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Becoming a Heartfelt Entrepreneur

October 12, 2020 Moira Sutton Season 1 Episode 16
Heart Soul Wisdom Podcast
Becoming a Heartfelt Entrepreneur
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Becoming a Heartfelt Entrepreneur

Lindsey is a speaker, author, podcast host, world-renowned wellness expert and bold entrepreneur who turned her degree in chemistry and doctorate in pharmacy into a health and wellness education company. She shares her passion for natural wellness on stages around the world and reaches countless others through social media platforms. Her mission is to share her knowledge and expertise in a way to empower you to make tough decisions to help you learn to trust your inner voice to give you the courage to take care of yourself and others. In doing so, she strives to inspire you to find your greatest purpose.

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Welcome to Episode 16: Becoming a Heartfelt Entrepreneur with our special guest business owner and entrepreneur Dr. Lindsey Elmore. Lindsey is a speaker, author, podcast host, world renowned wellness expert, and a bold entrepreneur who turned her degree in chemistry and her doctorate in pharmacy into a health and wellness education company. She shares her passion from her heart and soul on natural wellness on stages around the world and she reaches countless others through social media platforms. Her mission is to share her knowledge and expertise in a way to empower you to make tough decisions to help you learn to trust your inner voice to give you the courage to take care of yourself and others in doing so. She strives to inspire you to find your greatest purpose.

She's also the author of essential oils 75 answers to common questions about essential oils and supplements, and the clean slate cleanse cookbook and the workbook series that goes along with this. She has published in a wide variety of pharmacy and medical journals, and she's been featured on news segments on NBC, ABC, CBC Fox, cw and the daily buzz. Wow.

So without further adue, it is my pleasure to introduce you to our special guest, Dr. Lindsay Elmore. Welcome Lindsay!

Thank you so much for having me. I'm so excited to be here to chat with you today.

I'm excited also and we are going to have a great chat. And we just talked just briefly for the audience before we started to record this ~ there's so much Lindsay has to share. I could have her on many times and I promise you I will.

Oh, thank you.

So, let's just dive in. Lindsey tell us you know, you weren't always on entrepreneur, what happened? What was your story at the age of I think 28. You know, when you were broke, and you knew you were not in a good place in your life> How did you then move into this new area, you know, to motivate you to start your company, build your business and make that leap?

Well, I was always a little bit of a wacky pharmacist was a pharmacist who knew as much about supplements and herbs as I did about medications. And over the course of years, it just evolved. It just grew and morphed and created additional opportunities. And at one point, I was working for a company and there were some some shakeups happening, and I was offered the opportunity to either remain an employee or to go out on my own and be a contractor with them. And you know, I had been an entrepreneur or I had been around enough entrepreneurs for an For years, to know that this was the right decision for me. So I left the corporate world I had, even before I joined to the corporate world left the academic world I had been in academia, I'd been in hospital practice of pharmacy had been in community practice I had done a lot. And I eventually realized that if I really wanted to bring a vision and cast a vision for what kind of world I wanted to see that that would be best accomplished by being an entrepreneur.

So tell us what is that vision that bigger vision that you hold?

Oh my goodness. I just want every woman out there to know that her health, her wellness, her financial fitness, her best relationship ever all of those things are achievable. They are within your grasp, and They are in exceedingly large part within your control. So I want people to know that living their best life is not a matter of the hand that you were dealt. But the joy that you can bring to the life that you have the good, the bad and the ugly, you know, I think this year for sure has been a challenge for a lot of people. And this morning, I wrote in my in my gratitude journal, and just said, I am grateful that I can control my own inner compass. And if I can get as many people as possible in my life to understand that their internal compass is their own, and that they have control of where it is set regardless of what's going on in the world, or regardless of what is going on in politics and government and all the other places that seem to cause a stress You know, I've done pretty good work throughout this life.

No, that's, that's wonderful, because I was going to get into that with you right now with great change and transformation with the COVID fires, you know, we'll get into that later ~ or we could just get into it now, why not? In the sense that, you know, giving you permission yourself to turn off that brain that when you get overwhelmed to talk about the connection between the limbic system and the neocortex and the gut, and how can people make better decisions and turn off that worry and that anxiety?

Well, I think it's very important for people to understand that worry and anxiety is a hijacker of your health, your well being your mental status and your mental stability. So when we're under chronic stress, it not only engages our fight or flight systems in our brain, making us less likely to be able to deal with real stress because You know, there is real stress in the world and there are times that stress is extraordinarily beneficial, if not life saving for us, but most of the time what we're actually experiencing is just low grade, chronic stress where you, you know, you're not in the best relationship Your job is putting too much pressure on you. You haven't taken a vacation in years and years, and this makes us less likely to be able to cope with it. When real stress happens when a child gets gravely ill or when your spouse decides to leave you one day or when you get fired or you don't get the promotion you thought you deserved or whatever those real stressors are. We become less likely to be able to deal with those and because of the way our brain is programmed, our brain is programmed to help us avoid threats That we have had in the past. So if there was an acute stressor at some point in your life, and you don't deal with those acute stressors, it can lead to you having the conscious memory of those stressors, which then leads you to get, you know, very nervous at just a minor thing. Or it can lead you to get to a place where you're not able to think clearly. Because your limbic system is sending signals to the conscious portion of your brain and saying, hey, I need you to overreact. I need you to overreact and you should overreact. This is something worth overreacting to. And and if you stop and take a moment, and go, is it really do I really need to have this big reaction To this or is there something different that I can do? Can I shift the way that I talk about this problem? And can I shift the way that I engage with this adverse reaction to a situation? You know, you can, your kids can be annoying you all day long, but the way you respond to that is up to you. You know, do you respond to that by screaming and yelling and adding more stress to the situation and creating longer term stress for yourself? Because you know, when you're little kids, your parents are everything. And if if your kids get stressed out by you, how are they going to return that favor when they're teenagers, you know, versus if your children know that even when you're frustrated, even when you've had a difficult day that you We'll always meet them to the best of your ability with love and with kindness. Let's focus more on those things. And that not only helps our mental control of our body, but it also helps our physical control of our body. Because when we have those fighter flight reactions, and we're under that stress, it raises our blood pressure. It causes us to constrict our blood vessels around our kidneys and around our lungs making it sometimes we've all had those moments where it can almost be difficult to breathe if you're that stressed out. And so we control our physiological environment by controlling our mental environment and that helps us not only from a mental, emotional and physiological stress level, but it also helps to improve the function of our body. immune system, it helps to improve the function of our cardiovascular system. The health benefits of stress reduction reduction are far reaching, and have lasting impact, even if all you're doing is just spending a moment or two a day focused on removing your stress.

Mm hmm.


Well, part of the vision of the show is to help individuals, first of all worldwide raise their consciousness for the greater good of humanity for themselves and the planet. And one of the things there is becoming more of a conscious co-creator in life ~ is I use and I know you use this ~ is the practice of meditation, mindfulness and you're paying attention to your intuition. My question to you is how does somebody start to begin to trust their intuition? How do they develop this?

Well, I think step one is being quiet enough to actually hear it and that is is the first step. And so you may be in a situation where you go, I don't I don't know if this is the right decision for me. But if you ignore that intuition is like a muscle and it will get weaker if you don't put effort towards keeping it up to date and allowing it to serve you. And so when you exercise your intuition, part of what you have to do is become still and quiet in yourself and ask, what do I actually want? And I think that's a very difficult question for a lot of women to answer because women, we are placed in society to where if we are not caregivers at every step along the way, then who are we and why do we think we matter and That's not a fair situation to be in. And so women need to sit back and say, What do I really want? And if you can get down to what do I really want, that's gonna allow you to do those difficult things, you know, the difficult breakups with bad partners, it's going to allow you to realize that you've got to have that terrible conversation with your boss, or with your family member that says, you know, this way that I've been being treated, it's not okay, it's not okay and it never will be. So those are the kind of things that we can start to exercise and no one says it's going to be easy. But when you have that moment, of whatever you call it, the gut feeling the understanding the realization, the all of the things. This is your intuition speaking to you, even if it's not what you call it, even if it's not what you call it, if you call it a gut feeling, or if you say, I don't know, I just, I just think that I'm supposed to do that, well, then do that, because that is intuition. And women have it very, very strongly. It just gets pushed out of us in the name of, well, I need to be something for everyone else. Well, that's not the case. You do not have to be something for everyone else. You can simply be you and that's okay.

Mm hmm.

I'm just taking that in. Yes, I think for women definitely. But I think a lot of women now are finding their voice and, you know, speaking their truth and being honest to themselves, and my big thing, again, a tagline for this show, my whole brand is create the life you love on your terms. It's so important to do it on your terms, not your husbands, not your mates, not your children's or mother, father, you know, it's on your terms. Because when you have desires placed on your heart, they're placed there for a reason for you to now take steps towards that. So let's segue into what you talked about begin with the end in mind.

Mm hmm. Yeah.

I mean, I think that we need to cast a vision for our future and who we want to be and all of the amazing things that we have within us that we know we want to share. Because if you don't share them, you are doing a disservice to the person that you are. And women so often, I think, are hesitant, because they simply say, Well, wait a minute. I'm supposed to be taking care of my children taking care of my husband, but if you don't take care of you, then what good is that you You know what good is that. And as you said, if you've got something in your heart, it's there for a reason. And to deny it is to deny yourself, it is to deny the very essence of your being. And that is just a losing proposition. It's absolutely just a way to lose yourself to stay in bad relationships to not raise your children according to the principles and the ethics and the values that you want them to be raised by. It's a losing hand. It really, really is. And so the more that we can tap in and become quiet and understand that we have lots of options for who we want to be and how we want to give and contribute. To the world, then it allows us to create space for our best possible self.

And how we want to show up in the world in the work that we do. Like you're saying for yourself that you have to do the work yourself. Take the time to meditate, take the time to develop the skills you need for that big vision and hold that vision very clearly in your mind, and tell that story that empowers and inspires you, for sure.

Oh, absolutely.

How do you help people in the process of finding really, what is their life purpose? Now, you might look at that differently. So it'd be interesting to hear what you're saying, but their passions or purpose and really, you know, create that business or that brand that you have an excellence in teaching people in your brand strategies lamp lab, which we'll talk about, how do you help people discover that because I have a lot of people that come to me and I help them with that. But how do you do that?

Well, I think the big thing Is everyone is looking for solutions to problems, you know? So if you are living your life and you have a problem and you think, Oh my gosh, if there was this one like aha moment to this aha solution that would change my life for the better. That would bring you to a point of understanding that like, wow, if I actually create this solution, I bet there are a lot of other people who have the same problem. So and brand strategies lab, we talk about what is the problem that you solve? And why are you the person to solve that problem? Because if I'm going to show up, and I'm going to say, you know, I hear you've got this problem, and I hear that there is an issue that you're having, and hey, I've got the solution. I need to have the authority To tell you that, but I also have to have the empathy of, wow, there was a time in my life when I suffered from this same problem. And now I don't because I've made changes in my life. So embrace charges, like we talked about, who are you? What do you sell? What problem does it solve? Who do you sell to? And why the heck do they care? And if we can discover those things, it comes down to leading your company with Why Why did you create what you created? Why does anybody care about what you created? You know, why do you think that this this product or this service or this good could change someone's life for the better? And how do we strategically communicate with people so that they understand that that is the case? That gives them that moment where they don't just stop? Want to buy your product or service, they are so enthusiastic about buying it that they don't need a sale, they don't need a coupon they don't need need to know they don't care if it's out of stock for the next three weeks, they just know they need it. And that is where you want to be. We want products and people that are so passionate about helping to solve the world's problems, that it actually transforms into getting people so excited about you and what you offer, that it creates these brand zealots who they're not only going to buy one, they're going to buy one for the three other people that they know that has this problem and they're going to talk to you about how amazing it is that there's finally the solution.

Mm hmm. And I still think it's also you know, it's a process because I've been entrepreneur for over 30 years, Lindsey. So it's my path. along that path, it's always been to help people to live their best life, for sure through different modalities and that, but also it keeps unfolding. And you know, you, you have your I've had my ups and my downs and around the corners and valleys and the whole gamut. And I also, you know, the point of following a lot of people out there who say they're the guru, follow me, you'll get these results. I've invested a lot of those programs. Yes, I came away with something. But I found for my own path and tell me how this works with your students and that, that when I stopped really listening, like to create webinars and all that stuff, and I just came back to me, which is part of this podcast show because I used to have a television show and I, I love researching and interviewing my guests who literally are here to share their wealth of knowledge and wisdom to help inspire and empower other people. And not only that, With this epidemic and everything, I've added back my Reiki long distance readings and intuition, and healings online, which I haven't done that for quite some time. And I realized that I'm really enjoying it. And, and I'm coming back, really through watching you right now interesting enough. I've been inspired to look back into, like, aroma therapy and oils, and we're going to talk about your, you know, your Young Living education club, because the way you have it set up, and if you really are excited about essential oils, you know, that's all coming back, and then kind of writing them doing so it's all showing up as I just allow it and I stay in that zone. And I do the work.

Yeah, you have to do the work. I mean, you know, there's there's a reason why people who call themselves gurus are inherently inherently less trustworthy than people who allow others to call them gurus. You know, I Am as educated as anyone in the realm of essential oils. But I never wanted to be the ultimate authority because I understand that that does not exist. Understand that the ultimate authority is the guru within each and every one of us. So, my highest and greatest good is the ultimate authority that I serve. But the highest and greatest good within you is the ultimate authority that you serve. And so I don't think one of the problems that I have with the contemporary practice of medicine is that it's one size fits all, you know, there's one treatment guideline for high blood pressure, there's one treatment guideline for Well, I guess there were like four treatment guidelines for high blood pressure and they all disagree with each other. So there is no ultimate authority, but you know, there's one way that we treat chronic abuse Pulmonary Disease there's one way that we treat asthma. And yet, at the origins of medicine, where we look at traditional healing modalities, to Shamnic practices, to VEDA, to energy healing through Reiki, it's ultimately about tapping into the essence of the person that you're working with. And there's the hands on piece of the equation and there is power in social connection between one on to another and the giving of I will heal you just as you heal me. I've never thought of my pharmacy practice as a unit directional practice. I gain as much knowledge and understanding of where we are as humanity from the people that I work with, as much as I hope that they gain from me, you know, it needs to be an even exchange between the two providers and the patient or the the massage client and the therapist. So I think if we go into interactions with others, and we understand that the person in front of you, regardless of what they look like, what they sound like, what their education level is, what disabilities that they have, what color their skin is, that person has an inherent value, that it's our job to see. And sometimes you see that inherent value and you realize that those values are right in line with yours, that they are just you get this person you jive with them. Other times you realize like, Hi, you know, I'm kind of there with these people 50% of the time. And then there are other times that you realize that people have values that are not your core values. And you don't want anything to do with this person and you actively seek to separate yourself from those values. Because just because a person has inherent value doesn't mean that those values are things that you want to bring into your life. And trusting that intuition. trusting that inner discernment is one of the best ways that we can pull that apart that we can piece it into. Okay, this is a person that I really want to have a great deep relationship with, versus like this is someone that I that I want to see three times a year versus this is the kind of person who has values that do not sync up with Mind and I do not want to be a part of this story.

Hmm. values are core because they shape our lives.

Oh, yeah. Values shape your life. They shape your actions. Yes, a shape, what drives you to get out of bed every morning and ultimately they play into your why the Why do you do what you do in the world? And that's critically important that we all have that mission and that vision that is bigger than us.

Yes, I would like to hear a little bit ~ a little side road trip ~ I want to hear a little bit about how you went to Africa to meet a shaman and then you met another one through North Carolina through your studies of, you know, vitamins, minerals, essential oils, and really the origins of disease. How did you go about that?

So I traveled to Africa. It was it was amazing. Interesting thing, I had the desire to go to Africa. And so I go to my boss and I just say, hey, if you ever have a need for me to go to Africa, just let me know. And I'll go, because the university that I was at at the time had a lot of international connections. And so I just threw it out there, and six weeks went by, and he said, Hey, do you want to go to Africa? And I was like, yes, I was a little bit taken aback, but I knew there was something in there that I had to do. And so I went and had some conversations with the the people that I would be going with who I would be teaching with and sharing with and building programs with, and they asked me, is there anything you'd like to do while you're there? And in Africa, in Zambia, where I was there is many people registered as shamans as there are pharmacists. And so I just said, Well, I really really want to meet a shaman because shamanic practice has a greater role and healthcare, then does the practice of pharmacy. And so I go, I get in this car and they're like, Alright, well, we're gonna go. We pick up one of the shamans at a local market near his home because he basically said, there's absolutely no way you will find my home without me bringing you to it. And so I'm in this van, and we're driving through puddles that had to have been, you know, at least knee if not bottom of the hip deep. And we're driving through this area where there is bush up to both sides of the car. And I hear someone say, Oh, this is the road that goes from this village to that village and I'm like, this is a road that goes through a village. Oh my gosh, we get into the shamans house. And they begin talking to me about the you know, the demonic association of Zambia, they start talking to me about it was a very academic pursuit, you know, they start telling me about all their members and what it takes to become a member and I'm like, that's great. I am so grateful you shared that with me. That's not why I'm here. And they were like, Well, why are you here? And I was like, because I'm here for I'm here for the medicine. I'm here to like, actually meet the shaman, not the shamans public facing face.

And they all kind of stopped and looked at each other. And you know, and then all of a sudden, all the English goes out the window. And they begin speaking in in their native tongue and the shaman looks at me, he looks at me and he says, Well, if you're going to work with a shaman, you have to work with my wife because she's more powerful than I am. And I said, Okay, well, great. If she's more powerful than you are amazing. So she comes in the room, and she's got a baby with her and she hands me she hands me the baby and the baby He starts crying a little bit, and I'm like, it's okay. It's, you know, just me. And they start speaking again about the fact that I want to have the shamanic healing. And I don't understand anything that's being said. But it was told to me afterwards that she looked at me very, very hard. And her husband asked, Do you want a healing? And I said, Yes. And the wife says, Well, I will take her, but the spirits will be very surprised. And I kind of stepped back and was like, what does that mean? You know, what does that mean? Yes. And it came to my awareness that I am white and they are not and that I was the first white person, their child their baby had ever seen their older daughters. I was one of the few. I was the first white Westerner that they had brought to the spirits and I asked them later, why did you do this for me? You know why, why me? And the husband says to me, because you were not doing it for sport. You know, this was not me on like some grand mission to discover what ancient Zambian healing traditions were so that I could make fun of them. This was me, genuinely wanting to understand and to experience and to be a part of something different than myself. And what was so fascinating about it is because there are more registered shamans than there are pharmacists, shamans in Zambia are allowed to prescribe medications. So I walk out of my surgery with the shaman with my bag of herbs with my handwritten notes on how to I was supposed to use them alongside some antibiotics and some acetaminophen and just like completely traditional Western medications. And so it was, it was quite, it was quite a beautiful experience, one that I probably will never experience again. And it was one of those days where, you know, you fully come to realize that you don't know what ripples your life has in, in the universe around you and you don't know how your life can shift people's understanding. And I am immensely grateful that, that God put me in a situation where I could be a person who came in search of true shoe monic healing and not sport, that I could show them that there were people who understood from just an inherent point of view, who understood and loved their craft and their passion, even if we were seemingly from different worlds.

And as you're talking about that, as I'm hearing you, I, what happens for me, Lindsay, when I'm connected with my, my soul within, and I hear a message like that I get tears in my eyes. So I know it's really resonating at a high vibration.

Thank you. Yeah, I mean, I think when we go out of our way, to see people for who they are, and to allow the gifts that that other person has to fully engage with who we are, we become more open, more understanding, more empathetic. And we also have to acknowledge our own humility of mine. perception of the world is not other people's perception of the world. It is not. It is not someone saying that, you know, the world has to be my way or the highway when you see that other people live a whole lot of other lives. This brings us to a point where we can go wow. And I want to respect and honor the life that that person lives for sure. Mm hmm.

Lindsey, we are talking about health and we're looking at essential oils and how they, how essential oils impact the body. I want to know from you. What are some of the herbs and vitamins supplements that have real evidence for healing disease naturally.

I mean, they're, the body doesn't function without the proper balance. Have macro and micro nutrients and to so to say like, Oh yes, take this supplement and you will be free from this disease forever is not universally true for every single person. But we do know that if you don't have vitamin A is vitamin C's, vitamin D, selenium, zinc, manganese, magnesium, you know, if you don't have all of these nutrients in balance, your body simply cannot work. Your body's simply cannot function. And so, you know, do we know and do we have lots of evidence that various probiotics can help to manage irritable bowel syndrome? Sure, but we also have great evidence that meditation can help to manage irritable bowel syndrome. You know, I think I think the big thing we need to remember is that if you look at Chinese medicine or you look at ayurveda, or you even look at some more modern interpretations of health, all health begins in the same place. According to Ayurveda, it is the buildup of toxins. And so if that is the buildup of environmental toxins, okay, that's one thing, if that is the buildup of toxic relationships, leading you to have depression and anxiety, that's one buildup of toxins, if that is the buildup of toxins that we take in from our diet from eating food that is so far removed from the earth that it's barely a food anymore, you know, it's not even a food. It's a food like product that builds up toxins and so that's part of it because the toxins then lead to huge amounts of free radicals. And if you're not taking in the antioxidants in your body, your body can't tap down those free radicals well then what happens you get low grade inflammation and then what happens? Then you get high grade inflammation. And so I think about your body is going to whisper before it screams at you. You know your body is going to give you something subtle before it screams at you. And so, yes, freak accidents happen. But oftentimes there were things that had been morning you had been hinting you had been making you think about, maybe I don't want to drive after I've had those two cocktails. Maybe I don't want to go on that date with that guy. That just gives me a bad feeling. Maybe I don't want to continue to answer this friends text messages, all of that. stipitate a drunk driving accident or it precipitates an abusive relationship. It predates the major fight that you have with that friend that is just toxic. It is just toxic. And so if you're living your life and you think you're pretty healthy overall, you know, what are your bowels talking to you and some kind of subtle way is, is the headache that you wake up with every morning actually just telling you dude seriously, can you put away your phone at like 11pm and go to sleep? You know, is the infertility that you're experiencing in your life Is it is it telling you something about your diet or your stress or your exercise routine or your partner ship your relationship. All of those things are whispers that you can listen to those whispers before they start to scream at you. Because once your body is screaming at you in chronic pain, or in an absolutely abusive relationship, or you have just gone down a rabbit hole of addiction, whatever those things are, your body's been whispering to you for a while before it became a pressing need. That must be fixed right now.

Mm hmm. And then you have a choice. There's a choice point in our life. What do you want to do and you don't have to wait for that crisis to happen in your life. It's like you're saying listen to that tiny whispers and you know and pay attention and then take inspired action from whatever information you gain.

Yep. Yep, absolutely. I mean, if you can listen to what's within, you know, I love John Maxwell because I think a lot of people get very nervous about meditation because they think it somehow takes away from God. They think it somehow takes away with a spiritual or religious experience and, and I've had people tell me I don't meditate, I pray. And john Maxwell says praying is asking God questions. Meditation is listening for the answers. And when we can listen for the answers in the most subtle of ways, we begin to transform our lives.

I meditate and pray every day, there is a competent combination that I do within my meditation. And literally, I hold a space for the world to have this raising the consciousness and healing for our planet. So both of them are combined, but I hear what you're saying. I love john Maxwell. Yeah, Lindsey. Can you share it? Because a lot of people, they see us where you are. You're very successful in your life business in your life. What were some of the biggest mistakes you made along the way? And how did you blast through those or overcome those challenges?

Oh, man, I think every entrepreneur has a lot of stories about battle scars and mistakes that we've made. I think the the big thing is failing to start. I think a lot of people look at Oh, she's got the podcast and she's got the the website and she's got the equipment and the Sound Studio and this and that and yeah, I started at my kitchen table with just me at a computer with a phone making some videos like I started with nothing. And you know, if you want to look if you want to have some fun, go back, go and Google something called the Wayback. Back machine. And you can go and look at what does any website look like at any point backwards in time. And you will realize that most websites are just they started with nothing. They started with like one blog post, I look back on my website. So many people have been like, I could never build a website like yours. And I was like, Well, my website started with one blog post. So that was all it was, it was one blog post with a with a home page. But if I hadn't written that one, I wouldn't have written the second one and I wouldn't have written the third. And I certainly wouldn't have 500 to 600 of them by now. So don't allow the fact that you're not farther along. To prevent you from starting, start. Just begin somewhere and allow that starting point to be just that to be what you do. do next and what you do after that, and after that, I also have not trusted my intuition and it is deadly. Because in business, when you don't trust your intuition, guess what, you waste a lot of money and you work with people who will promise you all kinds of things, and they never bring it to fruition. And then you end up mad at yourself, you end up really mad at yourself, because you're like, Well, I was supposed to accomplish this. And I didn't. And part of that reason is because there were people in your sphere, who were casting bad energy towards the projects that you worked on. So always trust your intuition if especially when it comes to making software decisions and making big, big investments on what you who you want to work with. I think that's a really, really big one. When you're selecting employees and consultants that you want to work with, hire very slowly and fire very quickly.

That's great.

Yeah, you know, you hire slow fire quick because it's work to onboard people and all of the things so be be aware that bringing the right people in and having the right people around you is very, very, very important. So those have been some of the biggest mistakes that I have made. And the way that I get through them is by understanding that the work that I do has meaning it has meaning for myself, because I mean, I tell you, one of the things about being a health and wellness influencer is if you don't continually try new health and wellness things You don't put yourself out there and you don't do the like, you know, I just started a cleanse yesterday that I've never done before. And so I'm trying it out, I'm seeing how it goes. And that gives me the opportunity to talk to my audience and to let my audience know that I'm not perfect. I don't claim to be, and I never, ever will be. But yet, I'm here on a journey with you, and I'll share my journey, I'll share my journey with you. And if some of it inspires you, then I hope you come along, too.

Mm hmm. And this show is also about a journey of self discovery and transformation. So that's perfect. I know that when I did my television show, people would come up to me and I'd have three four guests a week. This is when I drove to the studio did makeup and everything. And I prepared the questions, the gifts, the contest, everything and people. How did you do that? How do you How can I get that? You know, that kind of energy? And I remember thinking no You know, it doesn't come from there. It's It was a passion and I wanted to learn it and I learned it I learned how to write intros, outros. All of it. I put a lot and went for the, you know, the photoshoot. It didn't just happen overnight. It wasn't just something or you can go manage your show. And it's not about doing it for you. It's are you doing this? Yes, you enjoy it, you have a passion, but what are you contributing to the world and out of all my guests that I had, I think I only had two when I asked them to really share their nuggets of wisdom to inspire and empower the audience then, you know, I had somebody say, I'm not sharing that. Like that's, that's private. And I suppose that sad.

Yeah. Because out of all the guests, there's only two and I remember who they were and I thought that said that, you know, you don't want to share that with somebody else. This isn't, you know, about competition ~ this is about contribution and collaboration and community. I love powerful and inspirational "C" words ~ that I love and it's about courage, it's about THAT and your creativity and you're uniquely you.

Absolutely it is and if by someone listening to this podcast prevents them from making a 500 or $1,000, or a $5,000, or a $50,000 mistake, because they've got a contract sitting on their desk that everybody around them keeps pressuring them to sign and there's just something in that contract that they don't feel right about. I've done my job for the day, you know, we we have the opportunity to help and to raise each other up. And let's just continue to raise each other up. And I think it's really, really important that we spend time sharing these stories with others because we all make mistakes and we all make errors and We all make bad judgments. And we all have our moments where we look back and go, Oh, maybe I shouldn't have done that. And maybe I could do that differently next time. Let's just do more of that for one another. And yeah, it would make me really sad. I mean, anytime you're on a podcast or hosting a podcast, and the guest says, No, that's, that's really frustrating.

Mm hmm. So it's a learning lesson along the curve, because doing a podcast is a little different than a television show. But it's still highlighting wonderful people to get their message. Oh, and really create the snowball effect. That's what I want, so it reaches many people just with when we talk about, you know, today, again, a lot of people aren't traveling, we can't travel to, you know, we can't come to the states from Canada. You know, people are scared to travel right now. Then there's people that aren't really watching all that, but I'm one of the ones not from fear, but how as you being a Delta 360 I'm diamond member, and you've traveled so much in the world. How can people stay healthy when they're traveling and be safe?

Well, I think part of the big thing is is is eliminating the stress. And so I see, I see people when they're traveling all the time, and as you you can almost you can almost feel the light in their, in their

arena. And so just stop with the stress if traveling is stressful for you. Like why are you even doing it? Yes. Um, and so there's that piece of it. And then you guys, I hate to say it, but it's honestly not that challenging. It's really not sleep well. Eat well have positive social connections with people that you're traveling with, and be joyful. We stay Yay, in our best frame of mind, when we are in extraordinarily full of joy and of life and of curiosity, and you know now is a moment where it is a struggle for a lot of people, especially as the recommendations that were being given are inconsistent to say the least. And they are ever changing, which is always, which is always stressful as well. And so I think that there's nothing wrong with washing your hands, take some vitamin C, take some zinc, take some probiotics, drink all the water, get plenty of sleep, just take care of you. Absolutely take care of you. And you will be in a situation where you can stay well, no matter where you are in the world?

Thank you.

Lindsey what is your Young Living Eucation Club? and who would be the ideal person to join you on this journey of that? And what's a success story of someone who started the program and the results they achieve during this program? Well, I am a huge fan of Young Living essential oils. I've been affiliated with the company for going on seven years. And I realized that there was not a place where there was I realized that was not a place where there was all of the education about young livings products, because I realized there was there was you know, some some crazy things being said about essential oils and about, about the way that supplements work and all of this on online. So I really wanted to take a deeper look and say, Well, how do I explain this to people in a way that I would think about it if I were talking about a medication or talking about it, as if I were a pharmacist. And so, I wanted to set out and create an educational database for young livings essential oils, as well as their supplements, where anybody who was interested in the products or in the business of Young Living that could get involved, get their learn on learn all the information that they would need to go out there and create their own entrepreneurial business. So I created the YL Education Club.com and it is now the largest collection of Young Living data of Young Living, education that exists anywhere in the world and we have business programs to where people if they would like to do business runs can come in participate and we find people that say, you know, I've, I've gone up in rank, I'm able to quit my job, I am able to make an extra hundred bucks a month an extra 500 bucks a month, you know, just as sharing products that you really love with other people. So the ideal person would be someone who is enthusiastic about Young Living. If you've never heard about Young Living just come and follow me on social media reach out I mean, if you if you message me on instagram still to this day, it is me you will get every single time and just let me know like, Hey, I heard you talking about essential oils and I can help you get started with those. And if you love them and are enthusiastic about them, then the while education club is there to help empower your knowledge and help you grow your business.

And we're also going to our listeners a unique link to for people who are listening to this podcast so if they want to go explore this, they can go to that link. It's going to be below your interview on the social notes.

Yes, absolutely. I would love to love to get some people in and because I truly believe that essential oils so we talk about health as as the stuff that we put into our bodies. As far as the food that we eat, the water we drink, the supplements that we take. The other thing is the the food that we put into our mind and essential oils are one of the only things that can directly communicate with our brains. And it can really help to shift emotions and to help you to understand that a change in perspective can be what you need to help to offset the frustrations of the day, the stress of the day, the stress of the children. simply taking a couple of deep breaths especially while in Inhaling some essential oils can dramatically shift the mood very, very quickly.

Mm hmm. I got involved with Aromatherapy many years ago,and I kept adding modalities to the Reiki, the Reflexology and the Aromatherapy because I wanted to really experience them all, as you say experienced this new cleanse AND I could offer more to my clients that came in to help them. Lindsay, can you share with our listeners today the special gift that you are gifting the listeners to and they're also going to receive a special gift code for $100 to save on your brand strategies lab lab, if that's of interest to them. If you can share this, that would be wonderful.

Absolutely. So if you head to www.lindseyelmore.com/BSL, that's brand strategies lab BSL when you get to the checkout if you use the coupon code HEART SOUL you will save $100 off joining the next session of brand strategies lab.

Lindsey thank you so much for sharing from your Heart and Soul your wisdom today on how to become a successful heartfelt entrepreneur. Namaste