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Angelic Guidance: Messages from the Angels Part Two: Tools for the Coming Year

December 20, 2021 Moira Sutton/Adria Wind Horse Estribou Season 2 Episode 44
Heart Soul Wisdom Podcast
Angelic Guidance: Messages from the Angels Part Two: Tools for the Coming Year
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Angelic Guidance ~ Messages from the Angels Part Two: Tools for the Coming Year

•Love and Relationships
•Health and Well Being
•Freedom and Fulfillment
•Passion and Purpose

Adria is a conscious channel of angels, Lemurians, and other beings who wish to assist humanity. She is also a medium, shaman, and animal communicator. Adria shares the powerful message “Sometimes we want something so dearly, that if we have tried for it before we tuck it away inside a treasure box of wishes too precious to look at or even consider. It is time in the evolution of humanity for each one of us to open those new gifts to ourselves. It is time to receive and complete the wishes of the past if they are still resonant for your empowered being”. Adria lives in Sedona, Arizona, and channels for clients around the world.

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Angel Raphael takes us through exercises to bring ourselves out of the collective fear experience.

Topics include:

  • Practices for coming out of fear in the heart and gut
  • The sovereignty to choose our circumstance
  • Discerning the difference between false fear
  • Come out of the cloud of collective fear
  • Angelic light to lighten the residue of fear in you
  • What to do about others around us in fear
  • Choosing what to receive into our experience
  • Creating the opposite of what you fear

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Intro  0:03  
Welcome to the Heart Soul Wisdom Podcast, a journey of self discovery and transformation. Moira Sutton and her amazing guests share real life stories, tools and strategies to inspire and empower you to create and live your best life. Come along on the journey and finally blast through any fears, obstacles and challenges that have held you back in the past so you can live your life with the joy, passion and happiness that you desire. Now, here's your host Create the Life you Love, Empowerment Life Coach, Moira Sutton.

Moira  0:59  
Welcome to season two episode 44 Part Two, Angelic Guidance Messages From the Angels: Tools for the Coming Year 2022, with our special guests, author and conscious channel Adria Wind Horse Estribou. I'm so happy to have Adria back. So we're gonna get into so much. So let me tell you a bit about her. Adria is a conscious channel of guides, Lemurians and other beings who wish to assist humanity. She's also a medium, shaman and animal communicator. Adria shares the powerful message sometimes we want something so dearly that if we have tried for it before, and we didn't get it, we tuck it away inside a treasure box of wishes, too precious to look at or even consider. It is time in this time and evolution of humanity, for each one of us to open up those new gifts to ourselves. It's time to receive and complete the wishes of the past and wishes of the future. And if they resonate with us to empower us to live an inspired empowered life. Adria is the author of three books  and working on another one. 'Angel Insights for Unprecedented times', Why Did Lemuria Fall?', and 'Slip Through the Keyhole and Sound Healing CD Sounds of the Ancient Ones'. I've read them all. They're terrific. She's a regular contributor to The Sedona Journal of Emergence. She lives in Sedona, Arizona, and she channels for clients all around the globe. I would also like to invite you to go back to her first conversation, Episode 26, Discover More About the Angelic Realm and Messages From the Angels. So without further ado, I'm so thrilled to welcome back Adria Wind Horse Estribou. Welcome Adria.

Adria  2:43  
Thank you, delighted to be with you.

Moira  2:46  
That's why I was so excited. It just seems like time is flown by to like sometimes it feels like it was just yesterday, we were talking. Even if I know it is not it's just I find that even right now. Like, there's Monday. And we were just talking before those that last time we talked, we were looking to move before the end of 2021. And we ended up selling earlier than we thought; we didn't have a home. We didn't know what we were doing. But I had this feeling in my family that we would find the right home. Well, we found her. She's literally the Lake House. That's what we have on our address now. She's on the lake in Nova Scotia. And we are so happy to be here. And literally it's a more laid back pace, like people just talk. At first we're like they come up to the porch, safely. And people talk because they have time and time's different here like going backed to another period. And so Monday, and then it's Friday. And it's like what happened to the week? So that kind of timing thing. I don't know if that's something angels can talk about, but the whole time is just... well. It's man made time anyway, right.

Adria  3:51  
It's different now. Yeah, the angels do speak about that, in terms of the new energies we're in or new era, whatever you want to call it. It's, time is not a limiting factor anymore. So the structure of time where, you know, it always takes this many steps to get from A to B and the sort of linear structure of time is really the old way. So it's still there so that we don't have to experience everything at once and sort of as a flavor seasoning. But But yeah, it's very different now. And I experienced that, too. Sometimes now it feels very accelerated. And sometimes it feels like how seven years have happened in the last years. It's it's different that like the amount of time it takes for you to get to your goal. It seems like it's sometimes just much too fast and in terms of what the mind can comprehend is possible.

Moira  4:44  
Yes. And I think the clarity around that, because I know that as we're coming into 2022 and that's part of you know what we said this was that, you know, tools for coming into the year 2022. And I want to talk about the numbers there. 2022. I'm sure that's significant that clarity around that, because I know again, with this big move out of material to Nova Scotia, I don't I don't want to do things the same. I'm really just exploring and giving myself the the permission to just breathe and allow, you know what comes up for me. So let's talk about that. That's, again, so much I want to do with you and talk to...let's talk about the number.

Adria  5:26  
I love that because the number is the energy of two. So what angels, Ariel and Rafael  shared with me is the energy of the number two is like, what's the next step? So when things are swirling with so much change, and potential for, you know, chaos and upheaval change? I think there's a lot of people talking about that for the coming year. I'm not attached to things being that way. But you know, it seems like, well, it seems likely given what the angels and others are saying. So what do you do and things are changing so fast, when you're getting new gifts, when your abilities are shifting? When the world around you is maybe changing? Well, you know, take a breath and what's the next step? Because usually, what you're going to do today, right now, in this hour, you have a lot of clarity around that. That's not in question. It's when you start to wonder like, 'Oh, how's this gonna play out next month? Or next year?' Am I gonna have this money to live and all this questions and doubts are usually around some potential thing that hasn't happened yet. But right now, if you can center yourself through meditation, or breathing, or just come into the very present moment, what's the next step? It might be to make lunch. Okay, all right. I still don't know what's happening with the world. I don't understand these new visions that are coming in with my new gifts yet. But yeah, I know how to make lunch. Okay, great. Keep it simple. Sometimes even in the midst of profound change, or especially in the midst of profound change, we still take it one step at a time.

Moira  7:09  
Let's, let's thank you, let's take with that into as you know what, there's uncertainty in the world and COVID. And now that we have this Omicron variant, you know. That's in the news every day. I know, people I know, they're looking at that every day now and should you get the third booster shot? Or, you know, put masks back on? Do the intro speak to that? And certainly, or do they go back to the 202;, the better thing to do is to take the next step everyday, we don't know.

Adria  7:36  
Well, one of the tools - so they gave four tools for 2022. One of them is meditation. And the way they describe this, I thought was so interesting, because certainly I think many of us have experienced meditation for soothing and calm and transformation. The way they described it was when you're getting all these conflicting information sources. Or maybe the internet goes down for an hour, because there's a snowstorm. Tune into yourself. Tun into your meditation to your perceptive abilities. What is true? What is right for me? And that information source through your own, you know, stillness, and meditation is where you're gonna feel that truth for you. So that's, that's the first tool for 2022 is meditation.

Moira  8:27  
And I love those two things you said. What is true. And what is right for you. That is so important to me. You know, part of my tagline is create the life you love on your terms. So I love that you say that. Because if people, you don't stop comparing yourself to, you know, whoever out there and you start coming to yourself and that self love and what's true for me, what do I want? I just had this conversation earlier today. My, my husband, I said, What? Something that I would like, it's the roads here, or I want a heavier car up here. Like, then what we have a Rogue. He's like, Well, I don't need a heavier car. And I said, I'm just about to speak to Adria. I said, you can have anything you want. So tell me what you're playing for. And I'm playing over here. So So that's what's true for me that I would like that it doesn't have to be true for him. So I love that. So, okay, that's the first tool. Very good.

Adria  9:17  
Yeah. Second tool here. And these aren't really in linear order. Okay, okay. You might have guessed. The second tool here is is pioneering. So having the attitude of being a pioneer. Things are so new. So new, really, none of us have experienced this before. So if you could imagine, you know, pioneers on covered wagons coming to one of the coasts for the first time and seeing an ocean and nothing can really prepare you. Someone's described it to you. Conceptually, you might have some idea that it's there. but it's not the same as encountering it, you know? And then as a pioneer what do you do? Do you put your toes in that water? How do you describe it to someone else. It's not quite a river? It's not a, I don't know, you know? Is it dangerous? Is it safe? Or what is it? Is it life giving? So having that explorative excitement, to to understand that you can't really know these things until you start to experience them no matter how much we've learned conceptually about what to expect. This is the time of experiencing and pioneering. What is it for you? What is this? What is this new energy?

Moira  10:42  
So that sounds like also tying into curiosity and opening up your mind to a new experience which curiosity we know children are very good at playing and imagining and get get back to that to the essence of being curious about that, versus there's got to be A, B or C. Which is kind of for me, that shuts things down. It doesn't allow you to open up. Yeah, we're not the Pioneer,

Adria  11:08  
You're seeing something for the first time, you know. How do you have you know what it is until you taste it, or smell it or touch it or play around with it? Yeah. 

Moira  11:19  
Love that. 

Adria  11:21  
So the third tool is collaboration. And this, this can be what it means for you. Could be collaboration with people in your household or your neighborhood, or collaboration with guides, spirit, animals, angels, whoever is meaningful for you. What's important here is you're not alone. This is one of the shifts from individual thinking to collaboration and collective thinking and the new energies. So you don't have to prepare for every possible scenario that might happen on chaos. You can do preparations, if that feels right for you, again, tune in to what's right for you. But also know, maybe you want to share that preparation and just collaborate and things shift or there. If there's any hardship that comes up. You know, you don't have to do it all on your own. You have a family, perhaps you have neighbors, perhaps you definitely have guides that calm so. So collaboration. That's another tool for 2022.

Moira  12:33  
And was there one more? Or was there three?

Adria  12:35  
There's one more,

Moira  12:37  
 I got excited. 

Adria  12:38  
Favorite one, at least today is what, grace?

Moira  12:44  

Adria  12:44  
So the question to ask yourself and start practicing now is what is the grace in this? So if you stub your toe, or you get in a behind a traffic accident; you weren't in it, but you're stuck in the traffic of it. Something in other words, it feels like an inconvenience or just not what you planned. Start getting in the habit of asking yourself this question, 'What is the grace in this?'

Moira  13:14  
Those are all powerful. Questions. So that's thank you for sharing that. And from the angels too. I know that you said in your book before. Now you wrote the three books and you're working on on the four and I can't wait to get that one too to read. The possibilities for loving communication with those who have passed on are just as real as when the soul was a physical being in your life. We can still learn from each other and help one another. That's why I'm tying us into collaboration to evolve and be more at peace with life. Please expand on that my husband, soulmate Cliff, his father just passed very short time ago. He was 104. And, you know, I read this to Cliff to give him some kind of reassurance and comfort. How do you see that? How you wrote that? How, you know, to tie that in to the help maybe teach us there? Yeah.

Adria  14:15  
Well, I would say here from my experience as a medium, and I've learned so much from this is our loved ones really don't go away. Yes of course it's different. They're not in a body in your house, or in your life in that way, but they still can communicate with us. And if you don't choose that route of communicating with them while you're still here in this body, there's the chance to connect with them again after this life and to choose together. Do you want to have another lifetime together? Do you want to play in the other spheres, you know dimensions when you're not in a body for a while. So it's not an end point. In my experience, when someone dies, absolutely, it's a change. But it's not an endpoint between your soul and that soul unless you choose that. But usually you're going to choose that, you know maybe in between lifetimes after when you're really digesting the whole life. Do I want to be with this soul again? Or are we done? And so you get to choose it in a very gentle, holistic way. If you feel like someone left too suddenly you're going to have a chance to be with them again. I feel that very strongly? Yes.

Moira  15:37  
Do you have some examples that you can share? I know that I see people after and they come in the room or there's a celebration going on. And there's a party. Hey, you know, welcome back. Welcome home. So I sense that but what experiences have you had working with people to share that to give them that comfort?

Adria  15:54  
What comes up for me when you ask that is, it's a two way street. So I think a lot of times, when we think about visiting someone who's past or thinking about our grief and how much we miss them. And we just want to make sure they're okay. So there's a lot of that that happens, making sure someone's okay, know, where they are seeing what their experience of after this life is like. But there's also sometimes a movement that can happen when someone who's here living gets to communicate with someone who's passed on and can let them know, you know, it's all right. And because sometimes, if you haven't had experience with, let's say, guides, or angels in this life, when they show up to guide you after they pass, you don't necessarily trust that light, but you trust your relative. So I have experienced this really beautiful thing where people were still living and act as guides, really, for those who have passed and talk them through maybe a little bit of a stuck place to be able to move on. So that's really sweet. So it's, it's just as unique. It's just as individual as we are here in this life. I feel like the experience of what what you want to create for the next phases of your soul evolution is very individual and unique.

Moira  17:21  
Do you think people who are faced with health challenges, maybe what they want to create is better health and well being? And maybe they were diagnosed with cancer, lung problems or something? You know, it's something big, and is that something that they have to work through and change their habits and their way of being as we shift into this new landscape of energy for all of us?

Adria  17:48  
When something comes up, like, let's say a cancer, it could be I mean, it could be 1000s of things, but let's narrow it down to two for this discussion. You know, a lot of times, people place a challenge like that, so within their own life, to grow, to learn as a soul, so sometimes to overcome something like alcoholism or cancer so that they can teach others how to do that, so that they can become a guiding light. They have to walk through it themselves first. And then, you know, sometimes people on a soul level have, let's say, a list of the core things they want to learn and do, people they want to meet in this life. And then there is such thing as death. There's a there's a closure point, right? So when you come to okay, I've finished what I want to do in this life - I'm talking about a soul level because on the conscious level, sometimes you still want to live to 300. But when you're complete, there does need to be some mode of dying. And some people like to have a slow exit so they can take goodbye to everyone. Some people just want quick and painless. So a lot of that I think we have chosen as a soul before we come into this life.

Moira  19:04  
I was thinking when my brother passed three years ago, his partner she felt that he was scared to go, and that was before COVID hit. So she was with him every moment of his time, passing. And then I had my my niece who was living closer in Toronto to where my brother was that to play angelic music for him to you know, let him know that you're not alone. And you know, you can go to sleep and just let go and, and he really showed she said on his face, he felt more comforted by that to know the angels were around him. He wasn't alone. So that's yeah. Now you taught, you also channel Lemurians. We didn't really get into that last time. What can we learn? First of all, who were they? What can we learn from their culture and the people and the circumstances they went in again, as we're coming into this new navigating these new energies, what could we learn from them as we step forth?

Adria  20:00  
Yeah, I would say there's a, there's some really interesting parallels between what the angels and the Leurians teach. Lemurians were an ancient civilization very advanced, and they did have a fall fall of their civilization. They saw it coming. So they preserved a lot of their knowledge. And that's how they're able to still communicate, channel through me and others, I'm sure. And this book, 'Why Did the Lemurians Fall?' is particularly around as we come into our power, which is, I think, what's one of the things that's happening as we step into these new energies. We're becoming very, very powerful beings in an unprecedented way, really, from humanity's history. So as we come into that, it's important to remember. And I'd say, this is the central message in that book, it's important to remember that we have access to the Unlimited. So each of us has access to unlimited abundance, power, wealth, any any shade of, of the unlimited you like. So there's therefore no need to hoard in order so that you have more than someone has less than. So this whole dynamic of trying to be a mass, uh, take resources from other people, just so that your grandchildren's, grandchildren's grandchildren's will have something in their inheritance. And then the other people should be poor. That is what they say is the core, the seed that led to the fall of their civilization. So they're counseling us, you know, when each of you has access to the unlimited, there's no need for that. You already have everything.

Moira  21:44  
How do people really get into that mental state, like, you know, in really know that they can create their reality that they want? And? And how and by the way, how different is that on our plane and other planets and dimensions?

Adria  21:59  
Oh my gosh, I don't know if I can answer the second question.

Moira  22:02  
 Sorry, I'm a little chunker.

Adria  22:04  
Oh, that's a wonderful question. First I'd say that, it's really not a mindset, it's a heart set. And it comes through practice. So when you when you practice, being in that flow of receiving abundance, receiving the unlimited, then you gain the trust. So it's not a leap of blind faith here. It's, you know, start practicing on the little things, or the big things. And as it starts coming back to you that you receive what you want, then you you, you just gain that knowing, Oh, I get it. Now we are in a different time.

Moira  22:46  
I would think that appreciation and gratitude ties into that.

Adria  22:53  
Yes, I'd say as you're grateful for something, what you're doing is telling yourself, your guides, your angels, I like that I like. So those who love you, including your guides and angels like to give you more of what you like.

Moira  23:09  
I like that. I know, again, with the home that we found in Nova Scotia, we had no idea we were coming here. We just started exploring different things and the essence that we wanted with nature and more privacy and community and water and all those things. At the very beginning, and still, we've, we've had this experience that we came home. You know that coming home feeling that this this is home for us. We never knew it. But this is home for us. And not only that, at the very beginning, we moved here, Cliff would say at times, how did how do we manifest this home? How do we get here? And I said, Well, we we put out that you know, what we really wanted and then we were guided to come here. And that's that's just we have so much gratitude and appreciation. It's, and how can we help others follow that and that's part of my work to help people create the life they love.

Adria  24:02  
Yes, it's stunning and and sharing your experience like that is one of the ways that have you know, practice, practice that yourself and then share with others how it worked for you. Oh, gosh, well, I just got clear at what I wanted. And somehow I got it.

Moira  24:16  
and it's really nice to have the clarity, and then you have focus and then you can take conscious choices in your life. Yeah. Not just default, creating your life, you know, by design. Yeah. We talked a little bit before about generational healing karma, past life connections, old contracts, and how you stated that we don't have to do this anymore. So when people talk about karma, like maybe they have a situation in their life, and they're like, oh, that person karma will happen for them now to come back to them. That's not it anymore, is it?

Adria  24:46  
It's not. We've really for the most part, most of us graduated from karma. So what that means is that's part of the shift of learning. How does it work now? Okay, it used to work that we had this whole sort of list of destiny, karma points, things to finish working out. So we finished that. So now, while you're alive in the life, you get to decide what's my new destiny? What's my new thing that I want? You you're creating it right here in this life. So you don't have to wait for another life for that. You can have something new right now.

Moira  25:30  
And you experience a new everything. Yeah, that's, that's really, really nice. What skills do you think - I know, you also talked about, you know, the, the babies that are coming in right now they're already all lined up with the skills for the new world, or the New Earth or whatever term you want to use, what skills you think would be beneficial for, for each one of us to start developing not only for ourselves, but for the New Earth.

Adria  25:57  
That's pretty unlimited. So kind of the fun part, even if someone's told you in the past, while you're, you know, you're clairvoyant or not clairaudient, or whatever, you know, this is your particular gift. Yes, that's true. So that might be the easiest skill for you to develop first. But I think if you have curiosity or inclination towards new skills, that's opening for all of us. So that's, again up to you to create. Well, what do you want? Which kind of skills feel really fun for you, and move in that direction.

Moira  26:34  
So it's really self discovery, self exploration, and really going within and listening to yourself?

Adria  26:42  
Yes, and creating from there creating from your heart,

Moira  26:46  
And also unconditional love for ourselves. To realize that we're all really one. I had this experience, Adria, the other weekend. I was watching The Bachelorette, yes, I watch that show. And the guys on the show, all of a sudden, I had this experience where I could hear and feel what each one of them were really thinking. And it's almost like a little bubble was above their head. I thought this is very strange, because I've never had it before. And I just wrote it down. And I thought, that's watching a show. Getting that feeling I thought very, very, very different. I was open to it, and I am open to channeling in the fairy realm. And that and if you have any insights with that, that'd be great.

Adria  27:31  
Yeah, you know, for me, all of my gifts, even in the Old World, they've come through as surprises like that. I don't know that they're coming, they just sort of show up. And a lot of times in client sessions. So suddenly, I know how to, you know, what color of light will work for that person? And I think, Oh, that's interesting. I've never worked with light with people. But here it is, and it works. So I'd say that's a real clue to you to start tuning into people and in your everyday world, can you can you perceive what they're really thinking? And that and where then is, is the grace and that for you work. How can you use that either just for your own entertainment, or joy in life or to serve others or you know, where you go with your your gifts is up to you. Because just because you have them doesn't mean you you're bound to use them either.

Moira  28:27  
Now, that's interesting, because if we so with our sole life's purpose, first of all, I'd love to hear your take on that, that, you know, let's say we sent reset with our, whoever we came in with it's a council for me that I speak to every day and you know, I Okay, I committed to do this, this is my soul contract my blueprint. But you know what, maybe I don't want to do that now. Do you think people can change it? Like you said, you're not maybe bound to it? Or does that apply to...

Adria  28:54  
Absolutely. So you have all of these skills and loves, let's say, by loves I mean, like you love this council, you love that kind of service, or that kind of tuning in, you don't have to give it up. At the same time, if you feel, starts to feel like there are new directions coming in on some, some work or life passion that you had for 20 years just feels dried up? Well, it's because you've graduated from it not because something went wrong with you, you know, you stopped meditating in the right way or something. So this, you can, you can definitely hold on to the skills and the ways of being that you love at the same time. If you feel like that was great. And what else is there, move on to the new there's nothing holding you to the old patterns.

Moira  29:44  
I think that's an important message I know for myself, like and I do some channeling and I speak to Spirit and that but I didn't know about that one. That's why I asked because I thought maybe I don't want to do that anymore because again, moving to Nova Scotia has given me a whole new insight to how I want to be every day. Even when there was a huge winds are out here at this lake that we're on and, and also at the water pouring rain Cliff and I went down. I got him a canoe for his 72nd birthday. And so yeah, and we went down to pull it out - well, he really pulled it out. It's too heavy for me. But it was pouring rain, we had our, you know, our gear on, but we loved it, we loved the wind, we loved everything about it. There was something about feeling alive, you know, really being alive. So, yeah, that's, that's good to know. You know, we're multi dimensional beings. So maybe we can explore that a little bit. And my question for you around that. Do you feel that we can be in different places at different times? And or is it just maybe in our sleep, we can do time travel. And the other one tied into that? Yes, the little chunker comes out again, about ascending into the fifth dimension now? Well, while we're in our physical body, so that's a biggie, gonna sit back, take a sip of water.

Adria  31:06  
Yeah, about time, when the angels were speaking recently about new gifts that are likely to be coming in, they did, they did mention time travel as one of the things that are opening up. It's not that it's not been possible before that just that might be more open for more people, of more interest. So they also describe time as a wheel. Like if you could imagine an old fashioned wagon wheel, and we're at the center. And they we have these spokes of these different lifetimes. So to them, it's not happened in a linear progression, what we might call past life or a future life. These are spokes on the wheels. And from the center point, you can absolutely visit different places influence other places and in different lives or travel around. And it's all it's all in the present moment, in one sense. But to experience it all like that would be a little not fun. Overwhelming, not as fun as, as drawing out one story at a time or, or you know, some of you would prefer to jump around, that's fine, too. But to have it all at once, I think time can be useful to give it a structure where we can move around and visit things without having to remember every lifetime right here in the same moment. That's a little much for me anyway. Different choice.

Moira  32:35  
No, I think it would be a lot. I like simplicity. So I'm more that kind of person. Do you feel like I was told this way back in my 20s that my psychic said this to me but it stuck in my mind where you know, right now you're living in this time that you your past life or future self is affecting you right now. And I didn't like it. It was like I couldn't be in control of my life in my 20s. It's like, what do you mean, somebody, me and my future can affect me? Maybe they're doing something I don't want that I wouldn't choose to do. Do you think that was right on the psychic saying that?

Adria  33:11  
Well, I guess I don't see it as a struggle. I feel at peace with my past and future self as I trust myself. So I don't think that in the future I'm going to come back and mess myself up I guess.

Moira  33:23  
I think I feel that now more. Back then. No, yeah, I understand what you're saying. Mm hmm.

Adria  33:31  
That's just my answer. I don't it's not something I've looked into with the angels

Moira  33:37  
Do you have an exercise that the angels would like to lead us through today.

Adria  33:42  
Yeah, so let's see. I'm a conscious channel, angels Ariel and Raphael. So let's see who comes through and what they want to share. This is Raphael, Angel Rafael. So we've come into a time of beginning. It's very, very important to remember that beginnings have an end and ends have a beginning. So when you finished first grade, it's because you were moving into second grade. So as we come into the new era, you can focus on either one, the graduation the closure the completion of the old era, and maybe that feels for some of you some pain points or nostalgia around weight. I liked the structure. I like the patriarchy. Or you can focus on the new beginnings as well. What would it be like to be in a matriarchal society again. Humanity has done that before. It's moving into that again. And with some curiosity what is that? Well, I don't know yet because I haven't entered second grade. But I'm curious to know. They're just getting there, just about to meet new friends and have new teachers and it's very much like that, you know. it's not so much drama. So we want to take you through energetically here just for a few moments, what it feels like to come into beginning. Because there's a lot of focus, fear, fear, blinded focus around endings as a, when, when a chapter closed, that means that everything closed. From our perspective here, we're coming into beginning. So right now in the space of your heart, your energetic heart, come into this gratitude for beginning, the ability to have something new and fresh. The ability to live, to give yourself permission to leave behind your first grade personality and reinvent yourself. In this next era, you can be anything. If you like yourself exactly as you are, that's great. If you've always wanted to leave behind a pattern of the way of your thinking or your being, it's time to leave that now. Because this is a time of beginnings. And in the closing of a chapter in a graduating from old friends and all teachers, you have permission to be new, you have the creativity, the exploration to be new. This is about you being new. And your world will reflect that particular type of newness around you. Kind of friends who like that new you, the kind of teachers who know how to teach that new you. So it starts with what do you want to be in this new era.

Moira  36:47  
Thank you that feels so fresh, and light and exciting.

Adria  36:57  
Yeah. I like the playfulness of that.

Moira  37:03  
I like the playfulness of that.

Adria  37:06  
 Excitement, the excitement, the newness of different grades in school, I haven't thought about that in a while.

Moira  37:14  
And there's so many areas that we can plan our life like, you know, I'm going to create our herb garden next year. It's one of my surprise gifts - Cliff will here this. I got one for the deck that's coming in for the winter and then outside, but I'd love to cook. It's a passion of mine. So to have herbs and fresh herbs and learn about herbs, and just all that new learnings that we have so many areas in our life that we can expand and grow and add to all that's there.

Adria  37:39  
Yeah, exactly.

Moira  37:43  
So this part you're talking about new beginnings, that, you know, I know, that at times, I'll feel anxious or stressed or I can feel it energetically and I'm like, what is that? You know, I look at myself. I'll talk to myself, and I'll say, what are you anxious about? What are you stressed about? There's nothing to be anxious about., Do you think that's when people have that, that that's tied in with this new birthing of the earth and the endings and you've referred to as homesickness, you know,

Adria  38:09  
Absolutely. So if you're used to this certain structure, let's say a building with four walls, and suddenly all the buildings are round, you know, it's just disconcerting. It's not bad. It's not better or worse even, that in many contexts, you know, I tend to think of this new era is very, very beneficial for us. But really, there's a lot of neutrality. It's just, it was time for change. But when that much change is around you, and this is happening more at the energetic level, right now, it can feel really disconcerting. Like anytime that you move, even when it's a move you really want, oh my gosh that's exhausting at first, right? Ah, you resetting everything. Where does the light come in? What is the sound of the bird? Is that an an intruder or is that a bird? Your mat mapping everything in your new world. And we're doing that now. So anxiety is perfectly normal in this time. It might be odd if we didn't feel a little out of sorts, because the change is so big.

Moira  39:18  
Interesting. I know. I'm going back to Nova Scotia all my newness here. But you know, it's interesting to see about the bird. Down here, crows. People feed crows here, and they call them in. So when we first came here, we're like, what is that? There's like 9-10 big crows. And as a family we were told, and, you know, Cliff said, don't start feeding them. They'll be here. I've started doing it the odd time but they know, they know you, who's doing it who's not. It's very interesting. 

Adria  39:44  
Wow. Yeah.

Moira  39:45  
So crows before crows through animal totem for me where it's like, the in between, the veil, from you know, being in your physical body to your spiritual body. So, but, and we have seagulls and all this newness. Very, very, very cool. So, so just to stay grounded in the moment, is that what you would say to people that that's very normal and just, you know, ground yourself and be present in that present moment?

Adria  40:12  
Being present yes. The the grounding part is tricky because earth is also changing. So those of you who have grounding practices, whether energetic or what the earth when she's changing that much, I'd say, you need to be very present with learning what's the new grounding too so. Just recently, in this last, since the last set of eclipses, my grounding point has shifted to the solar plexus, most like before it was like a tethered to earth. And now I'm sort of my own planetary system in a sphere with with the center point of the gravity is my solar plexus. So this is really new for me, and I've just been exploring with it. But when I go to ground or to release something and bring in the new it's all coming from that particular energy center right now/ This might be transitory, it might be the new normal for a long time. I don't know yet. But I did feel very disconcerted at first some months back when I was trying to ground and I couldn't find it, because earth had moved. So yes, grounding, but I would say meditation in that sense. I could see why the angels chose that as one of the tools because when you're meditating, you're tuning inward to what's the truth for you. And that means you can allow for shifts like this, like what what works for you for grounding might have changed.

Moira  41:38  
I love that. I know that I've started dancing again. I know that this podcast is just audio right now. But it may go to visual or maybe half and half. I want to play with it. But to bring in movement and you know I have you talked about freedom and free your spirit and you know, dance with life and all that interaction that that because I love dancing.

Adria  42:01  
Yeah, it's so much about I think you would ask this question a lot earlier about embodiment. And fifth dimension. It's, it's not what I thought, anyway, conceptually, I thought fifth dimension would be sort of like you know, you're meditating or you're tuning out and going up into these etheric realms. It is so different. It's all happening in the body now. So yeah, dancing and movement. I found physical activity has been vital for me in this last year for feeling spiritually grounded, connected, integrating. It's happening in the physical. So I would definitely encourage some kind of, you know, walking, dancing, whatever for you is fun. But try different things, I would say people listening, because it's the physical body is where a lot of spiritual evolution is happening right now. So give it support and movement. Movement is great.

Moira  43:01  
I think if we don't move, it's almost like you're dying. But I don't mean, physically, physically, but it's like if we are building a muscle or that like you said, like, move and be in nature or dance with music or Yeah, connect in with your soul. So yeah, that's. So when we talk about, or you talk about angelic transmissions? So can you expand on that one and how people can open up and receive this and receive angelic light? Really..

Adria  43:32  
Your angels are there for you. Yeah, so they don't have any other job. They're not bored or tired when you ask them for help. They're not overtaxed. You know. So they love it when you ask for help. So it could be something like the I want to help attunement to the new energies. Or it could be about a new job or it could be about a flavor of ice cream. That's it's an example they like to give because we keep things playful. It's like it doesn't have to be quote unquote spiritual. You know, if there's something fun you want to explore, invite your angels to help with that. And it could take the form of transmission or healing Sure, it could take the form of some guidance or playfully  showing up in your life. Ask them ask them and you don't have to know you know, how to speak to angels. Just talk to them out loud or in your heart or on paper. They're there for you. They hear you. Believe me, your angels know how to hear you. And we all communicate in different ways. So ask them. That's just they love it. That's my that's my my working title. I've - the angels will probably changing on me as they usually do. But my working title for the book about angels is 'Ask Us for Help'. They just love that.

I think that's a great title. That's that's, that's really good. Do you feel that angels are also around us and show up in animal form and people? Like this...

I see a distinction there. So to me spirit animals are very real, either it's the form of a lizard that I'm physically seeing in this world, or one that I perceive more inter- dimensionally. And people of amazing mentors and teachers for me. And I see that as being different than angels. So you have a big team, lots of different types of help,

Moira  45:36  
And spirit guides and that so to really know again, then when you use the term beloved, we are truly loved.

Adria  45:42  
Oh, my gosh, we really can't be alone by definition. You know, even if you're alone in your house, it's you have so many beings who are rooting for you sending you loves sending you guidance, sending you healing, sending you hope.

Moira  46:01  
I'm just feeling that as you're saying it. Around the story that a lot of people have, we talked about this very little bit around fear and limitation. A lot of people have this money story of not enough. They don't have enough. They can't go after their dreams. How do they what would your advice be for them to move past that, just drop that money story. To know that they're unlimited beings?

Adria  46:25  
Yeah, money is a tool. So it can, it can have negative energy, it can be neutral, it can be positive. But the advice the angels give for this is, let's say with your house in Nova Scotia, people are looking to move or create something new like that in their life. Focus on what it is you want, not on how much money you think it'll take to get you there. Because that's the old way of thinking, well, if I want to house I need to work this many years. I'm going to you know, in a linear way, I'm going to make a plan. So I get the down payment. And it's all very logical and good. However, it's not how the new energies work. And so instead, they would say focus on in your heart space, what is it you want very concretely, and then be open to the how. Maybe it will be the the working towards a mortgage. Maybe it'll happen the traditional way for you. More likely it's going to come in a little more creative, a little more imaginative than that. So when you open up those doors to the help and the guidance, and don't stay locked into 'it has to be the hard way, the linear way, the old way, time bound way', then you open up for unlimited.

Moira  47:38  
I can feel that in my heart. It's such a beautiful open way to approach life to come from there. In that openness. You know, I used to do when I gave workshops and talked on  cruise lines for years and all this time. And with my my business. I used to do this 'attitude of gratitude' dance, people, people loved it, and I got faster and faster. And they just like put their arms and it was just a silly little thing, but everybody loved it. And the openness if you put your arms, your two arms up, like in a, you know, a V, sort of like that, you can feel that your chest open and you're open, you know, for for life, and how brilliant life is and all that stuff. 

Adria  48:20  
So the doors are unlocked now, let's say in your heart. It's so you can open them from the inside. You can open any door. It's up to you.

Moira  48:31  
That's a biggie for all of us, I think to really get that we really are. It's open to anything that we desire. And I always said and I think I've said it before, but it's how I say it is anything I believe that is put on your heart, a desire is put there because you really want to fulfill that. And, and like you said, it doesn't matter if it's in the past or what we said at the beginning and it was, you know, put into this chest of wishes you can open up that beautiful wish chest or treasure chest and, you know, look how it unfolds now. It doesn't matter that maybe it's 20 years later, or 30 years later.

Adria  49:10  
Yeah. I really encourage people to play with this because I've been very actively working playing with these heart wishes for the last maybe three years. And so it's so fun and just so much better than I could have imagined. And so as you give yourself up to play with it.

Moira  49:40  
Thank you. Do you believe like, you know, Ariel and Rafael you channel? Do you believe like each of the angels and Archangel Michael that people are calling on an angel and they're using a specific name that each angel in that bouquet like in those names, they they offer you specific help with maybe a challenge you're having or an obstacle you feel like you come up to.

Adria  50:15  
Yeah, it's very tangible for me. What I would say is that you don't have to know the name of a particular Angel, in order to so let's say you call them Michael, but it was really Gabriel, who knew how to do the thing you wanted. You don't have to get stressed stressed about that. 

Moira  50:32  

Adria  50:32  
You have your personal angels, first of all, and they're just there to serve you. So you can just say angels. You don't have to say any particular name. If you have an affinity or a guess that Oh, I think Michael is good at this I'll call on him. You know, try it. And those angels like Michael, Raphael, Ariel, Gabriel, they're available to all of us. So those angels you can call on also. But you also don't have to know the specific name. You could say no, it just angels. Angels who can help me with this. I'm calling on your help.

I like the simplicity again in that.

Yeah, angels are so compassionate, they're not going to make it hard for us to reach out to them. It really, They really aren't. Because they want to help. But they also don't want to live our lives for us, right. So they're not going to step in and do things for you or create miracles unless they want it. Sometimes it's fun to do it on our own. We really want to feel that sense of accomplishment, or why we came into this life. So we don't really want spirits and guides and our parents and friends and lover and partner doing everything for us. Usually we like to do some of it ourselves. So the angels are waiting for that guidance from you. What parts do you want help with?

Moira  51:51  
I would say that that's where free will comes in. 

Adria  51:53  

Moira  51:55  
Adria, we're coming to a close. We're not there yet. But I would love for you to read an excerpt from your book. And I think you were gonna choose something from your angel insights for unprecedented times. I would like to hear from your own voice.

Adria  52:12  
Yeah. So this ties back into something a couple themes we were speaking of earlier. So the angels picked this out for us. I've been sort of grinning as I see why it matches the call. Question is, if some of us choose to stay on third, and some move on to fifth, how will we interact and problem solve and move forward as a common species if we are divided by this dimensional shift in the future? And Angel Raphael answers? This is a beautiful question. It comes from a heart that wishes to include everyone in the upliftment of humanity. So we want you to know from angelic perspective, that third is not a negative choice. What we mean is, third dimension has its own hallmarks and values. So in third dimension, for example, it is a little easier to work things out through love relationships, through this linear one on one husband, wife, parent, child, all types of love relationships, even work relationships. So for those who still feel on a soul level, there's something so strong to work out with this person or persons that they are in a lifetime with now, they might feel there's more value to staying in third dimension for the rest of this existence. So staying on third does not mean stopping evolution or spiraling downward. From our perspective, it is a choice of different ways of being different ways of existing.

Moira  53:38  
Beautiful. Thank you so much. I will be putting all the links to your books and everything so people can reach out to you. 

Adria  53:46  
Great, Thank you 

Moira  53:47  
And find you. And let's just go into that. And I want I want I would like to invite people to go back to the other episode to listen to your first conversation we have and we're gonna have many more Adria. I just, I love what you're doing.

Adria  54:05  

Moira  54:06  
And we get to keep playing. 

Adria  54:08  

Moira  54:09  
Yes. If you could share the gifts you'd like to give to our listeners today that would be wonderful. And again, all the links to the gifts how you can reach out to Adria how you can book a session with Adria, you know, so you have a one to one with her and everything she's doing just that will be in the show notes. So, yes, if you can share that that would be wonderful. 

Adria  54:28  
Yeah, so there's a free gift of an audio recording. So this is a replay from October's Angel conversations and the theme was coming out of fear. So for those of you who resonates with you hear maybe predictions about 2022 and or others are in fear around you and you don't know what to do to kind of get out of that heaviness of the fear around that. This is it's about an hour and a quarter of the angels working through how we can choose to come out of fear and how to use discernment in this time, and creating, creating the opposite of what you fear and also lightening the residue of fear around you from others. So that's a recording, to dive into the practice space with the angels of 'How do you do that?' Wait, I feel afraid, but I don't want to feel afraid. What are my choices here? And the other thing is 10% off for those of you who want to work with me, and then you haven't worked with me before. So for your first session, of any length,

Moira  55:36  
Thank you Adria that's so beautiful. Ah, deep breath. I want to thank you again for sharing from your heart and your soul, your beautiful wisdom on angelic guidance, messages from the angels and tools for the coming year. 20. Namaste.

Adria  55:56  
That's my great pleasure. Thank you to all of you. 

Moira  56:01  
Thank you.

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