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Transform and Heal Yourself with Sound

November 09, 2020 Moira Sutotn Season 1 Episode 18
Heart Soul Wisdom Podcast
Transform and Heal Yourself with Sound
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Transform and Heal Yourself with Sound

Jill is a prolific Artist, Musician and Author. She is widely recognized as an expert and composer in the field of Sound & Color Healing! She has also produced ten musical CDs with intriguing, magical tracks using ancient & modern techniques, & special healing frequencies to achieve profound benefits. Jill's Wings of Light is dedicated to the sharing and advancement of Sound Healing and strives to spread awareness and knowledge of the many novel uses of Sound Energy for the benefit of mankind. She reveals how Sound Healing techniques have been used for growth and enlightenment throughout the ages. Uniquely, Jill combines information of ancient origins with modern scientific findings to present innovative paths to restore health and vitality, emotional strength, balance, intelligence, and higher consciousness.

Three Key Takeaways you will discover:

• That Sound literally changes you ~ You can use sound to improve health, receive spiritual gifts and even alter personality traits.
• You will have access to free music to boost your immune system to fight against the coronavirus.
• And How to change your mindset ion how you can use sound as an energy source to empower yourself and live your best life.

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Welcome to Episode 18. Transform and Heal Yourself with Sound with our special guest healing sound composer and author Jill Mattson. Jill is a prolific artists, musician and author. She is widely recognized as an expert and composer in the field of sound and color healing. She has also produced 10 musical CDs with intriguing magical tracks using ancient and modern techniques and special healing frequencies to achieve profound benefits. Jill's Wings of Life is dedicated to the sharing and advancement of sound healing, and strives to spread awareness and knowledge of the many novel uses of sound energy for the benefit of mankind. She reveals how sound healing techniques have been used for growth and enlightenment throughout the ages. Uniquely, Jill combines information of ancient origins with modern scientific findings to present innovative paths to restore health, vitality, emotional strength, balance, intelligence and higher consciousness. So exciting. So without further adieu please welcome Jill Mattson

Welcome Jill,

It's lovely to be here and I'm excited about sharing new ideas with our listeners, because the world of free energy out there, it's very powerful. And it's called sound. 

I am so excited about this, we've never had a guest on like you and I know you are passionate about what you do ~ you are a brilliant lady. And there's going to be so much information that we'll probably have to have you back because we've been going on for hours, I have a feeling. So let's just dive in. And we're just going to have fun. So, Jill what is the most powerful way do you use sound for healing and transformation.

You can use sound for healing on your physical levels, your emotional levels, your mental levels, and even your spiritual levels. If you have, let's say, Well, I had a case of shingles, which is everyone knows is very, very painful. And I listened to anti shingle sounds. And I got them away in about 45 minutes.

Oh my goodness,

The only offset is it takes longer time listening, if I had the shingles for a week or so, if I listened right at the beginning of the outbreak, it's very, very quick. But think of them looking at the cell of a shingle. And then think of like, nice a circle like a jellyfish and breathing in and out. What was physics and of course are microscopic, you know, abilities. We can measure? What is the frequency? In other words, what's the cycle per second? What's the rate of that breathing. And let's say it's 60 cycles per second, we listened to one over 60. They combine 60 times one over 60. This one cancels out, gone. So that's a pretty powerful one right there. And sound is also a carrier wave. So let's say I have a teenage son, I'm just going to use the emotional realms for an example. And I want to let him know that I care about him. But he's at a stage where it's just not cool to say that. You can say, oh, what time would be home for dinner.  And there's the love.

The sound of your voice influences ourselves in others.

Absolutely. You see everything in close proximity interacts, we don't see it, but even like what we look at, we take a signal it goes into our eyes into our brain interpreted, we've received that frequency. With sound, it's more powerful, because then our ears and then me energy is transmitted like a computer like it turns into a digital signal. And through the nervous system, it can go through the entire body, or it can go into sensors in our skin and then it travels in an analogue fashion in our skin. Like a hybrid, we're like a hybrid computer, or it can resonate and resonate. Just think of having two violins close. You play the A string of one, the A sound starts on the other one. energy transfers on the same frequency. 

So, that was sound resonances in the process of the resonance.

Yeah, so like let's say you're on the street and somebody comes out doing number subwoofers boom, boom. And it shakes your bones. That's because it's the frequency of your bones and energies going back and forth from the radio, your bones, that's why they shake. you ingest it. Absolutely. you ingest everything around you, but here's the thing, you know, you can listen to music while you sleep, you can listen to music all day long. And you can get a very, very decent dosage. We've just never known what to do with it. But now with science and antiquity coming together, you can use it to tune your organs, tighten your skin, change your mood, connect to guides and spirits, aura light colors, get rid of all those negative feelings. And it goes on and on and on. Just a powerful source of energy. 

How did you know what kind of music to listen to when you had shingles? Like if somebody has a heart problem, or they're anxious, or they're got a health issue going on? How do they know with your work, how to pick that music to listen to?

Probably as to not invest in a lot of equipment and studies, they just want the results. I have a book called Secret Sounds that shows you how to access the work of Sherry Edwards and there are many people that will put everything in your world into sound. But I like hers, because she has classes and teach you how to do it for yourself. Mm hmm. But at any rate, what she does is get into your body by everything in your body's holographic, and therefore your voices as well. And just this light comes through a crystal, I'm pretty excited, no rainbow colors. Sound also can go through a transformer and break into musical notes of the scale, same thing. And with that scientific phenomenon, she can look at every frequency in your body, your liver, your biochemicals the formula of digestion of last night. It's all in there, and it's all vibrating. And there's other people that do it as well. I had a friend of mine who calculated your frequencies through skin pressure. galvanic skin pressure, you can use a sauna solista.

You know, this is so powerful, what you're sharing here that it's like everyone in the world should know this.

I'm working on it.

I'm so glad you are.  Yes, it's so important. You know, if you said about the information that's found in our voice it we can also align our voice with our life purpose. How do we go about doing that one? Because a lot of people are questioning, you know, what is my life about? What is my purpose?

First of all, I think I would get to a very comfortable spot, like a deep meditative spot. And well, or we could if you'd like I don't know if you want to do but I go into a deep meditative state. And I simply ask for the presence of my higher self. I'll do that right now. In my voice. Oh, thank you ready?


Moira what would you like to hear?

Now, do I respond to you with that? If you want? Or I can just take it in?

That was the voice of my higher self.

Yes, I heard the shift. Very powerful.

Yeah. And so when I start to be conscious enough to speak in that voice, I embody the power of my higher self. And you suck it up? Yes, you do. Does everyone else listening? You see? We, the ancient masters, they healed with their voice? I guess they were highly conscious. Yes, they use other means. But one was their voice of Jesus saying to the whether they still and he and Peter go out and walk on the water. Part of that miracle is his voice. He connects in with that energy and communicate and actually, you know, it seems kind of Wow, we you know, all these masters. But I believe that everybody has that ability. If you go to let's say put the tree potted plants, and they're all very different. Ones kind of spiky. Take the other side of the room and keep that spiky one in your room. Put it close and concentrate, look at it, feel it. Feel how you feel. And I suggest that you'll feel how that plant feels. Maybe you'll feel oh it needs watered or maybe As your feel I need some attention. Or maybe you'll feel a ~ let's go play. But what happens is we get the signal and attributed to ourselves our thinking, I'm using a daydream. But it is coming from the plant. To others species, yes, an animal, you look into the eyes and it talks its head and at once something, you know.

Yes, I love your your two analogies or metaphors with that, because first of all, we have this plant, we've had it with us over 20 years now. And it's in the front of our meditation room. And I talked to it every morning, I opened the light I talked to I talked to the babies growing that tree, or that plant just grows, and I talked to all my plants. And then we have a willow tree behind us, which I talked to. And then you talk about animals, I talk to animals. So see all that just fits with what I've been doing for a long time, but like you, I studied Lynne Target's work many years ago, and she talked about plants and sending energy, and it could be good thoughts or not so good thoughts and how that plant reacted. That'd be in fear, or if there was a threat or out of love, and just the result that happened from that and how we communicate because we're all one.

And so we're communicating with our voice, we're communicating our thoughts or feelings. Actually, the content of a word is shallow, it's a thumbprint. It's a quick summary, it's not a very refined digital image. Where as our beings speaks with our emotions, our thoughts, our feelings, our intent, it's all there. And the voice is a carrier wave. So you can get into all that information and some kind of just a little interesting offshoot, David out in the 70s, I believe he's an Australian, and his tape deck was broken. And it was playing backwards. And it was a little bit lower in pitch than it should have been. And he noticed that all of his tapes on this broken tape deck, had messages so that the sounds going backwards, and it's lowered a few pitches. So he sounds like someone would say, Hey, I really think you look great today. And then he hear a message like, Oh, my gosh, it looks terrible. So he would hear the contrast. And it kind of brought he would hear the lie. But I hate almost in a way to even use the word lie. Because lie and prod implies intent and malice. I think where the the lack of harmony among us instead of lie comes in with our subconscious mind and our lack of truth with ourselves. So for example, one of the things Sherry Edwards does is if you have I think it's an E sharp piston voice, if you have high degrees of those on your mind, that's always present when someone's lying, but it's the broader definition of life. And so a friend of mine was going to go to college and she said, Oh, I'm going to go to college looks at her voice. Huge amount of those two notes. Liar, liar pants on fire. She gets really mad, because she intends to go and, and her voice registers unanimously. So anyway, she had to move because she was not able to get to the classes and she had three kids and she's a single mom. So she had to move before that was even a policy of possibility to go back to school. After she moved then the A and E disappeared from her voice see, so she was quote unquote lyng, but her being didn't really recognize her muster and commitment and it created dissonance inner voice Hmm. So when the ancients in Atlantean talk about one of the virtues and one of the powers they desired purity it's it's like not speaking with a forked tongue is Jesus said it's an it's it's much broader than lying and not lying. Also, it includes that it's like, if you don't know your subconscious mind, this energy plays out maybe you call it destiny or fate. But if you have a lot of pain that you shoved down, and you have hidden resentment for a person, your voice will show you that it's there. Your frequencies will show it's there. Your mind They have no idea. It's fair because you look crested. And I think part of the Enlightenment is getting into those dark corners, kind of like, you know, when you were going to clean your house and you get the attic full of crap. And you have to get in there and unload all that stuff to get the energy moving. So a lot of us have that, you know, we live in difficult people have difficult situations, name a person who has had a lot of pain. And if you don't feel it, and process it, you get to keep it. And it was. So like, if I have anger, that's the same frequency, if I get my sauna, scilla scope out. And I may be on a newly departed person, so I can touch their liver, I'm going to get the frequency of that liver and not anger are the same. So every time I get angry, it's going to be stored there think that I worry, I get an ulcer. And that's because the frequency of worry is the same as the lining in your tummy. So the energy transfer. And so we have within us I wouldn't say bad things, I would say things that need to come to the light and just observe and then they go, I have music that does that, too. I have to credit Pythagoras  because it was his idea. Thank you, Pythagoras!  Anyway, he would use more of maybe I should say the Greeks at that time. We're looking to heal the mind body soul, with emotions, a very new thing, because older civilizations have not done that yet. And so they're looking to heal your illness by looking to heal your ulcer by having no worries, that type of approach, since emotions and health are so close, they were looking to build the world through virtue. And I know that's kind of an old fashioned word, but maybe two positive emotions, it's more, you know, palatable today. And they would try to build their society in the strength of their people, by using sound to vibrate with their pain, kind of like claw it out of their tissue, and then release it. And then they would listen to music that made you feel a virtue. Now, let's say you go to movies, and you see some great guy when today. Maybe you feel a little braver during the movie, and what's it last five minutes. But in like ancient Egyptian times, their warriors would listen to music like that, since they were kids and their entire life. And look at the Romans, who had known for their strength of power. You know, the Roman army, the army of masculine power, their instruments are trumpets, to buzz drums. It's that masculine. Kind of like instilling unity and getting the tribal kind of connection. And fear goes away. So music is used to, in that case, make your warriors and really scary. 

I think that's so fascinating, because I was just reading Gregg Braden, his last book on the ancient codes and how he talks a little bit about the words again, how help the Romans and different warriors during history before they go into battle, though, they're saying these words and part of it from the Bible, and just what it means in different areas, and that how they're calling on this, this state before they go into battle. And so that's very, very interesting.

Mm hm. So when the United States during the Civil War, you had all these beautiful young boys and incomes the band, and you know, the flutes and the drums and that, you know, the building up the glory and the manipulating people that way. 

Mmhmm. In the case of Gregg Braden book, what I took was, in that case, not manipulation but to really empower these people before they went into battle. And that's what I loved about that. Tell us right now how, you know, we've talked about pain and anxiety right now a lot of people are in a state of fear, uncertainty and of course with this Coronavirus, you know, you tell us how music can be used to, to I don't know about a fight about the Coronavirus but to keep our bodies and our immune system really strong and healthy during this period of uncertainty.

Well, Sherry Edwards and I work together. A quick summary on Sherry is that she can hear just as normal hearing she can hear self Communicate little cell, subatomic communications. If you have diabetes, she can hear yourselves, the frequencies they emit, to try to heal it. So everybody with diabetes sounds the same to her. And anyway, she's developed a science from this, because she's realized that sound can pretty much take care of everything. Anyway, normally, if I started this off with the shingles, when you have a shingles virus, you can many methods come up with its frequency. And often they'll be like a bunch of strings of them. So you can come up with the frequencies and listen to the reciprocals. And they cancel out. And that's what you're right technology is and you're right machines. They're just the reciprocals of strings of diseases, a way to get rid of anything you don't want. Um, so, let me see. So the problem with the Coronavirus was that it is a string, a group of string, and it's manmade, according to Sherry Edwards, and it's very nasty. So it's got maybe six to eight strains that come together. And when you race, if you will, one strain, it triggers the next race that one that triggers the max. So you can't really cancel it out because it's very, it's manufactured and it's very ingenious. So in lieu of that, what Sherry did was she looked at the body and watch the Coronavirus come in and take over and so like first was a gluten ion and then person these are biochemicals that you know maybe you get from eating broccoli, so she saw him take out certain nutrients and take them basically the virus would come in and eliminate vitamins and so forth. And she just took them in order and she came up with a fairly large handful of nutrients that you're going to lose as soon as you're exposed to that coronavirus. Then I took them put them in similar key signatures and see digital music you can move up and down to match what you want. And now they all play in music so I wouldn't say it's a cure to Coronavirus not at all but it's kind of like you know how you take those pills and like for you get in the cold may just boost your immune system airborne or something like that. Anyway, it's like that tailored to the community Coronavirus. It's an hour's worth of free music that I composed and performed and recorded and all of the tones are in the music. So it's at coronavirusdefense.org. And you can download the whole hour for free

It hleps with some other viruses to boosting your immune system. And if someone has an overactive immune system, please don't listen to it.

What is an overactive immune system?

Some medical conditions have an overactive immune system that will actually attack itself to an example of that, I think it's Fibromyalgia is one, there is others. Autoimmunes.

Wowl, so fascinating. Jill, please share with us how some codes it can connect you to the heavens. And really, how did how did you learn this? It's very fascinating. And how can each one of us do this connect to the heavens? What's it like? 

Okay, we're going to talk about dimensions and then sound codes, I want to insert one dimensions of dots on a piece of paper. A second dimension is a line on a piece of paper. third dimension, you take that paper and you build you fold it and build a little paper house. Fourth dimension, it's in time. See the pattern that the line is, has the darkest part of it, the paper has the line as part of it. We're surrounded with the fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth dimension. And there is interplay and there is interaction that you take that little paper house and you set it on fire. Okay, there's a 3d problem. But does that affect 2d? Oh Yes! Does it affect 1d? Absolutely. And the dot may not have the vantage point of all that is in 3d, but it's certainly connected. So keep that in mind. I just had deep meditation, and I frequently leave my body and a lot of the things that I bring forth in sound techniques. I don't know who sends me these places, or why pop out of my body, but I guess I have to thank spirit in some way, because it's given to me. So in deep meditation, I saw that I had to put it I saw myself in the sound codes in Atlantis, Lemaria, in the sound temples. And we were involving into matter, we were more high dimensional. And we were becoming three dimensional. And we were doing that because in the three dimensional world, we're further from God, we're more individualistic, we get to experience things like mercy. And, you know, and giving, you can't experience that when everybody has everything, and everybody's perfect. Coming down here to really to be children of God growing up, you can't learn individuality when you're in the fifth dimension, because your group soul, you know, so there's a lot of things down here that we desired. So, as we what I saw was kind of like, think of God is like every radio station in the world. And as we're involved in the matter, we got less and less stations. Now, we only have one in ourselves. Think of Elvis Presley, I did it my way.

Okay, so. ~ So what I saw was I saw how would you turn off all those radio stations, you can actually make a lockbox because signals can actually even go through. And so what I saw was that we like string theory was cracked, and we were all connected with strings, or strings are everywhere. They were infinitesimal little strings and vibrations. And I just saw people like not the strings come off. And so you wouldn't have this, you wouldn't have this set of inputs, you wouldn't have that set of input, you wouldn't be aware of that set of input. And when they nodded on they made patterns. And the patterns when I saw them in this dream, they were sacred geometry. So you go to an ancient site, maybe symbol over place, well, that's the pattern. And you you look into the ancient languages, the ancient languages apply, they talk to the language, unlike today's symbolic language, the language and the energy was the same. So then walk forward, say it backwards, Ned, you know, his walk backwards. So the, if you were to have a gong, and put sand on it, and ding the gong, it's going to make a shape with the inner sand is going to come in and make the shape of the interference pattern, that shape is going to be synonymous with that sound and tone. So when you're telepathic, you don't need to communicate with your voice voice. And sound is more like a jackhammer, it is a tool and so sound was used for purpose language was used for purposes, birth actually, literally makes you warmer, out relieves pain. And in these languages, in which the words represented the energy of what they were talking about, the they're called languages supplied Sanskrit, let's say he Chinese Egyptian. They, they are more powerful than our communication, which is symbolic. And I believe that's because as we enter more deeply into duality, we have more potential to hurt ourselves. So whoever said sticks and stones won't break your bones and will break your bones but words will never forget to was a great big fat liar. Because porn tails like words can hurt you very much. And with with these kind of like dumbed down words, we're more protected from ourselves. But anyway, that was just a little aside. We're going into involving into matter in in which we are disconnected. And what I saw was I saw kind of us losing this connectivity by just having stops on strings so that we didn't get those those information. And that you could untie the knot with the sound. And it's harmonic chain. So what's the harmonic harmonic chain has nothing to do with the word harmonious, or harmonic chain or harmonics. They're just after ripples of sound. In a visual analogy, you drop the rock in a pond, the rock goes and makes a circle in the water, it sinks in the ripples go out, or harmonics in, you hear them in a Gothic church, you seen any echo goes on and goes up in pitch. Pathagaris is credited with although it is older than him, the mathematical formula, the sounds go up and pitch according to mathematics, furthermore, yeah, first of all, it gets better than that more, I get a lot of this your guys, when Sherry Edwards looks at your digestion, it's a chemical formula. And she puts the cycles or numbers cycles per second or numbers into the chemical formula of digestion, it's a harmonic chain. So in the sound way of looking at the world, it's like you're, you're eating and there's a sound, and then there's this after vibration. And if you want to look at your heart, the heart is going to have a fundamental tone. But the pieces are going to have tones of harmonic patterns. It's very, very universal. harmonics are easily expressed in vowels. A E, now listen, they're the same pitch, although they don't seem it so listen, A E, same pitch, but they it seems to lower the E. Because the harmonics kind of like spray and more energy goes into the higher harmonics when my mouth forms the issue, and that just really kind of like, reveals the existence of harmonics. So I just saw how symbols relate to colors, I mean, excuse me to musical notes, colors, and in the harmonics. And when you go through antiquity, like when the pharaohs Passover, they have about chant. The priests would chant vows to the pharaoh after guys to go to the highest afterlife position. Look in the Greek, some of their highest rituals involve route my bow champs and it's in Somalia, it's in China, it's all over. And so I was, I was just showing how you can take symbols, signals, length and letters from these ancient languages of light, and transpose them into sound and harmonics. And certain patterns open up dimension. So I have quite a few I have some codes for stars, which are, which I believe or I was shown that they opened up chakras above your head is the ancient, actually, every ancient culture, but I took from the ancient Hebrews, they have signals for 72 angels of God in 72 names of God, and I've converted them into sound. I sound for yawei I have sound for like that chakras. And they don't sound like music. But they do transform you to a different meditative state. And most of these things have correspondences. So an angel, for example, is going to have a signal. And that would have been used in white magic with the druids, for example, but the signal which is a symbol, kind of like with simatic, you know, you say a sound and it creates a shape and matter. A signal is the is the shape and matter from the angels energy. So with the signals it's kind of like opening a connection to them. And with the stars in it opens up Chakras above your head.

Let's just tap into that one because, you know, you talk about the 16th chakra, and you know, how does someone activate that and connect to have the way you said that the brightest star in the night sky?

Well, first of all, I'm just going to antiquity I have a sound code to open up the silver cord between chakras. And then I have found codes for the chakras found in a lot of the temples in Egypt. And I just put them down and then I put in the correspondences. So Like, oh, you know, Star might be associated? Well, it's easy with the angels. They're associated with an element, fire, air, earth water. They're associated with other angels. So I channel their essence which records, they're associated with fragrance, which is a frequency. They're associated maybe with an organ or something in your body. That's a frequency. And so, and when you listen to my codes, they're the actual sounds of the Sacred Geometry found in antiquity. And then all the correspondence play in the back. So you hear literally take sound of stars, and animal sounds, frequency codes for crystals and stuff like that in the background.

So when you talk about these frequency codes, what about the Fibonacci? Can you explain to our listeners what that is?

Oh, yes, yes, yes.

The ancient idea was that God created nature. And God created the flower, and the sun. And you know, when the firm plant and everything else, and they had a different idea of mathematics than we do today. So you read the old stuff, and you don't quite get it, because our definitions of the words are very different. But their idea of mathematics was to come up with a numbering system that represents a pattern that they see with their eyes that are found in nature. So they had a way called, like whirling squares in the Egyptian culture, anyway, they, almost every culture had different ways of just looking around them and finding common patterns. The most common being a spiral in a beehive and a flower. It's like you've got this spiral and the the frequency between two neighboring tones and the spiral, like, at least 10,000 times in your body. I don't know if God was making the world with an Etch A Sketch tool, and you only had dogs. So let's say you have one knob that goes straight, that would be yourself. Visio tones, it doesn't make the curve on the second sketch really validated Fibonacci.


Yeah. And ancient people would copy nature, in their building, in their music, in their dance, just all over the place in the music. So that was every ancient that was all across the globe, was to copy and be one with nature. And they felt ~ perfect human nature. And perfect tune with nature's creator.

I love when you when you talk about those different images on I know the spiral has been part of my branding for my dolphins going the mind body, physical, mental, emotional bodies going up or down and what people see in that I wanted to get an idea what they saw on the spiral, but I also have had different time travel that into other societies in the past where I saw the spiral in that room with different art. And I was like, Oh, this is part of what we have today. It was it was very, very interesting. And as I mentioned that time traveler going into different things. How do you time travel with sound? You've so much to share Jill!

Oh god, yes. Well, let's put it this way. I'm, I do a lot of past life regressions on myself and others. And what I've noticed is, let's say like one of my music albums, Stardust has all kinds of frequencies from our solar system, take star sounds, the elements in the stars, it puts white light in your aura, you use kirlian photography, after you listen, but at any rate, so here we have this very celestial music, Star sounds. And whenever I do a past life regression, people usually tell me about lights and stars, they come up with really funky out their stuff. Let's say I do a past life regression with my flower symphonies in which we're working on taking out let's say, taking out pain, taking out anger, they'll invariably will go right to a life in which someone has terribly wronged them, and they're very angry. So it's as if sound is a carrier wave. And it's a carrier wave that goes from me to you. And it also goes from past the present and present the future. And think of the Hindus and all the ancient traditions. The Hindus, they, you know, think of like going through a crystal and breaking into more rainbow color. Well, they say God's love goes through a crystal and breaks into attributes. So love is kind love This patient, you know, Love does not enable bad things and so forth. And then they sing about all those attributes, they emulate those feelings, which is what musics all about. And it's more like a generator. So the Hindus, they sing these mantras, to feel and fill up with attributes of love.  And that becomes, you know, you ingest that it's also done with the tree of life in the Jewish tradition. So they have on the picture, the tree of life, they these things called separates the little circle. The idea is that God's energy goes through crystal breaks out into attributes that are emotions. And, of course, God has the high test power, and as we evolve, we get the weak test power of his emotions. And when we go into duality, we also get the negative aspect. So passion can be beautiful or terrible, pending on what we're passionate about. So, if you look at the Tree of Life, there are symbols from ancient languages of light. And what I did in my Egyptian class was I because the, the Tree of Life is from Egypt, it's originates from Egypt, is I use the symbols and put them into the sound codes. So that you can tune into the different attributes of God. Each attribute being a different subset or sound the master but listening over and over. It's like, it's like your bucket. Every time you listen, you get a drop of that divine energy. You know, when a guru shares his Mantra, he's like, 10,000 times. Hmm. Because he wants to fill you up with that. And when you're filled up with that, you are that.

So Wonderful,  I listen to I don't know if you know them Diva Premal and Miten. They do. So I listened to them. And I just have tears in my eyes, because it's speaking to my soul when I'm when I'm doing that. And it's very much like what you're saying there. You know, Jill, many, many years ago, we're talking about over 25 years ago, my family and I, we attended this event, and it was about the life story. I don't know if you know her her name, Anna Mitchell Hedges that she that she found a quartz crystal skull on an expedition with her father in the British Honduras in 1924. And we got to hold it and it was so magnificent. And I didn't know anything about it back in those days. And I still don't know a lot about skulls. But I know you work with crystal skulls for manifestation and healing. Please tell us how this crystal skulls and the work that you do with them interacts with the energy field, everything around it, and we can manifest heal and protect ourselves and our family.

First of all, I am afraid skulls, crystal skulls have a bad rap by many because they are thought about as macabre.  Please just toss that out.

I have a funny way of looking at the world because I love music. And I love math. And I see like I see my room and I see the proportions that was created musical interval. And I see my world often through the lens of music like Pathagoras.

And so, I was just I just had a crystal skull as playing with it. And it dawned on me that think of cymatics. And in cymatics, you have a plate, you vibrate it, you put some sand on this vibrating plate. And then you make a sound like "Om" and then the sound go out to the edges come back in, it'll pile up and then it'll make holes makes the design and it makes the design of "Om". And I think I've listened about third time I've referred to that interaction between matter and sound. But, okay, so where were we?

Oh, the skulls. Oh, yeah. So I want you to think of energy inside the skull is having boundaries, it's the shape of the skull. So think of your brain, you know, let's say, my head skinnier than yours. And so therefore I'm going to have an interference pattern, because that's cymatics going on in your brain. So the micro-wave, my thoughts are going to come to the edge of my skull and bounce back in and hit different areas of my brain. I'm going to have different cymatics in my head, because the shape of my head is very unique and same with you and every listener and the same With a crystal skull. And the other thing is that you're going to have the same kind of interference patterns of air hitting me outside of any object, making any object have a frequency matrix sound or identifiable pattern that's confirmed by Sherry Edwards with this super cool hearing, who recognizes the sound of a Templar cross, or the sound of a circle. They all make a frequency, too small and volume for us to hear. But you know, when you when every time you see a template cross, you get a kind of feeling. And it's always the same with the Templar cross. So it just dawned on me, I was just looking at a skull and I thought, Oh, my goodness, that creates a frequency. Why? Because it's in the shape of the skull. Well, who else has skull like that? You mean? So if there's resonance between the same note you got these two violins, you play the "a" and the second "a" sings then this resonance between skull A and skull B. If that isn't cool enough, they're made of crystal. And my understanding is that the crystal Kingdom has ascended. Why do we all go to the store and buy them, I always have them in my pockets. I got them all over my house and lawn. Why? Because their energy's higher than ours. Why we like dolphins. You know, they're when we, when we hang around with higher energy, we absorb it and become it, why we go to sacred sites where saints have been. And so you have a skull. Oh, and one more little side trip in ancient Egypt. In their proprietary, their medical proprietary, if someone banged up their skull, let's say making a pyramid who knows whatever, has a concussion or something. Their recipe to fix it was to sleep with an ostrich egg. And I know at first glance, I thought, Wow, that's really what were they smoking you know. Then I realized, well, an ostrich egg, pretty much the size of your skull.

That's it. It shape resonance. You see, there's frequency resonance, but there's also shape resonance. So they're healing their physical craft in their skull, by simply having if they had another skull, but I guess they didn't, or having an ostrich egg, to to feel by just being around a shape by taking in that frequency. So here you've got a crystal skull. It's crystal, it's high frequency. And it directly communicates to our structure of bone structure in our head. And furthermore, what are crystals communicating with? Well, that would be silicon chips, quartz crystal. So crystal has the ability to send and receive signals. So what I do with them with the skulls on my site is I have a ceremony and I I connect them to ancient methods with the skulls that are found and unfound. The Schiller Institute in Germany has some really cool photographs of they have a photon camera, you know, light camera, little tiny units like and they show to crystals, close and far away. exchanging light streams.

So, are these crystals made? if somebody wanted one for their own healing, to connect to, like a higher consciousness for themselves or raise their own vibration? How would they know? You know who to go to to get that and how are they made and the intention behind that?

Um, well, I've done some out of body and I've seen some of the skulls, one in an Atlantis temple. And it's not like anything I've seen here. What I saw was

the skull about the size of the head, our heads is on this table is in the center of a temple. It had like, colored eyes had like red eyes and a movable jaw part. And I understood I had great reverence for it, as if it was conscious, and I do believe everything is conscious. So but there was an understanding that it's conscious, and it how the best of our attainment in this community in this temple, and it also generated like, our devices, it wasn't our technology, but it was a source of power. For the whole community, and it was a signal generator. So I haven't seen anything like that. But the legend has it that there's 12 of them. And perhaps this Anna Mitchell Hedges skull is one of them ~ anyway, but it doesn't matter if there's hidden because the skulls can find each other. And so, I would say to go with your heart, and I think the little skull works a bigger skull probably is more potent. And then what I do with some of mine is, you know, you have a rose quartz, which of course is going to give you a loving feeling. A Lapis one, you know, just the crystal is going to have a certain quality, what I when I do with mine, if someone gets one of mine, I will channel the higher self and let their higher self pick it. Even if it's like a clear one and have a bunch of clears. I found that people are are drawn to a stall, you know, so let's say you have three, the clear miner made with machine power, you know, big hunk of crystals, they have an electrical tool, but they're handmade with that tool. They're all a little different. And I just channel for me, that's what I do a channel and connect somebody with them. But I really think he could get on Amazon or go to a store and feel into it. They're all over the board. There's all different kinds. The spiritual tool that I'm that I use, and I have videos on it. And it's it's a radio that makes a broadcast, let's say you want to manifest a partner. So create the feeling of a partner is the school to broadcast it. It's crazy crystal, it's computer, it looks like the internet connects to you.  Great manifesting tool.

I think everything you've shared today is it resonates with me because my message part of it on the show is that we can raise the consciousness for the greater good of humanity and the planet by coming together with heart centered people. And they're consciously creating the life that they love and everything that you've shared here today, I feel as part of that, so I thank you for that. And Jill, this is so fascinating. We could go on I know it's been so informative, so inspiring and empowering and I know you have all these beautiful gifts you're giving as some of them you mentioned today to our listeners today. And please note that Jill where you can find her and everything she offers and these gifts will be below the episode of the show. So please share with us Jill what you're giving to the audience to empower them so they can live their best life through this transformation and healing with sound.

Thank you, at jillswingsoflight.com, I have a sample of songs from one of many music collections. I have one from Paint your Soul with solfeggio and Fibonacci tones, tuning into nature.  I have a Stardust one a sample from that album, capturing star energy; I have a sample from the Two Flower Symphonies that I have that take out negativity, even in your subconscious mind and past lives and just replace it with virtue. I have a sample from a Chakra CD a sample from the rays and then the color rays and the rays of angels and masters it's a little sample I think it's I think it was I think it might be pink all the pink angels and masters in the music's and pink. I have one with a Body CD Tuning one of your body organs. And at coronavirusdefense.org.  I have the music for to boost your immune system, one hour of music. And I think there's a chapter free chapter on Jillswingsoflight.com of light from my couple of my thoughts. 

Mm hmm.  And we'll get that other one from you for the corona virus and add that below this episode too. That is so generous of you. And wow, what a lot of great resources for people not only to be inspired, but to be empowered. Jill, I can feel it from my heart as I'm speaking to you and I want to just thank you from my heart and soul and your heart and soul in your wisdom that you share today on transforming and healing yourself with sound, Namaste Jill