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The Akashic Records & Your Soul Life' Purpose

February 01, 2021 Moira Sutton Season 2 Episode 23
Heart Soul Wisdom Podcast
The Akashic Records & Your Soul Life' Purpose
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The Akashic Records & Your Soul's Life Purpose

Shivany is known for finding the “gold” in your business and has helped 100’s of her clients, find their “magic key” to tap into the flow of money, so it becomes predictable, reliable and fun!

She is a highly sought-after women’s empowerment coach, intuitive business mystic, master energy healer, psychic, inspirational speaker, co-author of “The Book of Inspiration for Women by Women” and has been featured on Self Discovery Radio and New Human Living and on the Kat Kanavos TV Show.

She is an expert on personal and spiritual transformation and helps women entrepreneurs all over the world live their Soul’s calling in life, using the Akashic Records as a grounded tool, in order to get information on who you are at a Soul level.

She lives in Far North Queensland, Australia, where the rainforest meets the Great Barrier Reef and when she is not on Zoom mentoring her clients, she is often spotted frolicking with her Rodesian Ridgeback ~ Akash ~ on the beach.

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Welcome to the Heart Soul Wisdom Podcast.  A journey of self discovery and transformation.  Moira Sutton and her amazing guests share real life stories, tools and strategies to inspire and empower you to create and live your best life. Come along on the journey and finally, blast through any fears, obstacles and challenges that have held you back in the past so you can live your life with the joy, passion and the happiness that you desire. Now, here's your Host ~ Create the Life you Love, Empowerment Life Coach Moira Sutton

Welcome to our special second season Episode 23, the Akashic Records and your Soul Life's Purpose with our very special guest all the way from down under, Intuitive Business Mystic and Author Shivany. 

Shivany is known for finding the gold in your business and has helped hundreds of her clients find their magic key to tap into the flow of money so it becomes predictable, reliable and fun. She is a highly sought after Women's Empowerment Coach, Intuitive Business Mystic, Master energy Healer, psychic, inspirational speaker, co author of the book of inspiration for women by women, and she has been featured on Self Discovery Radio, New Human Living, and on the Kat Kanavos TV show. 

She is an expert on personal and spiritual transformation. And she helps women entrepreneurs all over the world live their soul's calling in life, using the Akashic Records as a grounded tool in order to discover the information on who you are at a Soul level. She lives in Far North Queensland, Australia, where the rain forest meets the Great Barrier Reef. And when she's not on zoom mentoring her clients, she is often spotted frolicking ~ "I love that word" on the beach with her beautiful Rhodesian Ridgeback a Akash. 

So without further adue, I'm so happy to introduce you to Shivany.  Welcome Shivany. 

Thank you. Thank you. I'm so excited to be here. Thank you from Down Under.

How did you end up living in Australia? Let's dive into that first. 

Yeah, look, I made a lot of decisions when I was 15. And one was that I wanted to leave Germany or just knew ~ get me out of Germany real fast. And I started traveling at the tender age of 20, and met my husband to be in Malaysia, an Australian man in Malaysia. And originally we married for convenience. But then stayed happily married for 12 years.

Well, that's, that's great. You both have a passion for travel and cultures and all that. So that's very cool. Well, this growing up in Germany, and yet you had to get out of there. You talked about, you know, you thought you had highly critical parents and how this really was a gift because it started you on your own path of your own healing journey. And how did you do this through your business? So there's a lot of questions in there. So just dive in where you feel comfortable. 

Oh, my God, that's big. Oh, God. So like, in general, if you have a Soul lead business, if you are in some shape, or form a change maker, you want to make a difference on the planet, then you know your personal life and your business are not separate because you're one in the same. Yeah. And you're expressing your gifts, your divine gifts through your business.  So that's one and of course, when you have when you are the business.  At least that's my experience. I've done a ton of personal growth work. But as soon as I started becoming more visible, all other stuff came up. Yeah. And I think that is what happens for most business owners. Yeah. Because as soon as you have to be visible, what do they think of me? I'm not good enough. You compare yourself with others, and that's all usually childhood wounds or even past life. Mm hmm.

Did I answer your question? 

No, no, that's wonderful. So your business, your identity, of course in your personal life, how I'm being authentically in my life and being visible. I know that when I was younger, I did a lot of talking. I had a television show. I looked like younger because I was younger  and then you know, as I've got older and I'm going to be 62 in a couple of weeks. Yeah. And you know, it's just a number inside I don't feel whatever people define that was ~ is just if you have your health and well being That's excellent. But I did go through a part later where I was trying to as a healer going through that healing whole dimension where I didn't want to charge for my service. And that's what value would you talk about. But once you start valuing yourself, and how you align with your higher self and you literally, your Soul, your Life Calling, then things start showing up because of the law of attraction. I'd like you to share, how do you help people discover their Soul Life's Calling and create this kind of business that aligns with their higher self?

Look, I have two major tools at my disposal. So the very first tool is the Akashic records. Yes. And for those of you who don't know what they are, they're basically a energetic database that reveals who you are Soul level.  So everybody has their own Akashic Record.  It's even been a think in the Bible, it's talked about as the book of life. And so everything, who you are, and everything, whatever you've ever done in past lives is recorded in the in your Akashic Record. And so I was trying to, first of all, look at your personal record. So that's where I can look at your divine gifts, like what is your Soul literally made off? What energies are your Soul? Is your Soul mate of your life lesson? Soul specialization? Where did you originate from what's your Soul group of origination, and together, that creates a really good indication and picture for you, and what you're best suited to do.

Like when you talk about, like your origination, like I think sometimes, and I'd like to hear your feedback on this ~ I'm really attracted to certain places in the world when I travel and, you know, Morocco, I'm attracted to Morocco and Egypt when I was younger, I used to study a lot around Egyptian culture and Mexico and all these different places that speak to me. Do you think that's because we've had life there before?

Um, I'm pretty certain. Yeah. Yeah. Like I remember, it came out of the blue. I taught in Russia twice. And the second time I was in St. Petersburg, never been there before. And it was really eerie, because I would literally walk around the streets. And suddenly, I had this memory. Like, I just knew, if I turn left and right and left again, that there will be this church. Yeah, and that is exactly what happened. Wonderful. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So I do believe we do remember and the veil is seen at times.

yes. So do you think that I know that I used to use Akashic records in my healing work many years ago? Do you think that everyone can tap into that? Or do they have to sort of learn to do that? Or have a mentor or coach or someone like yourself to teach them to do that? Or what's your feelings behind that?

Hmm. Look, I think we are basically the Akashic records. Yeah, like, so everybody absolutely can tap into it. And I would also say, and I actually don't teach the records, per se. Yeah. I would say, yes, you need to get a good teacher. Yeah, it's the same with you know, everybody can do yoga. And sure you can learn it from from a video but quite often, you know, you inadvertently do it wrong.

Mm hmm. Well,

That segues ~ for me to ask you, you know, how does our higher self communicate with us and how does someone because if they're new to this, really differentiate if it's the ego which I always call edge God out or edge your higher self out or in a sense Wayne Dyer says edge God out, which I love, or speaking to you versus your Soul's guidance? How does someone know? Is that real? Am I making it up? Is that somebody looking out for my good, my best benefit or is that some trickster?

Yeah. And it's a great question Moira because that I that is what people have trouble with. Yeah. Because I tell you what we can. Here's the problem. In a not problem, but the challenge. Yeah. Yeah. So basically, your higher self or your intuition, whatever you want to call it, yes. It has to be filtered through the mind. It has to. Yeah. Like, well, meaning, okay, so it doesn't. So either you get a big download, say, or you just know something, you are still then going back to the mind automatically. Yeah, whether within your realm of experience, or you're trying to interpret, and that's the challenge, because quite often, we are then trying to wrongly quite often interpret it. Yeah. And so then, so basically, any guidance will guidance will always feel positive, it will always be expansive. It doesn't necessarily make sense. And meaning it's not a logical guidance quite often, and it will only give you one step. And it's a much smaller voice. And then it again, depends every, like I'm also using a love Human Design. I'm fairly new at it. Two years now. And Human Design also looks at all sorts of Soul system. And they very much look at Okay, how are you wired? To actually listen to your intuition? Look at both. Yeah.

An example of that one that sounds very fascinated with what would an example be with what you just shared.

So 50% of the population, like, Human Design is a whole, totally different system. So system, but it overlaps with the Akashic records, because truth is, truth is truth, ultimately, but totally different systems. And so they basically go with your date of birth, and your time of birth, and then they go 88 days back, because they say, that's when your Soul crystal basically came in. And so you have your Soul, and you have your, your mind. Yeah. And they interact. And in Human Design, you have four different energy types. And the most, most energy type on the planet is what we call a generator. So they're the energy bodies that go go, go, push, push, push, you know, that's basically the major energy on the planet. And then they also look at per exam. So as an example, most people what what they call emotional authority. So that means their intuition comes from from that gut, you know, the gut feeling. But they also they are constantly riding the emotional wave. Yeah, they're upside down. They're up there down. That's how they're wired. And they need to wait till they're around. 70%. Yeah, if you think of the Uptown, uptown, so once you get around 70%, once they are peaceful, that's when they need to make the decision. They're interested, and stay with it, because take her up again, and then down again. And as soon as they're down there, they're questioning that decision that just made. 

Mmhmm. That can sabotage you kind of like the shiny object syndrome, which, oh, I'm doing this, oh, let's go over there. You know, I know sometimes. I know sometimes that my husband who's also my, the love of my life and my partner in business and life, he, he'll do a program (I'm his Muse), I'll show a program that I think will be good for him. And he's like, Well, here, you know, you could do this with me. I'm like, No, no, no, that's another thing. I'm sticking with what I'm doing, because I know very well, if you go off, you don't get anything accomplished. And versus really, you know, going down one path for you know, and then deciding, yeah, at one point, it's like doing the podcast show. There's people who start a show and they think, Oh, it's gonna bring all this money in and that's their focus versus what value are they bringing to their audience. I'm building a community of people who are raising their vibration and their consciousness for the planet for unity consciousness and also giving back and like you being a guest today, talking about the Akashic Records, talking about your Soul Life's purpose. And we're going to talk about something that you say I'm not going to do, I'm going to keep it as a little gem. I like the way you say it. So I can keep that one for later. So So That's very interesting the human design.

Yeah. But coming back to your intuition, I mean, it can come in any way. Yeah. And we are all different. So from hearing from, you know, having a vision, a feeling, or just a whole download. Yeah. And we are all intuitive. The challenge, like I said, is, how are we going to interpret that? Because we are still interpreting it smoother filters that we have. So the clearer you are, the more you can really get the guidance. But for example, if you have a filter of I'm not good enough or haven't got any money, that will, it's a filter. Yeah. Then we say, oh, spirit told me to wait. No, good usually doesn't tell you to wait. It's not the right time. Yeah, that is, for example, a mental construct, that you're trying to make it spiritual. Mm hmm. Because time if all of us know, and time is eternal?

Yes. And that's the present, right? The gift to them? Yeah. So let's look at this, this, you know, living, you know, you help highly conscious women, you know, have a purpose led business and align with their Soul, and the Soul of their business so they can up-level without working harder. I want to dive into this financial part in spirituality, because like you just said, having an abundant mindset, versus I don't have enough money right now, I can invest in that. How do you help people shift from that? If that's their belief system, into this abundant prosperity mindset that? No, you're you have everything right now that you if you something shows up and taking a step towards it, and that investment in the value of who you are? What are some tools and strategies or exercises that you use to help women? Create that kind of life ~ because again, I know a lot of people who do struggle with that.

Yeah, look it I'll be very honest. Moira, I work with highly conscious people and they already have been in business for a few years. So they're not that disempowered. Yeah, I mean, they might have challenges that might, you know, double, you know, second guessed themselves. But, you know, I'm not really doing the work, that somebody is willing to even accept that they are the powerful creator of their own experience. Yeah. But one thing, what I would suggest is gratefulness and learning how to be present. So gratefulness First of all, it will up-level your vibration. And when you focused on what can I be grateful for? You can also look at, okay, what have I accomplished already? Yeah, and how life is really supportive.

I always say that the universe isn't working against you, the universe is working for you. And the universe loves expansion in different experiences in that So, I love that. Because that ties in with, you know, when people are feeling disconnected from their divine life purpose, or confused or lost or overwhelmed with a, you literally have to do what you just said, step back, step into the moment, take a deep breath, and, you know, have gratitude and really look around you know, you're alive. You know, I was talking to a lady the other day because I I had ordered by accident to exercise bikes, and instead of one and even today taping I have on the door right now, you know, please, you cannot pick up the bike today ~ I'm recording. I will have to reschedule, but I said to this lady "how's your day going?" and she says, fantastic. She said "I'm alive." I said you got it. That's it, you know, you're alive. You open your eyes and look around and just take that moment and breathe that you're breathing.

And here's the thing, you know, with money, and I think we have such a huge money wound. Most of us have. Yeah, I don't even see ~ I don't know it's almost for me a wound just even if you have $3 billion because that in itself is obscene. 

I would be happy with it. and I'd been giving a lot away.

Yeah, exactly. I don't know about a billion ~ a million maybe. Yeah, you know, with money and I think I tell you what, that's the thing. I've experienced it myself over and over again. And I've also seen it with clients. So we are always asking for something. Yeah. I want more clients. I want more money. I want a partner. You know, we're always asking. Yeah, and as we said, already, the universe is actually really, really supportive. The universe as soon as you're asking the universe goes, yep. Because it's the expansion. Yeah. And then I see, and then somebody comes in gets in front of you, or you see something, a book or, you know, program. And that is actually the answer to your to your prior. Asking. Yeah. And But often, we don't have a knee jerk reaction, because we are looking at what is right now. Yeah, we're looking at Well, I have X amount of in the bank account, so now I can't afford it. Okay. Versus let's, if that is right, like, if that's the answer to my prayer, how can I make How can I afford it?

It totally, it opens up the possibilities, right?  Yeah, it takes you into that instead of being stuck, it opens up. And like you say, like, I totally believe in every challenge and obstacle, if you look at it and say, Okay, this has come to me, what can I learn from this? What is the gift in this for me to learn and change something and transform something, and, and then you get to grow? Again, that expansion that we talked about.

And I would even go further? Like, people, I think, still have a really hard time with the law of attraction. And the law totally works no matter in what what economy what happens around us. Yeah. But I think the misunderstanding is that we are so spiritual, that we are quite often we're waiting for a sign, oh, remember that? Well, I want to do this, but I just wait. And what needs to happen is literally, you need to put the stake in the ground yourself. It's like this is I'm the creator of my own experience, this is what I want. And this is the action that I'm taking. And then all the CO operative forces will come your way. And then the miracle happens. Yeah, but you actually, as the creator need to take the first step. And that's usually really scary. And a yes, at soul level will be that you're really excited. And you just want to throw up. So you have both, you know, it's like, I'm excited. And it's like, oh, my God, I'm scared. Yeah. And that's a good thing. Because even that is actually a Yes, yes. Because other people don't recognize that. 

Yes, it's like even like bringing the best to these podcasts, you know, you can feel a little I can feel a little nervous or something. But I prepared and researched. And I'm going to bring the best out in my guess and for the audience. And, you know, gifts for them and all the rest but even if you feel nervous, it's a good thing. Because you are again, it's that expansion or what I used to speak on stages in it. If I had that, that little that extra energy to like, just really bring it on. Yeah, it's interesting what you just said, I have a card in front of me. I have lots of cards. And so through the years, yeah, these are Abraham Hicks one. Yeah, this deck was around health because I have a friend who ~ there's health issue in the family. And but these ones are very different. Because what you just said, here's one right here: "You're the only one who creates in your experience, no one else. You know, everything that comes to you comes by the power of your thought. If there's any changes you would like to make, it will be of great value to begin telling a different story ~ not only about the money you have, your body, about all those different things" but the one that I look at, if I throw myself off and I'm doing it in some way during the day, something bothers me or edges me or gets my attention. I go back, you are the only one who creates in your experience. No one else I'm like, Okay, well, I choose to, you know, feel empowered right now. I choose to feel rested. I choose. And yeah, just a reminder, that little reminder tweet. 

Exactly, yeah. Yeah, we get to choose every moment.

I know also, when when I was thinking what we said before about the higher self communicating with us that like, share with me some of your what happens with your clients because I know for myself, I have my animal totems, and so I do a lot with nature and animal totems, Ted Andrews work for 30 years now. And and I literally I have my own Hawk, my Red Tail Hawk, my Long Eared Owl, my fairies and elf, I have my Lady Bugs for dreams and my Dragon Fly for magic. So every day, I honor them as a totem, but I also speak to nature and I can feel nature and through dreams also, I can speak to nature and, you know, an angels  ~ what some of the experiences that that your clients have had and yourself with communicating with your higher self and communicating with nature, and, you know, all all that the other realm beyond the illusion, sort of.

Yeah, look, all my clients are connected in some shape, or form. Yes. For me, personally, nature is so important, and I'm surrounded by nature, and even grow my own food. I'm not quite self sufficient. So yeah, nature.

And you have a beautiful home, you shared this with me (on video) when we first met.  It's so beautiful.

Yeah. And, you know, with my clients, I think we like it's literally giving them the permission to be who they are. Yeah, because quite often, we think we are to boo or we are going to get rejected if I say this, yeah. Because the whole work is about being authentic, which also means you will probably pissed off somebody it comes. And, once you, you know, quite often we the client side. Yeah. And when, when, you know, my people give themselves permission to really go for what they really want. And don't censor themselves so much. Miracles happen. And because it's all about alignment, yeah, it's the alignment, like you make oodles of money. When you're like, you align your business to your divine gifts, what you're, and the cool thing is, you're basically aligning to what comes to the easiest. So most of my clients, they're actually overworking, they're doing everything. And I'm looking because there's such a thing as a coaching business where I can actually look and see with the knowledge they have who this person is at soul level, what works best in marketing in sales, you know, what are those systems, and quite often they do a third less, and they upped their prices. And people still make money. I just have this amazing woman who, French speaking I think originally from Ghana lives in the UK, and she just got a $20,000 client. Yeah, so even when we say well, because of COVID there's not enough money or people will not pay for my services. Again, yes, there are some people. But if you align and if you up your vibration, you attract the people that have money. It's law. Mm hmm. Yeah.

So you also teach spiritual wealth codes? Can you explain what these are? And how does someone find them and apply this into their own lives?

I'm not sure about I'll be honest, I don't know about the wealth codes. But when you ask me, it's our relationship to money. Yeah, for example, every time we get a bill, most people go Oh, crap. Up to instead of loving the bill, and yeah, giving things to the people that made the service possible.

Yes. Like your electricity and your water and your everything. Yes. Yeah. Yeah.

Really looking at your money and looking at what's the outgoing and what's coming in? Yeah. When I ask some some people, what's been your revenue? There's a blank. Yeah, they're really getting intimate with money and also seeing money as an energy. It's just an energy. neutral. Mm hmm. Yeah, money is neutral. But we've been what what we need to heal is our interpretation and of what you know what we saw growing up what we heard growing up. And then of course, if I look At the Akashic quite often people have a vow of poverty, which is totally unconscious. Yeah, vow of poverty is very often taken few lifetimes back. And it means you can only make enough money or you really have challenges with money. And once that's cleared, and you work on your money, you know, beliefs, miracles happen.

So how do you clear that?

Well, I clear it through the Akashic Records basically.  I clear ~ like it when people do a reading with me. The first one you do once a lifetime. So although I call it a reading, it's much more because the clearing I'd like I clear on the level of the Akashic and the client gets certain homework specific to what I found, and they do the clearing through the emotional mental, into the physical. And then we're also looking at what is a new action step that the person can do instead? Mm hmm. Because any karma that is in the records will influence you in some shape or form today. Your karma is not released, just because you're moving from one lifetime to the next. And that's my main interest, obviously, okay, what's happening in this life? What do you need to shift and change so you get to where you want to be. And that process takes 21 days. And we are literally bringing your Soul back to the point of origination. So back to love and light because the Soul gets injured a lot, which, again, people don't recognize. And once you're back, basically, it also means you get more of your gifts. Yeah, things will be easier, a lot easier. And also, really, I mean, again, everyone is different. But I'll give you an example of somebody. And I didn't know that about her. So she said, she was basically ADD and she had problems reading. So she told me, normally when she looked at a word, she would be able to read the first letter, and then the last letter and sort of make up the word. Yeah, guess the word. And after the clearing, she could see the whole word. And she was ecstatic. As you can imagine, yeah, like her brain suddenly picked up the whole word. She can read normally. Another thing that she noticed is, she had a sugar addiction, and she knew it. And she could not stop. Like despite willpower. She tried everything. And after the clearing. She is sugar free. So huge. Yeah. So that's one. Some other people suddenly get to clients at 10K, it just really depends what you clear and what came up. Yeah. Because that, for me, the main, like the deepest thing we can do for each other is to bring the Soul back into wholeness, because you can trauma and we always had trauma, we can lose parts of our soul, we can even gain other people's parts. So for example, if you are a mom of two kids, and you're outside your home, and you see your kids being burned in a house fire, yeah, very tragic. But it does happen. You automatically would take some of the soul parts of your kids. But that means that you are out of integrity because you're trying to integrate something that's not your own. And so you'll be very confused.

I think that's why it's also very important to do generational healing like to go right through like you're saying because lifetimes of experiences, picking up things from lifetime and trauma and violence and all the rest of that. And not knowing that you're still that's still in your field.

Yeah, and even other members, I can give you an example of my own. Like I used to, yeah, I'm still doing Facebook Lives and have done for probably two or three years now. And then came a time probably six months ago. Honestly, I I was so scared, I suddenly couldn't do this Facebook Live, going, What is going on? Oh, like I couldn't do it. I could not make myself speak. And then I you know how to how to look in the records. and out came and made so much sense of this past life where I basically had premonition and I was this leader, and I told my people, basically, we have to leave that something really bad is happening. And they just laughed at me. And I left. And not only did they laugh at me, they all perished. So I had this double whammy. Nobody listens to me. They don't believe me, and everybody died anyway. Instead was cleared, I could do my Facebook laughs again.

Interesting. I know that, well, this doesn't exactly like what you just said. But it just brought it up for me is that I've been an entrepreneur for over 30 years and in this whole new way of being business through all the years with the internet and everything else and not going like but I like to events and networking and speaking and earning the right to do something all that stuff like I've done there been there, you know, the whole thing. I love this, that I can meet somebody like yourself down under like, I think this is just so cool. When it comes to creating their programs online and everything. You know, even for myself, I was I took all these courses and invested in doing webinars and all this stuff. I have so many activity that I forgot. I have it, you know, and it's like, it wasn't aligned with the way I wanted to do business. I was trying to follow somebody else's map because I thought, Yeah, well, well, they're successful. And my mom used to say to me, she's 93, she says, Why was that person successful? And, you know, you do that stuff, you know her, you know, why? Why are you doing what they're doing? And I said, Well, first of all, I'm not them. And secondly, you know, personally, with a lot of things online technical stuff, I have to really work at it. Because my brain doesn't always go around it. I just got one of these new 5g phones. And it's sort of like a toy that I'm learning with. And when, when it goes off, I'm like, What's that? What's that noise? Like? There's stuff that pops up there. And I really don't know what it is. So I'm just giving myself you know, time to be okay with that. But yeah, but this whole generational healing and and what you said about Karma and stuff?


I know that. I was once told by a psychic and he's somebody that I've trusted through the years, I've known him for over 25 years. I used to see him every four or five years, when I especially when I lived closer to where he lives. I'm not close to him now. But, you know, he told me at one point, you know, you're supposed to be writing those books. And we can see that you haven't published yet yet. I guess you're not interested. I said, it's not that I'm not interested. I just, you know, it's just this timing thing, but, but I do want to write I want to write quite a lot. It's very important to me speaking and writing. So there is a very interesting, one of the things that I really love is I'm going to ask you to share powerful steps that you use to help a person make the shift from searching for their life purpose, to being their purpose. And I love that and I know you have different steps starting with mindfulness and being but again, so many people are saying what's my life purpose, what you know, versus really knowing that it's already there. But I love that. So please expand on that. That's going to help a lot of people.

Okay. Okay, so maybe I start with that your life purpose isn't static. Yeah. I was guilty myself. At one stage. I thought, my life purpose is somehow written on the cloud. And if I would just know this. Right, then my life magically becomes, you know, how it's supposed to be. Yeah. So when we talk about purpose, I prefer sometimes to call it Soul's calling because, yeah, purpose isn't. This is who you are. And this is what you're supposed to do. Yeah. Because we have freewill. But with the Akashic and I can give you an example. So say your divine gift is divine communication. So that's your first gift. Now, that would make you are amazing with words. Yeah. You. You could write you could speak you could be on stage. You could have a podcast. Yeah. It could be Yeah. You're the spiritual. You're the spiritual teacher. And you're channeling Yeah, that automatic just by talking. And some, you know, this is a very specific gift. So I mean, I have no idea whether that's you yours but could be knowing what I know about you. So for some of So then, okay, so that's who you are straight with words. And then it's up to you, then it's the free will. And okay, so some people might say, hey, I want to write the best seller always wanted to write a book. Some people might say, hey, I want to be on stage. I want to being an actor. Some people might say, I'm, I'll be the channel. A channel. Yeah. Archangel Michael, or whoever you choose. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So the, and then so, you know, to the reading, we know. Okay, these are your gifts. And most often people just have it as a confirmation. Yeah. But sometimes that can be huge. And then it depends. What makes you the happiest? Yeah, it's actually good. What would you love doing? And then you start with one step. And then it you know, it's a journey. The thing is, because often like, like, we try and get our mind about purpose, and that never bodes well. Because the mind wants a 10 step plan. The mind wants to, well, if I do a and b, I want to make sure I'll be successful. The solid doesn't care. Do you know domain that's where the fear comes in, you know, like, like, like, I remember, back in the 90s. I really like it wouldn't leave me alone. I wanted to be in India for a year, and I wanted to learn yoga and study meditation, you know, go to an ashram. And that wish wouldn't leave me alone. And the mind could have said, You're married, you're in Australia, what are you thinking? And I went, I trusted that. And we weren't allowed. Yeah. So it's, it's normally not logical. What your soul says to you, the mind and also the mind, you know, we have found the ego mind. And the ego mind is only here to keep you safe, to keep you alive. But also, that means that it wants to desperately keep you in status quo. So you're doing something different, you're growing, it feels majorly attacked. And then the arguments are come and they're so logical. Yeah, because the soul, the intuition is in the body. And so the journey is actually, to come back into the body and trust the body. The mind is not, you know, the main driver here, the body is the mind is the servant.

And then we have our conscious mind. And that's for me, my whole message is about waking up to truly who you are, and you know, becoming conscious when you make decisions being very present and not just living life by default, you know, really making choices from that higher place of being.

Yeah. And coming back for a moment financially. You can like, if you, okay, you have a wish you want something different? Yeah, that wish is already the expansion. Yeah. Because you will have to be vibrationally different at point B, where you want to go to who you are at point A and point B, once you are vibrationally aligned, you actually got what you want. Yeah, to make sense. Yes. Okay. What we inadvertently do mistakenly is okay, we want the expansion, but then we look at our bank account, and then we say no, we can't do it, because you haven't got the money. But you can't look at what is today and make a decision from that point. Because it the law of attraction will tell you you get the same out. So unless you stretch also financially, you will get the same out. But of course it makes so much logical sense. You know, well, I haven't got the money. But then I got it. have experimented where I want, like 10 years ago, I wanted this dog. And I couldn't like this puppy. And I didn't have the money for it. But I knew I wanted this puppy and it was this puppy. "And this is Akash?"

No, this was another Ridgeback body. Yeah. And I basically said, Okay, can I make a down payment? Can I put $800? Can I pay it off, basically? And he said yes. But you know, energetically I committed. And that's the other thing what we need to commit without having a backdoor. Yeah. In order to get what we want. So I committed internally, I put 800 bucks on it. And with the idea, okay, I'll pay it off. Within a kid, you know, within three days, I had two new clients, and I paid him within three days. That's what happens. And that's why I go, you know, circle back, you are the creator of your own experience. And so, for me, to, okay. Like, if I look in my bank account, I shouldn't have the dog. But I knew it wasn't just my mind saying, you know, I knew I had to have this dog. Even spiritually, yeah. And then find a way you know how to get the money. And it all comes, especially when you take the first step because you then signal to the universe. I'm fair dinkum in a you know, in Aussie speak like I'm, I really want this and I'll move heaven and earth to get there. Yeah, and so that money. Business wise, first of all, the, like you said already how many programs you bought? That is me, and that is most successful entrepreneurs I know of. We need to invest in our business. We need to invest in our personal growth. It's ongoing. Yeah.

Yes, for sure. You know, I have a really fun story for you Shivany.  Okay, so we're looking to move at the end of the year, early next year with this with COVID. Right now, we're not sure how to get there. I've been drawn to Seattle for years to be out there was almost there last year before this COVID started the pandemic. And also we're looking to move to BC. So it's a big jump from London, Ontario to go to BC. My mom's with us, she she's very Scottish. She has a lot of stuff. She keeps a lot of stuff, but lovely she still has love letters from my Dad in World War Two. Like she literally, she's quite on the ball. She's a lovely person and my Mum. So I was looking at houses the other day out in BC, I don't know if you see like different towns in it. And I found this gorgeous, beautiful home. And I'm saying I just want to buy that, sight unseen. I just want to ask some people that know the neighborhood's, What's that like? And what happened was so funny. And this is the universe telling me, I was out. Okay, I thought the home was like, it was ridiculous in my mind, but my mind wasn't really looking at it was like, five $578,000 or something, which is pretty low for a home, anywhere around, where we are our home is a lot more. But anyway, and I was I was so excited. And I was even going to send an email to the people saying I'm very interested in this. But then when I looked at it again, later to show it to Cliff, I was out, it was 5 million.  And I said to him, I said, you know, it's just so beautiful. I want this home, we don't even have to go there, we will just buy this right now. And then we will have that sell this one. And see, I knew from the point of view of the universe, it was saying you can have a home like that like this not about the figure. It's if you want a home like that, that can manifest you don't know have to know the how just what do you want? And what what are the core things I want? So I thought I'd share that because I was laughing at it thinking, Oh, the universe is having fun with me. And I love that. "Yeah."

No wonder it was a beautiful home.

No wonder that you liked it.

I love the happiness part you brought into I've given happy balls out as part of my brand for probably about eight to 10 years when we used to travel to children, pilots, ship captains, they're all over the world to really remind us that to the happiness part, like just to focus on being happy in the moment. Even if a smiley ball goes upside down, you still know it's a smiley ball. So, you know, we literally have given out 1,000s of those.   ~ I love talking with you, Shivany and, you know, where we are in the midst of new beginnings and a huge global shift in business, the way of being, our lives are changing. And, you know, what is the message that you've received? for, you know, what, what do we, you know, expect to will unfold in 2021? Do you have any insights that you'd like to share with that?

Yeah, look, I do. The energy, obviously, we all know that it's completely shifting. Yeah, we are shifting basically, from mass consciousness, globalization, you know, governments, you're moving into becoming the individual that we are. And the move the shift is actually to really go deep into your spirit and live your purpose. And it's non negotiable now. Yeah. And you will, it will, I mean, it will unfold over the next few years, but you will see already some of the rifts, so basically, institutions, you know, they will all break down basically, slowly. I agree. Yeah. And it's now really, really time to create our own economy. Yeah. And do our own thing as a spiritual individual that we are, it's all about individuation. No, like, be the unicorn that, yeah.

A lot of little girls would like that one. I also talked about even when I'm sending out a newsletter, here, and it's all about the Age of Aquarius to that we're moving away from the lies and the the all the stuff in politics, and that we're moving into truth and that you can't hide anything. And yeah, truth has to come forth. And it's up to you as a person, individually and then collectively, for us to really step into our power, be empowered, be inspired and be the truth. And that unity consciousness is so much my message that you know, to celebrate our diversity is unity, and two together, because that's so empowering. So yeah, thank you. I wanted to get I know, you could go further on that. 

Yeah, and also, you know, like, it's actually I find, I mean, it's easy for me to say, because I'm not in lockdown. I don't have to wear masks, you know, I mean, I'm in my own little world. And I still think it's an incredible opportunity now, to really step into mastery. Yeah, like, we are all like anybody who listens to this. I know already that you're spiritual. But I think the time for being a student has finished, we now really need to step into our mastery, and the mastery of the recognition and the living that yes, I am the creator of my own reality. Which also means we have to be a lot more vigilant. What do we let into our energy fields? Yeah, but because it's really like, it's so true. The law of attraction, if you vibrate a particular way, that seeing or that event or whatever you want to come into your experience. It's law. Yeah. I've seen it with myself with my clients with friends. It's law. Yes. But it's now harder. To be suffering to be in your own energy to trust, your guidance. Because we are so bombarded with fear. Yeah, you switch on the news, fear, fear, fear, fear. And we it's harder, because now we don't know anymore. What's fake news and what's not. And the invitation is to go within. What do you believe ~ what do you get? 

And not to watch and listen to that all the time? Because, "yes", I know, with my own family, if my husband and my son are talking, and I'm in their sphere, like we have a very open concept home. I'm like, I can't hear this anymore. I have to go for a walk or I have to leave because as an empath and intuitive I picked that up so much in my field, that I have to go clear it and usually a walk in nature. That But no, definitely. And you can't be the way that you were being before. It's just it's it's that's it's this is a new era. This is new beginnings, you know, and that's exciting.

Yeah. Last year, my business went really well. I yeah. So, but also didn't buy into the fear. I mean, I did a bit a little bit, but then you know, tuned in ~ okay. I know what what I believe or where I stand? Yes. And yeah, and I think that's the excitement, you know, like for me. Like we, as the divine creator, you're literally, I mean, we are literally creating out of nothing. Yeah, we have an idea that we ground and then we make money from it as an entrepreneur. And it's I think it's exciting. 

It's very exciting. There's a whole expansion, we could talk about that for sure. Yeah, I could. I'm very passionate about it. 

So yeah, go and do your purpose. It's time. Now. That's all I want to say. It's because when you know, like, no matter what happens, when you can trust, your intuition, your guidance, everything is fine. You're fine. You'll be looked after. Yeah. But that's, I think the biggest shift that needs to happen to really, yeah. Trust not only trust the guidance, but also do it. 

Yes, I have this. I have this thing about ~ Believe Know and Trust.  It's a very simple three things to do believe know and trust, just like center into there. So no, I agree. Totally. Shivany. I know, we're kind of running to the end of this time and you also have something else ~ otherwise, I would go on a bit, but could you please share with our listeners, every one of my guests create a special gift for them. So they can take away tools and strategies today what that is, and for all the listeners listening that all the links to your gift from Shivany. And also how you can find Shivany will be below in the show notes. So if you could share a little bit about that, what the name of the gift is? 

Sure.  Yeah, sure. It's basically how to recognize your higher guidance. Because again, we are literally like snowflakes, yeah, at a spirit level.  Our personality, we have been totally unique. They're all different. So how guidance comes in is also very unique. So in this book, I'll give you different ways of going within, I give you ways to recognize how do you get your guidance and then also looking at how can you deepen that connection that is within you, and will never leave you?

It's a beautiful gift. I've gone through your e-book, and it's just beautiful. It's interesting. You say the snowflakes and I was just thinking that today because it's minus six below here in London, Ontario and I was looking outside ~ we have so much snow and outside my business window. I was looking at the snowflakes and just thinking that how beautiful each one is and just like you said that were unique. So I like you're bringing that up as an analogy. Shivany thank you today for sharing from your Heart and Soul, your wisdom, your love, and your knowledge on the Akashic records and how your life's purpose how we can live from that place. 



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