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Align Yourself with your Deepest Desires

September 19, 2022 Moira Sutton Season 3 Episode 61
Heart Soul Wisdom Podcast
Align Yourself with your Deepest Desires
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Align Yourself with your Deepest Desires

Victoria is a worldwide leader in Hypnotherapy, a best-selling author, international speaker, life success coach, and renowned authority on the Law of Attraction. She has dedicated her life to empowering people all over the world to successfully live a life of liberty, aligned with their dreams through her effective meditative recordings and online courses. Through her podcast, The Power of Your Mind, she exudes her passion for inspiring listeners with influential guests in the areas of self development, mindset, discipline & habits, entrepreneurship, wealth, and relationships.

Website: https://www.victoriamgallagher.com/


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00:03] Intro: Welcome to the Heart Soul Wisdom Podcast, a journey of self discovery and transformation. Moira Sutton and her amazing guests share real life stories, tools, and strategies to inspire and empower you to create and live your best life. Come along on the journey and finally blast through any fears, obstacles and challenges that have held you back in the past so you can live your life with the joy, passion, and happiness that you desire. Now, here's your host. Create the Life you Love, Empowerment. Life Coach Moira Sutton.


[00:58] Moira: Welcome to season three, Episode 61. Align yourself with your deepest desires with our very special guest, hypnotherapist author and speaker, Victoria Gallagher. Victoria is a worldwide leader in Hypnotherapy. She is a best-selling author, international speaker, life success coach, and a renowned authority on the Law of Attraction. She has dedicated her life to empowering people all over the world to successfully live a life of liberty aligned with their dreams. Through her effective meditative recordings and online courses. Through her podcast, The Power of Your Mind, she exudes her passion for inspiring listeners with influential guests in the areas of self development, mindset, discipline and habits, entrepreneurship, wealth, and relationships. We are on the same page, Victoria, and me. So, without further adieu, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Victoria Gallagher. Welcome, Victoria.


[01:59] Victoria: Hello. It's so nice to see you or speak to you.


[02:04] Moira: Yeah.


[02:06] Victoria: Been having a lovely conversation. And I love what you said about desires because that's actually in the subtitle of my book. So, we definitely are on the exact same page.


[02:19] Moira: We are on the same page. And the fact is, we're going to touch on less and things like that because desire is a big element of, we all have our desires and what we want and that emotion that goes with the desire. So, we'll dive into that and how important that quality and that feeling is. So, I want to start with who were your mentors regarding you stepping into this, learning about the Law of attraction and how to manifest and live your best life, who were the mentors that you were drawn to?


[02:48] Victoria: I started this process way back in the so there were a number of mentors that really caught my attention. I would have to say it kind of started off with taking some of the seminars that I took, but there was a book that I read called Total Self Confidence by Dr. Robert Anthony, and he was really kind of the first real inspiration to get on this path. But then it became some of the more well-known people, like Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, and I would definitely say, like, Jack Canfield and Tony Robbins. These are most of my mentors.


[03:39] Moira: Know them all. Very cool. And during your life and as you began to learn about this, what were your own bumps and challenges that you had before you began manifesting the life that you truly wanted and want and live.


[03:58] Victoria: I think probably one of my biggest bumps in the road was really when I was in the infant. I consider this like the infant stages of manifesting and kind of like not really having a full grasp of what it truly means to manifest more effortlessly. And this happened when I decided to change careers from being a stockbroker to going full fledge into hypnotherapy. And I was working like literally from five in the morning till after midnight some night and just not making the time to continue the pursuits of working on my mindset and working on the things that actually got me to the point that I had the gumption, the confidence to start my own business. So, this is why I consider that really an infant stage because I was so naive, kind of thinking I could go to the dentist and brush my teeth once and that was going to be good for the rest of my career and it doesn't work that way. I really kind of began to feel right after about a year in starting my business, I really began to just feel the struggle and I was just really struggling. This was back in 1999 when I started my business year about 2000 and I started really kind of starting to go down the tubes financially and I'm just like, why? Why is this happening to me? I got the answer. If you go deep enough into your emotions and you hit that bottom which I felt like that was sort of a bottom for me. You will find the answers and I found the answers and it was really pretty simple. It was just like I wasn't taking my own medicine here. I was teaching people this lovely idea about how you can manifest things through the power of your mind and creating these lovely recordings that people were buying and having all this sending all these great reviews and testimonials about, but I wasn't doing the work myself. I was just busy putting all these programs together for people and trying to sell them and so that really just hit me hard and immediately I just turned myself around and started tapping into the power of my mind again and just doing it on a consistent basis. I think that was the biggest key was just really, you've got to do the work, you've got to do it forever and you've got to do it consistently.


[07:02] Moira: It sounds like you went back to align yourself with your higher self and who you are. Like you really did the work to start to understand that because when you're out of alignment you can't really create or cocreate with the universe as I say.


[07:18] Victoria: Exactly. And isn't it interesting too because there's a deeper part of you that sort of knows that in a way it's like I wasn't telling the truth. I believed at a certain level in the work that I was doing because this is what I had decided I'm going to dedicate my life to. But there's a part of me that unconsciously is kind of going like, okay, well, you're selling these things, but why aren't you doing this yourself? And so, I think it was just like I said, I wasn't in alignment with it and really just needed to practice what I preach ultimately. And so as soon as I started practicing what I preach, everything really fell into place. And it was really amazing. And that's the thing. I think that was my biggest lesson, my biggest life lesson.


[08:18] Moira: Okay, let's say right now, first of all, one of the important relationships we know this starts with ourselves. How does a person start to move into, first of all, self love, self acceptance, increase their confidence and where they are right now to start to, first of all, feel worthy and feel because I'm sure that's a belief that comes up for you. It does for my clients, that there's not enough worthiness, not enough money, not enough suntan, not enough how would somebody start with himself to practice self love, self acceptance, build their self confidence? And also, if they have this not enough belief in themselves, what's maybe an exercise or how do you start people so they can shift into more of an abundant mindset?


[09:08] Victoria: I think one of the best ways to tap into all of those and I kind of feel like there's almost an order in which the acceptance, the self love, the worthiness, they all kind of one leads to another. But I think one step before that is getting into just awareness. I think it starts with awareness and becoming conscious of what you want, what you desire, and where you are now. I'm not sure if the awareness would come after truth or the truth would come after awareness, but really getting in touch with the truth of where you are now and how far you are from where you want to be with your confidence, with your self love, with your self acceptance. But the awareness, you can just literally start to meditate. You can start to journal. These are all really great awareness exercises. You know, just asking yourself, like, very basic questions like, who am I? What do I want? Where am I? Where am I going? What do I like? What do I not like? Just very basic awareness questions. And when you get in touch with who you truly are, there is a level of you start to appreciate and accept yourself. I think another thing too, a way to start to accept yourself is to notice how much judging you might be doing. Because I believe that whatever we see outside of ourselves and other people in the world, wherever, it's really kind of a reflection of something that's going on inside of our own self. So, when we see other people and we judge them for things that they have or things that they say or things that they're doing or certain ways that they're behaving. We got to take a look. We got to kind of learn to stop that process and say, okay, what is it about myself that I am not accepting such that I need to judge these other situations or these other people? And we start to just learn what it is about ourselves that we're not accepting? And then from there, we can start to just be with these things. It's like, okay, maybe you're judging somebody that's overweight, but you're overweight. You learn to just kind of be with that. Like, okay, I'm £20 overweight, and it's okay, and I can love myself anyway. Because when you start with that feeling of acceptance for that, it's because it's the resistance that causes us to not be able to really take action on it. So, when you come from a place of acceptance and self love, you can actually start to gain the confidence to take the actions toward whatever it is that you're wanting to achieve and wanting to accomplish.


[12:55] Moira: There's so many areas I could dive into from there, segue into kind of.


[13:04] Victoria: A brain dump there.


[13:05] Moira: Well, the brain dump works for me because I'm a little chunker studying NLP and that, so everything is important to me. So, then it's like so let's go back to desire, which we talked about at the very beginning, and how important desire is, setting an intention so we can manifest what we truly want. So, talk a little bit about intentions and desire, that feeling and feeling really good about something, what you want to have, and knowing that you can have anything that you desire. If it's put there, I believe in your heart, it's put there for a reason. Now it's up to you if you want to cocreate it or not.


[13:42] Victoria: Yeah, I completely agree with that. And I love and Think and Grow Rich, and that was just another one of my mentors, was that book, Think and Grow Rich. That was probably one of the first real exposure into the law of attraction, was reading that book. And Napoleon Hill says, the starting point of all achievement is desire. And I just absolutely love that quote. It's never left me, and I truly believe that. And I think that desire, sometimes it can get a bad thing, and sometimes people think that desire is the root of all evil, but it's really not. It's really about becoming attached to what we desire. That is what causes all the pain and anxiety and struggle. But desire in and of itself is just pure, and desire is what forces you and forces this whole world to expand and grow. And that's, to me, it's like the whole point, the whole universe is always expanding. I mean, the universe, I think, was created out of desire in the first place. So, if we are creators, ultimately created in the likeness of our creator, then the creators create and what you can't create without a desire to create and to be more and to have more, to do more. And so, I think just having that desire just allows us to fully express who we are and what we came here to be. Desires are natural. I don't think you have to force yourself to have a desire or come up with a way to have a desire. They're just there and we just have to own them when we notice them. Sometimes though, we notice our desire in a counter intuitive way. A lot of times we notice our desire based on what we're complaining about, what we don't like, and just because our minds happen to be a little bit more inclined toward just thinking in negative terms. And so that's one of the things that I always invite people to do in order to kind of figure out what their desire is, because you already have them, it's already there. It's just kind of a matter of discovering what that is to start to notice. Like, think of one area of your life that you'd like to see an improvement in or that you're just not very happy with, and then pick that topic, whether it be love or money or career, relationship, or your health. And then just like it's so much easier for people to complain than it is to just think about the good things. So, I'll just ask people to come up with a list of all their complaints in that particular area of their life and then convert those complaints into a preference. And that's where you find what it is that you truly desire, is by really taking a look at what you don't like and then just turning that around and there it is.


[17:23] Moira: No, I get that. That's part of my work with Belize too, is to say what you want. You go deeper and deeper. What is it that you want? It's normally not the first stage, and you say money. Why do you want money? It's the deeper understanding. I've had people who thought it was relationships they were looking for, but really, they wanted to write a book. It came down to that. And I know you have an exercise in your book with the Complaint Game. My question with the Complaint Game, how does somebody shift out of a situation if they're around people who they don't even know they're doing it consciously, but they complain all the time. Now you're vibing that you just want to run away from the person, but maybe you can't. What do you say to that?


[18:03] Victoria: Yeah, that is a really difficult, especially when you live with people that way. And I think it's going to start from setting your own personal boundaries and asking yourself, what am I putting up with? What am I tolerating? And really, this is so important to our growth to be able to live in a positive environment that supports our vibration, and we really have to learn how to set boundaries and spend maybe less time with those people. Or you can, but I don't really necessarily recommend taking people. Everybody is on their own journey. But you could invite people to learn about the Law of Attraction and.


[19:03] Moira: How.


[19:03] Victoria: Their conversations are impacting their own personal, but you have to be very careful with that because just. You know. If somebody's not ready to learn about the Law of Attraction. Somebody's not ready to look at their conversations or how they might be vibing and how that might be coming across to you. It could be a very difficult conversation to have. So, I think you just have to set that intention within yourself to start to say listen to myself. I'm choosing to surround myself with positivity. Positive people. Positive words and then that's going to come through in the most loving way and you're just going to find yourself. I think. Naturally finding other things to do. Finding other people to spend time with and spending less and less time with the people who are not vibing at your level.


[20:04] Moira: Yeah, thank you. What about people who are working at all this? They're trying to be in a very positive state, compassionate with intention every day, but they feel like they're doing all this Law of Attraction exercises and Affirmations Meditating journaling, but they're not getting the results. Where would you take them?


[20:32] Victoria: I would ask what is it that's maybe making them feel like they're not getting the results? Perhaps it has something to do with something that they're really resisting, or it might have to do with attachments, or it might have to do with really just some limiting beliefs that they have. I think we're all starting at different places in this work and some people are going to have a much easier time because maybe their upbringing taught them to think more positively, and they don't have as much stuff to work through. Some people have a little bit more stuff to work through and it's just going to take a little bit more time. So, I would say what are you maybe attaching yourself to? Like are there certain levels that you're trying to get to and that is frustrating you because you don't feel like you're there just yet. So maybe you have to reset your expectations for yourself to something that's a little bit more achievable and as you start to have these micro achievements, you're going to build some confidence, you're going to build some success, you're going to build more positivity and be able to move forward from there. I think that's where I would really start with somebody is just having them lower their expectations of themselves a little bit to a point that is more manageable and just let go of having these humongous goals that they might be striving toward and getting small successes and building from there.


[22:26] Moira: I think the law of expectation and also to practice, to practice gratitude and appreciation every day. We have so much in our lives to appreciate. It could just be over alive, and the sun and the grass, the trees, just the food on our tables. We have so much to be in that state of gratitude. And that mindset just shifts your whole way of being.


[22:53] Victoria: I almost feel silly that that didn't come up as my initial answer because literally just the other day, I was just having that moment of gratitude, just sharing dinner after having just enjoying a movie with my husband. And I was just like just taken over by this moment of gratitude. And it was just a simple thing, but it's like, it's really the simple things that we take for granted that when we start to like actually to appreciate. I mean, my God, it's like I have all my limbs and fingers and toes and air in my lungs and I'm perfectly healthy and I'm living in this gorgeous house and got this gorgeous husband. I've written all these moments. I go through them too. I think, oh my God, this is so hard. We were without a refrigerator for a month because our refrigerator broke down. We were having to deal with our home warranty, and it was just like, oh, we're just loving like, cavemen.


[24:03] Moira: What fun is that adventure, right?


[24:05] Victoria: That comes up, right? It's like, oh my God, if I have to buy ice for this, Igloo one more day I'm just going to go crazy. But then just to shift out of that experience, it was just like, oh my God, what are we complaining about? We have literally nothing to complain about and we have it so good. And to really just shift your mind over to that state of gratitude, it just puts you into a much higher vibration and you're just able to just see the possibilities and see the opportunities and take different actions and call more good stuff into your awareness. So yes, absolutely. Gratitude is one of the biggest, biggest keys to taking yourself out of that yucky space.


[25:01] Moira: Yes. And I think also to mention here is contribution. When people always say, look outside, there's somebody else has a situation more difficult than yours or your challenge. We have Mother Teresa and people who have given their whole life to giving, but we know that in business too, that once you've got your human needs met, now you can be at a place to give. And there's such a joy in giving and helping someone else. And part of the show is not only to raise the consciousness of the vibration of the plan to heal Mother Earth, us out to the universe in the galaxy, that we can do this collectively. By that, everyone is enough for everyone. So, if you're not using something Wayne Dyer talks about that he had some pens and papers on his desk and he wasn't using them over there, so he gave them away. Because I think during Covid - I'd love to hear your idea with that. A lot of people really reassess their life. You know, what is important? Is it that expensive car in the driveway? Or is it time spending with my family or loved ones? Did you see a change with that during COVID with your clients? Different ways of being, how they came to you to manifest a new way of being in their life?


[26:20] Victoria: Yeah, absolutely. That definitely gave us a whole new perspective on what's important. And so many people came to me just really valuing things, like you said, valuing love, valuing relationships, valuing what they already have, just having a roof over their head and just re-evaluating themselves and knowing that we are here to contribute. And I also wanted to speak to that. I think so many people that are on the journey to entrepreneurship and starting a business, sometimes it's really easy. It can be really easy to lose sight of why you start that business and really why we start any business, why I started my business because I had made that shift many years ago into, like, I feel like I have special gifts to contribute. And that's really like it's about making that impact. Like, I realized one day that when we talked about how many times our desire kind of turns out to be something else, it's like, well, I wanted to make millions of dollars. Well, it's not so much about the millions of dollars because I'm actually not a very materialistic person. I mean, I like to be comfortable, I like to go on vacation, I like to take trips, but it's like, I don't need to have $10,000 watches or Chanel bags or all that stuff. I'm not like that. It's really about the impact. Like, that's what that really represents. Like, I want to impact in a positive way millions of people. And so that's sort of like a measuring tool that lets me know that I've done that. So, it's all about when you just flip the script on what can I get? Well, it's not about what can I get? It's? What can I give?


[28:40] Moira: Definitely.


[28:41] Victoria: What can I give? And that's the most important question. And to get to receive anything, it's just going to what are you putting out there to allow that? Because I believe giving is receiving. And so, it is about that contribution. And I think so many people did kind of shift from what can I get mentality to what can I give? And that's the biggest thing that I saw during Covet that I'm still seeing.


[29:23] Moira: Thank you. I know for us, we're a year now in Nova Scotia. We moved from Ontario. We love it down here. We love the people. Everything about Nova Scotia, we're on the lake now, which is nice too. But the whole thing with that was the appreciation, the gratitude, and also though, just allowing whatever you want in your life to show up the way it shows up. That's the part of that I want to touch base with you about letting go, because I teach ask, no believe. So that's all important. But let go because the universe knows better than we do what's good for us. How do you play with that into that concept about letting go of the outcome again with your work?


[30:04] Victoria: Yeah, I've had to do that. What I have found is that you have to trust that the universe is far more intelligent than we will ever hope to be. I just have to look back into each of the times that I've struggled with something or like lost a job or I lost a relationship, or I almost lost a relationship. I thought I did. Nothing ever worked out exactly the way I had initially had it all mapped out in my mind. It just never does. And so, looking back on all of those things that were not according to my map, they always worked out better. There's always something and it was always at the moment where I decided to let go and trust and know that there was something better coming. And that's what I'm continuing to do right now. I've got my app that's coming out and newest updated app and there's been a lot of let go over the last where you have to really look at the silver lining. I mean. I've like lost app developers that just kind of crapped out on me. But I have to kind of like look back and kind of go like. Well. If it wasn't for this poor coding. Then I would have never come up with this brand-new idea and concept and these new developers that are really taking it to this whole new level that I just never ever would have had the wherewithal to think about before. And so that's what I'm having to like just to tap these things when they don't go. And it's always usually you have to have this reason to let go. Like something is like there's an obstacle or there's some resistance or like something's just not going according to plan. That's always just that opportunity to ask yourself, okay, well, what is something better that could come out of this situation? And not always just look at this as like the end of the road, because there's no end of the road, there's just a detour. And sometimes those detours can take you to the most beautiful places that you didn't realize were even available.


[32:53] Moira: I have an interesting story. When Cliff and I, we went into Halifax for our anniversary. On the way back, we stopped at a harbor and just enjoyed a little lunch. And then we got lost coming home and we went down these dead-end roads and I was getting tired at this point. I said, I just want to get home now. Can we ask for directions? Anyway, what happened is we saw things like you're saying we saw clam diggers. We've never seen that in our life. Out in the mud digging clams, I thought, look at that. We've never seen that in our life. But again, in the moment, it was just such a joy that we didn't expect that. It just wasn't on our radar. And what was I saying about moving down here? And the change is we have downsized and it's being lighter and not having stuff. We got rid of so much stuff. We sold, we auctioned, we gave to hospitals, artwork. And that lightness of not having stuff is just such a wonderful feeling. I want you to share with us the trinity of the mind, because if we're talking about our mind, this cognitive behavior triangle, the superconscious, the subconscious mind, and where I would love you to go is, how do people work with tapping into this collective universe, our creativity, super conscious mind. So, tell us a little bit about that. I don't think everybody's heard that term.


[34:12] Victoria: Sure. Absolutely. So, the trinity is the conscious, the subconscious and the super conscious. And our conscious mind is just a really basic, most simple thing. It's just everything that you're currently aware of. It's like what you're present, too. And your subconscious mind, if you think about the word sub, that's everything that's underneath your conscious mind. So, it's all the things that you're not aware of, and it is the most powerful part of your mind. It's running the show. It's all your memories, it's all your way. That your body functions. It's everything within you. Now, the super conscious is all of the minds, all the collective minds that are all ultimately joined together. And it goes beyond America, goes beyond Earth. It's like the whole interstellar, the whole galaxy, the universe, it's every mind. And so, every thought that we think it makes a contribution to this whole consciousness and that's positive and negative. So, like, when a lot just to explain a lot of the negative things that go on in the world, it tends to happen because we have a tendency and this is how we do affect things when we're contributing, like, oh, my God, everything's going wrong. There’re so many bad things going on. Look at the news, look at this, look at the virus. Well, it's like we've had all of this negativity, and that can have a tendency to create even more mass negative consciousness, but we're also able to tap into this super conscious and gain insights, ideas. That's where our intuition comes from. That's where when you've had these psychic experiences and they've been thinking about somebody, and all of a sudden, their name shows up on your phone, they've texted you or we're connected, ultimately through our thoughts, through our hearts, through this whole collective consciousness. And so, I come up with there's, like, so many different ways to just intentionally. Tap into this energy. And one of them is just like if you're trying to come up with a new idea by just tapping into what I call the genius of the mind, and you can just go into like, a visualization. You can set up your own room, this room that's like your own laboratory, where you can create things, where you can invent things. And you can bring people into this room to ask questions, too. You can bring if you want to become the best author bestselling author. You can bring an author that's been a best seller in there and ask questions and get answers. And sometimes the answers come right away in that conversation. Sometimes they come to you in a dream. Sometimes they just come to you on a billboard or something you're watching on TV. Because we have access to all this information. It's always there. But what are we tuned into? Are we tuned into that, the information that's going to serve us and help us? Or are we tuned into information that is just validating what we already believe and know? So, we've got to kind of step out of our old minds and our old ways of thinking and just allow ourselves to be open to seeing all this other information that's always all around us. And so that's kind of like how I like to explain this super conscious. It's just our superpower, and it's everything. It's every thought, every mind that's all.


[38:33] Moira: Connected together and with nature. Nature is alive, nature communicates. And as they say, a no tree. It doesn't think about how it's growing. It just grows.


[38:44] Victoria: Absolutely.


[38:46] Moira: And I think when you come from a place that you look at life from a magical view through your eyes, it just changes things when we realize that life is truly magical.


[38:58] Victoria: Yeah, it definitely is. I've had a family member that I've been on the outs with for a little while, and we're just like, at a standstill. And I've been thinking lately, it's like, you know what, maybe it's time to use these magical powers and just, like, send some positive vibrations to this person over the super conscious waves and just see what happens. We all can be stubborn at times. I just have been thinking about just sending the positive waves and just, again, like, seeing what happens and letting go.


[39:47] Moira: Just sending it out, love and then letting that however it lands on that person and what that experience is, because definitely you brought me to memories with you sharing there that Cliff and I used to speak on cruise lines for many years. Cliff is my soul mate and hubby and love of my life. And yes. And we were sitting at the balcony, and the table beside it was quite close to us. It was four people, and they were complaining about everything, the food, the timing of delivery. We could hear them. And Cliff and I were looking at each other, and we just knew what we were going to do. So, we started playing the game of really saying just how wonderful the food is. Oh, look, we're here sitting in this beautiful ambulance and the wine and, oh, I love you. And we just didn't do it very long. It was just maybe four or five minutes, and that table started to switch. Their dialogue switched, and we looked at each other and thought just that simple of changing that vibration, because first of all, we wouldn't have enjoyed our meal with that dialogue because you could hear it. But just changing that into that, because if that was a habit they had, I don't know. But there you are. You can just tap into that, and you know Victoria, can you share that important part of the mind called the critical factor? Again, I would love my listeners to learn about this and how they can get past those pearly gates of the critical factor.


[41:12] Victoria: Yes. Okay, so getting back to we talked about the conscious and the subconscious. So, between the conscious and the subconscious, if you've ever tried to give yourself a suggestion, that, okay, I'm going to get up on time from now on, I'm going to get up and do my exercise, or any kind of new habit that you're wanting to program into your mind, it just doesn't actually penetrate into your subconscious mind. And there's a reason for that. And the reason is we have this critical factor. And the critical factor is the part of their mind. It's kind of like a guard gate. It only lets certain information that really matches up. It only just lets the information that matches what's already in the subconscious. It doesn't match what you already believe. Then it just kind of like, dismisses it and throws it out. And it does that really for our own protection. Everything is designed for consistency. Your heart is always beating at a constant level. Your blood is always flowing at a constant level. And so, the same thing holds true with how you're thinking. And we always kind of want those thoughts to be the same. And that's why it's really difficult for a lot of people to make changes in their life. Quitting smoking, losing weight, changing your personality, your behavior. Everything's really kind of designed to stay kind of the same. But with hypnosis and relaxing the brainwaves in your mind, taking yourself from like a normal conscious beta state into an alpha into a theta state, that critical factor just kind of goes to sleep, and it just sort of drifts off, and it just becomes a little bit more agreeable, and it just sort of allows that information to penetrate into the subconscious mind. And so, you can just really think of it like a guard that's just preventing anything that just might be out there to hurt you. Any new information is just sort of viewed as like, oh, that's not good. We don't know about that. That doesn't but the subconscious mind is very literal, and so it just takes whatever when you get that critical factor to relax and kind of step aside, which is what we do in hypnosis. The subconscious mind just absorbs whatever you tell it as truth, and it has to take those commands, and it has to act on them. And the best real way, sometimes it takes more than one time. Through repetition and doing hypnosis on a regular basis, you can ultimately change that subconscious mind and get it to obey and get it to act in ways that you know are best for you.


[44:32] Moira: Can someone induce a deeply relaxed state by themselves? Or do you think they need to go to somebody who's a specialist in hypnosis?


[44:41] Victoria: You can actually do it yourself. And I think doing self hypnosis is good for a lot of doing, like direct suggestions or doing visualizations. If you're trying to get access to things like old memories that maybe hard. Maybe old traumas and things like that. Then it's really better to go to a trained hypnotherapist for things that you're really wanting to pull from the subconscious mind that might be a little difficult for you to experience because then you don't really have all the tools. The layman. To deal with those kinds of things. But if you're just wanting to reprogram, like success and motivation and discipline and new habits, by all means you can absolutely do that and go into those deeper states on your own through self hypnosis.


[45:44] Moira: Perfect.  You have something called the alternate reality exercise or the what if exercise. How does this open a person's mind to that? Infinite possibility, opportunities, passion, purpose, prosperity just opens your mind up to that infinity.


[46:05] Victoria: Yes. I love that. I love that. You have really done your homework on reading my book. You're really coming up with some of the best nuggets that some people may not have known about. So, thank you for I really appreciate these questions. So, with the what if, that's where a lot of people tend to be stuck. You know, they're stuck on like, this has to happen. And if it doesn't happen, then I'm going to have a nervous breakdown, I'm going to be mad, I'm going to be upset, I'm going to be sad, frustrated, disappointed, whatever. And so, where you want to pull out your what if technique is when you start to kind of feel stuck, you kind of start to feel like, this isn't happening. It's not happening how I think it's supposed to happen. And so, if you just want to stop yourself and think about like, well, okay, let's just imagine that this doesn't happen exactly the way that I have it planned out. Is there something even better? Is there a reason that maybe I'm being prevented from having this happen? Because the universe wants you to have what you want, but sometimes there's something even better available to you. And so, you just simply ask yourself, what if I didn't manifest this goal? What is something even better that could be available for me? And you just allow your imagination to run free. You could ask the question in a meditation, or you could journal about it. You could just literally write the question. And any question you write, just understand, any question you write or ask yourself, the subconscious mind has to come up with an answer to it. And that's why if you want better answers, ask better questions. So, you want to ask yourself, what is something even better that could come? And you just come up with a story and just allow yourself to tap into your imagination. And your imagination will come up with other alternative realities that allow you really to just be at peace with the fact that like, you know what? This is only one possibility. There are infinite numbers of possibilities here that I could ultimately end up being happy with. So, you just come up with one, allow yourself to come up with another one, and know that your subconscious mind will present new ways you may even ever even thought of before. And it just allows you to be at peace. Not to just flitter away and diminish your intention, but it's just to allow you to have greater access to all the possibilities that do exist.


[49:21] Moira: I like to add in there also, and I know you know all this, this is what you teach when something, an opportunity person, possibility shows up to take inspired action, like in spirit. Because if you're asking for something and something shows up and you don't take so you don't trust, you don't step forward into that new maybe it's a little scary new place if you keep asking, you're not going to get it unless you start taking inspired action. There's so much we can share here, Victoria, because we are on so much the same page. I love that, but I love my authors to read a short excerpt from their books. It's just really nice to hear it from your voice. And I think we're going to segue here. As we started to talk about desire at the beginning, we're coming to a conclusion with a desire. So, if you can read that excerpt, that would be wonderful.


[50:12] Victoria: Oh, yeah, absolutely. So, this is from the very first chapter called Are You Worthy of Success? And so, starting with a desire for success is really your desire to enjoy a richer, fuller and more abundant life. To deny your desire for success is to deny your inherent nature within everyone's. True nature is a longing to become all they can be. And you cannot help wanting to be all you can be. To be all you can be requires many of nature's gifts. Everything you see around you was placed here for you to experience, enjoy, taste, smell, touch, love, grow and develop your fullest mental, spiritual, and physical self. You are worthy of living the life you imagine for yourself. Putting it into the words from the soundtrack, the Greatest Showman, which is, hands down, one of the most vibrations raising movies I've ever seen. This show called your Life is the greatest show. It's everything you ever want, it's everything you ever need. And it's here, right in front of you. This is where you want to be.


[51:32] Moira: It's beautiful. Thank you. I'm just taking that in.


[51:37] Victoria: Thank you.


[51:38] Moira: Yeah, my arms wide open.


[51:42] Victoria: Yeah. It's so funny. Like writing or actually publishing this just a little over three years ago, it's like every once in a while, just to stay on the verbiage that I wrote, stay in the same vocabulary language in which I wrote this, I'll just go back and I'll listen or I'll read, and it's like, oh, this is so good.


[52:07] Moira: That's good.


[52:09] Victoria: Not to brag, but it's like you forget it's like, yeah, I did actually write a pretty good book there.


[52:15] Moira: No, it's good to acknowledge yourself with that skill. I have a lot of people who are listeners here that want to write books, and I work with people on that line also. That just start. That's where you start. That's where the podcast started. You have a podcast, too. And that whole just starting. Take that. If it's a baby step, a leap of faith, just start. Sure.


[52:38] Victoria: Absolutely.


[52:38] Moira: Yes. Victoria, I would love you to share. You have several unique gifts that you'd like to give to our listeners today. And again, please note all the links to reach Victoria, and your gift will be listed below in the show notes. If you can share that, that would be wonderful.


[52:53] Victoria: Sure. So, yeah, I am giving away a free coaching session with me. Not free. Not free. I'm sorry. 10% off.


[53:05] Moira: Yes.


[53:10] Victoria: And if you use the promo code heart. H-E-A-R-T. Just like your heart. If you use that, that is my gift to use. A session with four sessions, eight sessions. Twelve sessions or 16 sessions. And let's see, what else did I say?


[53:35] Moira: No, that's fine. We were also saying at the beginning, I would love you to give a PDF of the manifestation, desire, thought. That whole.


[53:45] Victoria: That is correct. Yes.


[53:47] Moira: The diagram.


[53:49] Victoria: I'm going to give the diagram, which really this is something I almost feel like I need to turn this into a little piece of art, because it really can help you to ask yourself, where am I? How would I rate myself in each of these eight areas of the manifestation conditions? And so, I'm getting that PDF so that you can look at that and you can answer those questions and kind of see where you're at. Because if you're not manifesting something that's because of one of those eight areas, you might be out of alignment. And so, this PDF will kind of help you keep on track with that.


[54:29] Moira: Thank you very much. I also would like to invite my listeners, if they enjoy Victoria and myself, speaking today with our heartfelt conversation. Please subscribe to our channel like and share because I totally believe it's. What I said to Victoria earlier is that I believe together we can raise the consciousness and the vibration of the planet to heal humanity and live our best life. So, Victoria, thank you for my heart and my soul for you sharing from your heart and soul your wisdom on aligning yourself with your deepest desires. Namaste.


[55:05] Victoria: Thank you. Thank you so much. You really asked amazing questions. And so, without those amazing being an amazing podcast host, it makes it much easier to be an amazing podcast guest. So, thank you so much for my heart.


[55:21] Moira: Thank you. Victoria.


[55:28] Outro: Thank you for listening to the Heart Soul Wisdom podcast with Moira Sutton. I hope you enjoyed today's episode. Please join our community at Moira Sutton.com and continue the discussion on our Facebook page. Create the life you love. You will be part of a global movement connecting with other heart centered people who are consciously creating the life they love on their own terms. Together, we can raise our consciousness for the greater good of humanity and for our planet.