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Dreams ~ Finding My Way Back Home

August 03, 2020 Moira Sutton Season 1 Episode 11
Dreams ~ Finding My Way Back Home
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Heart Soul Wisdom Podcast
Dreams ~ Finding My Way Back Home
Aug 03, 2020 Season 1 Episode 11
Moira Sutton

Dreams ~ Finding My Way Back Home

Freedom & Fulfillment
Passion & Purpose

Marilu grew up in Mexico where she started her career within the fitness industry as a Pilates Instructor and Nutrition Coach. She moved to Canada 10 years ago and began to study at the Niagara Culinary Institute. Upon graduating Marilu held the position of Head Chef and then stepped into the “Entreprenurial Journey” as the owner of the Guacamole Mexican Grill in Toronto. Marilu is now the Founder of Good Growth Coaching Company, helping women shift out of their comfort zone into the realm of miracles. She helps women unlock their true potential by changing their mind-set and aligning to their life purpose and spiritual path. She is a Certified Life Coach with Mary Morrissey’s Institute and a Reiki Master. With her diversified background Marilu offers clients wonderful transformation tools and strategies to help people achieve joy and happiness, and Marilu believes that when one achieves inner peace - we will have a more peaceful world.

Website: http://www.coachmarilutapia.com/

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Dreams ~ Finding My Way Back Home

Freedom & Fulfillment
Passion & Purpose

Marilu grew up in Mexico where she started her career within the fitness industry as a Pilates Instructor and Nutrition Coach. She moved to Canada 10 years ago and began to study at the Niagara Culinary Institute. Upon graduating Marilu held the position of Head Chef and then stepped into the “Entreprenurial Journey” as the owner of the Guacamole Mexican Grill in Toronto. Marilu is now the Founder of Good Growth Coaching Company, helping women shift out of their comfort zone into the realm of miracles. She helps women unlock their true potential by changing their mind-set and aligning to their life purpose and spiritual path. She is a Certified Life Coach with Mary Morrissey’s Institute and a Reiki Master. With her diversified background Marilu offers clients wonderful transformation tools and strategies to help people achieve joy and happiness, and Marilu believes that when one achieves inner peace - we will have a more peaceful world.

Website: http://www.coachmarilutapia.com/

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Welcome to Episode 11 ~ Dreams ~Finding my way Back Home with our special guest intuitive life coach Marilu Tapia. Marilu grew up in Mexico, where she started her career within the fitness industry as a pilates instructor and nutrition coach. She moved to Canada 10 years ago and began to study at the Niagara Culinary Institute. Upon graduating, Marilu held the position of head chef and then stepped into the entrepreneurial journey as the owner of the guacamole Mexican Grill in Toronto. "I love Mexican food" Marilu is now the founder of good growth coaching company helping women shift out of their comfort zone into the realm of miracles. She helps women unlock their true potential by changing their mindset and aligning to their life purpose and spiritual path. She's a certified life coach with Mary Morrissey's Institute and a Reiki Master. With her diversified background Marilu offers client's wonderful transformation tools and strategies to help people achieve joy, happiness, and she believes that when one achieves inner peace, we will have a more peaceful world. So without further adue, it is my pleasure to introduce you to intuitive life coach, Marilu Tapia. Welcome Marillu!

Oh, thank you, Moira. How are you? I'm so glad to be here.

I'm excited. I was very excited about this. So I prepare, of course, before I talk to my guests, and each guest has their unique journey to share from their heart and soul to inspire and empower our listeners and that's the whole mission and vision behind this show and also to raise the consciousness of the planet. So let's just dive right in.

Okay, I'm on the boat.

I love boats!

So How does mindset and beliefs affect the results someone creates in their life?

You know, Right before I had this interview, I was actually thinking about a story that a man was fishing and God behind him was looking at him that he noticed that this guy fishing was like all the big fishes will put them back and hook them and put them back into into the water and the small the small fishes that were just like put them back into into a bucket. So and like suddenly this this guy like well out of curiosity like Kamala, why he said that you are putting back the big ones and keeping the small ones. And this guy said like you do you see I have a ruler off right over here, a ruler. So if this rule if it's if the fish fits my ruler, that means that it's gonna fit into my frying pan.

Sometimes mindset is like this.

A lot of opportunities can come into our lives. But we think that Oh no, I am not prepared for this. So we, just walk away from it. And and so mindset is when we are aware of all the things that we can create, that we can do, and it's okay not to know things, that's okay. Because we can change that we can improve, we can ask for help, we can, you know, just so many things, the problem is when we have our mind all the time fixed into what we can do or would buy what happened to us, whatever somebody else did to us, you know. So, I just wanted to give that example, on on mindset.

That's wonderful and the belief that's behind that, he had a belief to attach to that. I was wondering where you're going with the story, I love stories, engages you to listen to see where it's going, Well, how do you become a magnet for success and have that happiness - that joy - we talked about earlier and love, peace, fulfilling relationships? How does somebody shift into becoming that magnet so they're attracting and manifesting the life they want? versus, you know, attracting what they don't want?

Yes. I was a master before knowing what I didn't want, if you asked me like, Hey, what do you want? My first answer will say a list of things I didn't like I wasn't comfortable with and, but it was really hard to decide what I wanted to accomplish or what I wanted to do next. So it was a journey definitely. It started we've all that negative, I was putting too much attention of the negative things I was going through my whole life and definitely were one of the laws, the general laws of the universe. Seems like whatever you put your attention that is going to increase whatever you notice the most, that's is goiing to become just bigger and bigger without even being aware of it. So why like focusing on what you really want and actually getting to know what you want is really important because then you're going to be able to open the doors on on the good things that we all like if you ask somebody happened I mean being in our heart situation or a difficult situation like they're gonna tell you of course I don't want you know to lose my money of course I don't want to be in this difficult situation. Yes, but um, long story short is - what we put out our intention. This is what is going to enhance the most.

Yes, I would say having an intention what you want, get clear on that. And that might take a process to get there. And then pay attention to what shows up and then take inspired action in spirit. So when it comes up, you're not just, Oh, no, I'm not ready for that. So that's that part about pay attention to what you're thinking, your thoughts and your behaviors and all the rest of that because you're co creating with the universe in every moment. So let's tie into you know, how you felt when you lost your restaurant? Because that's a biggie in life. And how did you discovered your own subconscious blocks that stopped you at that time from creating and living the life that you love?

Yeah, quick story - Well, after I moved, originally, I am from Mexico. And after I moved here, and I was so excited with studying culinary arts, and yeah, everything was going well, and I got an opportunity To open my restaurant, but like a year after this my landlord decided just like to, to break the leasing agreement. Yes. And yeah, so, right in that moment, I felt like I don't know the universe was against me like everything. And then I asked, I start asking "Why me?" Why if I'm putting all this hard work why if and? And yes, like it was, it was devastating. Like, I don't know, like the way I was feeling, but I was seeing my bank account and all the effort I had to do was like, taken away. So Oh my god. Yeah, it was it was super hard. I'm not gonna lie. No.

No, because we've all had different challenges that would be, you know, physically, mentally, emotionally, financially - and when that comes up, you know how do we deal with it? And how can we help others when these come up? So were you starting to learn what you're like what you were saying to yourself what those subconscious blocks were so you could shift that mindset as you help women do that and start to create the life that you really truly desire.

Yes. I want to mention something that had been really important to me, like in order for us to change like to have that okay moment of, I don't know aha moment I call it is we need to get tirer of our situation. Like it is you're longing for something new, something better of course, and you're discontent like those two points are gonna let you know Okay, this is time for me to to grow, I need to change I need to move something I need to get out of here. And that was where I was. I was actually, I didn't mention before, but at the moment, I also was passing, like, a really harsh time with our relationship like sentimentally, like a relationship that I had. It was becoming really toxic. And I was just like, I couldn't be in a worse position like my, I just see my business going, like away and I can't even put my relationship together. And I noticed that either I was going go like a spiral like down and, and I noticed myself that I was I wasn't the same anymore - even my mood. It was like, gone. I mean, I was in a bad mood. Most of the time. I was so sad. It was so hard to to make new plans. And that's that's my breakpoint. Okay, what do I need to do? To change this, so that was my moment, like when I hit, you know, roadblock like big time.

So how did you find help on your journey to say yes to your dreams when you discovered what they were?

Well, like definitely asking us can ask you like I believe help comes, you know, from men in different ways. First it was yeah so I was like the first one I had it was the internet I was looking for some videos about information how to change my mood like what you know and then the second one, this is how I got with more like getting to know more people that the word teaching me in this aspect like how to, you know, change my mindset, how to Take action because that's the most important right I get like just thought itself has to evolve into action. And this is how I got, like just asking and willing to, to change, like getting out of the comfort zone is not easy, right? Because it's going to require you to grow and to come out of what you don't maybe know they'll known especially that like we sometimes we get so afraid and so scared because we don't know and we've referred to get to stay into what we we already discovered.

No, I understand that perfectly. We are right now in times of uncertainty. A lot of people do not know how to do with that versus being quiet going within meditating, walking in nature, journaling, you know, finding something new that like you said, Expansion because the universe loves expansion and growth. And if we stay small, I believe each one of us have a life purpose and passion and we're here to serve at a higher way than just ourselves, you know, just like an eagle. So the bigger part of us and, you know, to begin to discover that how do you how do you help women really unlock their life purpose and their true potential and spiritual path? I know how I do it, but I want to know how you do it.

Yes. Yes. First of all, is I guess it's the process of self discovery.

In the understanding, like, what's your what makes you raise your vibration, like what is it that we are all different and it's not only about my talents, but also what what you find

Like that, that is exciting you so that's that's the point - number one it will be discovery in it and designing a dream. What lights your soul up? I love that!

Yes. She's like, you know all that. Exactly. And yeah, I didn't also mentioned it before but I like in my past I was always making my decisions based on on what my mom need. Like my my dad passed away when I was 10 years. And then that like, I was like full of responsibilities since really young. And then when my mom passed away sorry before she passed away, I had to quit school, the university because that like she was getting really sick and I couldn't do both. And I knew she needed me So once again, I don't regret right like making that decision and never going to regret it. But once again, I was so used to all the time thinking about others, that when I had finally the freedom to make my own decisions, I was just literally looking for someone else to, you know who needs me or you know, and instead of like, Okay What am I really what do I really want? What's my purpose? What like, I do have a specific purpose that is going to fulfill me and empower me and Yes, true that I help others. But it's for me so women have to know that also find in your blocks. What is actually stopping you is that fear is that maybe you don't have the tools is that and then of course like taking action to towards that dream. Yeah. Is I was I regularly mentioned like having clarity on on what you want is, is the key for and being specific. When we want architects deciding on a house, the more specific it is, you know, the people that are building that house, the better is going to be established. So that's that's like the program I teach to women.

I also always bring into for my clients if once they get clarity of what they say they want. It's usually like an onion peeling, it's not really that what they say it's something deeper until they get to the specifics and they know I'm going to say to them, what do you want? What do you really want? And I keep asking that and to the point they're kind of nervous about it - that I'm going to ask again, but it it slowly takes out the onion to see what is that core of what really is alignment with their soul and their higher purpose. So it's a process.

Yes, yes, absolutely.

Yeah, no longer - you also made me think of is also like when you ask your GPS right for an address, you might no know how to get there. But you know, like that that device is gonna tell you the route and sometimes like along the way is telling you Okay, you can go that one that road is close rerouting, so we not always know how to get to that point but at least knowing what where you want to go. That's the most important thing and, and remembering like one of the things that I also focus on is on intuition being aligned with your values. What is important for you, is that like, you want to yes be successful in your business but also valuing you want to spend time with your family, right like you want to what is that Like do you have family or you don't right meaning like daughters or sons like and and all those values if they have to be aligned with your dream?

I understand that yes. And that that seguays into two questions that I had for you. One like you said, you know, values shape our lives, our relationships, our beliefs, behavior, the choices we make, which are all bases for creating a successful life. So how do you help people align with those dreams - their core values and really connect to what you were just saying the divine guidance and their intuition How does somebody develop that muscle? Mmm

Yes it is. As I mentioned before, like being aligned with what is simple, what is important for you will be number one having a like the knowledge of Being aware that you're going to need all like help extra help, because we are yes like spiritual beings having a human body and a human experience so we were not we don't have super powers right like sometimes like we act like heroes and but we need we need that extra help. So this is when intuition comes along and taking that - like sometimes we need that quiet time to quiet like to get away from the noise, like sometimes are our own thoughts sometimes it's just like the routine we get into. Sometimes it's just that extra weight we put on our shoulders so we're able to quiet those that the noise the communication is going to get, you know better the signal increases. And, and yeah, we can get signals from I mean, help intuitively from in many ways like, sometimes you read in a book and you feel like just up a phrase is gonna just like pop out or is takes into you know into you sometimes it's just like it's gonna come from a word that a friend is telling you and just like I can tell like a hugely lifts up examples of how intuition hacks, but the most important it will be that being open to receive help. And, I mentioned that being aligned with values and yeah, like the program that I do is called guide guide stands for yourself. It stands for That's g - GOALS; u is for uncovering your blocks I for intuition development; D deciding for your drum, and E empowering your journey. So we go as well into one of those steps. And one at a time like everyone else I mentioned before is different, but being linked to extra help is always going be established. I call it like a miracle path for everyone.

I know what I share on the show is something I've been meditating now for three years and reading inspirational material every day. It's a non negotiable for me. It's my quiet time to go do that. And if I have my own challenges in my life, We all do. It's called life. You know, I surrender it to a higher power and let go and trust and I have faith there. So that's one of my tools that I use how to trust and faith come into play for you when you began to discover your dream? How did you build that into your daily life?

Yes. Yeah, that's like such an important question. Yeah, honestly, like, I don't consider myself being religious. But what I always notice that help. And I'm gonna I knew, I mean, I know I mentioned this before, but I want to make emphasis and repeated because this has been a key for my life, that I knew all the time that I was being helped. The Help was there and even if I don't know the solution, the Help is going to get At the specific time or the right time for me. So faith also is a concept that you and I, we didn't invent it like it is there from the beginning that the universe, - is especially specifically right now in this time what everyone is just bullying is like we are as a human, you know, like human beings we're actually passing a lot of changes, for sure, you know, is a lot of uncertainty. Yes, there's a lot of uncertainty. It. I was just talking to one of my friends yesterday, and we wish we knew all the answers, Moira. We wish, like kind of like a math problem right? Like x plus y equals said, like, no, it's, we sometimes we don't know what's going to happen. But if we don't hold into fate, and actually, if we don't hold into like the main feeling that is love. If we don't hold into that, then we're just gonna start pulling apart and we're just gonna start freaking out. Like even more.

I think it's very important to hold again, as I said, with the intention of what we want to create with this new way of being on Mother Earth, and our planet and look after her She is our home. And part of this community is about raising the consciousness for the greater good of humanity and the planet and for right now we have such an opportunity to grow in a wonderful way into come together as we've seen families coming together and having time to quiet the mind, all that chatter in that go, go Go to just go within. And listen. So that's where you can also develop your into intuition. But I believe right now that what's happening is for his for the greater good, it's happening for us, we're being given the biggest gift that we can create heaven on earth. That's how I look at it. And, there's so many lightworkers and people who are, whatever they're doing to help and contribute in it can be the smallest away because every part of it is part of the snowball effect to affect each one of us and not not fall into that fear area, which the media lots of times shows us that and not put all your attention on that put the attentional these people that going on balconies singing and all the things that were happening there are the animals coming back and Mother Earth having time to replenish. So yeah, there's For me right now, I think it's one of the most exciting times.

Yes, like we are and please don't hate me for saying this but I believe that the situation was so needed as smart. I mean, I I like really deeply sorry for the, you know, people that lost people you know, and I am like deeply sorry, but on on the big picture. A lot of people stop suffering. A lot of like, a lot of elders. They're not like dealing with sickness and illness and that's for the ones that were gone and for the ones that are still here, we are given that choice. And very quickly, I would like to go back a little bit into my story. When, even when I was, when I mentioned like that I was so used to, like, not making my own decisions and not knowing what I wanted. And, I felt like I was totally, like lost. Right now we're being given that opportunity like going to my dream, I felt like I was home and like the fact that what I'm doing now helping women and, helping them to find their own, you know, spark in light and inner light that's that's making me feel like home and sometimes we can just go around and you know walking through the desert and going in different paths but when you know you're home, you feel safe. And you know that even outside is if it's raining if it's you know it's no a storm You know, you're gonna be protected. So, this is as well when intuition comes and faith takes place and a lot of people are going through a lot of changes and I definitely feel -like to for the people that are listening and just take a moment and listen to your heart and listen what it is telling you. Is it asking you to grow like do you do you feel dis-content do you feel? Are you longing for something more so this is your intuition and a higher knowledge telling you yes there is a way, more to discover way more goodness for you. And and yes like I so get so excited, just like waiting to see what others are going to do in a good, good heart and to get in good intention.

Well, one of the things I don't know if I said it earlier, but it's one of my books coming out, "What is the gift in this?" And what is the gift in every moment? Every moment, every challenge right now what are we being gifted as a whole, for for everyone and that inclusivity and celebrating diversity and moving through racism and gender equality and all those things that are coming up to shine a light on lies in separation, to realize that because we're all going through this together, for one thing, life is extremely a miracle and a gift. And it's very precious and to realize, if we come together and act in a way to protect each other, that's again, this community and, you know, stepping into collaborating together and contribution. So there's so many gifts in that whole realm. Marilu how does someone test their dream and why is this important - I know it's something that you teach?

Yes, it is important, because let's put it this way. We all will have sometimes my examples are like white or black, but sometimes the way my brain works we are here sharing this time this life like, which I don't think is by chance, though, but one thing we have for sure that even we don't even if we don't know when we're gonna die, but it's a fact that we're gonna die. And if someone lives 99 years, there's could be that that person leaves one year 99 times. So the difference is like, are you repeating the same. You are repeating your same story? Like if you look around, look around anything that has live, if you see a park, if you see a backyard, everything grows, the trees, the flowers, it animals like everything grows, it's our nature if we keep, and there's two ways that the years and day after day as the days are passing by, there's two ways to design a dream. One is by default. And the other one is by intention. So are you going to just like wake up and continue living in autopilot, right like going to work or staying home or going doing groceries or, or living by intention. This is such a wake up call for all of us. Us, like we are, we are definitely architects of our own lives. If we from for a minute, stop blaming our government, you know, our family, our neighbors, our we stop for a minute, and we take responsibility of what's actually happening to us. The problem is not what happened to us the problem is how we respond to what is happening.

Exactly. That's what I was going to go to, just before you mentioned - our responsibility and how do we respond and taking full responsibility for our lives can be very scary for a lot of people. But when you do that, and not judge yourself, but look at everything you've done here, and what have I done there, and maybe I don't like that, and not allow others to judge you either. And they're very clear in your life because other people, you know, the people that love us, you know, want to step in and put their agenda there and be you know, keep your dreams To you, and only share them with the people that truly support you. But definitely there's responsibility. And if you start taking responsibility for your life, it's a it's a way better way to be. And again, not judge yourself, honor yourself and step into one thing we both teach our clients is, you know, to cultivate appreciation and gratitude. How does imagination play into manifesting what you truly desire?

Sorry, could you repeat the question again? Sorry, yes.

How does imagination play into manifesting what you truly desire in your life?

Oh, yes. Definitely. If you don't believe that something is possible. You're right. It's not possible. So your imagination is it's literally like the wand. For for your dream for things happening. I look he has different names I hear like some others called them. Like visualization or, you know, and remember, that our brains and this is like psychologists can tell you this as well, like our brain is wired in such a way that believes what you are thinking. Like even if it's not happening, it doesn't know whether it was in the past of the past, or is in the future. Like it doesn't recognize that the timing for our brain it doesn't.

Yes - Perceived as real or not real.

Exactly. So everything like I've, I noticed a pattern that I used to have. And I used to take it as a joke most of the time and then I realized No wonder like What I want to do doesn't happen because I used to say a lot. I don't know, let's say that I was going out with my friends. And I had like a really nice dress. And if my friends used to say like complimenting, I would say, Whoa, well, can you imagine that I asleep right now and then I fall into that mode over there. Like, everyone, of course, was laughing at the moment, but why I always was picturing something bad. Mm hmm. At the end. And like, until I started like looking at my patterns. I was like, Oh my god, what always happened is and then when I lost my restaurant, I was like, Oh, yes, I was so excited. And then something bad happened at the end. I was like, building my dreams and all the time boom. And imagination is so important because this is what everything is starts. Like is it we want to see our results. Everything is start with our thoughts and thoughts are going create feelings. And then our feelings create, like, they encourage you to take action. And your actions are what actually going to give you the results? Like if you put it into reverse mode your results are not going to lie. This is like this. That's a creation of your thoughts to begin with, so if you start having that imagination, like what's the possibility what is possible for me? Then this that's step number one, we have to change. And, to me imagination equals, you know, growth mindset because this that's the step number one to begin with.

And I also love around imagination that Albert Einstein said that imagination is more Powerful the knowledge is the preview of life's coming attractions that always gives me goosebumps, because a child knows how to play, and be in that imagination and to get back to that playful learning. And from that source of being playful, we can create more out of that creativity. And as I said earlier, inspired in spirit, and to come from that place of sources. Very exciting.

Yes, like, when we were kids, and as you mentioned, right, like when a kid has a lot like huge imagination, but and then when we start when we learn to walk, and if you see a kid learning to walk, and it's false, you don't say, Oh, my God, that kid isn't like take it away is done, you know, is not usable anymore. Like he's not going to walk anymore. We don't say that. That will be silly to think if to even think that he's not going to work anymore by just falling. Like what he does is just like Stand up and try again and keep walking or, and trying to get them to and that's the way we all learn how to walk. So what happened in our lives will? I don't know, we just like put that frown idea in our heads like if we made a mistake, and we full of fear, we try one thing is if this didn't work, we just say oh my god, like I'm not I don't know how to do this like this doesn't work for me. Love is not for me, you know and then we start making a story and our imagination like goes into the wrong spot. So but that's not true.

yes, I also think that curiosity again child is very curious. Curiosity is key to like you're saying the questions that we ask ourselves, get curious about something get you don't have to know the health leave that to the universe, but get clear of what you want. Because, you know, one of the things I want in the future, at this moment it may change is to spend time on a cat in the islands and Mediterranean and live on the boat, so many months a year. Do I know how that's gonna happen right now where I'm at my life? No, but the universe knows what I want. And that'll come about whatever. And that's you get curious, but then just leave it and get excited that you're, what you've asked for from the universe is already there. Now. It's just going to show up whatever way it does. I think that's a wonderful word like imagination & get curious. Two areas.

Yeah, yeah, absolutely. You're totally right. At the very beginning, when I was new to this way of thinking, it was really hard for me to, to accept and to believe that that was possible. I was I was actually thought with the belief that I since I was young, right. I was taught About a God and that he had his sign for us and he was the one who was, you know, dictating, you are gonna be through this you're gonna have this and that you don't know you can kind of, you know, like that dictator, but we have a freewill. We were given a free will. And, and that was just when I started like, trying it even if I didn't believe too much at the beginning, but it actually make change. So definitely I don't ever want to start just by little, just try a little bit and, you'll see the results like that that we are not lying in this.

There is also a timing for everything to unfold. It's not our timing all the time. You know, even this show, this show was first produced, loving years ago, with a producer in front of people, not a podcast, you know, it's on a hard drive. I still have 20 interviews. And it didn't go on at the time, truthfully, because we didn't have the funding to really hire another production team and do that. And so it went on hold. When I knew I was going to do this podcast show and launch it in 2020, and that the timing interesting enough is more critical and important now, would I have known that that I would come back and use the same name because it spoke to my heart and my soul - no, I wouldn't have known that 11 years ago and all those Why did it not happen and dada dada, all those things, which really does it that doesn't serve you it doesn't move you forward, it keeps you in that stuck state versus letting that go put on a show. And then now seeing all these years later, you know, that message, the show and the books I'm writing, which are very similar to what I wanted to give the message of those years ago, - creating the life you love on your terms. It's so important to do it your way not harming anybody else or that but on your own terms. Don't buy into - like, millennials, I love millennials. You know, people say they don't have directional that I don't think that's true. Maybe some people aren't. They don't know their direction right now. And they don't know the new direction to take. But a lot of them are also saying, I don't want that, let's say that car in a lease or a mortgage, or that maybe I want to do the tiny house thing. You know, what brings me joy in a little space? I know. Yes. You know, that, for me is exciting, because we have all this stuff. And you know, and we fill our homes with stuff and our lives with stuff and you know, it takes so much to look after that stuff. versus what's important. What do you wear every day for you? You know, what, what makes you feel good and smile? Marilu we are all meaning making machines, it's a term in NLP and we associate and give meaning to everything in our life. How does someone start to master their emotions and get into that high vibrational state where they will let you attract again and manifest what they want? How would you tell somebody to do that?

Um... It's a big question.

Yeah, So important though Yes. First of all is quiet like we need to like I said mentioned earlier we need to learn how to quiet our negative faults like the ones are because we're the first ones on we could be our best friend or our worst enemy. Everything has started like with the quieted our mind, as you mentioned. And yes, I do believe we are meaning making machines. One thing like we need to find what is what raises our vibration and like I said mentioned one of one of the things is we can meditate or pray. Whatever you feel more, there's many ways like we can meditate, right. And also there's many ways we can pray. Just make sure when we pray, we don't bring all that sorrows, like up front, right? Come with an open heart when you're praying, calm with and, and I really recommend like praying we've got one more like sort of like a mantra correct. Like said your time, even if it's just one minute. I'd like to do that with positive words like maybe love. And I started doing that and the only thing I'm gonna think is that love, love, love why this is important. Like it's a really good exercise for our brain. Because once again, our immediate response will be and our lizard brain right it will be Oh, What is in it for me? Right would like if I don't know your husband, your boyfriend or your boss comes and tell you, I want this now. Our brain is gonna go nuts thinking why is he asking me this right now if he was do it within three hours and we all well was nothing like the worst. That's the nature of the brain. Remember our brain is as wired to one, work less and always find like survival. So is just always gonna think the the worst but if we focus again going back to the answer answering your question, if we focus into this. I'm not gonna have any thoughts I'm just gonna focus on this mantra. We are training our brain. Like like Joe dispenza says like it's like taking your dog The beginning is gonna want to play and jump around and but if you tell your dog Hey, sit here and say here is true repetition, when we start doing that, and, like in the minute like, if you keep repeating this, you're gonna notice that if you have a fight or your work or situations where you used to react in a negative way, you're gonna stop and reconsider your, your action, what is going to come next?

That's why that exercise is being like life changing for me. Because it's wonderful, because then I can consider Okay, what is it? Like even when making decisions, like is this decision like people that are having problems, I mean, they're having problems on eating disorders or that exercise is like really good for that because then when you are craving you know, sugar or craving In something else is like, is this a session? Actually I'm gonna is going to help me like making sure that all the decisions you do are going to help you to grow and are for the good.

And also, when you take inspired action this is actually going to take me closer to my goals or further from my goals and and reassess them and then make a choice based on that. I know that what part of my exercise without is the I am. I am love I enjoy and really feel it within my whole essence. I am abundance. I am fun. I am healthy, I'm wealthy. So the I am calling in the higher source of who we are. That's how I do that one.

Exactly. And like deep inside, where we all are that child, like, like seriously sometimes when We feel I don't know if you have had those moments like when you feel like kind of like Angry for no reason. And you feel like you don't. I don't know, like a kid having a tantrum kind of thing, right? And I noticed, like when I started getting angry about something with no reason is because I haven't had that moment of like creativity or imagination or because my soul needs that timing for, you know, on cooling over the pressure of this trial of like, go go go life. So I'm so important to have that moment. Yes, and the mantras and affirmations are really like a huge tool.

I also feel that. I know that when I especially right now because I am an empath intuitive and so I see spirit. I hear spirit I too take on a lot I have to be very clear with my own boundaries to keep my own self safe so I can be there for other people in my work my family and you know each day, but the part about the boundaries for sure. And then this I am just really staying the high vibrational state by listening to music that inspires me. I listened to Dema Preval and last night when I was cooking I had that on with my Hey Google, which I absolutely love. And I have a passion for cooking. So I put that on and I just said to my husband when he came for dinner, I said, You know, I feel like what we're saying this whole show is about finding my way back home. I felt like I was at home when I listened to the mantras and the chanting that Diva Preval and Mitten and how they say these things and it just brings me back home to my soul. So it's it's another exercise that I do.

Mariilu, can you share with us the gift that you'd like to give to our listeners today and I want everyone to know all the links to Mary Lou and this gift will be below this episode. If you can tell us what that is.

Absolutely, that's, this is a gift that I created specifically for your audience.

It is about like how to test your dreams and there are five steps how you can know that is a right dream for you. Whether you need help, it lights you up, brings you joy. Is your dream good for others, like and is it going to require you to grow and it like I put a little bit more information on it. And yes, if you have any more questions and people have more question like please feel free to reach me.

So Marilu, thank you for sharing from your heart and soul today your wisdom on how important our dreams are, and your own personal journey of finding your way back home. Namaste.

Namaste and thank you so much.