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The Divine Feminine Reawakened

May 10, 2021 Moira Sutton Season 2 Episode 30
Heart Soul Wisdom Podcast
The Divine Feminine Reawakened
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The Divine Feminine Reawakened

Malena is a Washington, DC-based writer, speaker, and spiritual life coach holding degrees from the George Washington University in Psychology with a concentration in Neuropsychology. 

Her award-winning debut novel A Fistful of Honey chronicles the heroines journey of Alena Ford and delivers racial healing and reawakening wrapped in a thrilling, page-turning tale.  her novel was called a "must read" by Oprah Winfrey’s Network ~ Iyanla Vanzant, who is now her teacher.

Malena facilitates workshops on personal development, empowerment, and anti-oppression across the globe, most recently in Ghana and South Africa. she travels the world with her message of healing, one that is informed from her own transformation from homeless and tragedy to a 6-figure coaching and real estate business.

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Welcome to our second season episode 30, The Divine Feminine Reawakened, with our very special guest Malena Crawford.  Malena is a Washington DC based writer, speaker and spiritual life coach, holding degrees from the George Washington University in psychology with a concentration in neuro psychology. Her award winning debut novel, a fistful of honey chronicles the heroines journey of Alena Ford, and delivers racial healing and reawakening wrapped in a thrilling page turning tale. Her novel was called a must read by Oprah Winfrey's network, Iyanla Vanzant, who is now her teacher.  

Malena facilitates workshops on personal development, empowerment and anti oppression across the globe, most recently in Ghana and South Africa, and you are going to hear a wonderful story about that, that just will inspire you. Later on in our conversation today. She travels the world with her message of healing, one that is informed from her own transformation from homeless and tragedy to a six figure coaching and real estate business. So without further adieu, I would like to introduce you to Malena Crawford.  Welcome Malena.

Thank you so much, Moira, what a beautiful introduction. 

Well, there's so much to say about you, and you've got quite a story to inspire our listeners today. So thank you for being one of our special guests. 

Sure. My absolute pleasure. 

And thank you for your book, I want everybody to know, you want to go out and read this book. Malena is such a writer, and I couldn't put it down and my whole family's going to read it. And it's just a beautiful, beautiful, empowering and inspiring story. Thank you. 

You're welcome. 

Malena, why don't we just start with your own transformation from homeless and tragedy to creating a six figure business and real estate business? Can you share that story? Because that's quite the jump isn't it? 

I just really the bottom fell out of my life. And I was a very important relationship of mine had ended, and I had hit rock bottom. And so for the first time in my life, I called out to God, and I asked, What is my purpose? You know, there's, there's got to be something more to my existence here on Earth than this. And so, I really I don't know if I was expecting an answer, but I just was at that point of desperation that leads you to surrender. Anything is better than this. And I immediately got back an answer. I immediately heard a voice clear is the day.  To heal yourself and to heal women. So that started my journey, I really had no clue what that meant. Because you know, at that point, I was very much in a box in a Christian box, I thought, the New Age teachings that were coming in, were out of alignment. Boy, did I have something to learn? So yeah, so that began began my spiritual journey and my path to healing, spiritual healing. And so everything that I learned everything that I was able to become, in that space went into my blueprint for helping other women heal.

That's wonderful. And the part that you talked about surrendering, I think that's a big part of that when you you come to a wall, or adversity or struggles or anything that you just, I always use Wayne Dyer's, um, he says, Let go, let God and that's what whatever God is for the person. But that's, that's that letting go and getting out of our own way and allowing what shows up, which is something that we can't create from our ego mind is something bigger. Yeah. So surrendering. I know, I've been to surrender and letting go letting God and, you know, and trusting a huge part of trusting and faith, how did that play into that, that you really trusted when you asked for that? 

So I think sometimes in those moments, we have nothing but trust. We have nothing but trust in those those moments that were really forced to surrender. And so that wasn't the first time though, that I had a profound experience with God and with trust. So in 2013 tray, Trayvon Martin's murderer had gotten off. And Trayvon Martin was a young boy who was killed.  You know, so unfairly, it broke my heart so deeply. And the verdict was, you know, he was a free man. And so I was just livid with God, like, how can you allow this injustice still in 2013, especially against black people?  And so that was another act of trust, I knew that I was going to get an answer. And the answer this time, was, it was instant, but it took a lot longer. So what I received were answers from between 3am and 4am, every single morning, like clockwork, for two months, I received information that then became the book of fistful of my book of "A Fistful of Honey".  Um, so that exchange of I have this ferber in my heart. And I know, the God of my understanding; I trust the God of my understanding, to heal me to bring something to me. That's, that's going to change this. And to my great honor, I'm so grateful it not only helped to heal me, but it's helped to heal hundreds of other people. And so yeah, that's the miracle of trust, I think, one of them. 

So when you have these Thank you, you have these downloads for two months, you say at three and four a.m., did you kind of wake up or was that in a dream state? or How did you experience that? And also, how did you experience that message clearly heard from God to heal yourself and heal woman? 

Yeah. So the first message when I heard it, I mean, I went from being literally on my knees to Oh, there was just such a buoyancy inside me like I gotten answer, oh my God, God can hear me.  God loves me enough to answer me back. And that alone was just such a revelation for me that I was loved. And that there was a God out there for me. So that in and of itself changed my life. And so what started to trickle in, were the breadcrumbs, you know, so we ask, and then we receive, and so I started to receive the direction. And so I began to really trust in myself, that what I was seeing was true. What I was being guided to was right, you know, was the answer was right for me. So it did two things, you know, trusting God, and then trust in myself, those were things I did not have, before that moment. That completely changed my life. And then with five years later with the Trayvon Martin and the channeling, yeah, so I woke up, and I was awakened; it didn't matter how tired I was, and I was very tired, I would wake up and just get all of this information. And then, um, one of the directives was tell your story, and tell it all.  And you're talking about, I'm a very private woman. And at that point, at that point, now, I will tell I'm very transparent. Now. Because, you know, that's my profession, and also my passion, my hearts work. But I was very private. And a lot of the things that had happened in my life caused deep shame, and guilt, and all these things. But that was the directive that I had, tell your story and tell it all. And so when I say healing journey, writing that book, receiving those messages, and a lot of them were to the wound of inferiority, to the wound of this is how you've been treated, and in this world, and it has absolutely nothing to do with who you really are, and who black people really are. And that it's been this whole scheme the whole time, to keep us all divided.  Every race, every gender, all humans divided and out of love with each other. Yeah, so with that experience, um, man, number one, I knew that even more so, of how much I was loved. It was just like, you're entrusting me with this. You know, you are choosing me to be the vessel for this. You know, mind blowing, absolutely mind blowing. And then to let out things that I had gone through. Obviously it's a work of fiction; not all the things that Alena experienced did Malena experience. But a lot of it, I did. And so to put it in there to put my pain in there. And in my, I mean, I put my all into ...

Your Heart into that... 

My Heart..

And Soul.


Everything, yes, into that manuscript.

So there's literally medicine in that book in that novel. Um, and I think that's why the book has done so well. Because, how do I say, that was a divine process, that was a you are witnessing when you read that book, a divine transformation. 

It's a very, as I said, earlier, everyone should get this book and we will have the links there. And I'm not promoting from a standpoint buy buy buy, I'm saying it because the message is just beautiful. And we will, you know, just keep creating, like almost like a snowball effect, get this book out there. Especially right now. You know, the timing for your book right now to have it out, for people to know you and your message is, is huge. Because, you know, when I was brought up, my brothers used to say it was like a Pollyanna. And it was supposed to be an insult from one of my brothers. And I always um, my dad said, Oh, you're so caring and loving and maybe you'll be a nurse and I don't like needles or anything. So I knew that wasn't happening. But I always want a cared about humanity, people. From a young age, I had a problem with anyone who had divisions with labeling people, whatever background ability disability, we talked about this woman, when you and I first met this passion dance that I haven't created yet, but I will, it was really to bring people together of, of all races and all ages and abilities and disabilities. You know, my son when he was little, I used to do some workshops for people at a center with people who didn't have legs, or they had special needs. And my son never grew up seeing - he just saw the person, you know, he didn't, he didn't see if somebody didn't have legs. He just saw that person. He's sometimes go "Can have a ride?" Or, you know, he's only four or five or something. But no, that's been always close to my heart.

That's beautiful. 

Yeah, so your book, whoa, and thank you for all that I'm just taking it in and being very present, as you're saying.  So for other women, how do you help women unveiled their spiritual power, so they can transform and remove these blocks that they have, and you have a phrase, you know, turn them into gold in your path forward which is really quite the the phrase, how Just give me some areas of how you do that for women, because there's the most of our audience, there's men and some cool men, as you put that you work with too, which I also do. And mainly women who are in my audience, that's something that would be important for them to to learn. 

Yeah. So I have a three step process that I take clients through. But the most important thing is that they have awareness of where they are stuck, they have awareness of where their life is not working for them.  Um, so that's the first thing because you can't heal what you can't see what you're not aware of.

So is that really bringing it into their consciousness, you help them get that clarity?

Exactly. Like I, sometimes I call myself the clarity Queen, like, I'm just very passionate, you have to have clarity, you must know where you are in order to get where you want to be. And so, a lot of times, women aren't, they're just almost there, women and men, but there are, usually these four core blocks that we have to start working on. So there's fear, you know, what's going to happen if I move forward, and then you know, we have sabotaging behaviors that insulate us into that comfort zone, because of the fear, you have doubt and disbelief, doubt and the self doubt in their ability to move forward. I'm doubting their worthiness to have to have more than than their current experience of disbelief, which I had disbelief that I'm this grand vision is is something that it's okay for them. And then sometimes an unwillingness to pay the price to move forward. So for example, maybe you need to go back to school in order to make the next step, but they don't really want to go back to school. So we have to work on that. And then of course, resistance to change. Because it's something different, even though it's beautiful. And it's what they want. It's their heart's desire, it is different from the comfort that they know. So after we address those blocks, it's "What do you want?" Very simple. What do you want? What is your vision? So we can work to from getting unstuck, to moving forward into the next phase? And then you always want to check for alignment as they're in the prescription that I gave to them. I'm always checking against checking their choices, checking their actions, checking their beliefs, is this in alignment with the vision that you said you have with the thing that you said you want? And that must be coupled with implementation and action. And so all of that equals transformation, getting unstuck and moving to the other end?

Thank you. I think also this part about worthiness. I think, men and woman we all at one point have had that issue because either we've - you say it even in your work, that it's not. And I say the same thing. Go for your bigger vision. We have a desire put on your heart, and you have your life purpose, and essentially tied into your passion and what you're good at what you love doing like here I love during the show. I love meeting wonderful people like you and getting your message out in reaching more people and creating that community of, not diversity, but unity consciousness. And yeah, it's through these interviews and heartfelt conversations, raising the vibration of each other to, that's my tagline, to really heal humanity and our planet, our beautiful Mother Earth But worthiness. 


I would think you have the same thing. A lot of people come with that issue because as you talked about all those steps to go through, and they end up taking inspired action, then they get transformation. It really takes, theres trust there right of trust and believe in and knowingness somewhere within you that you can have anything that's put on your heart, and it was put there for a reason. 


And I love also how you talked about, again, we're very similar that way, Malena, that, you know, I have, again, the tagline create the life you love on your terms. It's very much Don't let anyone else steal your dreams or give your power away. Take your power back. And as you know, you know, it takes courage and commitment to really create this awesome, extraordinary life. It's just not it's not like, Well, you could win the lotto. But Lottario, I believe in that. Yeah, I won a trip to Argentina years ago. So Oh, yes, it was. Yes, it was wonderful. 

Yes I love it!" 

Yeah. You have traveled with the work you do. So thank you for sharing that process. That's ~ and the resistance part. You again, how do you see your clients and the people who help moving through that resistance? Because Is it a yes, I want it. No, I can't Yes, I want it. No, I can't is it that kind of resistance?

It can be but resistance is also very tricky. It can be very sneaky. So resistance can look positive. It can look, perfectionism can show up, it is definitely resistance. But it can show up, you know, with a positive face. I just want to do the best, you know, that I can do. And it's taken me eight years to perfect this process.

Which is really not very long Malena. 

Oh o.k.!

In the bigger and the bigger perspective. We think that right? And then eight years goes by and we're like, wow, what what kind of happened? That's why I think it's so important to be person every day and have gratitude because life is a gift. 


So eight years. You're just a quickie. coaster.

Yeah, but my point is taking, you know, taking the time as a part of hiding as a point of procrastinating. Resistance can look like that. Resistance can look like self sabotage again, you were moving forward. And now we're regressing. Why. And then we have to look at that. What is the thought behind this? What is the feeling behind this? You know, we're emotional beings. And so, really uncovering what resistance looks like for us so that we can lovingly and I say look like I do not believe in tough love. And just you know, so we can lovingly turn it around. So okay, resistance, I recognize you, I recognize that there's some fear here or there's some doubt here. And I know what the trigger is. So now that I see that I also know what my affirmation is. And restating their truth, restating what they now know about themselves and their ability and pushing them forward. So there are a lot of techniques to get through resistance, but the most important thing is to know what it looks like.

Mm hmm. And being very truthful with yourself and I love that No, not you know, hard love it also everything in our life when we come to healing, it starts with self love, we have to love herself and look at ourselves and it's not about comparing ourselves. We're all unique just like you know, just last month, the tulips were coming up but then it started snowing and then it started hailing. We're like watching Mother Nature's perfect but and then when you again you look at each flower or each little bird or that we were part of that we are so beautiful and and to go back to embracing that.

We are truly all one.


Yeah, when we relax into That there is so much beauty and there's so much peace. There's so much peace in that truth.

Now you have tips and strategies, if you can share some of them, you've talked about staging your comeback and our lives from trauma and huge setbacks. And again, we've all experienced something. It's part of being, as you said, human beings, you know, living a spiritual life. We all have that. And I believe that we've asked for submitted and some of our most people that really what's the word? bother us in some way? Are they, it brings up some issue and because it's we're mirroring that with and they've they've agreed maybe to do that in our life. So we could learn and bring that to all there is?

Yes. Oh, we're right in alignment.  Yes!

So when you talk about the comeback part. Give us if you have some strategies and tips there, like really, because there's people that they get they get trapped in that? Or is it very similar for what you just shared? Like people have to first really be honest, where they are, and then take the steps and then get clarity again, you know, to where they want to go. Is that part of that strategies?

Oh, is definitely part of it. But the first thing that I would say, coming into our creating a comeback, is to really forgive yourself. One thing that I found in setback is a lot of judgment, a lot of self judgment. "Why am I here, I shouldn't be here, this shouldn't have happened like this, it should have happened differently." And the first thing first is forgiving yourself. For whatever judgments you hold, you're going to have to forgive the judgments so that you can move forward. Because what I know for sure, is that everything happens for a divine reason. 

I love that.

That's what what I really want, you know, my clients, everyone to remember, this, all of this is working for my good all of this, it might not have been what you planned or expected, and it might disappoint you greatly. But all of this is working for your good. So I would not rush to the next step until you get that until you get the forgiveness in your heart, the piece within you, where you really can't accept what is, where you really can look at yourself in the mirror and say, "You know what, it's okay. It's okay, I'm coming back, we're, we're doing a new thing, we're going to create a new plan." And that's first and foremost. So when you move forward in that energy, then you're ready to really do all all of the the other actions, the planning, and all, getting the clarity for what your next moves will be. But that for me, that's number one. And then, of course, just looking at looking at your life for what it is. Okay, what is the situation here? You know, what is it that I don't like about this situation that is within my realm to change? And what is the lesson that I got from the setback that I can use now to move me forward. That is the gold, the lesson, the wisdom that you get from that setback, or another one is the goal that's going to propel you forward. So when you change your perspective, and really see yourself as a powerful, creative person who is about to create another Empire, another relationship, another fill in the blank, then you're going to really have the momentum and the fortitude and all of those beautiful things to manifest what it is you desire. So yeah, it's in the setting yourself free. That you're really going to have what you want. And I would also really do a detox of, um, maybe not just your judgment, but other people's judgments against you. You know, that is a huge block for clients, the way that other people feel about how we're living our lives.

Or how we look how we dress, how we eat....

All of the above and keeps us stuck. It keeps us in judgment of ourselves and not accepting ourselves and then we are are imprisoned somebody else who, somebody else's opinions of us who probably you know, in the grand scheme of things, like, couldn't care less. You know, you think about people we don't even know, but we want to impress them. So really start to delve into that. Why do I care so much? You know, this is my life that I'm living and I loved how you said, you're talking about the preciousness of life. And the beauty of life, absolutely. Every single moment that we have is a gift. And so love yourself deeply enough to let go those shackles. You are not being judged by the divine, the divine accepts you 100% whatever the God of your understanding is, or you know, there is, you know, you are good, and you are innocent. And you are worthy of what it is that you desire. That is the truth.

I love, first of all, setting yourself free. And my thing is about really freedom to be you, you on your terms of service. And then the worthiness were they just because we were born, we are so so loved. And you know, I think again, Wayne Dyer talks about if he only knew who walked beside you, you would never be fearful again, because we're not alone. And when I share that, because I'm also an intuitive and, and see spirit and like yourself. I've worked with angels, I still work with angels. And you know, people you say, what do they do? They come in when you're in the bathroom? Are they looking at you like you're showering? I said, No, no, no, this isn't like that, you know, you don't worry about that. And, but to sense that presence, and I had this great experiences, I just was saying how, you know, I won this trip to Argentina, about five years ago, my husband went with me, of course, my love of my life Cliff. And we had such experiences there and one experience, we went to a winery in Mendoza. And we had a five course meal with different wines. And that was sitting out on the porch overlooking this winery. In the mountains of Chile behind this, it was just surreal. And when when I was talking to Cliff, and I hadn't had this experience before, Molina It was so amazing that at one point, I said to Cliff, "Ah, I've just left my soul has come in and is taking this this whole experience in." and I I literally felt the soul come in and look through my eyes. I said, My soul is looking at you right now and this whole taking this beautiful gift in.

Oh my goodness.

It was such an experience. And like you maybe I should be writing some of this. Should, could you know, it's like if you make the choice, the power of the choice?

Yeah, if that's your desire.

I would love you to share because you take your I think you say from New York to Africa to.. Right now you're not with COVID. But you will be again, you take your the work you do in the world and your life purpose to different areas in the world. The one that I love is while you have many stories I know but the one you shared with me when you went to South Africa and those women who attended that workshop. What happened when they came together and shared the bit around the exercise around dreams? I think it's such a beautiful story. And I want the listeners to hear that.

Oh, yes. was one of my favorite stories, too. Yeah, so I was in a city called George, South Africa. And so even though apartheid, you know, was over a while ago, these women had still been separated from each other. And these are black women, what they call colored women, women from different tribes chose, you know, just all different kinds of women that had been separated by these horrible devicive of laws. And so but they all came to the workshop. And at first they weren't, you know, all sitting just to each other only with the women that they knew. And I said, No. Everyone get up and sit next to someone that you don't know. And so I had white women sitting with colored women sitting with totally, you know, just everyone mixed in. And the first thing that I had them do was tell me what their dream was. And you know, to get them warmed up. But the second thing I had them do was tell me what their dream for their sister was. 


And so these women, I mean, God, they got together and they poured their hearts out to thier sisters who they had not even had consciousness of because of what was happening in their country. And we're pouring their hearts out what they wanted for this woman, you know. There was not a dry eye in the house. I invited them to the front. It was like this huge ballroom, I invited them to the front to start sharing what had happened in their groups. And one woman in particular, she just really pierced my heart, this white woman, and she could barely speak. Because she was sobbing so hard. But she was, you know, she told us her dream for a sister. And then she told us how deeply it had broken her heart, what had happened to their country, and she never wanted it. And she just want it to be together. They just want it to be unified. And then woman after woman after woman, and they told me how they would continue staying in unity after you know, we went back to America. And God, it was profound, such a profound experience of oneness. And it just reminded me that we true, there's no division, no matter what the illusion is, there's no division. And if we allow ourselves to get through all of that illusion and, and the ugliness that has been built into law, there's so much love that we have for one another, you know, in our humaneness. And so I will never in my entire life, forget that, and forget the way that it changed my life and made me feel.

I know that I was a preemie baby. In those days, you were put with all the preemie babies, and they just wheeled you up in one of those baskets. And my, my older brother, who's two years older, and my dad went into see me. I heard that like, my, my little, my older brother yelled at me. And I startled as a baby. But all the fathers were there at the same time. And I remember, my dad used to share the story when I grew up that, you know, the other babies were so tiny. I was a month early, but I was bigger. And, and, you know, he was embarrassed. And I said, What do you mean, you're very embarrassed. I said, you were embarrassed because I was a bigger baby. Did you judge me and then say during the years, that wasn't it. He didn't want the other fathers to feel bad because I was probably looking bigger, healthier than the little preemies. So it was not what I interpreted. And also, yes, my mom was in crisis when she gave birth to me and losing blood and that when they took me away as a preemie, I didn't see her for days, because she was so that that is not a conscious thing. It's very unconscious that you know, a little baby and all sudden you're in this warmth, and then you're gone. And now you're with a nurse who loves you and cares for you, but it's not your mother. So I worked on that one for many years. Yeah. Let's jump into your story here. Which, you know, first of all, how did you come up with that title, A Fistful of Honey.

So this necklace is like the sign that you're in this sect among other things. And so the necklace is how she finds her tribe; the necklace is how she gets her power and her wisdom and all that stuff. So it's really the essence of her power power that she'd forgotten that she didn't really know that she had in this lifetime.

Beautiful. Yeah. Malena you've talked about before, like, what principles of famous Do you see right now in 2021? And what do you think the big message is for us to learn, as of last year with a pandemic, and now we're in 2021. And we're starting to see people get vaccinated. And, you know, people are starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel. What principles and themes do you get? Or do have you had that come to?

So 2021, this is a change year, this is a, it's all about change. But I see, I also see resilience. So I feel like I look at 2020. And 2021 is like we went to college, or we went to high school last year. And now we're in college. Are we going to apply what we learned in high school? Okay, so during the pandemic, I know, for myself, and a lot of people that I know, it was life changing. There was so much loss. Even in my family, we lost people. There was so much quick transformation that no one could have prepared for, you know, like, in order to withstand these changes, we really had to call up parts of ourselves that were in there the entire time, but we had to call it up in order to move through it. That's what 2020 asked of us to really be resilient. And so 2021 I believe, is all about what did you learn that you're going to apply? You know, continue to apply? And then how are you going to move through all of this change and still become this evolved self? Are you going to revert back? Are you going to go back into fear? Are you going to go back into, you know, wherever you were at the top of 2020, or the end of 2019? Are you accepting the call to grow forward, to change to shift, to see things differently, to see yourself differently in the highest light. So I think that so far is what 2021 is about. My prayer is that it's also about love, and unconditional love. You know, as we move into this Aquarian Age, I've seen so much coming together really, because communities had to People have been going without food. People have been, you know, just losing relatives losing friends. And in order to survive, we've have really had to come together in love. And so that's another thing that I'm seeing, people awakening to love. With just recent events as far as racism, people standing up for their brothers and sisters, whether you know, Asian, black. No, I'm not going to let this happen to you. This is not okay. You know, and the whole Black Lives Matter, there were all people represented, like it is not okay to abuse and to oppress, coming together for unconditional love. And so that's another thing that I see that I pray will continue.

I can feel the love when you're speaking. So when I anytime I get little tears or that coming from behind my eyes. I know, I know the vibration where you're coming from and how you're sharing that message. I read an article just recently, in our newspaper on the weekend, and it was a Canadian filmmaker. His name Yung Chang. He was invited to go to China to interview people, ordinary people in the midst of this, you know, strict government lockdown to see what was happening. And just before he got the invite, he talked about synchronicity, because in his own life, he was just out walking his daughter. She was in the stroller, and some people, they had racist remarks towards his daughter, and just like almost like an attack, and he couldn't believe it. He was sort of like, why is that happening right now. And it's something is sort of like foreign. Why is it happening? He's just walking his daughter in the stroller, just outside of Toronto. Then he got this invitation to go and do this. And he talked about the inspiration he had. And I'm just going to share it really briefly. It was from a 17th, Japanese proverb. And it was which was stated, 'We are from different lands and are separated by mountains and waters. Yet above us, we share the same sky in the same feelings.' I thought it was so beautiful. And it brought me to many things that you say in your book, but one area would love to come to a close of this heartfelt conversation we're having and I'm enjoying so thoroughly. If you could read from your book, your message about infinity and unity consciousness.

Absolutely. There are many divine characters. And one of them is ISIS. So the part of the book I'm going to read is Alena's Introduction to ISIS. "I have come so that you may know my true face.  It is infinite." ISIS continued. "I'm neither male nor female, white nor black. But all Alena, we are all aspects of the one Almighty God. I come to you now in my feminine form. For I am the feminine aspect of God. I'm the great mother of all creation. I'm your dark mother. The dark matter whose love for you is so potent that it holds the galaxies together just as it holds your very cells together." Oh yeah,

So beautiful. You have such a powerful, loving voice.

Thank you.

For you to read that from for your words. It's just beautiful. Oh, Malena, could you could you share. You have a special offer that you've created for just for our listeners, which I think is really special because I honor them that they come along and that they're on their journey and hear your journey and our journey as a community. If you can share that and I want everyone to know all the links to find Malena. Go buy her book please and and all that. The link for your gifts is going to be below in the show notes so if you could share that that would be wonderful.

Absolutely. So I thought it would be most fitting for your listeners to have activities that really will help them parse out these things that we talked about. So I have a 'Who am I?' worksheet for them a core beliefs worksheet and a create an honor your boundaries worksheet. So this is kind of the foundational work that I do with my clients and I would love to offer it to you as a free gift.

That's wonderful. And I think you're also giving them other special things. Go have a look into the links and those exercises that Molina sharing is from the her fistful of honey workbook that you can you can get to go along and so it allows you to go through the process which is just beautiful. Malena thank you so much for sharing from your heart and soul your wisdom on the Divine Feminine reawaken, Namaste.

Namaste, Moira.

You're welcome.

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