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Quantum Shifts in Business and in Life

September 14, 2020 Moira Sutton Season 14 Episode 14
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Quantum Shifts in Business and in Life
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Quantum Shifts in Business and in Life

Deberah is a non-conformist Empowerment Expert and one of the most profit-producing Business Growth Authorities in the world. She is probably best known for her creative ingenuity, tenacity, and leadership while negotiating the Virgin America deal between Sir Richard Branson and Arnold Schwarzenegger, for which she received the “Steal of the Year” award, for the deal that never should have happened. Her clients are empowered to live their own lives of personal and financial freedom, while at the same time, experiencing explosive results that skyrocket both personal and financial growth. Using her proven Formula, they experience exponential success, combined with a clear understanding that life and business are meant to be easy, abundant, joyful and fun!

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Welcome to Episode 14 Quantum Shifts in Business and in Life with our special guest Business Growth and Empowerment expert Deborah Bringelson. Deborah is a nonconformist empowerment expert and one of the most profit producing business growth authorities in the world. She's probably best known for her creative ingenuity, tenacity and leadership while negotiating the virgin American deal between Sir Richard Branson and Arnold Schwarzenegger, for which she received the Steel of the Year Award for the deal that never should have happened. She has worked with Fortune 100 and 500. Companies, CEOs, US presidents, members of Congress, business Titans like Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, david packard President Ronald Reagan and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, among others. Her clients are empowered to live their own lives of personal and financial freedom, while at the same time experiencing explosive results that skyrocket both personally and financial growth. Using her proven formula, they experience exponential success, combined with a clear understanding that life and business are meant to be easy, abundant, joyful, and fun. So without further adue, it is my pleasure to introduce you to our special guest. Deborah Bringelson. Welcome Deborah.

Thank you so much for having me today.

I'm so excited. We know this isn't going to be flow and ease between you and I


It's all here. So let's just dive in. Deborah, I want to start with the story how you attracted and negotiated the Virgin American deal between Sir Richard Branson and Arnold Schwarzenegger. The deal that never should have happened. So how did it happen?

Well, so Richard was looking for a place to have his headquarters for his new American Virgin American Airlines and I was asked by the state of California to make sure that it came to the Bay Area to San Francisco Airport. And we were competing against six other areas in the country. What I didn't know, when I was asked, first of all, they said it this will take about a month before he makes a decision. It actually took him nine months. And what I didn't know at the time is that he had already decided that he would not locate in California for a huge list of reasons we don't have time to go into today. And I found this out after the deal had closed that the only reason he was toying with California was because he wanted to get the best deal he could get from the other areas. And I said, You know, I didn't really know what I was doing. And I'd never done anything like this before. And they asked me would you do this? And I said, Sure. And, and so I jumped in and We went through this, you know, as I said, nine month process. And all along the way, I kept picking up the little magical gifts that the universe was giving me like, you know, I wanted to host a party, I had no budget, by the way, it literally is no budget. And we were getting toward the end, and I wanted to host a party for him and I didn't have a place, I didn't have a budget. And I had seven days to pull it all together. And five days before it happened. Somebody called me on the phone and said, I hear you want to host a party for the top of Fortune 100 and 500 CEOs in the Bay Area and Richard Branson, and you're looking for a place to do it. And I said, Yes I am. Well, you can have it at my home, which turned out to be an estate and it was magnificent. And I said well, I don't have a budget for food or anything like that. I will have it catered. Well, that's really good. But I know who the fortune 100 and 500 CEOs are, but I have no way to contact them. It's five days away. And these aren't the kind of people who, you know, have their emails or anything out on the internet. And this person said, Oh, well, I know someone who has all of that. It all just sort of magically came together. Because I was able to kind of toss it to the universe for help. And when it all closed, after nine months of working on it, he as I said to his team, which I had become friendly with said, you know, we never planned to come to California, it was all just part of the game.

Well, that's a great story. You are a major manifester. So I'm going to just segue right into that, you know, you're a quantum shift expert or a quantum shift lever, you know, tell us first of all how you define quantum physics and we just had a big example of what you created and how can people start to use this in their lives so they can solve their own problems and create better lives?

Well, so I, you know, I started out learning about this about 30 years ago, because I wasn't happy with what was happening in my life and, and I really started in the metaphysical world, learning from shaman and spiritual teachers. And then over the, you know, course of time, I was really finding success in my own life. And then I started using it very quietly and secretly with clients who were achieving, you know, they were they were growing from like, my first turnaround company was $56,000 a year there, that was their budget. And when we wrapped up our work together, they had grown to 50 or 13 million. But I wasn't telling anyone what I was doing, because I was afraid, you know, I was a business person and I was afraid that it would ruin my reputation and they would think I was, you know, kind of crazy. But then I started using it more and more and more publicly with my clients. And I got into the quantum physics realm, because I thought it would give me more credibility if I was talking about science rather than talking about spirituality. And I didn't want to get, you know, mixed into a religious discussion. So it kind of melded the two together. And I call it practical, quantum metaphysics. So it's a little bit science. It's a little bit metaphysics. And it's meant to be practical. So one of the things that I say and I would, I would say to your listeners, is, you know, could people say, Oh my gosh, I don't want to learn all that science. You know, it's a lot of math. And I always say no math required. So what it is, is understanding that the entire universe, everything you can imagine is made up of waves of energy and frequency, your body is vibrating it energetically, and it's vibrating at a frequency that is specific to you. And there are four points of power, or four, four points that create your point of power, which brings into your life. What you're experiencing. So I want you to stop me if this isn't making sense so far.

Oh, for sure. And I wouldn't even mind an exercise that people can know how to get into this quantum field. So no continuous Perfect.

Okay, great. So when you are, let's talk about money, okay? Because that's something that everybody has on their mind right now. So, when you look around at your world, if you see prosperity and wealth, that means that you are operating energetically at a frequency that says, I deserve money, I am worthy of money, I'm worthy of this great experience. And if you're looking around and you're going, Well, you know, I've got all this debt and my bank account is empty, what you're doing and there's no judgment here. I'm loving you if this is your experience, and I want you to understand how to shift it. So you're, you understand that the waves that you're sending out and the frequency that it's going out at is at a frequency of lack. And it there, there are four components to the point of power that make up that lack. Everybody talks about well, thoughts become things okay. Well, sure. So your thoughts and your emotions are connected. Those those are two and you're core beliefs, and your feelings are connected. So your thoughts and emotions, you know your thoughts, they run through your head, most of the time you don't pay attention to them. And then your emotions are attached to them. So a great example is somebody cuts you off on the freeway, and you start looping in these thoughts. They're, you know, you're angry, and the thoughts have energy, that's your emotions, they're in your head head. Okay, then in your body, you've got your core beliefs and what I know from my personal experience, and from my clients, a lot of times people don't know what their core beliefs are. But if your core belief is in conflict with your thought, your core belief wins every time. Definitely. So let's say for example, you're sitting around talking to somebody and you're like, Yes, I deserve to make $10 million this year. And that's in your head, but in your core, you grew up with lack if your parents were afraid of not having enough money, and then you embedded that into your body that will beat out your thoughts every time.

Mm hmm. Like money doesn't grow on trees.

Or, or you know, you're not good enough or you're smart enough, or you've got to work really super hard. You The only people who have money work really hard. Well, that's not true. But that's a lot of a lot of families have that belief growing up and attached to your core beliefs or your feelings. So those are the feelings that are in your body. And those feelings radiate out the energy and frequency that your body then pulls back in in terms of experience. So let's let's do a little experience. You can feel this in your body because you know, your body was meant to give you information. It was designed to give you information by We've been trained culturally, not to listen to turn it off, you know, we have to go to some sort of religious intermediary for information. No, you don't tune into your body. Think of like, if you've ever been someplace and and you felt a danger, you know the hair on the back of your neck or on your arms goes up. That's a tiny little remnant that's left, but you can learn to tune into your body. So let's, let's do that right now. Okay, we're just going to do a really quickie to give you a sense. So take a nice breath And exhale. Take one more nice breath. And as you exhale, I want you to drop out of your head and down into your heart region. Get out of your head completely. And just focus on when I say heart. I don't mean the Oregon, I mean, your shoulders, the front of your chest, your back And that whole heart region just dropped down into there and call in the feeling the energy of joy and some people need a little extra help. So if you're one of those people, that's fine. Imagine with your inner eyes and your body, something that you have done or experienced, that made you feel just utter joy. I always like to remember when my daughter was a baby and I would look at her face and I would explode with joy. To just feel that joy in your body. Just feel it. See the images. Feel it flow out of your heart region into your entire body. top of your head, the bottom of your feet. And now have it expand outside your body, but six feet so that you're completely encapsulated with joy. Your body cannot hold a positive feeling and a negative one at the same time. So anytime you're feeling fearful, or stressed or angry, somebody's upset you just stop and call in this feeling of joy. It will immediately shift your energy and frequency. And what happens is, instead of attracting at the energy of anger, whatever negativity, you begin to start shifting your body and attracting at the energy of joy. It's a higher frequency. So before we come out of this and continue our conversation, one of the things that really empowers you energetically is when you send that love and joy to someone else. So I'm going to encourage you to pick someone who has hurt you upset you made you angry. And right now, just send them that deepest, heartfelt expression of joy. So that encapsulates them and that empowers you and attracts it back to you. So how is that how did that feel? Could you feel the difference?

Mm hmm, I love that and I really loved just sending it out to your home Whole body and then just sending an outside the room I'm in, out into nature to the person or people or circumstances that you have a negative feeling or attachment or energetic tie to, and just sending them joy in love. And that can take work for us because we tell ourselves a lot of stories every day. That would be we're saying it out loud or we're saying it to yourself into this takes practice for a lot of us.

Well, can I fine tune that for you? Yes. Okay. So one of the things that that I like to teach in my classes is, what if it was easy. So when you say something, you know, when you say something like, Oh, this is going to be really hard, or we're going to have to work really hard. Whatever you create that you create that experience for yourself, you speak it into existence. So instead if you say, What if it was easy, I had a client to have this beautiful be built this beautiful facility in a very remote area. And he was having difficulty hiring people because he was so remote. And he kept saying, This is so hard because we're so remote. And I said, I want you to start saying, What if this was easy? That was on a Tuesday. By Friday, he had four people to interview.

So I'm glad I brought that up, because that's a great example that you shared. And I love real life examples for people to hear that say, oh my goodness that happened for that person, then I could do this.

Well, and it's what so I teach classes on business classes and quantum physics classes. And it's one of the things that my students tell me that they get great results from they love it the most.

I love that. Well, let's let's move into this proprietary formula that you have and how we said at the beginning that the people that work with you and go through this formula, they experience you know, exponential success, they reduce their stress, they get a clear understanding that Really life in business are meant to be this easy, flow joyful way of being. So tell me a bit about that formula.

Okay, so I call it the power of three. And it's it. I started out in the business world and there, you know, there are practical things that you can do in the business world with your team with your sales team training. So that's one piece of the formula at the second piece of the formula, our proven business strategies, how you strategically message and communicate with your ideal buyers, understanding who your ideal buyers are, even most people when I ask them, Do you understand who your ideal buyers are? They say yes. And the real answer is no, they actually don't. They most CEOs are. They've got gotten into business because they were love what they do whatever that is a widget that they make or service that they sell. But they haven't developed themselves as a leader and, and in business growth. And so I teach them how to grow their business at a very practical level using the Bs, proven tools and strategies. And then the third piece that my colleagues in the consulting world like to tease me about and they called Deborah's secret sauce is adding in that quantum metaphysics element, understanding that you don't have to work around the clock, you know, that hustle and grind that's so popular right now. If you work less Now, I'm not saying you know, just walk away from your business without any intelligence put into it. But if you work less if you spend more time in nature, if you have more fun, you can be a lot more successful, both in your life, reduce your stress As you know, CEOs are massively stressed out, you can reduce your stress reduce your risk of serious illness like, you know, stroke, heart attack, diabetes, and you can also make more money. So when you you know, a lot of people in the business world, they do one thing, you know, well, I'm going to help you with sales or I'm going to help you with marketing. And I say those one shot wonders, maybe temporary fixes, but what you need for both your business and your life is a real foundation. And that's what the power of three is weaves it all together. It's multi layered. And you know, the big thing is it gets the universe on your side, helping you create that success.

Mm hmm, and so you're a co creator with the universe. Absolutely.

And you know, I mean, whether you call it God or Allah or I pretend to call it source my daughter likes to say the universe. When you've got source on your side, there is nothing more powerful than that.

So do you think with what you just shared? That's why some people really experienced maybe massive success in many areas of their life, business, personal, their health, their well being, and others don't. Do you think that's the secret being in alignment with source and more or less letting go letting go and letting the universe or as you say, whatever the name is for the person?

Well, I think there are several things I think, you know, one thing is, when you ask someone what they want, typically, they're really great at telling you what they don't want. Yes. And they're resting in the dump want. And so a really big part of what they have to do is shift into not just knowing what they want, which most people don't, but living in it, living in the what you want. Like so for example, when my daughter was applying to college, she only applied to one school it was a very difficult school to get into, at, in the thinking of the world. And one of the things that we talked about was, you know, go to when you go to bed at night, sleeping your dorm room at that school, we had we plastered the house with fun pictures of her on that campus at that school doing those things. And that got her in the energy of not I have to get in, you know, most people can't get in all of that. She shifted out of that. And she got into the school, one shot with amazing scholarships. So it's all it's all living in the energy of what you want. So that's, that's really the first step and then the other thing is, as we talked about before, Those core beliefs, you know, so many people, one of my clients was having a lot of difficulty growing his business. I mean, it was a, it was a struggle. And I said to him, do you think that a part of what's going on is because of your relationship with your dad and the messages that you've gotten from him? And he said to me, Well, what are you talking about? I have a great relationship with my dad. And I said, Oh, really? Do you remember when you told me about when he said this to you, and when you did this, and it wasn't as successful as you want it in the things that he said to you and how he's beaten you down and all of this. And my point of that is, most people don't realize what their beliefs are. This wonderful CEO had all of these beliefs about not being weak is one of the things his dad said to him is, you should go to work for someone you should never Have your own company because you're, you don't have skills you're going to fail. And so he had that embedded in his body over a lifetime of growing up. And then even those same messages as an adult, most like this client. Most of the CEOs I work with, don't recognize what they really believe.

Mm hmm. Yeah. So that's, that's the second piece of it. Mm hmm. Cool. I've been working with conscious core transformation as a leader and a teacher for 30 years. So like you said, your beliefs are huge. And, you know, we think I just read the other day that I was reading a new book by Gregg Braden, and he's, there's studies that our subconscious thoughts are going at a rate of 60,000 to 80,000 times a day. And just think, again, our subconscious will rule what you're thinking consciously if you don't dive in there. Find out what's happening there because it will win every time. And we have to live with our highest. Let's talk a little bit about your big why in your life, your life purpose, and how does someone else discover that? How do you help somebody discover that? Because a lot of people are saying, Well, I don't know what I'm passionate about, I don't know my purpose. Is it out there? versus really funny, maybe within so tell us how you would help somebody who's maybe lost faith, and they have that I'm not enough, or I'm not going to ever have the life I truly desire. How would you help somebody?

Well, the first thing I would I would do is I would want to discover what all of those hidden beliefs are. And you know, I would say all of them, but based on my own life experience, you know, I really went into trying to understand what they were. And even now, you know, but a year ago, I had a huge wind come up and I was like, Holy smokes. Where did that come from. So so it's it's a layer process. It's like peeling an onion, you know, to keep getting to it. But But, you know, I'd want to discover what are the beliefs that are holding them back? And what's under those beliefs. So one of the games that I play with my students is it's called what's under that? If somebody says, Well, you know, I want to take a fabulous trip, but I don't have enough money. Okay, well, what's up with that? Well, my, I have to take care of my family. Well, no, not really. You don't don't have to sacrifice everything to take care of your family. You could take a nice trip. So what's under that? Well, I'm you know, I was raised with the belief that it's my responsibility to do everything for my family, the cooking the cleaning of this and having a job and motto, whatever. Well, is that really true. And what's under that? So we keep going under what's under that. So that's the first place where I would start. And then what happens is, it starts to emerge organically, what they really want to do. Now some people, and I would say far too many people have taken, especially people who have jobs. They've taken jobs because they felt like this is what they had to do to make money. Or they had to take over the company business because that's what their parents expected or whatever. So they're living someone else's life. Because they have a belief that they have to live someone else's life, because they haven't been empowered to live their own life and make their own choices. So as they start uncovering all of this, what happens for a lot of people is it starts to emerge for them. You know what, I really don't want to have this job. I want to pay Or I want to do something else. I have a client who's an artist, and she was so focused on, I've got to make money, I've got to make money, that she wasn't making money. And she took my quantum physics class and she said, I just want to paint to have fun. And she's discovered the art of painting and making a mess. And now she's selling a lot of her artwork, because she's the love the joy to come out.

I think this also ties into, you know, expectation, you know, with manifesting and creating what we want, you know, talk a bit about that expectation and how that affects what we want because I know you said something on a material that I read, I loved it you for your own business, you expected it to succeed.

Yeah, and you know, I have rules for my business I've written Rules, install my business, this is what you will do. You will send me ideal clients, you will have them be the right ones for me, and to buy without struggle. So yeah, I have an entire page of rules for my business. And what that does is energetically, it tells source, this is what my expectation is, if we're going to co create together, this is your piece of it. And it also sets up for me what I'm expecting, because people tend to be and I have done this myself. People tend to be sloppy about it, you know, something bad happens or that we perceive as bad happens. And we start without even being aware of what we're doing. We start expecting the negative. And if you can keep yourself in that mindset and you know, I do through meditation, I do it through giving my business rules. I do it through, you know, consciously envisioning what I intend to happen either in my day or my week or my month, whatever. I set those expectations, and I expect source to deliver.

Mm hmm. And I think a big part of that also, is when you set that, then you let go get out of your own way and just allow it to show up. It's sort of I talked to people about asking for what they want and like you with the onion. I keep saying to them when they come back, what do you want? And and they they don't like it because they realize what they first said, there's always something underneath there. What is the, you know, the basis of that and, but when you're asking, and then my second is believe, no trust and then allow, and that's the biggest one that I find people. You know, when you ask for your expect, then you let go because the universe knows better than you do, how to create what it is you want.

Well, and also when you don't let go when you try to micromanage it, you're living in a state of lack or disbelief. And I always say to people, it's kind of like being pregnant, you can't be 85% pregnant. You also cannot be a 5% in belief you either believe or you don't. Mm hmm. So you know, you here's a great example you go into a restaurant and and you order all these fabulous things off the menu. And, you know, you can be specific you can specifically say to the waiter, I want my sauce on the side, or I want this cooked a specific way or whatever. But when you go into a restaurant like that, do you then get up every five minutes and go into the kitchen or call the waiter over and go, Well, how are they doing? Are they doing a sauce? Right? Hmm. Right. But a lot of people do that with source or the universe. They, they don't clearly communicate what they want and then They keep checking in. Well, are you getting right? Are you getting the right? And look, not one person on the planet knows more than source.

And I also believe that one thing I say is, don't share your biggest dreams with naysayers, that could be family members or whatever their beliefs come in, and you're giving them like now you're maybe coming back and you're saying, Oh, no. And like you're backing up trying to support what you believe in, keep your biggest dreams and only share with those people that are in your cheering, you know, audience court. Yeah, I'm going to ask you, who has been one of your greatest teachers or a mentor for you through this whole journey of your life and coming into business in your life, and I know that you'll have met many I have many, but this wasn't the first person that comes to mind. Maybe some of you read a lot someone you've worked with.

Um, you know, it's interesting. Up to some of this started for me as a child. And I will say one of the biggest influencers for me is Harriet Tubman. She lived a life that none of us would have wanted to live. And she did it with and I don't know how much people know about her, but her integrity, her courage, her some of the things that she did and was successful at there is no way that she should have been. So there was definitely an energy of power running through her. Um, you know, a lot of my early teachers were were Native American shaman, I'm part Cherokee. So that was something that appealed to me, not not necessarily people that anyone would know. But those were my really big influencers.

Huh, as I started out, and that's kind of cool. You're part Cherokee. I love that. I'm gonna go again and do this little segue thing. I like that word segues. That's why I'm using it. I don't always use it, but today I like it. So there you go. I like the sound of words of that. Back to Gregg Braden was sitting right beside me because I just got his book, The Wisdom quotes, he talks about how they Hopi Indians, they only experienced the present moment in time. And they changed their words by making words into adjectives life, if you had the word wave, they turn it to the wave is waving, they put the IMG at the end, and they literally stretch their license, you know, live consciously connected with the living universe. So I I feel this is very cool, because you shared with me when we talked originally this neat exercise that you created, and I love it. So it's called I am in space of time in no time. Can you share a little bit about that because I think that would be helpful.

Yeah, so, um, several years ago and close to 20 years ago, I was really, really sick. And literally, I thought I was going to die. And if I, I wanted to see like I thought I was going to and I was like, I can't live like this because I was really sick. And I went into a meditative state and I did sort of a sing song. And we know that time does not exist. It's a human construct. Yes, that we've agreed to here on Earth. So there is no time. Everything is happening right now. me as a three year old is happening right now. You in the 1820s making that data but you're happening right now that life is happening right now. And so I got myself into this sing song. I'm in a space of time, no time and that was to tell me that even though I appear to be in time right now. There is no such thing as frozen time. And so I said to myself, if I could be in a different space in time when I wasn't sick when I was healthy, how would that be? And could I shift my body to that different time? And so I did that I I picked a time just an arbitrary time when I knew I was completely healthy. And I just kept doing that and I shifted my, my body. Literally, as crazy as this sounds literally shifted my body and with a tete within about 10 minutes, I was 100% and it stayed, and it yeah, it stayed. And I you know, so after I had my daughter and, you know, I was working more than I wanted to be and not whatever, I put on a lot of weight. And I did the exact same thing with that. I I finally After, I don't know, 15 years said, This is enough. And I did the same thing. I shifted a space of time, no time. And I felt this, like sonic boom of a wave go through my body. And I didn't know what it was. I'd never experienced that before. And within about five months without any effort, and I have a friend who says you can't tell the story, Deborah, because people will not believe this. But I lost 60 pounds. With no effort, I didn't change my exercise, eating nothing less 60 pounds, and it's been about two years now.

That's excellent.

So if you if for anybody who's in my practical quantum physics Facebook group, I actually posted some before and after pictures.

That's very, very cool. Very cool. Different what is coherence and emotional intelligence and how can people You know, implement this into their own lives. And literally if they're ever in a state of survival, how can they shift into the state of thriving in their life?

Mm hmm. Well, coherence for me and i and i think that the three amigos you talk about Gregg Braden, but it you know, it's also Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton and Joe dispenza. And I love all of them. And one of the things that they talk about coherence that I also say is, it's, it's a heart, brain coherence. So we've been trained in our society to be, you know, very brain centered, I got to figure this out, I got to think it through. And, you know, I've got to make all these logical decisions. And my personal experience is, the more I allow the magic to happen, the more I get into the energy of now if I have to figure it out, I'm taking it step by step 1234 And there's no room for the universe or source to come in and do its thing. And so coherence for me is having your heart and your brain both be involved equally and sometimes the heart Even more like in that little exercise we just did. So when I'm trying when I have a conflict with someone, I don't sit around, I used to do this, I don't sit around and think about, okay, how do I fix this? How do I, you know, sue them or speak to them or I don't do any of that I get in my heart. And I radiate love to them until it flows so freely and I'm talking about even people that you have serious conflict with, when you can flow your love to them, and your best energy to them the same way you would do somebody that you love. deeply, that level of coherence in your body and connection with them will shift your relationship. I've seen it time after time after time, in my life and in my clients lives.

That's, that's excellent. And I think today, when people will be we're going to touch on this with the pandemic and COVID-19 where people, you know, their, their social distancing. It's been a lot of months here. There's job loss, uncertainty, fear, anger, all these emotional feelings going through us and also collectively and individually so we to be aware that we can be picking that up and it's not even ours, especially I know for myself as an empath and intuitive. I have to be very aware and do the practices you said, meditate, walk in nature, take time for my own space to heal, when and let go and be in that space of love. and joy and peace and send that out into the world. So this here your wisdom on how to discover why global turmoil, which we're having right now will usher us into a new golden age starting in 2021. And how can we create that and move into this new energy that I call the New Earth and one of higher vibration and unity consciousness, which is what the show a big part of what the show is about.

Yes and so I think one of the mistakes that a lot of people are making is believing that this is going to happen to everyone collectively, and it's not. You can have what you call the new earth today. You can have it right now today. Yes. Okay. But there are people and we have to love them and allow them there are people who aren't Not ready to move into that higher frequency higher vibration. They're attached to the old, we have to allow them to be attached to the old and we have to love them where they are.

And I also believed ever that people, it's sad people who have died of this virus and going through this horrible experience and people who are living leaving the planet, people, some people not consciously are leaving, because they are choosing to leave, I believe.

Yes, absolutely. But why is it more horrible for them to leave because they've gotten a virus than it is for them to leave because they've gotten in a car wreck. Each soul chooses. Every soul chooses their time and their method or they may not choose it intellectually as their human self but their soul self is choosing it and While it's sad for the person, the people who are left behind, the person who leaves goes off into pure source energy and leaves behind the body that is unwell or the circumstances that they don't want to be in. And I think one of the things that would make life more joyful for everyone is if we would allow people to have the experience that they and their soul are choosing to have, without condemning any of it.

I think one of my lessons through my life from very young, like, not very young, probably my late 20s is discernment. And also learning that for Let it be family members or people that you just meet along the way to really allow them to have their own experience and if they want to learn what I teach, you know, they asked, that's different but You know, I don't put my stuff on people, but they, they know what I believe. And then those are the kind of people that are really in my community. But allowing, yes, I hear what you're saying.

Well, I think one of the problems we have is that we as a community, and I mean, the whole world haven't had a good conversation about this. You know, we've been told by religion, you're going to die and you probably are going to go to hell or it's going to be you know, all of this stuff. And that's just that's not true. And there's no way to control it. Every single person on the planet is going to die. It's just a change of state from my perspective. You know, my daughter and I have talked about this ever since she was pretty young. You know, I'm a single parent always have been, and at some point, I know I'm leaving. And we talked about it some water rabbit irreverently, like I'll I'll say, you know, oh, When I die, make sure you know, you know, don't just donate this because this ring is actually you know, value or when I die, don't forget to do this or whatever. Okay, we talked about it as though it's a part of life, because it is. And I think that's where a lot of the fear comes from, is we're not as communities, having these kinds of conversations, so that we can be more comfortable with it.

Or you think of nature, you know, like when like, here we are in the fall here, and it's already changing the weather, which I love the fall and how the trees change and all the seasons of life and just allow that and explore that. Like you're saying, you know, my beliefs always being that we go back to Spirit because I've seen spirits since I was a little girl too. And I know we have many lives. So yes, I believe we are. We were literally right now preparing the foundation to go into this and we can have it today. Like you said this Planet Earth and raising this vibration. And for me, it's all about unity consciousness for the greater good of each other in the planet.

Yeah. And I think too, we also have to recognize there are people who are not ready. No, we have to allow that without, you know, because it can be it can be so difficult sometimes Look, I know there's a better way. And if you would just understand that life would be better for you, and they don't want to, and that has to be okay.

I know that even. I am a Reiki Master and a Karuna Reiki Master and I do long distance healing, which I've put out during this time for people if they wanted that. And one of the parts of doing Reiki and healing energy is you ask permission. First of all, do you want this healing? And some people might think that everyone would say yes, but they don't. Some people don't want that healing there wherever they are in their place in their life. So we have so much fun today Deborah, I love talking with you. And I definitely want you back in the new year. And I'd like to ask you, each one of my guests, they share a gift to for our listeners so they can be inspired, empowered today and incorporate something into their life. What would you like to give today? And also, I want everyone to know all the links to everything Deborah's been talking about all their programs. This gift will be below the episode in the show notes. So Deborah, can you share that with us?

Sure. So I wanted to do something that was a combination, because I know you have business people. And you know, whether it's the CEO or somebody who works in a business, I wanted to do something that hit on that business angle, but I also wanted something for everyone that would help help them at the quantum level. So it's actually two pieces. One is my Blueprint seven Transformation Blueprint for 100% business growth. And when I say blueprint, it's not just one page of It looks like a blueprint, it actually it's close to 40 pages of each seven, each of the seven steps, what it is in, you know how to get yourself started in implementing it. So it's a little more comprehensive than just what you would normally think of a blueprint. The second thing is so I do these guided processes where I take my clients and students into the quantum field for specific purposes. You know, whatever it is that we're teaching it at the moment, and I created one for a client who had gone 12 months without making a dime. She not made any money for an entire year. And we needed to reset her frequency to clear away her core beliefs. So I've included that as well. So it's a download, and everybody you can put it on your phone or your iPod or whatever and listen to it. recommend listening to it more than once. You know a lot of these things it took you however old you are, it took you that long to get you where you are in the in your limiting beliefs. And I'm not saying it's going to take an equal amount of time. But now I recommend doing it more than once for sure.

That is excellent. A lot of people are going to have a lot of benefit from that. So thank you very much. Thank you for sharing from your heart and soul your wisdom today on how each one of us can make quantum shifts in our business and in our life and live our best life on our terms.

Thank you so much for having me. It's been wonderful and it flew by!

It did fly by and we will we'll have you back in 2021. Thank you so much.