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Higher Dimensional Living

January 22, 2024 Moira Sutton Season 5 Episode 91
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Higher Dimensional Living
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Higher Dimensional Living

Brent Michael Phillips was a successful MIT-trained engineer who experienced a staggering physical challenge when his arm became immobile and frozen at the elbow after a surgery. 

After a long battle of unsuccessful treatments, Brent experienced a miracle when he his elbow instantly healed from energy healing.

Knowing his life path was fortuitously altered, he then spent years studying with various master healers and spiritual teachers to discover and reverse-engineer the scientific laws and principles underlying miraculous instant healing, financial abundance, loving relationships, and even enlightenment. 

 Today he is the founder of Awakening Dynamics, an internationally known and best-selling author and speaker, and the media has called him the “#1 most powerful American healer and spiritual teacher. “


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Intro: Welcome to the Heart Soul Wisdom podcast, a journey of self discovery and transformation. Moira Sutton and her amazing guests share real life stories, tools, and strategies to inspire and empower you to create and live your best life. Come along on the journey and finally blast through any fears, obstacles and challenges that have held you back in the past so you can live your life with the joy, passion, and happiness that you desire. Now, here's your host. Create the life you love. Empowerment life coach Moira Sutton.


Moira: Episode 91: Higher Dimensional Living with author, healer, elite success coach and spiritual teacher Brent Michael Phillips Brent was a successful MIT trained engineer who experienced a staggering physical challenge when his arm became immobile and frozen at the elbow after a surgery. After a long battle of unsuccessful treatments, Brent experienced a miracle when his elbow instantly healed from energy healing, knowing his life path was forever altered. He then spent years studying with various master healers and spiritual teachers to discover and reverse engineer the scientific laws and principles underlying miraculous instant healing, financial abundance, loving relationships and even enlightenment. That's going to be an interesting one to talk about, Brent today. He is the founder of Awakening Dynamics, an international known and best-selling author and speaker, and the media has called him the number one most powerful American healer and spiritual teacher. What an honor. So, without further ado, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Brent Michael Phillips. Welcome, Brent.


Brent: Excited to be here. This is great.


Moira: Yeah, quite the titles in, you know, number one most powerful American healer and spiritual teacher. How did you feel about that?


Brent: You know, I'm still a little surprised, but I guess someone has to be the top of the heap, right? But as they'll say in sports, you might be number one in any given point, but at some point, someone younger and hungrier is going to come and eat your lunch. I would hope that someday one of my students takes that.


Moira: That's nice. Yeah. To pass the wand along, right?


Brent: Exactly. Because what I found is there's a lot of amazing people in the world that do healings and readings and things, but very few of them really know what they're doing in terms of understanding it. And so, I was not that, I was not born with some incredible talent like some people are, to be a healer, but I spent a lot of years really studying and refining the technology and my goal is that my students and clients will at some point surpass me.


Moira: Yeah, that's a good vision to have for your students.


Brent: Yeah. What I promise every one of my students is that when you put in the same amount of time and effort that I have, that you will be better than I am, as I stand here today.


Moira: Yes. I've been studying in the spiritual realm since my late twenty s, and I'm going to be 65 in a couple of weeks. So, it's been a while.


Brent: Awesome.


Moira: Yeah. Let's hear about this. You were an MIT trained software engineer, and then you became an energy worker. Let's hear that story. The mentors that came along for you and what really happened there for you when you, like, you had a bankruptcy and all the rest of that. That was all.


Brent: Yeah. We'll try to keep it short, but the highlights are pretty much. I never thought I'd do anything like this. Wasn't even on my radar, because growing up, I was pretty much your typical nerd. I loved dungeons and dragons and Star wars and Star Trek and things like that. And it's funny that growing up, the reason I was so attracted to those things was part of me really wanted magic to be real, that I was always fascinated by this. But it seemed that magic only happened either in books and movies or video games or maybe in the real world, but only thousands of years ago, and only then if you were really special, like if one of your parents was a deity or something. Right? And so, it's kind of funny that my life brought me full circle, that what I teach and practice now might be considered real life magic. But I'm still very much an engineer, a technologist. I believe it was the author, Arthur C. Clark, that said, any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. And so, this is not some kind of spells or enchantments. This is technology. But when you know how to apply it, you can create results that others would call miraculous or magical. And so, when I grew up, I went to college at MIT, which was amazing. And it was at MIT that I discovered the Internet. Now, that's going to sound funny to our younger listeners, but back in the had heard of the Internet, and I was amazed. I mean, there's this worldwide network that connects people in real time. You could find people anywhere in the world that shared your interest, and it was really exciting. And so, I made networking computers the focus of my studies, collected a bunch of degrees from MIT, and I was working on my PhD at MIT when the Internet boom hit. And I figured, hey, this is my gold rush. And so, long story short, I left MIT to form first a website company with my lifelong best friend. And things got off to a great start. The very first website we did, my very first website in my whole life was to build the website for the launch of the Sony PlayStation in 1995.


Moira: Wow.


Brent: So that was my start. I did the first website for Disneyland. I did websites for Nissan Motors, a lot of divisions of Sony. And it was really exciting. I was set. I figured by the time I was 30, I'd probably be retired as a millionaire, living on some tropical island, spending my days hot tubbing with supermodels. But there's an old joke that goes, if you want to make God laugh, just tell him your plans.


Moira: I haven't heard that one.


Brent: Yeah. It's funny, though, isn't it?


Moira: Yeah.


Brent: Because I had this big plan. I was going to conquer the world and do all these amazing things. But the reality turned out very different, that the strain of bootstrapping two companies, I was working roughly 100 hours every week. It was nuts. And my body broke down. I had a massive health crisis, and I was in so much pain within a year of that, I could barely work. And to make a long story very short, I went to doctors. They sent me to physical therapy and pain drugs and such. I spent three years with conventional treatments, and I didn't get better. I got worse. And it all came to a head. It was early 1998. After three years kind of working my way up the food chain of the orthopedics and physical therapy, I finally got an appointment with the head doctor at Curlin Jobe, which is the big physical therapy clinic in Los Angeles where all the Olympians and professional athletes go. And I thought, wow, this is the guy. He'll know what to do. And I remember I walked into his office. I was so excited. I'm going to get better. This is going to be amazing. I'm sure he has some surgery or technique or something, right? And he had been looking at all my records and scans, and he just said, I'm sorry, son, but there's nothing our eye or any doctor can do here. You're always going to be in pain, and you're never going back to work.


Moira: Wow.


Brent: And I was stunned. I was. And devastated. I didn't expect that. I was speechless. And I remember the last thing he said was, he goes, I'm going to recommend you for lifetime disability. And the last thing he asked me before I left was, son, do you got someone that can take care of you until you die?


Moira: Wow.


Brent: And I was 27 years old, no joke. And so, when I told my lifelong best friend and business partner, I figured he'd be all, hey, Brent, we'll get through this together. We'll figure it out. But no, it was the opposite. When I told him that I'm not sure if I could work anymore. He fired me from my positions at the companies I had founded that had been built up through my work, my talent, my education, my blood, sweat and tears, because he had been planning on this because I didn't know. Then I learned later he had been secretly dating the woman that I was crazy in love with. And so, he basically forged my signature and did some other nasty things and stole the companies from me and the website company he sold for three and a half million dollars behind my back. And I was left broke, living with my parents in horrific chronic pain, facing a lifetime of pain and disability. And, oh, yeah, I also had lost my lifelong best friend and my career and the woman I was in love with. So, it was your dark night of the soul?


Moira: Definitely.


Brent: Everything went wrong at first. I started using drugs. I was day drinking, I was depressed, I was suicidal. I had a friend of mine turn me on to positive thinking, and so I got really into positive thinking. Nowadays we call it the law of attraction. Back in the 90s, we called it positive thinking. It's all the same stuff. So, you go to masterminds and dance on the stage and make a vision board and say your mantras and all that. And long story short, it was fun, but it didn't make any difference. I was still in pain, I was still broke, I was still hopeless. And so, I did it for about six months and gave up on it. Looking back, I see that was my introduction to consciousness technology. That's what we now call a first-generation consciousness technology. Sort of like the Ford Model T was the first generation of cars. It's not wrong, it sort of works, but it's old technology. It's slow, it's clunky, it's inefficient, it's difficult. And so, I was depressed again. Back to drinking, using drugs, considering suicide. Then I had another buddy of mine turn me on to alternative medicine. And at first, I was excited. I'm like, wow, alternative medicine may be able to help me. And so, long story short, I spent the next five years as a sort of professional patient, running around, running up a huge credit card debt, doing all this alternative medicine. I mean, you name it, I tried it. I went to homeopaths and osteopaths and Chinese medicine and cleanses and detoxes and special diets and all these supplements and machines and magnets and you name it, I tried it, but nothing helped me. I just kept getting worse. And it was so frustrating. Eventually, I agreed to have an experimental surgery and the surgery, not only did it not fix my problems, but it also left my arm, my right arm paralyzed, and I'm right-handed. So that was a big problem. And so that was kind of rock bottom in terms of my health. And my arm was frozen for about five months. And I tried all these things to get it to move and it wouldn't go. And it was then that my aunt Lauren told me about this crazy healer lady whose name was Terry. And she was like, brent, you got to work with Terry. She does this thing with the subconscious and theta brainwaves, and it can help you. And I ignored her. I ignored her and I ignored her. And finally, Lauren was like, brent, if you go see Terry, I'll pay for your session. And I was like, ok. That did the trick. So, I went to go see Terry, and the process seemed a little weird to me because it's all done with the mind. There's no touching, no hands on, there's nothing you take. It's just done with the mind. And she asked me a lot of questions about my childhood and what had happened with my best friend and the woman I had was so in love with and all the money I had lost and all this stuff. And she was doing what she called subconscious block clearing. And I'm just thinking, well, lady, I suppose it's all well and good to talk about our feelings, but that didn't seem relevant. I'm like, I'm here because I'm in pain and I can't move my arm. I'm not here to talk about my. So, at the end of our hour, I remember she said, ok, brent, we're going to heal your arm now. And I was like, yeah, whatever. You and what army? Right? I was really cynical.


Moira: Well, after all that time, yeah.


Brent: At this point, it had been about eight years of failed treatments. No one had been able to do anything to help me. So, I wasn't expecting much. And I remember she's sitting across the room from me, and she closed her eyes and went into a little bit of a trance. And about 30 seconds later, there was this loud crack and pop in my elbow. It was like a little firecracker went off. And I remember I was like, whoa. And Terry opened her eyes and she was like, ok, dear, let's try your arm now. And I couldn't believe it. I could move my arm again. It was just like the surgery never happened. And so that was the miracle that hooked me into this stuff. That's the moment that this very skeptical, rational scientist and engineer said, oh, my God. There is real life magic. It's called energy healing. And I devoted my life to understanding it, mastering it, and sharing it with the world. And that's why we're here over 20 years later. But before we go any further, I want to be crystal clear and honest with everyone listening, because there are a lot of people in the personal development world that make a lot of big claims and can't back them up. So, I'm here to tell the truth. And so, the truth is this. My frozen arm, my paralyzed arm from the surgery, instantly healed, never gave me a problem again. That really happened. What did not happen was that all of my problems were not solved in an hour. I still had chronic pain. I was depressed, I had social anxiety. I was broken, I was deep in debt. I was still grieving the loss of my friend and my career and the woman I was so in love with. None of that instantly healed, but my paralyzed arm did. And so, long story short, I learned everything she had to teach me, studied intensively, opened a business. I was able to come off of disability and start to support myself, teaching and practicing energy healing, which was great. But this is had. You had me on the show ten or 15 years ago, that's kind of where the story would stop. But real life is not like a movie. There is no, oh. And then they lived happily ever after. And so, the healing I learned from Terry is what we call second generation technology, where we learn to directly access the subconscious mind. And so, this would be things like hypnosis, NLP, psych healing codes, emotion codes, body codes, things like that that can be very powerful for especially physical, emotional healing. And this is where the medical miracles start to occur. So, you see people starting to instantly heal from cancer or HIV or chronic pain or whatever it may be. So really cool stuff. But what I didn't realize at the time was that for the first five years I did this, I didn't know any better. I was doing it entirely from the ego. And so, my life did improve for a short while. I started dating again. I got married and divorced, made some good investments, made a lot of money. But I was still suffering. I still wasn't happy on the inside. And that's when the next major crisis happened. And so, very long story short, that I had trusted the wrong financial advisor. I had a friend of mine that was like, hey, Brent, you got to hire this guy. He's amazing with money and these big returns and all that. And because I trusted my friend so much, I didn't do the due diligence I should have. And long story short, this guy not only stole everything I had, but he also took out fraudulent loans and things in my name. And when I found out about this, I was over a million dollars in debt. And that was crushing, because I had already come back from this horrific crisis in my life in the. Was starting from scratch again, and so I had to declare bankruptcy. It was really the only way forward, and that was really devastating. But it's crazy that the day after I declared bankruptcy, I met my late mentor. His name was Carl. I didn't know that at the time, but what had happened was I had been working with a dating coach, and I'd worked with him for about a year, year, and a half. And he had said, brent, I don't know what's wrong with you, but there's something, because he was like, well, you're tall. You're not terrible looking. You have a job. You love animals. You're available. I don't get it. And so, he kicked me up the food chain to the master. His name was Carl. And it's true story. I spent my last $500 before bankruptcy booking a session with Carl. And so, I met Carl down by the beach. He had said, hey, brent, meet me at the rollerblade rental station on Venice beach. And that seemed kind of crazy. I'm like, who does healing sessions at the Rollerblade center at Venice beach? Right?


Moira: Kind of cool on the beach, though.


Brent: Yeah, it was cool. So, I met him there. And it's funny, the first thing he asked me, he goes, are you Brent? I'm like, yes. He's like, I'm Carl. Are you ready to add a zero to your income? And I laughed. I'm like, I figured it was just a way to break the ice. And so, he had me rent rollerblades, and he had this big video camera, and he had me first shake my hands, and then he had me rollerblade around the parking lot while he videotaped it. And this didn't make any sense to me at the time. Didn't look anything like other healings I had done, because I had done a lot of different kinds of healing. I'd learned Reiki healing and theta healing and psych and all this stuff. And this was so weird. And then after the skating, we sat in his truck and watched the video, and pretty much it just felt like he criticized me. He ripped me a new one. And I remember I went home, and I called Brian, my dating coach, who had sent me to Carl, and I chewed him out. I'm like, dude, what is wrong with you? I met this crazy old guy that made me rollerblade, and then he just told me everything that was wrong in my life. I'm like, I'm already aware my life is a mess. I didn't need to pay someone to tell me this, right? And the thing that really bothered me was it didn't seem like Carl did anything to fix me. I had expected him to say a chant or to smack me in the forehead or to burn some incense or sage or give me a supplement or do something, right? There was none of that. And I remember what Brian said was, he said, brent, I understand. He said, do me this favor. Give it three weeks. If three weeks passes and you don't see anything that's shifting or changing in your life, let me know, and I'll make it right for the money you spent. I was like, okay, that's fair, right? I'll give you three weeks. And so, what's crazy is it didn't take three weeks. It didn't even take three days that I had had my first session with Carl on Tuesday afternoon, and by Thursday evening, I had made over $50,000. I had seen this crazy surge in my business like I never had before. I went from, like, doing one session a week to being fully booked out for a month, and my next class was sold out. And I remember I called Brian, and I'm like, dude, I'm so sorry. But evidently, there is some magic to this Carl guy. Something happened because I started making money like I never had before. And long story short, he went on to become my mentor, and he unfortunately passed away in 2018. But before he passed, he made me his flag bearer, that I'm the only person he ever gave permission to teach and practice this work. And so, really, this was my introduction to what we call third generation consciousness technology. It's all well and good to say your mantras and make a vision board. There's nothing wrong with that. It's just that for most people, it doesn't move the needle. That there was a study done in Canada at a university that showed that about 1% of people that do the law of attraction stuff from the secret feel they get good long-term results. 99% of us feel we got very little out of it. And that's the trouble with the first-generation technology. The positive thinking it's worth doing, but on its own, doesn't really make the big changes we need. And if it does, they tend to be temporary. I've had a lot of my students tell me yeah, Brent. I went to Tony Robbins, spent a bunch of money, and I was on fire for three or four or six months, and then I lost it. So that tends to be what happens. Then we get into the second-generation technology using subconscious block clearings and theta wave manifesting and that kind of stuff, and the results get better. And it's still a great process to use, especially for physical, emotional healing. So, I still teach and practice it, but there's a lot of things it can't do. It's generally not very effective for career and financial success. It's very difficult to build confidence and presence that way. And what I learned from Carl, the third generation, the reason it was different is, one, it involves a lot of physical movement, that most traditional healing, intuition kind of processes. You're usually sitting frozen in a chair, and with Carl's work, you had to move your body actually physically. The other thing was interesting is it's all done with open eye meditations, that when most people meditate, you'll sit with your eyes closed, maybe your legs crossed and have a mantra or an ohm or something like that, and there's nothing wrong with that. But one thing I didn't know was meditation is not meant to just be five or ten minutes a day or an hour on the weekend. It's meant to be your default state almost every moment of your life when you don't need to be in fight or flight. And so, you combine the movements with the open eye meditation and advanced spiritual study, and it's the closest thing to 100% that I found that my question for people is not, can you achieve your goals? The question is, are you going to give up before you get there? And so, by integrating this movement, I've written the book movement feedback holography to explain it. It's the missing piece for many people, that many people know about the law of attraction. Most of us have made our vision boards and set our mantras and jumped on the stage and shouted out that we're a millionaire, and that's worth doing, but on its own, probably isn't going to do what you want. Many of us have at least dabbled with some of the second-generation technology, which is cool stuff. We've worked with an hypnotist or done some kind of energy healing. You learn muscle testing, how to check the body for blocks and things like that. So, it's cool stuff, but what it can't do for you is embodiment. And that's part of the reason I'm here, is to call out this huge missing piece. That embodiment is really a matter of how much consciousness is present in your body, and that determines how much money you're going to make, how much people like you, how you feel about yourself, how many amazing things show up in your life effortlessly. That's a matter of embodiment.


Moira: Do you feel like some people have that experience at times, but not all the time?


Brent: Yeah, I think we do. It's not uncommon. We'll have experiences of embodiment, especially when we're young. But most of us tend to lose it as we grow older.


Moira: Why do you think that happens?


Brent: I think it's simply that we have pain and trauma and things happen to us, and if we don't know how to work through it. Every traumatic experience we have is another blockage in the system. And some of them are really big blockages and some are small. But what happens is we slowly get more and more blocked up. And what happens is when you lose the consciousness in your body, it's like a tube of toothpaste. When you have a tube of toothpaste that's full, it's really easy to squeeze out some more toothpaste, isn't it? Yeah, but most of us are like the old, wrinkled up tube of toothpaste that we're leaning on and squeezing and pressing, trying to get a little bit more toothpaste out. And it just gets harder and harder. The beautiful gift I got from Carl that I want to offer to everyone listening is we know how to get the toothpaste back in the tube. It can be done, but I've never seen it done successfully. Sitting in a chair with your eyes closed. There has to be more active participation and to give everyone listening a simple example of this, that most people, if we take our hand and look at our fingers, most of us can move each of our fingers individually. In other words, without. You can move one finger without using the others. For most people, that's pretty easy, unless you have injuries. But can you do that with your toes? I would love to see someone that can wiggle their middle toe the same way you could wiggle your middle finger. Very few people can do it. And what's crazy is, did you know the anatomy of the hands and feet are almost identical. You have the same bones and muscles and tendons and things in the foot as in the hand. That makes sense because we evolved from four legged ancestors. And if you look at people that grow up in a natural environment, like the tribes deep in the Amazon, they can all move their toes like we move our fingers.


Moira: Do you think that's because they're connected to the earth and they're.


Brent: That's right. That they haven't squeezed out the consciousness.


Moira: And that electrical going through their body, which is very healthy?


Brent: Yes, exactly. And this is why children can generally move their toes better than adults. They haven't squeezed all the toothpaste out of their tube yet. And I think it's mainly the stressors of modern life combined with eating poisonous food and living in artificial environments that does it to us. So, it's no one's fault, but this is what happens. And so, this is especially important for people that you feel you're talented, you work hard, you have a gift, but you never seem to get ahead. Things never seem to click for you. You never seem to be in the right place at the right time with the right thing. And ultimately, it's a matter of embodiment that when we're in our bodies, when we're fully present, it's what we call being in the zone or in the flow, that things come to us almost effortlessly. A great example was, I remember the first time I traveled with Carl. He would hold a retreat once a year in Boston. And the first year I worked with him, I went with him, and we were on the same flight. So, we shared a ride to the airport. We shared a cab to the airport. And I remember we got to the airport and we got in the back of the checkout line at LAX, and the line was just insane. It was like a block long or more. There were hundreds of people ahead of us. And I remember saying to Carl, oh, God, we're going to miss our flight, and blah, blah, blah, and we're going to miss the retreat and went right down that rabbit hole of negative thinking. And I remember Carl said, well, brent, let's just see what happens. We haven't missed our flight yet. And it was the craziest thing. Maybe two, three minutes later, this lady in a TSA uniform walks right up to him and says, excuse me, sir, if you'd like, I can take you and your party through our VIP check in, because there was no line for that. And Carl just said, oh, thank you. That would be wonderful. And so, a couple minutes later, we got through security, we're walking to the gate, and I was like, hey, Carl, how did you know her? Because I figured he must know her, that maybe she was one of his clients or a friend of the family or something like that, right? And he said, oh, no, Brent, I had never seen her before in my life. But things like this happen to me all the time, so. Pretty awesome.


Moira: Pretty magical.


Brent: That's what we're talking about. There is a magic to it. But I also want to be clear. It's not like you're going to have millions of dollars falling out of the sky every day. It's mostly little things. And when we're fully present in our bodies, we're connected to the flow of life, that the divine flow comes through us powerfully. And it doesn't mean it will only be good things, but it means that the good will be balanced with the bad. That a lot of people have this false idea of enlightenment, that everything goes your way all the time. That's actually totally asked backwards. That enlightenment is about letting go of the need to have things be your way, trusting that what shows up is the right thing.


Moira: Yeah, I love that one. Through Wayne Dyer. Let go, let God. It's like, get out your way, right?


Brent: Let go and let God. Exactly.


Moira: Yeah.


Brent: The problem is that most of us in a modern culture are so full of traumas and blocks and things on the inside that we get stuck in the past, we get stuck in the negative for years or decades, maybe your whole life. And if you don't have the technology to work through it, you will suffer and suffer. And what I want everyone to know is, this is an amazing technology that can help people that may have thought there's no hope, no way forward, and can-do things that you might have thought were impossible. As an example, because, again, it's all technology. If you went through a time machine to ancient Rome and said, hey, we can go all the way around the world in 24 hours, they would laugh at you. They would go, that's impossible. Well, we know how to do it. Today. We call them jet airplanes. But to someone that wasn't familiar with the technology, they would think it was impossible. And so, again, the great gift I got from Carl was it was the missing piece. Because before Carl, I had known I was certified in at least a dozen different modalities. I had read hundreds of spiritual books. I'd been to all these dozens of different masterminds and intensives and healers, retreats, and things like that. So, I had this wonderful database of knowledge in my head, but very little of it was connected to the body. There's an old saying that the longest journey of a person's life is from their head to their heart.


Moira: Yeah, I like that.


Brent: And so that's what I want to offer, is I do my best to be one stop shopping that I can teach the first generation the positive thinking. I don't very much because most people already know it. There's not a lot more to say. Just go read, think, and grow rich, and you got it. It's that simple. The second-generation technologies working the subconscious is powerful and important. I still teach and practice that for sure. But there's a lot of things that just can't do very well. It would be like, I look at my car. My car is an amazing machine for getting me around the city. But my car can't take me to Tokyo. It can't take me to the moon. It's not the car's fault. It's a great car. But to get to Tokyo, you need a boat or an airplane. To get to the moon, you need a spacecraft. And so what I try to offer is the second generation as well as the third, which is the study of the self, the nature of reality. In the east, they call it Advaita Vedanta. In the west, we call it awakening or nonduality. That's a part of it, as well as the physical movements and the open eye meditation to get the toothpaste back in the tube. If you do that, then I think you've checked all the boxes. And it's amazing that I'd say for 75% of my advanced students, it shows up as more money for the other 25%, they don't necessarily make more money, but they do realize they already had plenty, that they didn't need more money. They had just swallowed the culture of mythology that we always need more, more, bigger, better, faster. And so that's why it's called the beginning of the end of suffering. The end of suffering is what we call enlightenment, pure presence, no resistance, completely in the flow of the divine. Most of us, that's going to take some work to get there. But almost everyone listening to this is ready for the beginning of the end of suffering, the turning point where you decide that you're no longer going to be run by the ego and the mind and its old programs. And once you do that, I don't know exactly where it's going to take you. That's kind of the point we don't know. But if we can get the consciousness back in our body, get the toothpaste back in the tube and clear your blocks, I think you'll love where life takes you, though. A warning for a lot of people. It's not what you expected, right back to. If you want to make God laugh, just tell him your plans.


Moira: And it's getting out of our own way.


Brent: A lot of it is getting out.


Moira: Of our own know, thinking that something has to be a certain way or you have to somebody else. Yeah, that whole thing. Now, you share about the Hawkins scale of consciousness, this awakening and enlightenment. Where do you think most people are on that scale? I know you've kind of shared it.


Brent: A bit, but, yeah, within our culture at large, United States in 21st century, I'd say 300s, maybe low four hundred s. For the people listening to this podcast, the number is much higher that most of the people that come to me that are interested in their work are either are mostly at the top of the victor scale. So, in the Hawkins scale, high four hundreds. Four eighties, four ninetys. Or at the low end of the vehicle, right around 500. And part of the beauty of this work is that for those not familiar, the Hawkins scale was developed by the late David Hawkins as a way to measure and compare different levels of human consciousness. And it goes from one to a thousand, where one is the lowest vibration of shame, and 1000 is pure enlightenment, masterhood, ascension. And one thing he taught, which was very interesting, was that the most significant shift was 499 to 500, where we begin to move into what's called the vehicle state of consciousness. But he repeatedly, now, he had done it himself, I know from reading his books. Absolutely, he had broken the 500 barrier, as he called it, but he admitted repeatedly he didn't know how to help others to do it. I figured it out. So that's part of this third-generation technology we call awakening to your true spiritual truth. And what it comes down to is pretty simple. As long as you think your ego and your mind are the ultimate arbitrary of truth and what's good for you, you're going to suffer. There's many very wealthy people who are suffering enormously around money, and I've had some of them as my clients. To most of us, it would seem crazy to a person that's worth ten or $20 million to be so stressed out about money that they have trouble sleeping at night. But it happens because most of us, we don't know any better. Our culture teaches us to lead and live from the ego, and there's no other option. And it's kind of like there's an old Zen joke that goes something like this, that there's two fish swimming in the ocean, two young fish, and an old fish comes up to him and says, hey, boys, how's the water today? And the two young fish look at each other and go, this guy must be crazy. What the heck is water? And it's funny because the saying goes, fish don't know they live in water. Why? It's all they've known their entire life, so they don't even think about it. And most of us humans living in the 21st century, the water is your ego. Our entire lives, all we've known is how to live from ego. That's what our parents did. That's what our teachers did. That's what the celebrity and the medias did. And so, we just don't know there's an alternative. And the process of awakening is about understanding what you is. And I'll give people some clues. A lot of people think that that voice you hear in your head is you. It's not. That's not you. But most of us are thinking and planning. You ever have imaginary arguments in your head with people? I have, lots of times. You ever have an interchange with someone and go, yeah, I should have said this, and I should have said that definitely. It's this narrator that's narrating your life, telling you, this is bad, this is good. You should be ashamed. You should be afraid, et cetera. And most people live controlled and run by that voice, the ego. But that's not actually you any more than you are your car or your clothes. We know that you're not your car, don't we? Yes. One would hope we know the right.


Moira: Yes. Yes.


Brent: But imagine aliens that had never seen Earth flying in their spaceship over one of our cities. What they're going to see is a whole bunch of cars, right? They may not see the pedestrians, and they'd think that this is a planet inhabited by intelligent cars. Well, they couldn't tell the difference between the car and the driver. And so, the spiritual metaphor applies, too. Most people can't tell the difference between their true self and the ego. In the mind. They think they are the ego.


Moira: So, what's an exercise somebody can do to step out of that ego?


Brent: And really, that's a great question. Here's how I would offer to think about it. The one you'll see in a lot of the ancient text that have been modernized is the movie theater. That when you sit down in a movie theater, you get lost in a good movie, don't you? So, for example, you're watching Star wars, and then the good guys blow up the Death Star and you cheer Ra. There's a big cheer, right? Well, that only happens because you've identified with the good guys. You've kind of forgotten that you're watching the movie and become part of it. That's what's happened to us. That the drama that happens in our lives, that has nothing to do with you. You are simply the witnessing, the observing. We are the ones seeing the movie, not the movie. But if you'd spent your whole life in a movie theater, you might forget that you're watching the movie again. Fish don't know. They live in water.


Moira: Sorry.


Brent: Please go ahead.


Moira: How do you feel today with the news and everything going on in the world and war?


Brent: Yeah. What's happened, especially with the news, is we got to remember, at the end of the day, news organizations are businesses that are run for profit. They're not about spreading truth. They will only spread truth when that helps them to make money. And the reason there's so much misinformation out there is because it really grabs your attention to hear the terrible stuff that studies on social media have shown that lies propagate over ten times faster on social media than the truth. Well, yes. So, if you get your news from social media, just realize that large majority of what you're getting is not true because people will always amplify and share something that's dramatic and engaging. To say that a well-known celebrity secretly worships the devil and sacrifices children and all that, that's going to catch your attention, won't it? Whereas just reporting the truth won't.


Moira: Personally, I don't pay attention to that.


Brent: Stuff, but, yes, good for you. Good for you. And so, the nature of our culture is, what you see on the news, especially social media, is not about the truth. It's about what gets clicks, what gets eyeballs, what gets ratings.


Moira: Pretty sad.


Brent: It is pretty sad. And so, we got to be careful and realize that the truth is out there. But the truth is generally not sexy or flashy. Most people will click on a lie much faster than they'll click on the truth. And I think that's part of the reason why I'm not a household name, that I'm here to tell the truth. And a lot of people don't want the truth. I remember I loved all the king Arthur stories when I was a kid. Love those mythologies, nights of the roundtable, Merlin the wizard, and all that. And in one of the King Arthur books I read, there was a quote from Merlin that stays with me because it's so powerful, so much wisdom. What Merlin said was, most people don't want good advice. They just want you to agree with what they've already decided. And that is what's wrong with our world. If we look at religion, most people decided when they were children to be Jewish or Christian or Muslim or whatever faith you were brought up in. Not because you had done some exhaustive study of all the religions and chosen the best one. No, it's because you got loving feedback from your family and community when you pretended to join their team. So many religious people decided at a young age that, I'm Christian or I'm Jewish or whatever, right, I'm Buddhist, doesn't matter. And they never want to question that, and they only want to hear things that reinforce their existing opinion. And so, when you live that way, you're never going to find the truth. And this got amplified massively by social media, that very few people would click on something that contradicts their existing viewpoint. But the only way to find the truth is to look at both sides of it. There's a saying amongst divorce lawyers that there's three sides to every story.


Moira: Yes, I've heard this.


Brent: There's the husband's side, the wife's side, and then there's the truth. Yeah, and so I'm not blaming anyone. It's not your fault that we grew up in this culture and it does suck that there's a very small number of people gathering phenomenal, unbelievable wealth and power at the expense of all the rest of us, that this system is there to support them. It's not too different than ancient Rome. There was a small, noble elite that had unimaginable wealth and power, and yet most ordinary Romans were working two jobs just to have enough salt to pay their rent. That should sound familiar to many of us. The good news is we can get off the crazy train. There is truth there. But I'll just warn everyone, the truth is not as flashy, as sexy as the lies that we've all seen. The links. Oh, build a home-based business, make $40,000 a month. Well, that's really sexy, isn't it? A lot of people click on that, but the truth is, that's a come on, it's a scam. The truth is, you can make $40,000 a month, but you're going to have to develop skills and knowledge and talents that are valuable to people, and then you have to put that together in a business or a job so that people can pay you for it. And that doesn't happen overnight. There's a saying in the entertainment industry that it takes years and years of hard work to become an overnight sensation.


Moira: I know that with lots of people that say, oh, are you ever lucky. Whatever something happens in your life. You're an artist or whatever, and now you're known. And they're like, no, I've been an artist for 20 years.


Brent: That's right.


Moira: That kind of thing.


Brent: That's right. There was a great story about Pablo Picasso, that towards the end of his life, there was a woman who was a young art student that recognized him in a cafe in Paris. And she ran up, oh, my gosh, Mr. Picasso, you're my hero. You inspired me to study art and so on. And she says, oh, if it would mean so much to me, could you do some kind of drawing for me? And he said, yes, my dear, but it's not free. And she was like, of course I'll pay for it. Of course, I'll pay for it. So evidently, he spent five minutes drawing a little pencil sketch for her, and she goes, how much do you want? He goes, 100 francs. And she was like, what? I'm not paying you 100 francs. That only took you five minutes. And Picasso smiled and said, no, my dear, that didn't take me five minutes. That took me my whole life. And so, yeah, you can get to a place where you can make $100 in five minutes, but it doesn't happen overnight. Most people have to train, develop their abilities and skills for years or decades to get there. So that's why I say the truth is not as sexy. Can you come to my classes and trainings and change your life, heal your body, improve your relationship, make more money? Absolutely. But I can't promise you it's all going to happen in an hour or a weekend. It might if you're really close. If there's just one or two little things holding you back, then that's where we see the miracles that when I had my first session with Terry, evidently there was just a handful of subconscious blocks between me and my elbow healings because it only took an hour. When I worked with Carl, evidently there was only a small number of blocks between me and making 50 grand in a week because we worked together for a little over an hour. And then it happened. But to make the big sustainable changes takes more work that I was able to over triple my income. But it took about a year and a half, and I probably spent $30,000 on Carl in the meantime and hundreds of hours of my time. So, the truth is, you can absolutely learn these things and change your life. But that's not as sexy as click here and make a million dollars next week, now, is it?


Moira: I like this saying, the truth will set you free. It will and whatever that means to you, free freedom, time, money, relationships, health, well being, whatever that is. And I think responsibility is something in there too, that we didn't really touch on, that the truth is part of it, but it's also being responsible for your life.


Brent: Of course, that's part of the truth. I would say.


Moira: Yes.


Brent: The truth is that you are in some way, shape or form creating everything you experience.


Moira: Yes.


Brent: And if you would rather cling to the lie that it's not your fault and be a victim, I can't stop you. But don't expect things to change. And what I will offer everyone is I'm going to give you the truth. The trouble is, I can't promise you'll like the truth, but if you're willing to have disagreements, willing to look at things from both sides, willing to experiment and have your own experience, then you can find the truth. Then things will start to click.


Moira: That's very exciting.


Brent: Yeah. I couldn't really appreciate Christianity until I had studied the other religions. Then I could see in context. Oh, honestly, I think there's great teachings in every religion. There's enormous value in studying Christianity or Judaism or Islam or the Tao or Buddhism or the Vedas. There's beauty and truth in all of them. It's just for some of them, it's easier to find than others.


Moira: And there's many ascended masters that we can work with.


Brent: Of course, there are. Yeah, I've seen it channeled that there are more ascended masters on earth today than in the rest of history put together.


Moira: I haven't heard that, but that's interesting.


Brent: I would not be surprised because they've all come down to be here because we need them. And I don't know if anyone's looked outside at the world lately, but it's kind of a mess in a lot of ways. And so, of course they're here. They're here to guide us, to teach us today.


Moira: And we have to ask. They can't step in unless you ask.


Brent: Of course, that Jesus didn't go around with putting a gun to people's head and telling them to follow his teachings. He just simply demonstrated it. And the people that could see the truth, they were like, hey, this guy's onto something. And so, yeah, there's lots of amazing teachers and masters out there. The old saying go, there's a lot of paths to the top of the mountain, but there's also a lot of con artists and hucksters and scammers. And so, I would say for everyone listening, you don't have to believe anything we're saying here just because you're hearing it. What I would encourage you to do is have an open mind that what we're saying is possibly true and go have your own experience and decide for yourself.


Moira: That's great advice.


Brent: That's right. If all your friends told you that sushi is terrible, I would still say, hey, try it once, and if you really don't like it, you never have to eat it again. But have your own experience. Decide for yourself. Because at the end of the day, the only thing that is really true and real is our own experience.


Moira: Yes.


Brent: Everything else is just an abstraction pushed around in the mind. And, hey, I love those abstractions. I love the mind. But it's seductive. It's like the dark side of the force. It's like drug addiction. You can go drink a few beers and get a nice buzz, but don't think that beer is going to make you feel good for the rest of your life. Right? That's how some young people think. I remember when one of my roommates in college got his first job. He's like, oh, my God, dude. I'm going to have, like, a $400 a month budget for beer. I can drink like a six pack every night. And I'm like, dude, you realize that's not going to make you happy forever. It's just going to make you a fat alcoholic, right?


Moira: Yes. Not a good reason, but yes.


Brent: Can you heal your body? Absolutely. Can you heal your mind? Release your trauma? Find your purpose, discover the true self? Make more money, feel more love? Absolutely. But we have to be willing to be wrong about what we think we know.


Moira: Let go. Let God. Just get out of your own way. Yeah.


Brent: Yes. If you're willing to be wrong about the things you think you know, you're primed for enormous growth and success. It's the people that go, my life has to be like this or like that. I have to have this job. I have to live with this person. I have to have this car. That's what creates the suffering. And it's funny, the more we let go, the more that comes to us in return. They say that's the way money works. You give money to a worthy charity, that money will return to you, and it will bring friends similar to you. Make an investment in a good company, that money will come back to you and it will bring friends. And for most of us, the best investment you can make is in yourself. From the work I learned from, Carl has probably added somewhere between two to $3 million to my income over 15 years, and I probably paid him 50, 60 grand. So that's a big investment. It's a risk. But when you invest in yourself, the payoff can be tremendous. And of course, I'm just using money as an example because that's where most people are fixated. Just to be clear, people, this is not about money. It's about consciousness.


Moira: And it's all areas of your life, like physically, emotionally, financially, of course, spiritual.


Brent: Physical health, emotional health. Your attitude, your friendships, your social circle, your sense of purpose. Absolutely. You get all that lined up and solid. The money will come just a matter of time. Just like if you're good looking and successful and affluent and social and fun to be around, you will find a girlfriend, a boyfriend, a husband, a wife. But I can't promise it'll happen today or tomorrow, but it will happen. And that's what I want to offer everyone is I'd love to help you discover the truth of yourself, to realize that you're not what you thought you were.


Moira: So tell us, Brent, what would you like to give to our listeners today?


Brent: Because for everyone that wants to learn more, I'm going to offer one gift for everybody, and then one gift for the first ten people who are really on the ball. So the gift for everybody is I'm doing a live healathon webinar. It's going to be Thursday night. To sign up, just go to my website@awakeningdynamics.com, that's awakeningdynamics.com. And if you forget that, just put Brent Michael Phillips into Google and it'll come right up.


Moira: And we're going to put the link below in the show notes.


Brent: Absolutely.


Moira: But it's also good that you say it because there's a whole thing finding the show notes sometimes versus.


Brent: And so I'm going to do a short training on how to use what I call the seven secrets of higher dimensional living to show you how this. And more importantly, I'm going to do some interactive exercises so you can start to experience this for yourself.


Moira: Wonderful.


Brent: And I'll also be offering a free, personalized healing to everyone that shows up. So I say, if you're just going to do one thing this week, come to the healathon. I think it'll blow your mind, could change your life. The second gift, yes, I want to offer is we're going to be giving a free copy of my new book, movement feedback Holography, which is all about the third generation work I learned from Carl, how to move your body. The open eye meditations, all that. We're giving a free copy to the first ten people. You want to tell them what they have to do to grab their copy.


Moira: Really, they subscribe to support the channel and rate your episode today and share it. Because we're building a community here to really inspire and empower people to live their best life. And that's what the show is about. And awakening is part of it. And yeah, just living life on your terms and whatever that means to the people, but living your best life. So we'll put all that in below. Thank you, Brent, so much. We have to come to a close now. I know. And I want to thank you for sharing from your heart and soul your wisdom on higher dimensional living. Namaste.


Brent: Namaste.


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