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Calling in Your Greatest Life

October 26, 2020 Moira Sutton Season 1 Episode 17
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Calling in Your Greatest Life
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Calling in your Greatest Life

Jeanne Byrd Romero is a Senior Certified Calling in “The One” Coach and Facilitator, a senior certified Conscious Uncoupling Coach, a certified Institute of Integrative Nutrition Coach, and a Senior certified Feminine Power Transformative Coach. She has over 10 years of experience successfully coaching hundreds of men, women and couples about physical and relational health and wellbeing.

Jeanne is an expert in health and relationships.  Her personal experience transforming her own body with healthy choices and supplements as well as having a happy, healthy marriage make her an extraordinary leader when it comes to coaching men and women to achieve the breakthroughs necessary to have their deepest desires met in love and life!”

Jeanne’s desire for you is to help you create a successful, soulful love life that matches your most intimate desire for partnership.  She wants to help you nourish and support your physical body so that you feel congruent and comfortable in your own skin, able to offer your heart and body to your Beloved as a gift, without shame or ambivalence. She helps you catalyze heartbreak and suffering so that the people and experiences that informed you, no longer define you, or impact your future

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Welcome to Episode 17 "Calling in your Greatest Life" with our special guest Love Style and Lifestyle coach Jeanne Byrd. Jeanne Byrd Romero is a senior certified calling in the one coach and facilitator, a senior certified conscious uncoupling uncoupling coach, and a certified Institute of integrative nutrition coach and a senior certified feminine power transformation coach. Wow. She She has over 10 years of experience successfully coaching hundreds of men, women and couples about physical and relational health and well being ~ which we'll get into. Jeannie is an expert in health and relationships. Her personal experience, transforming her own body with healthy choices in supplements, as well as having a happy, healthy marriage makes her an extraodinary leader when it comes to coaching men and women to achieve the breakthroughs necessary to have their deepest desires met in love and in life. 

Jeanne's desire for you is to help you create a successful soulful love life that matches your most intimate desire for partnership. She wants to help you nourish and support your physical body so that you feel congruent and comfortable in your own skin, and be able to offer your heart and body to your beloved as a gift without shame or ambivalence. So without further adieu, it is my pleasure to introduce you to our special guest, Jeannie Byrd. Welcome, Jeannie.

Hi Moira, so beautiful to be with you. And thank you for that lovely introduction it was just really special. Thank you,

You have so many great trainings, which brings all your wisdom to the people that you help in the world. And that's just wonderful.

Yeah, it's been wonderful. I just wanted to also add that I just finished my Master of Science degree at the International Health Coach University, which is an online university and is connected to the Institute of integrative nutrition out of New York. 

Congratulations, congratulations! Yeah, that sort of gives people permission that it doesn't matter, you know what age we are in our life, you can always go back and study something or get your master's or get a cooking course or whatever it is that you want. You know, I started playing the guitar, when I turned 60. That's what I asked for, from my family and, you know, I thought I've always wanted to play the guitar. And I can take that with me if I'm on a sailboat or somewhere else in the world. So you can start at any time. So that's it. Thank you for sharing that. And I think I like the message for people to give themselves permission that you are learning something at any age.

Absolutely. I mean, you don't want to you don't want to stop learning until you take a deep breath. And then you're learning as you do.


Jeanne, you have been using mind body awareness, including the nutrition in your own practice for many years, can you share your own personal healing journey from first living a largely unconscious lifestyle and love style to becoming the creator of your own destiny? And that you created the relationship you love in the life you love?

Hmm, wow, that's a question. 

Good, I'm a little chunker. But I like the question. Yeah,

I know, do you have a few hours? 

Yes, I do! and you can actually come back in the new year and say hello to our audience.

Ah, that's sweet. Okay, so basically, I spent 35 years in the film business in Los Angelos, where I worked probably a minimum of 14 to 16 hours a day for, as I said, 35 years. So the stress of my job, and what I was expected to do and how I was expected to perform and who I was serving, created as you can imagine undue stress in my body, and I happen to be Irish, and I just happen to have, you know, really kind of, you know, Irish skin and tendencies towards things that Irish people do. And as a result of that, the long hours and the stress on my body resulted in several surgeries as a result of autoimmune and my body essentially breaking down. So since that time, I would say since 2001, I've had about seven surgeries to repair bone on bone conditions. So I became a seeker of that and even though my schedule was crazy, I started really investigating, you know, my nutrition and how that might be exacerbating my physical condition. So I cleaned up my act, got rid of any temptations towards the craft service table, which is, you know, a hotbed of bad choices on a film set, and began to, to the best of my ability while working these hours, take care better care of myself, the best thing that I did is took a five year early retirement in 2015. And that was also the date of my last surgery and my second hip replacement. So since then, I've done nothing but get better and better and better as a result of my schooling. And I want to share that with others. And also to really make people aware that if you are stressed out, all those emotions are sitting in your body, and wreaking havoc on your joints and your organs. So it's incumbent upon us to take the bull by the horn and do something when we feel something, adjust what you're doing and start experiment. And then of course, always work with, in my view, a functional medicine or NaturHaagan opathic type person who can get to the core of what is happening rather than give you drugs as a bad day.

Mm hmm.

So would you say that ties in like the nutrition part into your intuition to start to do this to enrich your life like somebody was at your place to pay attention to those little nudges? Like, you had all these surgeries? But was there other nudges going on that way?

I would say, as back as early as 2005? Well, that's when I met Katherine Woodward Thomas, which I know we'll talk about, but I was leaning in towards my intuitive guidance, which was telling me that I had a bigger calling on my life to help people. I mean, yes, I could help people on the set to a certain degree and steer them away from the craft service table. But my desire to help people was not really being met in the film business. Yeah, it's a whole different animal altogether. So that was the yearning I was experiencing in my heart and in my soul was to really help people help themselves help people to love themselves and create a life that they love. I saw so much pain with individuals who I worked with on the set. Even as groups, people were, you know, not able, because of our schedules and their own consciousness to be able to really develop an intimate relationship with themselves. So in order to survive the schedule, they just abandoned themselves, which is what I did before I woke up. 

Mmm. Yes, the awakening process of the consciousness.

Yeah, yeah, this was there was something really wrong, there was something off and things were not going to get better unless I took a drastic action. 

Mm hmm and it was in many ways, you know, I talk about the gift in every circumstance, because it's one of the books I'm going to be writing, "What is the Gift in this" ~ there were huge gifts in it, because you then came to this point that you now want it to be a service in a greater way and for you to be of service through Spirit through soul and you you went and did the work.

Yeah, absolutely. I was listening to the calling. And, you know, and when I heard that I needed to go back to school. And well, it's something I always wanted, you know, I got my undergraduate degree at USC Cinema School after you know, I studied film, and then I went to work, and never stopped, as I said, for all those years. But always throughout that time, I had a deep desire to, you know, get a master's degree, I wasn't sure whether it was psychology or, or health coaching, or, you know, nutrition, and then it wound up being kind of a cornucopia of things, because in order to be a coach with Katherine, it required several certifications, the three that you mentioned, for sure, in order to be in her community and be able to coach at the level that I'm now coaching. So, I've never stopped going to school, in essence, but I wasn't able to calmly go through any kind of programs. You know, everything was, you know, on my own time on the weekends, you know, because of the film set schedule. 

Well, this sort of segues into the link between physiology and psychology ~ you talked about, you didn't know where which degree you were going to get, but we're talking about the physiology the body, and then the mindset and you know, the inner work, just dive in there, wherever you want to touch base.

Yeah, I really began to listen to as I began work with Katherine and 2004 2005. And started developing a relationship with myself or I was really regarding myself with respect and reverence, and curiosity. So my intuitive tools, my intuitive goggles, were sharpening, you know, by the minute, so I leaned in more. And, of course, always asked, and trust that life had my back regardless of what was happening, regardless of what evidence to the contrary, was created. So but I just kept leaning, and I didn't know what it looked like. So it's like, you know, Katherine always talks about, you know, following the gum drops in the forest. That's pretty much what I did. I followed the gum drops. I followed those creative impulses that cold to me, I didn't know what it was going to look like, the how, the where, the when, the why, but I just followed them. And I said, Yes. And I wasn't able to do that until I, like I said, retired from the film business so that I created for myself this emotional and physical space in order to listen more carefully.

Thank you Jeanne, just very briefly tell us because we are going to get into the process of conscious uncoupling. Hey, that's two times now I don't know why I'm slurping that word up. But there you go. You know who Katherine is because you've mentioned her a few times and I know you studied with her, but please share just briefly who she is. And and so people when they hear Katherine, they will not be saying who's Katherine?

Oh, yes, yes, Katherine Woodward Thomas. She's a very prolific leader, teacher and evolutionary of our time. She wrote the book, Calling in the One in 2004 and it became a best seller international bestseller. And she's actually recently doing a second edition on the book Calling in the One which will be due out in February. She also is the creator of another work called conscious uncoupling, which is how to heal from heartbreak and move on in your life healed, and also to not bring other people down, right. So you're healing yourself, and your uplifting and inspiring others rather than the exact opposite, which you know, what divorce can do to people, and how they can also negatively influence their future. So in both works are very similar and that they're very intra personal, meaning that you're really looking at the relationship that you've had with yourself, the meaning that you've made about yourself, probably from early childhood, and how that unconscious meaning from a very narrow, young worldview influenced your life choices, and how some of those life choices have kept you stuck in a rut and not really being able to break the glass ceiling of your life and really realize your fullest potentials. And that's probably, you know, moving into the feminine power aspect of her teaching that she and Claire created.

Wonderful!  Well, I know that when I was being brought up, I had two older brothers, and they got to do things that I was told I could not do because I was a girl and it really annoyed me. I was like, Why can't I do that? Like, you know, so? It was always my dad felt he had to keep his little girl and I adored my dad safe. There was this thing about keeping the girl safe. The boys are okay. But you know, that safety thing played out in many roles in my life. And yeah, it's it's interesting what we pick up and we will tell.

I think that's fascinating what you say because what you're speaking to is not just, you know, us as modern, white privileged women in the world, but, you know, women of every color and nationality, especially are dealing with this, you know, it really still is about the boy. You know, the fear, it's done, and it's still prevalent. 

Yes and there's also~  I just read this before we came on to this interview in our heartfelt conversation, we're having that, you know, woman who they're sharing today, through their experience, how they've been talked over by men, or not heard. And, I thought that's interesting, because there again and my family, if you talked, I would just like blurt so much out because I had a little arena there to talk before somebody was going to go off so it might not have made sense what I was saying, but I would go Oh, the birds in the trees that are About the cats. And then I just go ha got it out. I probably had no meaning for anybody, but I felt like I was heard. 

Yeah, yeah, that's I love that. That's a beautiful example of that. And probably most most of us, women, you know, trying to get a word in edgewise. Yes, you know, we find ourselves talking really, really, really fast.

Just get that word in.  And  you know, I think I still do this with my family. And I have to remind them sometimes, because they'll be going on and on, and there's not a space to kind of come in. And then I'll say something and they'll say, Well, what does that have to do with what we're talking about? I suppose it doesn't I want you to just hear this. So that they know how I kind of talk anyway. You know, how do you help people to really feel and realize their their devinity, their power, their value and worth as we're talking here about, you know, women, and embody that lovability of who they are, and become the love alchemist that you talk about. So how do they ~ how do they find that value and worth?

Well, we take them through, I take them through what Katherine calls the seven step, transformation of identity process. And it's basically really understanding what your patterns have been in your life, you know, what's your pattern? And love? How does love show up for you? You know, do you jump in really quickly? Or do you really take your time and hold back? And do you feel really anxious? As you're beginning in the relationship? Do you feel secure with yourself? Or do you feel really insecure? Do you feel jealous? Or do you feel supremely confident and maybe even superior? So we really look at what those patterns are? And how they've been living in your body? How that shows up for you, what part of your body is feeling it? Is it your throat, your heart, your solar plexus, and then a quite that feeling with a little bit of sense memory, encouragement as to when that earliest feeling might have been felt in the body? and investigate that and find out the age? And then find out? Well, I wonder what that meaning that that little girl or a little boy made of himself, when you are going through that experience, what's the meaning that you are making about yourself, if that meaning could talk, what would be the I Am, so that I am could be like, you know, I am alone, I am not safe, I am not good enough. I don't matter. There are about 21 that have been identified in this work. And usually, there are what we call a cocktail of identity. So we we pick the what we call the hot button and work with the client on that. And then we talk about how what's their relationship with themselves what that relationship has been, I Well, I abandoned myself, I don't even address my needs or desires. You know, I avoid others, because I feel like they're going to avoid me. So I call a preventive strike. So there are various ways that these behaviors from childhood have played out, that have kept a person from really realizing their greatest potential. So we investigate that, and we're not going to really process you know, like a therapist would like really, really dive into the pain, what we're going to do is really find out what's the meaning that the person made. And now we're going to push back on that and get to what's really true. So we shake all that off, and then we talk about what what, like what's really going great in your life. What are you really good at what do you love about your life, you know, and how you show up in life from your more mature adult resourceful self. And then we look at how they've been showing once they're really embodied that we have exercises that help a person embody that and feel that truth of their own lived experience. Not you know, I am a successful woman I have authored an article I'm writing books. You know, I'm a successful entrepreneur. You know, I'm an I'm a successful mother of three healthy, lovely children. Wherever things are going on your life, we really want to help you embody that because that is true. That's your lived experience. And then we help the person come up with new ways of relating to themselves, others and life that would anchor that truth of who they are. to their cells, and then help them create new skills and new capacities, so that they can really take something specific and change that in their life. And then we help them create what we call a power statement that's like a call to action, you know, based on what they've said that will really help them move forward, and begin to identify this way of being as your new normal.

So this would be the field of relate, relating, like how you relate to different areas in your life.

Yeah, the way you relate to yourself, life and others. So you have a relationship with yourself, which is interpersonal, you have a relationship with others, which is interpersonal. And then you have your relationship with life, trusting you know that life has your back that actually life is rigged in your favor. When you show up living the deeper truth of who you are, if you're showing up, let's just take for example. If you're we discover that you're false, we call it a false love identity has been, I'm not good enough. And you keep showing up as I'm not good enough, then you're going to get more of the same, Right?

Right, you're vibrating that to your whole body is in vibrate?

Oh, absolutely!  Yes. That's the energy field that you're giving off. And so you're desiring to have your desire to feel good about yourself and have people lean in towards you. That's going to happen when you're living. The fact that yes, I am more than good enough.

I love this lean leaning in that you do. I can feel it. I'm leaning forward.

That's good. That's good. That's the whole thing. It's like leaning into these creative impulses, without having to know the outcome. It's that feeling that energy that's so like, when you even like start crying that yes, this is what it is. This is for me. This is what I need to pursue in my life. This is what I believe. I don't know where the how the when the why right now. But I know if I follow that gumdrop, I will get more answers.

I always like to say to people with the feelings, the emotion, that's energy plus taking inspired motion. So I love how you have the action in there for people. Is there also a forgiveness in there with the work that you do? To forgive yourself? And to forgive? 

Oh, absolutely. Forgiveness is is a key plot point, isn't it? I mean, yeah, you really can't, you can't change and grow, and your relationship with yourself or others until you forgive yourself for whatever the past because, you know, you can, it's really sneaky and pernicious these patterns. But your pattern can keep being activated if you don't forgive yourself, if you don't forgive others. So it's a way to keep stuck in that old pattern for you know, our discussion here, I'm not good enough. So we really want to push back from that, and get to the deeper truth. And we get to the deeper truth by again, you know, so what are your resources? And what are the ways that you do show up good enough in your life, and let's focus on those and take more inspired action from that place? Because we never want to do anything. We don't want to take any kind of action from the I'm not good enough action, do we? I mean, it's not gonna go well. Hmm. So we have to get ourselves to the deeper truth with the practices that I outlined for you. The transformation of identity practice that gets you from victimization to transformation. 

Mm hmm.  Let's expand on this energetically tied to another person, you know, to the romantic work, family and please share some examples like in the sense of this process of unconscious uncoupling that people aren't just on intuitive nudges, yes, we want to be conscious.  

But in, you know, we can use this in your family at this work that you do in your job from your neighbor, you know, and does this stick for people once they've done the work. Do they have to be conscious all the time when the other stuff shows up? Or does it slowly dissipate and now they have a new way of being?

Well, with everything, you know, we know that you know, an old habit breaking that habit takes 30 days, you know, so we have to be rigorous, and we have to do the work. We have to do our own personal and transformative practices every single day in order to affect any change and I just want to go back for a minute, because the forgiveness I didn't really finish and that is You know the forgiveness of yourselves, but which we must do, you know, sweetheart, we did the best we could at the time, you know, and the old saying goes, you know, when we know better, we can do better, but you don't want to beat yourself up. And then as it pertains to forgiving others, you know, people think I'm not gonna forgive that, you know, that bad person, he's not worthy of my forgiveness. But actually, when you forgive him, and see it from another perspective, it actually is sending you power, it's liberating you.  Forgiveness is really about the person who is forgiving, not that person. They're forgiving, right. So that is why we really want to forgive others so that we can create more physical and emotional space for our growth, and our liberation, and we can move on.

And I think it's important. You know, I used to teach a program on Creating Healthy Boundaries, that the forgiveness first, like you said, of yourself, and then others, but it doesn't mean then this person can come in and do the same action today, it's creating healthy boundaries in your life. So you know, what you stand for, and your values and you're worthiness. And you would never allow somebody to treat you in a certain way, again, you just would not be in that, that vibe again.

Exactly, exactly. And that goes back to, you know, how I work with my clients is, you know, my deepest desire for them, is for them to come home to themselves and fall in love with themselves, I love them. And that's it, that's the bottom line. Now, it might be a rather circuitous road to get there based on the past that based on the meaning making frames that an individual has unconsciously made throughout their lives, that formed this particular identity, you know, I'm not good enough, I don't matter, I'm not worthy, you know, so that we can push back against that and come up with what's really true. Basically, we are saying here and this work more that the past doesn't get the final say, in your future,

Oh, I love that one!  There's something about defining your future and I and I love that, you know we can create this new story about how we want our life to be and we are the Directors of our of our story, let it be we want a drama, a mystery, you know, a romance and we might have all of the above but to, to know that we co create, you know, this life of ours and how powerful that we really are.

Absolutely. And the thing is, is what we're talking about in Calling in the One is what we desire to create, let's just say and love might be actually outside of our former identity. Because if you have grown up and created evidence, by your behavior, that you In fact, are not good enough, you're not going to be attracting and what you deeply desire, you're just going to be doing, you know, you're kind of on a merry go round that you've been on since age, whatever. And you're doing the same things and expecting different results. What do we say about that. So we want to create something that is unprecedented. So that means that, again, going back to leaning into those deepest desires and creative impulses that you create from there, even if it's foreign to you that you just, you know, the old Nike thing, just do it. You know, and let your let your consciousness catch up with your determination to move towards to take make a choice to take an action in that direction. Mm. comes your new normal.

Yes. And I always say to people, you know, it's like one step at a time and are you, the action you're taking, taking you closer to what you want to create, or further away. And really, that becomes a conscious thing. And also this blame game thing, take responsibility for your life, and don't blame yourself, but how you respond to life and what ~ how life is showing up. And I love that you started this whole thing by saying, you know, you didn't know the how the where all that. And for me that's about leaving that to the universe, but get clear on what you want. And you know, and then leave it to the universe because, you know, the universe lines up for us for what we want and ask and have faith and trust and know it's going to show up in the best way that it possibly can. Jeanne, what is the number one reason that you find that people they don't attract a healthy happy loving relationship? What is it with your clients that come to you ~ what is the biggest reason that you know ~ what shows up there? For the people that you've worked with through all these years?

Well, I think that the basic problem that we as humans, in terms of love and relationships are dealing with is that we are unconsciously getting together with people that we are hoping they will fix our own wounds, so that we don't really have to deal with it, you know that in the, in the relationship, that these past wounds can be worked out. But actually, you know, that's not why we're here. Yes, we're here to support each other, to do our own individual work and to be compassionate and kind and patient. But it's an inside job for each individual. And I think that most people get in relationships, like I said, thinking that there was this other person, you know, he's gonna help me with that, or she's gonna, she's going to take care of me, and I don't have to, you know, really do my work, she's gonna think for me, I think people get into this mindset, even if it could be outside of conscious awareness. Again, it's tied in with childhood, meaning making friends. So what I want to help people do, and I have done is to have them look at how life is actually happening through them, rather than to them. So it's not somebody else doing something to you that you're reacting from, it's that you are the CO creator of your thoughts, your actions, and your choices. And so how are things showing up? If you don't like them in a way where you are creating them? What can you take responsibility for? How are you the source of how life is showing up for you right now. And when we can work with that and get clear and be able to make choices and take actions that are 180 out from how they've been living and relating, that's when, like, space opens up, there's like a new life, there's a new opportunity, and they can feel that life is actually for them. But it requires responsibility. And you were saying earlier, you know, it's really about being in integrity, with what your desires are. Because if you say you want one thing, and you do the other, I think that's the greatest pain that we as humans have.

That's the source of our anxiety and our upset our anger, because we're angry at ourselves for not being congruent with what we say we want. So it's really important to walk your talk, take it make a choice, and take an action that is in alignment with the future that you are declaring you want to live.

And also, as you're saying, to create clear intentions, and then when opportunities people circumstances show up, then you you know, you attend to them and you take action. Because again, people might say they want something. But when it shows up, they're like, you know, and they don't see it as that as that story where the person that was stuck on. There was a flood or something and he was stuck on the roof. And, you know, God sent him a helicopter and a vote and all this. And, you know, he ended up he didn't take anything and he drowned and he went to heaven. He said, You know, I asked for help. And you didn't you didn't. You didn't come to me because he had certain way he wanted God to come. Exactly. Beautiful analogy.  Yes, show up the way it shows up and be thankful. I think gratitude is huge in here too. And I'm sure you touch upon that with your work.

Oh, yeah. Yeah, being in gratitude, you know, every moment of every day just puts you in a place of being able to receive, to be able to notice the synchronicity and the magic and the miracles that are being created. When you are grateful, you know, rather than what is not happening, what is happening, that's good. That's why it's really important to wait a minute, let's stop and smell the roses. Let's give you some love here. Let's appreciate you. Wow, that's a really courageous thing you did like I had a client last night and she was really down on herself. She has a three year old and a one and a half year old and she's single parenting. Oh my gosh, she broke up with her. Her boyfriend who was pretty much just mooching off of her and very content to be a baby daddy and she listened to her intuitive guidance. She said no, you must get out of this relationship. You must be a free agent so that you can feel free to create the life that you are destined for. So that was pretty inconvenient to upset the dynamic. And it's pretty tough right now, but you know, she's creating that emotional physical space, even in the Face of great hardship to her to be able to create her future, or there was no sense of a future in honor honoring herself. That's, that's huge. That's that part of the worthiness. And no, I'm worthy of this for my life. 

I know that I read inspirational material every day. So when we talk about miracles to show up in our life, you know, I read Marianne Williamson's work, your miracles, "A Year of Miracles" and everything, if we just, you know, like you said, Stop, smell the roses, that's a miracle waking up in the morning alive. That's a miracle. You know, I think we take so much for granted. And during this time of this pandemic, which we're going to touch on that, you know, it gave us an opportunity to slow down and really discover what is important to you in your life. I wanted to ask you, if someone's already in a great relationship, and they want to take the relationship to the next level of excitement, love adventure, where do you start with them?

Well, again, I would I would investigate their own personal inner landscape, you know, what's been the nature of their own inner dialogue lately? What are they? What did they have? What have they been assuming is true about themselves and their partner? You know, and what might be renegotiated? And what is the intention, getting really clear on what is the intention for this relationship? Some people, you know, want safety in their relationship, some people want just compatibility and some people want, you know, the greatest sex life you could ever imagine. And some people want all three, you know, but everybody has their different criteria, but for them to get really clear on what their intention is for the greatest love and relationship their hearts could ever imagine. And Okay, so what are some ways in life that I'm not showing up that way? And how can I close the gap? How can I help them close the gap so that they can uplevel their relationship to be not just good, but over the top? Great, and it's all? Again, it gets back to your relationship with yourself, doesn't it? It's really about you. So there's no finger pointing here. And any of the work whether it be calling in the one which is you are calling in your beloved, or uncoupling from your former Beloved, it's about your relationship with you, what's the meaning you made about it? And who are you going to be for yourself and others moving forward?

Mm hmmm.  I love that! Let's just dive into the area of how you help individuals nourish and support their physical body. So they're comfortable in their body and they don't have any shame or ambivalence. We said that at the beginning with your intro. So let's, let's go over to that ballpark.

Yeah, so my program that I created is called Healthy Love and I created that ~ it's a 12 module three month program that really checkerboards your inner landscape, your transformative and spiritual side of yourself, and what your desires are for love and additionally incorporates health and nutrition as actually being synonymous with being able to do that. So a very, you know, kind of common analogy would be if, you know, let's say a woman declares that she has an intention for love. And it's a beautiful intention. It's pretty inspiring. But then she sits on the couch tonight after night after night eating Haagen Dazs. Well, what's that doing that is totally diffusing. Our intention is clouding her thinking. It's creating bloating, and probably brain confusion because of all the sugar. The least of which is not the least of which is you know, putting yourself at risk for diabetes. So there are so many things. This is where we need to be income incongruent with our intention. So I'm helping people if they are declaring they want a loving relationship. I'm helping them create a loving, physical relationship with themselves and their bodies to get to love themselves in their bodies.  While they are looking for love, so that it is you know, it's a synchronistic effort, right? You can't really distinguish one from the other. You know, if you're eating hamburgers and fries every night, for dinner, there's so many problems that are going to result from that, and not the least of which is your mood. 

Mm hmm. 

Because your gut, the food that you are eating is going immediately into your gut. And that's it the gut brain connection. So the the food goes into the gut, and immediately sends signals via the vagus nerve to your brain that it likes it or doesn't like it, and then sends more signals back to the gut, which will then create really horrible conditions like irritable bowel syndrome, or Crohn's disease or something like that, or else create a lot of mental conditions, which can then have people getting on antidepressants, which is another perfect storm of horrendous things for your gut and your and your overall well being, and then creates a mood of stuff possible for me, I'll never have it, I don't feel good. And I'm not going to ever have it. So it creates the opposite of possibility. And life being rigged in your favor. So I'm trying to get my clients in congruence with their desires, physically, emotionally, it's all the same.

Mm hmm. versus what you the way you were talking to you with that downward spiral. And to get in that some people don't know how to grab, you know, the lifesaver, sort of to bring them back out into, you know, to say, okay, I've had enough, I'm going to go this way. Now you're talking about the gut. So let's say you talk about the gut being the sexiest organ you possess. I'd love you to talk a little bit more about that. Yeah, I just think that's great to think that your gut is the sexiest organ!

Well, you know, the gut has more cells in it than our genetics. We have like 300 million cells, in our what we call microbiome, and new science these days likes the term microbiome. But so having a holistic relationship with your microbiome, having it work beautifully. So what is that, that on the tip of the fork, making a choice that what is on the tip of the fork, is actually going to give you life? Or take away your life? And so I think that's the question that I'm really inspiring people to ask of themselves, and to be more mindful, so they're not shoveling food, and they're being very mindful about their choices. And those choices are going to bring them closer and closer and closer to love fulfilled in their life, the love of themselves and the love for others in the of course, the ability to receive love. 

Mm hmm. That's a biggie. 

Yeah, yeah. Because if you are eating really bad food, and you're really not feeling that good, it's gonna be really hard for you to take responsibility for being the creator of your love life, you're going to be at the effect of other people's bad behavior. And you won't be creating boundaries, you won't be standing up for yourself, you won't even have a point of view because you're just in a fog, of chemicals, and you know, antidepressants, or, you know, a lot of food that causes depression. In fact, that's the latest book, if your listeners would like it's a new book that just came out about a month or two ago by a nutritional psychiatrist. And her name is Dr. Roberto Minoru Naito and it's called "This is your Brain on Food" and she's talking about mental health and the choices of food and how there's so many foods that can help you with your mental health, that are a substitute for antidepressants.

We'll put that as a link later for people to explore that, that's something that can help them in their life. So wait, so right now we're, you know, we're still going through this pandemic and how does a person become empowered and resilient in these challenging times? When you know, no matter what's going on around us, what would be your one of your several your key tips that you would say, how someone can stay healthy during this time?

Well, I'm, I'm really in favor of following the science as well. I know that's a big discussion these days. You know, who do we believe the politicians are the science I vote for the science. So I am, I am organizing my life around the science. So in an abundance of caution, you know, always wearing a mask. And if friends come over, we stay outside and we sit across the pool from one another. For go inside. Even in our own home. If we have friends we're wearing a mask. And also and then of course the eating you know, making sure that the food that I eat and the supplements that I take are very close.

So that includes vitamin C, vitamin D, and zinc, of course, and lots of lots and lots and lots of leafy green vegetables, and cruciferous vegetables so that you are getting polyphenols and antioxidants that are supporting your body because the every, every individual has a, what we call a invisible chain in their body and that's their Achilles heel. It's different for every single person. And that is the the genius of this Coronavirus in the most, you know, deadly way that where it has four strains your brain, your heart, your gastro and testings and your brain.

Can I say that? The brain, the heart, the gastro, and the lungs, sorry, the lungs. Oh, that's so yeah, so there's four different areas that if you have any weakness, the virus is going to go to that place and wreak havoc on you. And we know that's true, because we've seen so many different strains. So that's why keeping all of your organs operating at optimum capability is just so important. So that means making different nutrition choices. And I still think that most mainstream people who are not understanding that what they eat has anything to do with how their brain feels, are the ones that are suffering the most from what's going on. So mainstream is really needed to catch up on that. But luckily, we do have a lot of research on the internet. And we have lots of really progressive doctors out there who are taking their entire practice online and teaching people about this. And of course, I learned that was part of my thesis is the the gut brain connection.

So that's one of my specialties is really aligning those two, so that what you put in your gut, that's why I think it's so sexy. Because if your gut is working at optimum level, and you don't have all these stressors, then of course, it's so natural to feel excited about the future you're desiring to create. And it's and it's much more organic to think that of course I can create this, I can manifest this because all cylinders are blazing, your gut is working, that means your heart is working, your lungs are at full capacity, you know, everything is working. So you have a desire to keep everything working optimally. And therefore that person who is doing that being that will attract someone of like mind, body and spirit, who is on a level playing field with the other person. Rather than attracting love avoidant people emotionally available men or women, anxious men or women who just want to get fixed somebody to fix them. You know, we want two people looking in the same direction. You know, it's like, sure, Brian said it's the two pillars are standing side by side they're not conjoined. They are two autonomous beings standing side by side looking to partner.

Mm hmm. I love that. Jeanne, this has been so much fun, so much information here. So I'm glad people are going to have you to go to and learn so much with relationships, the relationship of self love, and also nutrition for sure. Today, can you share with us the gift that you'd like to give to our listeners today? And I want you to know that the links for your programs and jeanne's special gift will below this episode in the show notes.

Beautiful, thank you. Yes, I have an E book called Trust your Gut and it goes a little more in depth into everything that we've just spoken about regarding the gut and the way and your mood. You know, basically it's about food affects your mood. 

Beautiful.  Yes and I also thought it'd be fun for us to put a link to your quiz, how you can discover your secret love identity and become a magnet to love so I think it would be fun for people.  So we'll add that on as one of the gifts and that'll be fun for people. So Jeannie, I want to thank you so much for sharing from your Heart and Soul, how to completely love ourselves and create the most profound and deeply loving relationships and live our best life. Namaste

Namaste, thank you so much.