writing for the people who wanted to come over to bridge and understand how to lay a foundation for self growth and self awareness and self love and just healing in general because there was a lot of pain inside me and it took a lot of many years to get it out and heal my own heart. And through that pain. And through that journey I realized that there were these ten keys and those are in the book, starting with self love and healing the past, emotional mastery, communication mastery, understanding the inner feminine and inner masculine, which is possibly the hardest part of the journey. Those two, they've been bastardized in culture so much it's unreal. And then a few other chapters on vision, creating a vision, unconditional love and death and rebirth and then we finish up with Sacred sexuality. So I felt those ten things, I think I hit them all. They gave me the foundation that I needed, so I wanted to give that back to others. And that's really my why. My first year after the book was probably in 2015 and then I was editing it five years that came out as an audiobook in 2020 and now I'm just about to release a workbook version probably in a few weeks. Which have been editing the audiobook for another two years into a workbook and adding things to make it more like interactive so you have it and you can write in it rather than having the transmission from the audiobook. So they have both. It's really about doing that in the work and it's not a book you can just read and sort of do nothing with it. If you want to do the healing journaling, which I'm sure your listeners do, then you have to start going on it some way and that takes action. So does that come up a question.

[09:08] Moira : That is just beautiful and it never stops. And I think once you start that journey, there's no turning the doors that you open. It's not like you can close them because now you have this awareness as you're growing. And with the writing, I just wondered because I'm also writing about the Universe is Calling You an inward, sacred journey to your heart, soul and self love. And that's been in the making for about five years and it's coming up before the end of the year. But let's just go back to what you said about the relationship. You were in the mirroring. What do you mean by that?

[09:41] Stephen: Well, at that point it was mirror me a lot of pain. And so I grew up in a household when I was younger, which in my teenage years, many I've got three younger brothers. For me it was my teenage years. But I had two of my younger brothers. Much younger. But there was just a lot of tension and fighting in the house going through a divorce. Which my parents go through a divorce and it's clear to me. Being a teenager and having a bit more self awareness and thinking things through. That these parents of mine didn't really have the tools to navigate the situation via conscious communication or any of that. They seem to be in their own trauma and acting that out through realizations that that was the case. I didn't get that when I was 16, but I got some of it. And through that, the two relationships that I had when I was very young, about 18 to 21, were just traumatic. And then I had a big gap between that and the next relationship. So this one, at 28, 30 years old, was the first real one where I consider myself an adult because I've done two or three years on the healing journey. I thought, yeah, I must be healed by now. Clearly not the amount of pain running through me. It invoked a crisis within me, an existential crisis, that I was literally on my balcony at one point. And I think, spring 2014, asking the universe, please, God, help me awaken from this, because this is and heal myself because this is too much. I felt I was too old to be in that much tour. Am I still the age I was? I was like, how am I not healed by now? So I really wanted to be healed. And there was a lot of mirroring going on, because what my mentor was telling me at that stage of my journey was, all your partner is doing is mirroring the feminine within you. Any pain that she is displaying, you need to take responsibility for in order to raise your inner integrity. And when you do that, you will align more with your divine plan, because you're taking responsibility for your own healing. That, in a nutshell, is the keys to the universe. Because once you start doing that process, which is not easy, because especially back in 2015, we were doing this, there was a lot of opposition to healing on the Astral realm, and your listeners and yourself may know about that, and it's been well documented in recent years. And also way back when, Sri Arbandeno, for example, one of the yoga uses, talking a lot about it. And so we would encounter these things that didn't want us to do the healing and we would have to clear them. And it was insane, to say the least. All I can say, it would drive anyone insane. From my mentor, it seems she could handle it more than anyone I've ever met. But me being young and sort of, I don't know, a crazy soul, I just went head first into it. And I was helping her and channeling her partner, who had died a few years previously. He was out, he was about 72 when he passed, but still I had to channel him through. And it was just a crazy year of clearing stuff from the astral. And it was such an existential crisis because, one, I didn't think we would get to the end of it and be able to actually hold this sacred union within, which my mentor calls it, and I call it this holy trinity within the divine masculine of yourself. Divine feminine of yourself and the Holy Child in your own being. Those in most people are wounded. I've reedited my book slightly to talk about it more from the perspective of most people out there. And they're wounded masculine, they're wounded feminine, they're wounded in a child. This is why especially the inner child is the easiest one to notice, because the wounded inner child in someone is the place where someone got arrested in development. And you see, most adults are not capable of emotional mastery, but it takes a really person who's been down the healing path to have good emotional mastery, especially younger age, say under 40 or 50. Older people tend to not care so much. My dad, for example.

[15:41] Moira : Or you don't know, because my life has been a spiritual path from very young seeing spirit and going through years of being scared about ghosts and things like that because no one believed me. And then they just kept coming to me and talking to me. And when they said my name, when I first had those experiences, that freaked me out. It was like, oh, my God, they know my name. It's just there. And then my family said, don't talk about that. No one's going to date you. I got to a point that I said, I don't really care. If somebody can't accept my belief system and who I am, then I'm not changing for them. This is who I am.

[16:20] Stephen: I'm glad you thought, yeah, that reminds me of my first girlfriend on a second, but around 19 years old, she could see ghosts. I believed that. Yeah. It is a matter of open mindedness if people want to go on the journey. I mean, this journey isn't for everyone. Certainly only a small percentage at the moment may start opening up when people start asking for help. I'm an empathy and walking around pride at the moment. The city people look really on edge from a psychological, emotional and spiritual sense. They can't take much more of whatever weird stuff is going to come out, considering what's happened in the last two years, which is all part of the great awakening. And one key that these people and anyone should be working on is they're wounded in a child. And that was one of the first pieces of work that I did with my mentor that kind of almost fully convinced me to work with her, because we just did a piece where I was working on my wounded inner child, which was at age of around a few months old. So my mantra gave me the idea or concept, it's a better way to say that you have an inner child and when it's a divine inner child, it is 84 months old. That's ideally, if you were raised by divine parents by seven years old, you would be extremely mature and you wouldn't really be triggered by anything throughout your rest of your life. If you could hold that not triggered by much anyway. When you can hold that maturity within yourself, then you are in a really strong place. But that takes time and self awareness to know when you've been triggered back down to a lower age. Because you can get triggered back down even if you've held like an 84 month inner age. And this sounds like to most people listening to the concept, she haven't tried it out. But when I try it out with myself and my clients, the concept proves itself to be true. My mentor was using finger dowsing a lot, which is a highly recommended thing to learn because you can ask questions to the universe and get yes no answers on your body and you work out all this stuff. So she figured that out. I went along with it at that point and it turned out to be true because I was in a total and utter mess. It was with this ex partner of mine, or I actually like to call them former reflections of my inner self or masculine self, whatever you want to call it. Former inner reflections is a better way to speak of an exponent who was significant in the healing process, I think. So this was happening and I was triggered by my own self, I guess. But in that world it seemed like she was triggering me and putting me in a crisis because I wouldn't take responsibility for myself. But when I did take responsibility for myself, I went to my mentor and then we did some healing around my inner child and raised the inner child age up to that point. After the first session, it was about I went to two years old. There's no point jumping straight to seven because you won't feel the difference. But I went up to two years old and I was able to function, like, speak properly and shower myself at the point I really wasn't. Then we did another session a week or so later and it went up to seven years old and there was a dramatic difference and I was like, okay, this stuff is real. And then I just went did more work with her. And it was a long process of raising the inner integrity of the masculine to awaken your inner feminine. And that's the same for both sexes. It doesn't matter what gender you identifies or whatever is going on, if you're a human being, then you have this in a masculine this and a feminine. And she was the first one and she still says that today. It's the story of Sleeping Beauty. No matter what human you are biologically, you have to wake up your divine feminine via your divine masculine as a process of raising your inner integrity.

[21:29] Moira : There's so much you said. I've got like five questions from what you said, but let's just go to the last one. And I did read that, that you said to start with the masculine, you had to go masking first before you went to do the feminine. I think that's how I went through your volcano program. But you have to do the mask numbers before the feminine, is that correct?

[21:51] Stephen: Yeah. It doesn't mean the feminine has disappeared or isn't there. As we said before we started this learning to dance and I danced south pretty well at Columbian style. So it's the masculine who leads, the male who leads. It will be weird and extremely strange. And for me to be led by a woman under just doesn't particularly work. And I think when we come down to our core, true natures as men and women has to surrender more, especially in a sexual experience and the man tends to be more of a leader. Now, when we're identifying with our wounded selves that whole conversation, and most of the planet would have the conversation in such a wounded way, you can imagine what they would do on most of these prime time TV channels. And having that conversation, it would just be disastrous. Probably when we are thinking of our highest selves, then we can begin to recognize and also see in nature it's normally the masculine. And that is good to know for both genders because it certainly led if I have my mentor on the call with us. She would be speaking from her point of view as a woman. That it's given her everything. All her power back and alignment with her divine plan. Access to her higher consciousness. Where she would say a lot. And I say it a lot as well. That the consciousness is the masculine part and the feminine is the body. I'm pretty sure I say in my book. So this consciousness, this higher consciousness that I am self, which can be considered more masculine combined with the body and also the soul, is more feminine. It just wants to feel more and have these experiences down there. It's considered more feminine if we tap into the truth of the dynamic of the soul. And so when this higher self consciousness, the I am self and in scripture, whether it's the Bible, the Nahamani scriptures, talk about the I am and the importance of the I am. I think it's slightly taken out of context in the Bible, which I'm going to be mentioning in my next book. I might even put briefly about it and then the workbook. But for example, Jesus says I'd have to pull up the exact Bible quote, but people know it. One of the things he said is I am the way, I am the life. And for me he could also be saying the I am is the way and the life and the way to the path to the truth, which I believe to be true. You don't have to in my opinion, you serve your power to Jesus, to Christ. Yeah, you can, because Christ, for me, just if you had a mathematic equation, Christ is exactly equal to the truth. So whoever is embodying Christ consciousness is embodying truth consciousness. And so if you want to tap into that consciousness which is more masculine, which is why Jesus despite the man. So you have to activate that. You have to start a conversation with your I am. You have to pick up the phone to your I am. You have to call out to your I am and start to get to know him or this consciousness and then start the process of awakening your feminine with the call integrity I am. This is top level I'm going at the moment. This is something I would be probably saying to a new client who was coming on board with me. But there's a lot of subtleties and you have to know finger dowsing to go through this process. You kind of need to, at this point, still need to know how to clear energies. Because if you can't clear energies, which my current partner can do, who I've been together two years now, she clear energies. And I knew that when I met her, and that was a rarity for me. I didn't expect to meet anyone younger than me who clear stuff. But if you can and simply you're sending things back to source, then you can do this probably on your own. But you have to be pretty far advanced down the journey to be able to do it. You need that combination of connecting with the finger dowsing and the ability to clear things when they're sort of in the way these energetics you have to be aware enough that these energetics exist. So this is playing with fire, really, because you're going down a path and you can't really go back. It's like going down Alice in Wonderland Hall and it's not for everyone. I think there are other ways probably to get close to aligning with your divine plan. But this is the most clear way for me that I found. I think there are many pass up the mountain, though, so who knows? I'd like to meet other people who have done it different ways. Certainly would love to meet them.

[28:37] Moira : When you talk about one thing you shared and thank you, Stephen. Is that there must be a choice made in the individual's divine plan as carried by their I am cell to bring to completion the illusion of separation. The lies and illusions of separation were each agreed to us over our many embodiments. How do we awaken from this game and this illusion that a lot of people I know my own work. I know that we're not separate and that's what I also teach. But how does the person start to remember who they truly are and get out of that box of this illusion of separateness? Big question.

[29:14] Stephen: Well, they need some map. That's why I'm writing this next step. They need some map of what is true and they need certain tools. That quote you came from did come from my former mentor whose website by the way, is Roseoflight.com if anyone wants to check out her finger dowsing course, it's like $49 and it's worth millions. So that's worth checking out. Yeah. To back to your question, which was on how people find them get out of separated consciousness. They need a map and they need trust and they need faith. And faith will essentially guide the soul on their own healing journey because the soul is activated by just your conscious self, let alone the Higher Self. Saying, remember why I said earlier, back in 2014, I called out to the universe asking to be healed. If someone calls out, then that's the part started the journey. They have to want that from the first place. Let's suppose they want that, then they're going to need to be given the right map of what the true Divine Self is, which I've put together by being on this journey, which I see as the double Holy Trinity within. So imagine again what I said earlier, the Holy Trinity within, which is masculine, divine feminine and the inner child. And then you've got the heart is really at the center of this. I can send you a picture of this, perhaps put in the notes, comments if it's possible somewhere for sure. And then in the top half you've got the great I am, the I am and then the soul in a Holy Trinity. Now they're kind of just a mirror reflection of each other.

[31:29] Moira : Yeah, that would be lovely there. Stephen, can you share the way that you say that I am that I am mantra that you share in your Divine Course divine Plan? I would love people to hear that.

[31:43] Stephen: Let me just pull it up.

[31:44] Moira : Yes, thank you. It's just beautiful and powerful.

[31:49] Stephen: There's a longer version I think I've put in there with help from my mentor. Got it here. Yeah. There's a way to call into your Higher Self and this is done through these, what we call the type of mantra when I've done talks about this in person. I bought these old and telephone that my NAN. I think my parents used to have it in the house, but I remember my grandmother having it. He's old, in like 1960 phones and with the dial on it where you have to put the finger in and I pick up the phone and I say, okay, you have to pick up the phone to your Higher Self and start calling out to the Higher Self. So this is one of those calls that you can invoke your Divine Plan and your Higher Self at the same time. And it goes like this. I am that I am calling myself into full alignment with my Divine Plan now. Calling my entire being into alignment with my Divine plan now. So be it. So it is anchor lock and co I am. Now, the last bit might sound a little strange and it did to me when I first did it, but it kind of just puts hard punctuation mark on the end of what you're saying. So it's like over and out sort of in a military sense, if you know that saying. And the first part is activating that I am. When you say I am, that I am, that activates that I am. And you're calling yourself into full alignment, your whole being into alignment with your Divine plan. Now that is a big step for yourself to start doing it for yourself each day. You can do that. And then when you feel right, you can just cut that short call, sorry, the long call down to a short call by saying divine plan aligned I am. Just get used to saying that each day and then you can use that for specific things. You might have a business meeting tomorrow and use to say divine planet aligned I am. This business meeting before you go in, it just gives you a cost, correcting your ship, just if you feel like you want a little extra alignment or help from the Divine, then it's the perfect thing to do anytime of the day, at any point in the day. I use it all the time. Although I get to the point where it gets to the point where you don't need to say it out loud, but that's after a few years you can just think it in your head. But if you're in a public place and you just don't feel like saying out loud, you can by all means just sit in your head. I use that call in the shortened version with my dowsing to make sure I'm aligned. Because I test at that point. The ideal thing to do after you've said this is then test on your fingers, am I aligned with my design plan as fully as I can be at this moment? And you get a yes or no. The reason why you might get a no is because of the Astral interference before, which is still there. And I can't answer when that will be finished. But all I can say is very easy to navigate compared to what it was seven years ago. As I said earlier, it was a disaster. I would have my soul ripped out. I'd have my masculine ripped out of my inner child massacred. In an astral sense, it was insane. Now it's like nothing. So there are things, but it's like dust compared to what we were experiencing before. And I credit well, I did clear some things, but there's been shamans all around the world. I'm not saying I'm the only one and certainly my mentors more than a fair share. So I credit people who have been working on the Ashley realms and I've met a few of them who all worked on this and the light workers who powered the light out there. For people to do this type of work and work similar to it, some. Credit to those people. So yeah, that's one way to start using this work. If you are so freaked out and never heard about all this actual stuff before, then it's not something to particularly be worried about. It's just if you want to get more refined using these types of tools then you have to kind of navigate them. It's just the way it is at this point. Like I was trying to say that I don't know when that ends. And I don't think there's a point where even if 1000 shamans worked at the same time, which they kind of are already to clear everything, that everything will be cleared from everyone's journey because we will have our sole karmas and little things that need to be ironed out and we all have to take responsibility for those things. So it would seem to me that will probably be the case for a while at least. I don't know how long that wire is not good in that sense. I can't see everything, but the part of myself that can't see a lot, can see that at least. I think this is the part when you are sort of going into these realms that I am self and divine masculine, divine feminine. It doesn't mean, I think for maybe new people listening or they get worried that they'll lose themselves on this journey. But this is really about finding yourself. I haven't lost any part of myself. It's all still there. People from school will probably remember me as a funny guy. I still have that part of my personality and try to bring it forth when I can. I consider myself still similar to that guy back then, but I've just developed and evolved and found more parts of myself. So I can bring more to the table when I meet someone or in a conversation like this with you. I can bring this multitude canvas, this kaleidoscope rainbow version of myself. Because he's been through so much to understand his own self. So I can answer questions on anything, pretty much. So it's really about finding yourself and expanding yourself, being more self aware and then ultimately back to the why. At the beginning, why you asked me why is I briefly mentioned because I wanted the best relationship possible in my life and I do have that now. It couldn't be any better with my partner that will create family together with soon and so as well as wanting all of that for others. So I wrote it in a book so that people can also have the best relationships in their life and best partnership with their partner, build the best family that they can and build the best world that they can ultimately. Because the divine plan, your divine plan, your individual divine plan is your own heaven on earth. So when you pull that down, that makes it better for everyone. So why wouldn't I want you to pull that down? I want you to pull that down, because if you create the best thing ever, then you share it with other people. That's just the way humans are the most divine core. So if thousands and millions and then eventually billions of people are pulling down the Divine Plan and making heaven on Earth, that's where you live in crazy world in a good sense, and you'll still be the fullest version of yourself, or you will be. This is how we create the new world. I don't even want to use the word utopia because that word has been sort of, I don't know, people have weird meanings attached to that. What I would call it is a new world which is aligned with the buying plan, which is completely different to what this is and what any human has ever experienced, probably, unless there were things prehistory that we don't even know what happened. But certainly in known history, we'll be creating a new Earth and it's happening now.

[41:48] Moira : Eckhart Tolle totally talks about the new Earth and yes, in the Ukraine and Russia. There has to be a breakdown, I believe, before you can create that new way of being between the countries and to bring peace and love and compassion and all those things. But the other has to break down first. So you have a new foundation.

[42:12] Stephen: Yeah, I mean, I could speak for another hour. What is going on? Geopolitically. Because I know quite a lot, but I don't know everything because I'm not a military general in the British Army or something. But from what I can tell, there is a lot going on behind the scenes. And it's a global war and not just a localized war, it's been a war, open war, for a couple of years now on the populace of the whole planet, pretty much with fear and insane agendas and putting humanity under so much stress for little to no reason, based upon what I've seen. So I think justice will come and justice needs to be served so that awakens more people. And justice, from what I can see, is starting to come through. You won't find it on the mainstream news, it's full of lies, but there is justice coming through. And this is the divine plan coming through. There's justice for all the children that have suffered in this world from people like the Falun Gong who've had their organs harvested for just being kind of their yogis, essentially in China, to recent history of my great grandfather and grandfather having to go to wars they shouldn't have had to go through the financial system. So many things that I consider crimes, and most rational people consider crimes need to be accounted for and given justice. Or I think this is where this balance and I'm a libra needs to come in because people won't even think. The average person won't even think about the Divine Plan if they see a lot of injustice and the justice is not come or they don't even believe that there's more than the vast number of people don't even think there's crimes that need to be held accountable for when there are. There's a lot so there's a lot of you talk about the chaos before peace. This is part of it I think and what's happening in Ukraine and between Ukraine and Russia I think it's all part of it. It's all connected in one sense as we say. We're all one. It's all connected to all the crimes so truth needs to come out that needs to be first and foremost and then the justice needs to come on top of that truth and that will provide redemption for everyone and then through that we can start looking at healing for people who want to be healed and through work like you're doing and I'm doing and your guests are doing and your listeners are doing that make it possible. So thank you for everyone doing their inner work because every person doing their inner work is incalculably valuable and we all thank you for doing your work.

[45:52] Moira : Yes, I agree there's a lot of light workers on the planet and we are doing the work and there is shift happening. Let's talk about forgiveness which is a hard one for people and how that plays like segueing from what we just talked about as a healing modality and to bring humanity closer and to heal between genders, masculine, feminine within our own being. Forgiveness is a biggie.

[46:20] Stephen: On a child which is probably the first thing because once you've got your inner child to mature enough age then you realize you're able to start forgiving because before that you're normally in some kind of emotional reactive mode and you need to get out of that at least a little bit before you can come to the forgiveness. When you do do that there's another, let's say ritual or process that I do with people who work with me which my mentor taught me which essentially came from her I am self, her higher self taught her to do this. She always used to tell me it's not her that will enlighten me about my I am self, it's my own I am self that will enlighten me about my I am self. So anyway, she got this and it's essentially sending forgiveness to your higher self and processing it through your higher self. Now there are other ways to do it because again you need to know finger dowsing to be able to do this to get it to 100% and clear anything getting in the way of it and you also need to know which part of you is forgiving which part of you. Normally it's masculine to feminine or feminine to masculine but you just need to know which way around it is. It's not too complicated but then you need to send that forgiveness as being witnessed by your higher self and then your Higher Self begins to process it as I say in the book noted by my mentor and her former partner who probably the first ones to get this. That your Higher Self needs to be the one that processes things down here fully. Otherwise you end up going around in circles and until something's 100% processed via the Higher Self, then you're going to get circles. So for giving via the Higher Self with what school I call the Forgive I am and sending up to your Higher Self the value of this process or whatever you're going through. So say I've got to forgive my partner for reacting harsher than I wanted her to react when I didn't do the washing up base level thing. But the washing up is never about the washing up. So is everything in life. There's always deeper things going on when it comes to reactions and washing up is no difference. So you start getting into the inner work that might also be a piece around the inner child as well. You kind of have to identify which part you need to forgive. Perhaps you were pressured as a child as doing the washing up and you didn't want to do it. And then there's a forgiveness dynamic, inner dynamic between your inner child and your masculine or feminine which were acting as your parents at that point. So you have to be very self aware to know which part of you, forgiving which part of you based upon the map, I don't think it just works by forgiving someone outside of your own self. You have to do all inner work forgiving, say you're, I don't know, teacher for not teaching you the things you wanted to. Yeah, you can do it, but then forgiving it via your Higher Self that you were put in that situation because of God's plan and you didn't want to be there. Essentially when you do a forgive I am a forgiveness by the Higher Self, you're doing a more full and complete forgiveness process on the energetic level because you're taking everything into account because the it sees everything, if that makes sense. It might sound a little bit advanced, but it's not too advanced. When you actually get into the process, you kind of just need someone to guide you along it. But forgiveness in general and the other forgiveness processes are extremely important because it means you're starting to take responsibility for the situation and you want to move in part of the beginning this process because you're doing it, there's part of you that wants to move on from it. So you want to create something new with this person or whoever is or company or government or whatever it is you are offering them almost a piece flag say okay, I want to move on from this, I forgive you. And also forgiving yourself in the process, for anything that you brought to the table that created the situation because by all means. You are creating your life all the time, and you are creating the situation on some level. So this is why, when you take it all in a work, you're doing it properly, and you will stop going around in circles because you're doing the process with all parts of you via the inner work, doing it with external things, it's only gonna have, from my experience, limited effect. It's better than doing nothing, but still you want a full forgiveness process that works 100% all of the time.

[52:17] Moira : I'm taking so much in. And I know when I did your Divine Plan and read your book and that it was interesting what came up for myself. That what I thought with one of my inner child when I was born and in the womb and all the rest I thought I would go to if I went intellectually. Which you don't do after. I thought. Oh. I thought I would go to that event. And then I went to another vet, then I went to this event. So there was lots of healing that still needs there, and it ties into security and almost my mom dying when she gave birth to me. I came early into the world and that whole connection. So your work is extremely powerful, and there's so many places I want to go, and I kind of knew this Stephen that we wouldn't get there. I'll have to have you back. But I would like to, first of all ask if you can read an excerpt from your book regarding the Divine Plan for our lives. I think that would be really nice to start to close our first heartfelt conversation with that.

[53:16] Stephen: Yeah. So this comes from actually the glossary of the new workbook that I'm coming out with soon. And it's the exact definition of the Divine Plan, kind of co-created with my mentor and myself, so I'll read it now. Thank you. The Divine Plan for our lives and our world comes from a pristine, high place of conscious creation, comes via our I Am self. The Divine Plan takes into account much more than our consciousness can comprehend. The Divine Plan extends beyond the boundaries of the ego considerations of our lives. Our Divine Plan gives us access to a huge amount of protection from our vulnerability to forces in our world that are not benign. We do not need to know what is on our Divine Plan to align with it. To know that its only purpose in being there is for our benefit is enough to align with it and receive that benefit. The Divine Plan allows your soul to surrender and trust in the Divine. The ego simply has to let go. The Divine Plan allows you to have a more expanded experience of life on this planet. Once you know how to align with your Divine Plan, your journey becomes a beautifully infinite experience with God.

[54:53] Moira : Just taking that all in. Thank you. Steven okay, take a deep breath. Such a beautiful conversation and we will have another heart because I'd like to start the new year for people to hear more about your work and your workbook and everything because you're doing such divine work in the world and it's so powerful. Stephen I have each guest share the special guest that each guest would like to share with the listeners today. I'm going to put all the links below in the show notes where you can reach Steven, his programs, his upcoming book, also your mentors, the link to that, everything we talked about today. So if you could share that, that would be lovely.

[55:46] Stephen: Yeah, just before I go, I just want to say this podcast may have been a little overwhelming because I went just dive in like I was given the opportunity kindly by Moira. And if it was overwhelming, the book is less overwhelming because it's structured into these ten chapters. So if you go to the links that more is given at the moment, there's the book, five chapters of the book for free, and it's only $7, I think, at the moment to get the full book in the audio form. And it gives everything in a very structured way. And as I was saying to one of my clients the other day, we all must remember on this journey that it's not one person, it's not me that's going to heal you on your journey. Ultimately, you are the one that heals yourself, but there's going to be multitudes of souls that come in to help you on this journey. I recommend everyone to get a body worker for massage to heal their bodies. It's really important to do that and all types of different healings out there. And your soul will be called to the right people. Yes, I do think my book and my work and help guide you activate your higher self to do these things with more grace. That's kind of the bridge that I'm providing, I think. But there's a beautiful ecstatic, as my book title says, my ecstatic rebirth is an ecstatic rebirth waiting for you on your soul journey. And I wish everyone the best luck and joy and bliss on their journey.

[57:40] Moira : That's wonderful. And we're going to put down for the Divine self map and all the things below here. And I really thank you from my heart and soul, and I want to thank you for sharing from your heart and soul your wisdom on aligning with your divine plan and soul mission. Namaste.

[57:58] Stephen: Namaste.

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