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Conscious Living, Travel & Embracing Life

November 08, 2021 Season 2 Episode 41
Heart Soul Wisdom Podcast
Conscious Living, Travel & Embracing Life
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Conscious Living, Travel & Embracing Life

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In her corporate life, Alise was a controller for Hilton Hotel Corporation, a Regional Director of Revenue, and a Director of Human Resources. She created strategies to optimize the generation of revenue. However, she was so miserable in her work, and she literally became ill with MS and many other health challenges. In 2013, Alise began working her way back to better health through diet, healing, nature baths, and doing the work to heal her stored emotions. She was no longer interested in the corporate rat race or doing the same repetitive job every day just to pay the bills. She realized, “Life is short, and she wanted to make the most of it NOW.” That is why, in 2020, as the impact of COVID- hit home ~ she felt many of us realized how fragile the life we might take for granted really is. She implored her husband Gregg to give up his 12-hour workdays in the hospitality industry, so that they could sell everything and travel around the world. At first, he laughed off her suggestion and said that would be a great idea for when we retire. Next chapter ~ In April 2021, Alise and her husband Gregg did sell most of their belongings, let their lease expire, packed their two cats into the car, and set out on an epic journey of living their dream as travel bloggers. Their hope is to inspire you to live every day to the fullest, push the boundaries of your comfort zone, and show you amazing places to visit and experience across the globe.

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Intro  0:03  
Welcome to the Heart Soul Wisdom Podcast, a journey of self discovery and transformation. Moira Sutton and her amazing guests share real life stories, tools and strategies to inspire and empower you have to create and live your best life. Come along on the journey and finally blast through any fears, obstacles and challenges that have held you back in the past so you can live your life with the joy, passion and happiness that you desire. Now, here's your Host Create the Life you Love, Empowerment Life Coach, Moira Sutton

Moira Sutton  1:00  
Welcome to Season Two, Episode 41 Conscious Living Travel and embracing life with our very special guests travel blogger Elise Saunders. In her corporate life, Elise was a controller for Hilton Hotel Corporation, and Director of Human resources. And in other companies she ran, she was like Regional Director of Revenue, major positions to help, she created strategies to optimize the generation of revenue. But how however her story, she she started to feel miserable at work. And in her work, and she literally became ill with MS in many other health challenges. In 2013, Elise began working her way back to better health through diet, healing, the inner work and nature best, and she healed her stored emotions that were in her body. She was no longer interested in the corporate rat race or doing the same, you know, repetitive job day in day out just to pay the bills. She realized, with her aha moment was Life is short, and she wanted to make the most of it now.

This is why in 2020, as the impact of COVID hit home for many of us, she felt that life was very fragile. And some of us take this for granted. And life is precious. She implored her husband, Greg, the love of her life, to give up his 12 hour work days in the hospitality industry, so that they could sell everything and travel around the world. I love that. At first he laughed off her suggestion and said, that would be a great idea for us when we retire. Next chapter, April 2021. Elise and her husband, Greg did sell most of their belongings, let their lease expire, pack their two cats into the car, and they set out on an epic journey of living their dream as travel bloggers, their hope for you is to inspire and empower you to live everyday to the fullest push through boundaries and fears, get out of your comfort zone. And really they are sharing amazing places that they visit and experience across the globe. So without further ado, this is very exciting. I would like to introduce you to Elise Saunders. Welcome, Elise. 

Elise  3:16  
Hi, thank you so much for having me. This is fun. 

Moira Sutton  3:20  
We are soul sisters. Yes and I know you have your cats there. So when people hear them now just know they're part of their soul family. Yeah, there it is. That's Delilah saying hello. I love what a neat name. And the other thing is, you know, at least shares about being authentic in business. And frankly, this is what I think authenticity looks like, you know, you don't show the cat. 

Elise  3:44  
You know, the cat wants to share and say, you know, I'm here. I'm here. So yeah, very, very cool. 

Moira Sutton  3:50  
So yeah, we are kindred souls.  We both love to travel, we like adventure, you know, different cultures, people and really making that leap from the safety net and living our dream life. You know, you began that life in the corporate world, as we said in your intro, and you had a six figure income, mind you, you started to have mental health issues. Tell us about what happened and how did you start to know that you had to make big changes? And you know, maybe you didn't know yet you had to do inner healing work and really change the trajectory of your life. 

Elise  4:25  
Yeah, I really didn't know that I needed to do the healing work. I honestly kept telling people when that was coming up, like oh, no, no, you know, I went through years of therapy. I've dealt with that, you know, like some sort of package you know, that you just can put away in a closet like I'm done with that right? And it kept coming back up. My misery kept growing and my illnesses kept coming on. I kept having the onset of new illnesses. And of course, in society, I'd always heard like, oh, stress can make you sick. And I thought, sure, maybe it gives you like an ulcer or something. But I didn't really understand or think that it could give you multiple sclerosis; that it could give you arthritis; that it could, you know, it was just kept going on and on. And I was on a journey to heal my MS to heal my illnesses. I believed that I could so at least I had that going for me at the time. But I was running into dead ends as far as getting resources. So I just kept plodding along, obviously, exercise, eating right. And from the mental and emotional aspect, someone had said to me, I think that your issue is emotional. I literally looked at her and told her to fuck herself. 

Moira Sutton  6:13  
Now that's a new word on my podcast there Elise.

Elise  6:15  
Sorry. No, you're being real, I guess. That was authentically me at the time. Yes. And I kept searching. Um, and I ran across someone else, I was doing a thermograph still searching for answers medically. And she said to me, I think that your issues are emotional. And she pulled out a book. And she started looking up all my symptoms, and started telling me emotionally, what was connected to those symptoms. And I sat back and went, well. She just described me inside and out. Without knowing me, she just met me. And so when it hit me that dead on I thought, well, maybe, maybe there is something there, you know, I thought that I had overcome my childhood trauma. But maybe I didn't. And so with that, I then set out to focus on that aspect, was looking for resources, found someone who I still practice with weekly and really came to definitively understand that my illnesses were directly related. In the corporate world, I didn't want to feel anything, I didn't want to feel how miserable that I was, I didn't want to feel the inauthenticity, that I was living every day, I didn't want to feel that I didn't belong there that I was meant for something completely different. And so when you think about it, you know, MS numbed me. My nervous system when dead. I was numb from my feet all the way up to my shoulder blades. And so literally, my body responded with my thoughts of, okay, you're not going to feel anything. And so, you know, as I look back on that, it's like, wow, you know, those first moments of understanding that your body listens to you, that your body hears that your body responds. And it's this thought, emotion, physical combination, that really started to open my mind and helped me understand that interaction that I truly had no understanding of before that moment. They all seem separate to me, which is crazy. Now that I look back on that.

Moira  9:15  
And that's a great message for people because when, you know, people can say the line like, you know, it's been part of my logo with I used to have three, well, I still have the three dolphins and I used to have a wave, it's for people to see they're the downward spiral or the upward spiral, but going within like what they saw in that imagery, but, you know, the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, are all connected. And if people start, like consciously, which we're going to talk about paying attention to things that show up people, circumstances, events, health issues, you know, to really see the gift and that of the growth that you have and and the expansion and you talk about in your marriage. At one point there you were saying when we talked briefly about who you felt you had to become to be that person that you wanted to be in a relationship because as you know, I just came back to my 30th wedding anniversary with my soulmate Cliff. Yes. And, you know, it wasn't all roses for 32 years, we're together. We worked at it, and we believed in it. And one thing we really learned is to listen to the other person to respect them, and you know, encourage them and all those things. But it's, it's that growth. And yes like you said, who you had to become along the way, really a better person and to grow and, and it's part of that journey. So you started with this journey, and then we're going to talk about the epic journey you started with. So how did you do that and work? Like, turn off your emotions? Did you just if you had an emotional thought or feeling you just what had a coffee or just kept working? Because a lot of people keep busy.

Elise  10:49  
When I say I turned off my emotions, like I literally, through training, disconnected my emotional field from my body. So I was emotionally numb. I mean, I would look at my husband and say, literally say this, I know that I love you, but I don't feel it anymore. And, you know, it was training that started when I was small, you know, through childhood trauma. You know, just that priming, to not express emotion because it might trigger my parents, or it might trigger someone that was around me, that would create this negative response. That taught me that the expression of how I felt was not okay. And so that helped me understand as a small child, I can't express myself. So I was feeling but I was keeping it inside, storing that emotion, good emotion, right. It's obviously good or bad as a judgment, but you know, just for conversations sake, let's say joy, happiness, good emotion. I stored that. Anger, frustration, sadness, you know. All of that was stored as well. And so as I was in this corporate situation, feeling these massive feelings where I was not being authentic with myself, then it was easier for me to transform into a space of then I'm just not going to feel anything. I am going to immediately like store it, store it, store it. And so that's really what also bred a lot of that illness that I was experiencing. Because I do believe that when you store these emotions, illness works in tandem with that heavy stored emotion, especially the more that you store, the more ill my experience was that I was going to get. So part of my journey has been to reconnect my emotional field with my energy. And then learn to feel. This is really the first time in my whole life ever since I was tiny, that I am expressing emotion. It is still something that I struggle with. I'm much better at expressing joy and happiness. I still struggle with expressing anger because it was so indoctrinated in me that anger is bad. We don't express any emotion but we definitely don't express anger. And so you know, that one is still really tough for me to feel that it is safe, that I am safe, the world is safe, if I am angry, and if I express that right. That has been part of that emotional journey of learning to express actually expressing it and reconnecting that emotional field making me into a whole person again. And as a whole person. Oh my gosh, I am so much more powerful in the world.

Moira  14:29  
And I think also it's important to like you're saying with different emotions and that we label them because I know from this move before we when we sold our home in London, Ontario, we it was sold we didn't have another home and people are like you have another home right? We said no. Now if it was just Cliff and I we would have been fine with living in like not a hot but we don't really need a lot. We have a beautiful home. We had a beautiful home, but it's not like we needed that. There was anxiety around that a little bit underneath that was coming up. And and then when we move there was still anxiety here. And I even said to my husband the other week, why is anxiety coming up? And I deal I work with people with no emotions, but my I'm, you know my own I was like why am I anxious? everything's good and da da da da da. Then we realize we're only two months here and it was a very difficult move with our moving company and stuff and other stuff that came out financially and lawyers. There was a lot more to it and it's almost like, don't forget that was part of that. And that you're still feeling that and so just honor that if you feel like crying or going away and not hiding, but taking space for yourself do it. And, you know, that was part of us going away for three days into Halifax here from where we are in Nova Scotia, just to have a new scenery, you know, scenery and, and relax and do nothing if you wanted to. And that's okay to do nothing. You don't have to pack things full. And I realized that that, you know, when we're back at home, it's like, oh, I have this to do or this to do. There's always something to do. But there will always be something to do. So it's really to enjoy the moment. And then you talk about that very much in the present to honor all emotions. Yes. And maybe with anger, just have a way of dealing with that could be punching a pillow. It could be just, you know, whatever you want to do with that. It could be just acknowledging the anger going in thanking the anger, maybe asking the anger, what what is this about as giving insights. I was asking about the anxiety. it wasn't till Cliff said that, you know, be kind to yourself, we've just moved. And we moved across province with, you know, my mom who's 94 with a walking disability and our family and it's a big move, we have never done that. As a family Cliff and I've done this but as a family. So technologists, good for people to hear that.

Elise  16:53  
Yes, I have a foam bat. That's that's how I'm expressing my anger. I use it on a bed or a couch. But you know, I've done it a couple times, you know, actually using the bat. I'm still struggling with really going there. You know, being in that space for more than a few seconds. Being in that space for a few seconds. That's a massive win for me. Because it's so indoctrinated in me that anger is not okay, that no one is safe in the presence of anger. And so I can I can use the bat for a few seconds. And I am still hitting the wall of okay, that's enough. Right? Because it's that fear, that belief that was indoctrinated into me of this is not safe. This is not okay. You know, chaos could ensue. People could get hurt, because, you know, there was a lot of physical violence in my childhood. So, you know, I'm still working to get through that barrier that's keeping me enslaved by these beliefs that no longer serve me. But I'm I am working on it. I'm gonna get there. It's it's a journey. It's a process every day.

Moira  18:23  
Good for you. Good for you. So we're talking about conscious living and embracing, you know, the the life that you truly want? What's your advice for somebody who might be really scary for them? Or they feel stuck in their daily routine, you know, they're going what I say is like, going through the motions with no emotion. What's your advice for them to start to create the life they love? It's what I teach. But I want to know what your journey and how you can share your wisdom with that. For somebody, yeah. 

Elise  18:57  
Yeah, so the thing that I would share is what my guide said to me that radically changed my life. What would you do if there were no limits? If there were no barriers? If money was not an object, if there wasn't an excuse, if there wasn't a responsibility, if there wasn't a something? What would you do if there were no limits? What is your heart's desire? That's what she said to me. She said, happiness is living your heart's desire. And that really struck me because I didn't know. I didn't know what my heart desired. And so I really had to meditate. I really had to take the time to connect to my heart again. It's part of this emotional reconnection process that I went through - and I'm still going through - was to spend the time connecting with my heart asking my higher self those questions and trying to imagine a life, because I lived so much in my past. What would I do if there were no limits? If I was unchained?  If I was uncaged, if I was not indoctrinated, if I had limitless beliefs that anything was possible. What would I be doing? And so that was a journey in itself, to connect with my heart's desire. And it was a process of listening, of loving of being patient of waiting. And over time, that connection started to reveal answers. It was hard for me to imagine limitless because I've been so indoctrinated, so caged. And I had lived with such limiting beliefs in every aspect of my life for so long, trying to imagine something that was truly limitless, was very hard for me. And so Greg and I, every night when he would come home from work, we would play this game. And we would imagine all the places that we we wanted to go. We loved to travel early in our marriage. And so we went, Oh, where would we go? What would we do? What fun we would have, right? We were seeing it, we were feeling it in our bodies, and the joy that that inspired. And so the more that we talked, we realized in playing this game of what would we do, if there were no limits. It all kept coming back to travel., Where we would go, what we would do all the fun we would have. And so it's like, oh, oh, we're supposed to be traveling. Like this is this is our passion. But it was through playing that game. It was through imagining limitless potential. Because in my limited world, I believed, well, we've got to have money to do that. We've got to have, you know, a place to go. We've got to have all the details worked out, right? Obviously, you can see I was still working through a lot of control. Rather than just leaning into the universe and realizing that once I spoke it, once my heart's desire was connected to me with intention that the universe was going to meet me. It was going to start opening doors, it was going to help me create, I didn't have to worry about the details. I didn't have to be in control. The universe was going to create it with me, for me helping me all along the way. If I would only lean into that flow of life, if I would only let go of the need to control that. And so that would be my advice. Imagine limitless potential limitless opportunity, and to the best of your ability, lean into the power of the universe to help you create it.

Moira Sutton  23:24  
So you know that my my book, when I get back to working on it is at the end, like of the editing and that so the universe is calling you an inward sacred journey to your heart, soul and self love where it all starts. The big part of that - because I teach about co creation - is, as you were saying, it's there's trust, there's belief in there, there's letting go of the how, because our limited minds are limited. We can't imagine and I know that Cliff even says at times this home that we've purchased, literally I've never been to Nova Scotia. I've been to New Brunswick once for Highland Games when I was 13 or 14. And with my mom, and we knew that we wanted water. We knew right now that we're caretakers to my mom. We knew that we wanted nature, we wanted community, we wanted privacy, we wanted, like certain things we had on our list, and then we found this home. And so we saw it virtually and we bought it virtually. And it's everything we can imagine and Cliff saying how did we create this home? It's so beautiful and what we got, like right now when I'm looking at you saw the back behind me the land, yes, country road. I'll show you the other one later. But the view of the lake and Cliff just came back in this morning from his canoe ride. It's just spectacular. And I just in every moment I have a lot of gratitude and appreciation, which is another part of the law. You know, the universe has to be in that state because the more you're truly in that state, and you align with your higher self and unlimited potential as you were saying unlimited in our life, just all the infinite possibilities that we have what we can experience and you  both are definitely doing that with your travel, which is such a great message for my listeners, because I know who they are. And that's what they want. So that's excellent. Now you talk about I like this thing, the goal about, you know, in the goal is about getting started in overcoming those fears. As we just said that whole thing. I know that people have to make a decision, take a step, and then the next step shows up, but you have to keep taking those steps. And you can't see the whole picture sometimes, but you have to trust. So explain your theory around this, you know, this goal. And also you talk about, you know, most of us the world's focused on the end goal, which we set goals, tell me about your whole thing, feeling around setting goals and the gold and the goal and just your terminology around that?

Elise  25:56  
Sure, I think that one of the ways the collective keeps us limited is by holding up examples of millionaires, billionaires, people who have been doing something for decades, look like at least that day, have it all figured out. This is the our definition of success, right as the collective. Its status, its money, its power. Its I've been doing this for so long. And I think that that in itself, people look at that and go, oh, wow. You know, we compare right, which is so deadly. So we compare ourselves to those images that the collective serves up. And I think that that is what keeps a lot of people from making a step, we forget that all those people started somewhere. And it is, I feel my purpose, part of my purpose to help remind people, that the definition of success is defined by you. For me, the definition of success is that I am doing something every day that brings me joy, that brings me happiness, that allows me to be my most authentic self. That is my definition of success. Notice I didn't say anything about money. Our society functions on it. So obviously, that's how we survive in this human earthly realm. But my definition of success, no longer is about financial. I had money, and I had misery. Now I want happiness and joy. And I feel that when you're living your most authentic life, you can manifest the money as a byproduct. But it's no longer the thing for me. And I think that the gold is in the journey in a in a collective society where we are destination addicted. Right, let's roll that back. And let's remember that the earthly journey, the human existence is about learning. It's not about getting somewhere. And honestly, as soon as we get somewhere, what do we think? Where am I going next? There is no true quote, destination in this plane. And so it's about the journey. It's about getting started. It's about connecting to that heart's desire, that conscious moment of purpose. And taking that first step. Do I have goals? Absolutely, from a manifestation purpose, I tell the universe, oh, it'd be really cool if I could x if I could do these things. For me, goals are I want to have as big of an impact on other people's lives as I possibly can. I want to break generational trauma of my family lineage. I want to experience happiness and joy. I want connected, compassionate, loving relationships with the people who matter to me. From a business standpoint, you know, that's even part of that. I want to communicate and connect and inspire as many people to live their most authentic life. Thus my tagline 'create a life wild and free'. And so that is what I feel my purpose as a person and in my business is. So it's about making those steps toward that goal. What is going to get me closer to having an authentic, compassionate, loving relationship with someone. What is going to get me closer in my personal and business life, to being able to model my journey, my authenticity for others, to inspire them to live their best life. So it's about taking one step. And being in the moment with that step. Not being future, not being past, trying to learn to be in the moment with where I am, what that step is, that's going to continue to propel me toward the person that I have communicated to the universe that I want to be, but then let it go with the universe so that the universe can continue to work for me. So I'm letting go of that control, trusting in the universe, that it's going to provide me those opportunities that I need to continue to grow myself to continue to build relationships, and to continue to inspire others.

Moira Sutton  31:01  
Mm hmm. And there again, we're sister, soul sisters, in our message and our purpose. You know, we're both on the same page. And we do it a little differently. But that's the cool thing about it. Because yes, you know, when I used to do networking, live networking events, and I've been an entrepreneur for over 30 years, always in healing and teaching and really, the tagline 'create the life you love' has been around a long time. Because, again, I've been over 30 years, I've been an entrepreneur. So you know, mine's create the life you love on your terms. And that's important to me, that little addition, that people do not compare themselves. And exactly, they do it their way. And then one thing I found being down east here, will, it'll be Monday, and then it'll be Friday. Now this week, going away for three days every day, felt like a weekend, we just weren't, we were not in time. And we were just being and and then like today, like there's Monday now it's Friday again, and it's sort of like, you know, we've created a new ritual here. It's getting cooler here now, but you can go out with a coat on, you know, sitting on the front porch and having our coffee and waving at the neighbors. I can't see them, even with my glasses, right. But you see them waving like, it's, it's a country community.  You know, my parents had 100 acres; we called it a farm. Some other people had their cows on there. And they built our fences. It was like a barter thing. My father mother built a home on there. They planned to retire there. But they didn't. My father passed and they didn't. But when I used to go up there and took friends up there in my 18, kind of 17, 18 years, I used to tell people, you can't have TV. In those days you didn't have all these computers. You have to either go read a book, or put the fire on or, you know, walk the land, the 100 acres; go to the stream, but just enjoy the outdoors. And I always loved that it wasn't living in Toronto. If I looked at Toronto versus the country, it was the country I wanted. And that's what I have now. And it's it's that again, what you're saying and I teach that, you know, you you're co creating in every nanosecond. 

Elise  33:13  

Moira  33:14  
So be aware of what you're focused on and what you're saying even to yourself. It's not about saying to other people. It's like, what are you saying to yourself? Like, you know, we're gone and I don't eat a lot of sweets and stuff but we had all these gifts given to us with Naome bars and all those chocolate and rich food and not something that we do here. And champagne and you know, and I came home I went on the scale today I went Whoa! And then I thought big deal. You know, who cares? You get back into walking and you know exercising. It's just being in the moment, just really enjoying that. So thank you for that. By the way how do you travel with your two cats? How do you move them to new locations and when you're outdoor? Do they have their adventure? Are they those cats that I've seen in pictures, they're in a backpack or they have a you know, a leash? So you're protecting them? How do you travel with those cats?

Elise  34:08  
Um, so we stay in Airbnb ease as we travel, both of them are indoor cats. My female cat especially does not like dirt. She does not like water. She is the queen. She reigns over all of us. And so she would never consider going to what they call the outside. That would just not be an option for her. And so we we have a conversation with them and let them know before we are getting ready to go to the next location You know exactly what's happening. So we have a conversation. We tell them you know that we're off to our next location that they're gonna be okay. You know, mom and dad are going to be packing; we're going to be packing all this stuff up again. Their scratchpad, their litter box, their food We'll take very good care of that. And that will be, you know, at the next location, when we arrive. We're going to get in the car, we're going to stay overnight in a hotel, because it's a long drive, but that everything is going to be okay that we're there for them, that we love them, and that everything is going to be fine. So we, we have this conversation with them and let them know that they are safe, right? Because we think that animals, the collective beliefs, you know that the animals are dumb, or  inferior to humans, right. And so, you know, that is not my belief. I especially have a significant connection when it comes to animals. And so one of the things when I was a child is I really was able to communicate with them. And that was lost as I continued to grow up. It's something that with my healing journey I'm starting to reconnect to. So I know that they can understand me. I believe I can get to a point someday where I can understand them and hear them. But that day is not yet today. So I just communicate with all animals that I encounter, because I know that they can hear me, I know that they understand what I'm saying. And so, you know, it doesn't mean that our cats don't also have stored emotion, our cats, especially our tremendous healers in our life, and I believe that they've taken on some of our emotional trauma that maybe we haven't been able to process. And so I believe that they carry that burden. So sometimes in the travels, they have some anxiety. And so we try and make the transition as comfortable as possible for them.

Moira Sutton  37:04  
Oh, wonderful. If you listen to some previous - I know you're both very busy - some previous interviews I've done and some of them with very close friends. There's about how to learn some courses in there to talk to your animals and you know, find out this to start that conversation. Like I speak to spirit. And I speak to nature and I have my nature totems, Hawk and Owl and the fairy realm. And so I say hello to I was I was talking to the trees in this, the lake and that before we got here. That's part of my life everyday. And we didn't know we have these huge crows. There's a lot of them in Nova Scotia. Because they feed the crows a lot of people here and it was a new experience for us. Like why are you feeding crows? We didn't quite understand it. But crows represent they're intelligent, but they also they're about creation from within. So from the darkness into the light. So you're writing or you're creating anything cooking, you know, whatever, a garden. They're all about that. So they're all I just turned around. They're all on the lawn Her and now I love the crows. I didn't understand that in the city. But I understand I now what would you say to people who, because we're going to jump dive into this travel blogger? Did? First of all, do you feel like someone else who wants to become a travel blogger? And how did you get there? To start blogging? Do they need a course a teacher a mentor? Do they just start writing when they're traveling or writing about? Yeah, when they're experiencing that with travel? And I want to also dive into COVID in a minute. But first let's look at did you ever say to yourself oh, I'm going to become a travel blogger? Was that something that was in your vocabulary? 

Elise  38:48  
No. But I I am asked regularly by people because they're so fascinated with the life that we live like how did you get into this? And the answer is almost comical. I look at them deadpan face, okay, I decided. I did. I just I decided. You know Greg and I went through that phase of, of trying to live in that limit limitless potential of what would we be doing? We realized that both of our hearts desire was centered around travel, adventure experiences, meeting new people getting out of the very suffocating routine that I was experiencing in my everyday life because as I was on my healing journey, and started to heal, I was taking up more space in the world and living in a very tamed life, very centered around routine was not helping me get where I wanted to in my healing. I was craving change. Boy, did I get it. Everything changes in this world. And so, you know, I came up with, well, what does that look like? And of course, as I said to you earlier, the universe supports you, the universe helps you. So here's what happened. We've decided on travel. But what does that look like was the space we were in. And so I reconnected with a childhood best friend. Miraculously, all the years since decades since I had seen her this is the moment that I'm like, you know, I should call up so and so reconnect with her. So I do this, I drive hours to see her, meet with her, meet her kids, her husband, we're talking, she goes, I have something for you. She comes out with a notebook that I had actually gifted her. And you know, 30, some 35 years later, she hands gives me back the notebook that I had given her of stories that I had written. And it was an amazing moment for me. And here's why. Because those stories were helpful in illuminating the person I was, before even more indoctrination, before the world told me who and what to be. This was a glimpse at my authentic self, much more untamed. These stories were about multi dimensions. These stories were about different planets and time travel. And I was like, Whoa, who is this girl that wrote these? It was me. And for her, to give those to me. In that moment, where I was searching and asking for answers. I went, Ah, thank you universe, because you've helped me connect to a part of myself. I loved to write, I love to write, I love to write stories. I love using language to create imagery to convey emotion to connect with people. To me, language is an art. And I always felt that way, even in the corporate world trying to articulate something in a certain way. And so I'm to, in that moment, be gifted these stories connecting to the authentic person that I am I went, Oh, that's it. That's it. It's it's something with writing. But I still didn't have the word blogger. So here's the next thing that the universe did. Greg and I are watching Christmas shows. It was a, I don't know, Hallmark lifetime something. And there was Christmas shows on in the middle of July. And there was a particular show about this woman who went to this obscure town had these amazing experiences with the people. And she was a travel blogger; she wrote, she did videos, she took pictures about her travel experiences. And I in the middle of the show, I look at Greg, that's it.That's it. It's writing. It's photography. It's everything that I love that it's travel blogging, that's how we're gonna do it. That's it. That's it. I was so excited. 

Moira Sutton  43:52  
So that sounds like a big aha moment.

Elise  43:56  
I mean, you know, even the the small stories being read, gifted to me like that was a major aha moment. Like all of these things just came together because I said to the universe help me figure this out, you know, and of course, the universe responded in a way that if I had tried to create that, I could never have created this, the synchronicity and the purposefullness that the universe was able to create. That was just so beautiful. And so it was just in that moment. It was like, Oh, I have to decide now. And so I said, Okay, this is it. I decide, I'm going to be a travel blogger. And so my advice to anybody out there whether you your passion is art, your passion is crafting, working with horses, you know, psychology like whatever it is. Make a decision, we get so caught up in the Collective's belief that there has to be someone who validates you from the outside to say that you are something. Like I have to go to school and get a degree in art in order to be a art critic or whatever, right? We are constantly told by the collective that the answer is outside of us. And that is completely, why so many of us struggle with limiting beliefs. The answer is always, always inside of us; there's nothing outside of us that we need. It is everything we need is inside of us. And so I did not need to take anything to do anything to, quote, become a travel blogger. It was a decision and then I put together a website, and then I set out on the road. Now, I will tell you, it doesn't mean that I didn't need a few things to help me learn how to do SEO, and you know how to, you know, navigate some of the blogging techniques, or you know, of course, that was very helpful. But to become a travel blogger, it was literally a decision followed by very small steps of action toward what I had decided to become.

Moira Sutton  46:35  
Thank you, Elise. You know, I tell people that it's the philosophy is be do have. It's not about having first, as we spoke about earlier. A lot of us think we don't have the money. And that's the story that we have around that we don't live our dreams, or we don't know our dreams, but if you just start really looking at, you know, what do you love? And even as a child, you know, I was always caring and wanting to teach. And then when I applied for, and I did a lot of volunteer work worked with a lot of special needs children. Because I wanted to teach elementary school back then, I think I had like a B, B minus B plus somewhere around the B. I had a lot of volunteer work that I had done. And I had traveled quite extensively when I applied for university and then traveled a lot into my 20s Before I met Cliff when I was 30. But the fact is that, you know, it was this whole thing that you don't need the money -it's just like that be do have - you don't need the money first. It's like first discover what you love to do. And just imagine, like you said, unlimited, what if money wasn't the issue, because that's a big part of our story. And we do need money. We have to pay our bills and that so it's not to be, you know. But even if you're just paying off bills, and you're you don't have that extra money out there, which a lot of us do not. It's like, but dream what would it be like, you know, and really, you know, shoot for the moon. Not crazy, but but shoot for what that is. And again, that's how we landed here. And we couldn't be happier. Because through the years Cliff and I one of our passions along with travel was sailing, because I think I told you, that was one of the leaps that 31 years ago. It was Cliffs idea that we would sell everything and purchase our boat and live in the Bahamas on our sailboat. Right, I was 30 and he was 40. And I thought he was going through a midlife. I was already an entrepreneur and he was in a very good job. So he had the money behind it. I already knew what it was like to start to be an entrepreneur and learn the ups and downs of that to learn how to manifest and everything behind learning your business. We ended up we did it we sold like you most of our belongings, we only stored very few at our parents home. And off we went and we didn't really have an end target date. When we come back with that we ended up coming back because we more or less ran out of money. But the fact is, it was an adventure and we've thought about that every day for 31 years. And we've been on boats and spoken on cruise lines and done lots of things through the years. But this being on the water here has brought us back and to also you know be there for our family. So but that dreaming and doing it and making a decision, making a decision is huge when you just make a decision and let go of the outcome. Imagine what it is but let go because it's gonna be probably better than you thought, like us manifesting this home. It's like we downsized and you know it was a really good feeling as you and you know, Greg will know that we want to downsize even more here because we don't want stuff and even yesterday being in Nova Scotia and going into little stores you know to see little gifts for Christmas and that because this just the gift our home and our health and well being but without or like we don't need those little things that It's really cute. But, you know, first of all, where would we put it? We got rid of things, we want to get rid of more things. But it's nice just to look at it. It is. And you know, I have really nice perfume and oils. I use things like that, but those are part of my lifestyle. So let's just, you know, with COVID Now, okay, so usually we go away every year, with our anniversary, or at least two weeks plus to the Caribbean or somewhere in the world. Our last trip was to cruise to Hawaii and end up over in Vancouver where I've never been. But with COVID and everything, we canceled that. How do you travel with COVID? Because our family's decided we won't be right now flying, or so we won't be on a plane, we won't be on a cruise line. We won't be on a train. We traveled in the car, of course you get here also. But we're not deciding to do that for our family right now. How do you guys deal with that? That whole thing with COVID and embracing life? And how do you see travel unfolding safely? Now?

Elise  51:02  
That is a great question. 

Moira  51:04  
I know it's a big one. 

Elise  51:05  
It is no but I it's one that people are very curious about. So I am asked often. And here's, here's my best answer. Okay. Having lived so long, in a lot of the beliefs, indoctrinated beliefs of the collective watching the news, etc. I was consumed by fear of everything. Like everything I have said, had so many fears. And I still have so many more fears, to overcome and to replace with new beliefs. Where I am right now is that I can't control anything in the world. Part of me learning to let go of control is learning to come to this realization that the only thing that I have control over is me, I try to the best of my ability to live in the reality that I create. The reality that I create is like a bubble around me. This is my reality, my world. And in my world, where I am in only control of me, I do not live in fear. I believe that the world and myself as I navigate the world is safe, joyous, that I'm going to meet people that are going to change my life that are going to inspire me that are going to help me along my journey. I don't watch the news. So for example, I cannot tell you, when we go to the Florida Keys, what their COVID numbers are. I don't live in that world. Now, if we go to a restaurant that says masks are required, we put the mask on and we go in. If we arrive in a small town, which typically is our focus, in a lot of small towns COVID is not a big concern for them. And so, a lot of the places do not require masks, do not require any special accommodation. And so you know, then we go in and such, you know, we may or may not in that moment, choose to wear or not wear a mask. And so, for me, it's about doing and going and being who I am where I want to go doing what I want to do. Now, I will also tell you, it's not like I'm going to a wedding with 200 or 300 people. I'm not getting on a cruise line. That is not my particular choice. That is not what I choose for me. I choose to navigate small towns, beaches, restaurants, events, and typically, those have smaller numbers of people. And in my world where there's love and compassion and joy and fun and adventure. I feel that that is the right place for me. Does that make sense?

Moira Sutton  54:33  
Oh, for sure. Well, you know, it's interesting here when I was in, like the Toronto newspaper - my mom loves having the newspaper, you know, every Saturday and she used to get the Toronto Star even in London here. We started getting this paper but there's something about Nova Scotia that for myself, that community and everything I do see the numbers. I don't look every day. We're on the Eastern Shore. So you know I just saw it today came through on my news, like there's zero cases here. But these people also here, they meet outside. We don't go into each other's homes. But like you're saying to smaller areas and versus Halifax the other day there, they have high numbers, but we did wear masks. And I didn't know how to do that because I hadn't been at a restaurant for over two years. So, you know, you walk in, you show your ID you show your little scan, and, you know, but everybody in that restaurant had to have that. And then they did everything very safely. But no, I just wondered during the COVID. We have a wonderful Christina, I'll just say, Christina Alonso. she's from Puerto Rico. She's a soul daughter, Soul Sister. It's like we've adopted her into our family. Many years ago, when we spoke on cruise lines, we met her whole family on the cruise from Puerto Rico. She travels. She lives life fully. She does it safely. And she, you know, when she has to have those 14 days, you have to stay before. She still lives life to the fullest. And, you know, she's just an amazing young woman. And it's not about walking around fearful, but you know, literally safely. So that's why I wanted to ask you a little bit about that. And it's interesting. I just want to honor my brother. He's passed. He went back to spirit two years ago, just past Halloween. He passed, he had cancer. So he was in pain. So we went back to no pain. And you know, one thing he taught me, bigger than the way that I live life, even, is that he did it his way. You know, he did his motorcycles his sailboats his flying his scuba diving. He just did it his way. And people have criticism, he just did it his way. And he always did it his way. And you know, his partner, she didn't always like that. But the fact is that when he passed, she said, you know, he's very caring person loving. And he did his life his way on his term. So I think. 

Elise  57:00  
I love it. 

Moira  57:01  
Yeah, yeah, I think it's very important to know that because you really don't know. When my husband got sick with cancer, and then had heart surgery, nothing mattered nothing but him. And I told my family if we had to sell everything to pay for medication, that I'd live in a hut. I'd live in a tent, like, he's the most important thing to me, and my whole life. I love him so for my heart, and soul. I have no words to say how much I love him. And, you know, it was like, that's what's important your health and well being. And then realizing you don't know how many days you might think like, you know, your story there that I read with Greg, like, when you were talking to him to tell him about this journey you wanted to go on and he said, you know, to more or less, wait, you know, when you retire, you'll go do that. Versus, you know, I think it was his mother who passed from cancer, and they were waiting to retire to travel. Right? 

Elise  57:59  

Moira  58:00  
So you just don't know. You don't have to wait for a health crisis. Decide. I think that's a big message that you had today. I'm on the same page. But that's a great message to just decide, don't put any limitations on it, decide what it is you want. And then leave it to the universe. Get out of your own way the how and and start taking steps because look at what you're both doing and such an inspiration for people that also want to do those. At least can you share - we could go on I know that you and I can see that right now. And I'm also looking at the time, so I'm thinking of both. But could you share a special gift that you would like to give to the listeners today? And again, all the links to your gift and how to reach you will be listed below in the show notes. You don't have to say the link, it'll be there. But what do you want them to have from you?

Elise  58:48  
Absolutely. So I have a ebook on the website. And basically, that link will get you started with one out of many ways to have a very similar life to get on the road to make money very easily. It walks you through every single step. Additionally, you can always hit the contact button. There are many ways that I can answer questions, work with you, to help you understand what the daily life is, challenges. You know, definitely walk any of your listeners through how to get started, how to connect with their heart's desire, get on the road and create a life wild and free.

Moira Sutton  59:42  
Beautiful. Thank you Elise. We're building a community. It's like a snowball effect that my this show is about inspiring empowering people to live their best life on their terms. So like your story. That's what I want people to hear that you're coming authentically Sharing, you know, some challenges you've had in your life and how you've overcome them, and how daily you still have challenges as we all do. And you know, to really focus on what it is we want. So I'd like to if people today if you'd like to hear more heartfelt conversations, like Elise, and real life stories that really inspire empower you to live your best life, I'd like to invite you to join our community, like, share, and subscribe, so you don't miss any of these episodes. Each guest gives a very unique gift for you, which is important to me because you're important to myself and the people that come on. I select them very carefully, because I get to know that they're coming from their heart and soul and that's important to me, and that they want to share their gems of wisdom for you to live your best life. So Elise thank you for sharing from your heart and soul, your wisdom, on conscious living, travel and embracing life. Namaste

Elise  1:01:03  
I want to say thank you. Namaste.

Close  1:01:16  
Thank you for listening to the heart soul wisdom podcast with Moira Sutton. I hope you enjoyed today's episode. Please join our community at Moira Sutton.com and continue the discussion on our Facebook page create the life you love. You will be part of a global movement connecting with other heart centered people who are consciously creating the life they love on their own terms. Together we can raise our consciousness for the greater good of humanity and for our planet.