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Creating Peace through Balance

February 07, 2022 Moira Sutton Season 3 Episode 47
Creating Peace through Balance
Heart Soul Wisdom Podcast
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Heart Soul Wisdom Podcast
Creating Peace through Balance
Feb 07, 2022 Season 3 Episode 47
Moira Sutton

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Creating Peace through Balance

Theresa is a Visionary, a Love Warrior, and a fierce stand for Peace ~ widely regarded as a presence of unconditional Love.  She works with highly sensitive World-Changers, Lightworkers, and Love Warriors and teaches them tangible tools so that they can get out of their cycles of overwhelm, over-giving and increase their energy, and live more alive, on purpose and fulfilled.

She has been a leader of spiritual evolution for 20 years, reaching over a million people through her speaking engagements, workshops, readings, and healing sessions.  Her mission is to help you to stand in your own personal Truth and the Power of who you truly are.  

Her background in the creative arts and scientific mind, helps her make incredibly complex spiritual principles ~ entertaining, and relevant.  Working with the Angels, she helps people get back into the flow of the synchronicities and miracles that are their birth right.  Heal into the magic of their Divine Perfection, and live their purpose for being here.

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Reference to Warren - Warren MacDonald, Author "A Test of Will, One Man's Extraordinary Story of Survival." https://www.warren-macdonald.com/

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Spirituality & Angels
Love & Relationships
Health & Well Being

Creating Peace through Balance

Theresa is a Visionary, a Love Warrior, and a fierce stand for Peace ~ widely regarded as a presence of unconditional Love.  She works with highly sensitive World-Changers, Lightworkers, and Love Warriors and teaches them tangible tools so that they can get out of their cycles of overwhelm, over-giving and increase their energy, and live more alive, on purpose and fulfilled.

She has been a leader of spiritual evolution for 20 years, reaching over a million people through her speaking engagements, workshops, readings, and healing sessions.  Her mission is to help you to stand in your own personal Truth and the Power of who you truly are.  

Her background in the creative arts and scientific mind, helps her make incredibly complex spiritual principles ~ entertaining, and relevant.  Working with the Angels, she helps people get back into the flow of the synchronicities and miracles that are their birth right.  Heal into the magic of their Divine Perfection, and live their purpose for being here.

Website: https://theresavee.com/

Gifts: https://theresavee.pages.ontraport.net/archangel-michael-journey

3 Month Healthy Vibrant You Program:

Create the Life FB Community: https://www.facebook.com/CreatetheLifeyouLove1/

Moira's Website: https://moirasutton.com/

Reiki Long Distance Healing Session:

Reference to Warren - Warren MacDonald, Author "A Test of Will, One Man's Extraordinary Story of Survival." https://www.warren-macdonald.com/

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Intro  0:03  
Welcome to the Heart Soul Wisdom podcast, a journey of self discovery and transformation. Moira Sutton and her amazing guests share real life stories, tools and strategies to inspire and empower you how to create and live your best life. Come along on the journey and finally blast through any fears, obstacles and challenges that have held you back in the past so you can live your life with the joy, passion and happiness that you desire. Now, here's your host create the life you love, empowerment life coach, Moira Sutton

Moira  0:59  
Welcome to season three, Episode 47, Creating Peace Through Balance with our very special returning guest, Theresa Vee. Theresa is a visionary, a love warrior and takes a fierce stand for peace. She's widely regarded as a presence of unconditional love. She works with highly sensitive world changers, lightworkers and love warriors and teaches them tangible tools so that they can get out of their cycles of overwhelm over-giving and increase their energy, live more alive and awake, on purpose and fulfilled. She has been a leader of spiritual evolution for over 20 years reaching over a million people through her speaking engagements, workshops, readings and healing sessions. Her mission is to help you to stand in your personal truth and the power of who you truly are. Her background in the creative arts and scientific mind helps her make incredibly complex spiritual principles entertaining and relevant. Working with angels, she helps people get back into the flow and ease with synchronicities and miracles - I want to dive into that - that are each one of our birthrights, heal into the magic of their divine perfection and live their purpose for being here. So without further ado, it is my pleasure to welcome back Theresa Vee. Welcome Theresa.

Theresa  2:22  
Thank you so much Moira. Thank you for inviting me back.

Moira  2:25  
How exciting, super excited. And I want to, I was gonna start off by telling the listeners that they didn't hear you before you were on episode 10. Go back and listen, because you have so much to share. And it's very important, everyday, but especially the timing that we're going through here on planet Earth.

Theresa  2:44  
Absolutely. Oh my gosh, and I love our we have the same philosophy where you know, things have to be kind of fun in order to do them. So I love that you share that philosophy with me because it makes these conversations that much more productive. Actually.

Moira  2:58  
They're more they're more heartfelt too. And we know they're coming from our heart and soul. And, you know, I remember I introduced somebody called Warren. Warren, how can lose his last name, I'm gonna put it down there. I forgot his last name. I had one of those torps in your brain. Anyway, Warren lost two of his legs, hiking in Australia and his whole story. And when I interviewed him when I had a live show on TV, and, you know, he said to me after thank you for just making that real, because he's been he was on major television shows. And they just went through the script. And he said it was so boring. Like, it just wasn't real for him.

Theresa  3:34  
Exactly. Yeah. I love these conversations that can flow and evolve, you know, as we as we come together, because it's a perfect mix of energy and the energy of your listeners. So I'm excited.

Moira  3:44  
Yeah. Why don't we just segue into what we were saying just before we're taping because many times when I say hello, and especially us Hello again, is you know, we started talking, I think, oh, it would be good to re record that because I know my listeners would like it and I I let's just share that. I was saying to you that you know I'm down Easter Nova Scotia girl now we've been here since September. We love it. It's a whole new way of being whole new way. We're in the country. We're on a lake. And I've taken up rug hooking and I'm very excited, a little bit nervous a bit, but I know I'm going to love it. And so I just started last night doing the love or the hooking. I said love hooking? It's probably it's got some kind of love in there. 

Theresa  4:24  

Moira  4:25  
And and why don't you share what what you took away from that when I was just sharing that with you? Because that was just perfect.

Theresa  4:31  
Oh, totally. And bringing up the synchronicity I guess. So I was just sharing that we lost my cousin last year to COVID and she was the same age as me. So we grew up we were like best friends for the first like 25 years of our lives. And this morning I was thinking of her all morning and there was so much coming in with that. But I literally have never heard another person on this planet talk about rug hooking other than her. Like as a child, that was one of her pastimes that was one of her creative outlets. And it was something she loved to do. And so when when you said it before, I was like, Oh, that is the first direct clear sign that I have from her because I was thinking of her this morning. And you brought that up. Like all the things we could talk about you were talking about rug hooking, so so it was just such a moment of clarity, and you know, direct communication. So thank you for being the vessel for that. 

Moira  5:26  
Oh you're welcome. And we did talk about in your bio about synchronicities. But tell me a bit about synchronicities more like that's one. How do people start paying attention to that, and their intuition to that, and, and this tie that into miracles?

Theresa  5:40  
Yeah, I mean, I don't really see those things as such differences, you know, synchronicities and miracles. They're very tied together. And when we are living in alignment with the world around us, synchronicities happen all the time, and I think they happen anyway, we just don't notice them. So when we're in alignment, and when we're open to them, we noticed them more. So I think everyone in the world has had an experience where maybe you think of someone and that day, they call you or they text you, you know. Just like this morning, I thought of my cousin, and she called me via, via your conversation, you know. And that could be that simple. Or it could be something a lot more complex, like, you decide that you want to go for this training. And it's like super expensive, and you don't know how you're going to pay for it. And then all of a sudden, a cheque you didn't expect shows up in the mail, and it covers the cost of whatever it was you want to do. So I feel like there's there's such a range of these things, but you can start paying attention to the small things in your life, the small ways that happen when you think of someone and there they are, you bump into them on the street. Or, you know, there's, you're you're contemplating a question and a song comes on the radio, or nobody listens to the radio anymore, or you know, you're listening to a playlist and the song comes up, and it answers your question directly. So it's all of those kinds of things. If if you're looking if you want to start cultivating that, that's where I would start looking as the small things in each day.

Moira  7:10  
I know that I have a lot of messages through. There's a person Ted Andrews. I've had his book for about 35 years the same way, it's pretty falling apart, but it's close to me. It's Animal Speaks. And so I have a lot of animals that come through my dreams that and also in real life. 

Theresa  7:27  
Me too. Me too. 

Moira  7:28  
And the other thing about down here that's new, we have a crow family around this whole little cove that we live in. And I was like, Why is there so many crows down here in Nova Scotia, and then we found out that they feed them here in and it's a family and they're brilliant birds. And, you know, my husband's like, don't feed them, they'll be around. And then I started just giving them a little bit, you know, bread and that. And, you know, it's just that whole interaction with animals. So it's just..

Theresa  7:55  
Definitely. My my godfather died a couple of years back. And he really had a very strong faith. He had a lot of mystical experiences. And when he was going out, I was like, let me know, when you get home. You know, that's what I told him. And the next day he died. And then the next day I was I was looking out on into my backyard. And I live in New York, by the way, I should preface preface this with that. I looked out and sitting on the fence is a falcon. 

Moira  8:25  
Oh, oh, how beautiful

Theresa  8:27  
Looking at me? And I said, Oh, wow. Alright, so it's sitting there. And then I said to my husband, come look at this. And, and he looked out and it wasn't directly looking at us. So it had turned so he but it had turned I'm convinced it was turn so that we could see the tail and identify it as a falcon. And then he said, I don't think that message is for us. Because he's very literal. He says it's not even looking this way. So I'm like, Okay, what are the odds of seeing a falcon so I was like universe, you take care of this, you know, he went into the other room did what he needed to do, he came back and the thing was sitting there looking directly at him. And he was like, Okay, now I get it. But, you know, it's just things like that animals. You know, when we're really in tune with the world. Animals are such a great way of universe communicating with us. It's amazing.

Moira  9:13  
Yes, yes. So let's, let's jump into this. You know, we're in a brand new year and brand new energies, What messages do you receive from the angels that that they want to share about 2022?

Theresa  9:25  
Oh, we are in a brand new paradigm, like this paradigm has been a long time coming. We've you know, we've really been working hard to get here. The people who are spiritually focused and that can mean you know, religious, we've been paving the way to, to what comes next. And we are now in a heart centered paradigm. And a lot of people when I say that, they're like, Oh yeah, right, because they're looking at the world around them and not really seeing that reflected back at them yet. But this is where our faith and our belief in synchronicities comes in. Because when we are truly striving to live from the heart, that's how the world starts to respond to us, and all of the anger and all of the fear that's out there, it doesn't get to us the same way. So in this new energy, we're really being asked to live from the heart. And that doesn't mean to negate our experiences our emotions as humans, it means to let them process through us. But when we're making choices, when we're making decisions, or taking a stand, to really tune into our heart monitor, before we do anything, because that's really where the information is going to come from, as we move forward. We can't really rely on as much of the energy are as many of the sources outside of us as we can, from our own intuitive guidance. And, and that's really what we've been working to purify ourselves to do. We've been working hard to get here and the angels are saying, this is your time, this is your time to shine. And the help is available to you, if you just reach out and ask.

Moira  10:58  
So do you have any exercises that somebody can do to start, like, let's say, somebody is judgmental of their self, you know, before even anybody else, you know, they're judging themselves. And I think you talked about that they begin to miss the messages from the guides and angels when you do that. What what's an exercise? Do you have one that you give to people to start working from that heart place?

Theresa  11:21  
So it's interesting, because we're worse with ourselves and other people, right? So we can, somebody can make a mistake and we'll be like, oh, you know, we might be thinking on the inside, how could you make that mistake, but we will be encouraging and we'll walk them through it. Meanwhile, if we make the same mistake as ourselves, the internal dialogue that happens is like, oh, you know, we use all these words that we would never use with another person. So it's important for us to take a pause, when we are speaking to ourselves and listen to what's being said. And I think that is very key for most of us. Because when we start to listen to what's being said, inside of ourselves, we start to hear Whose voice is that? That's not my voice, Whose voice is that? And then we start to trace back to where the root of that speech came from. Like what we took with us from the time we were child, you know, a child or a teenager or whatever. And we start to hear, okay, that's not me. So what is my actual voice? What is my actual thought here? How can I tune into my guidance, my angels? And how can I start to treat myself as though I were someone else? You know, I treat everyone else so much better than I treat myself. So the slowing down is very key. Because when we can do that with ourselves, it gives us the chance to take an action instead of be reactive. And when we're reactive, we lose our energy. When we're taking a conscious action, where we're actually standing up for ourselves standing in that power. So it's powerlessness versus power. And when we get to the point where we can pause, then we start to develop the ability to be in that pause, which is where our guidance can come in. If we can take a moment, you know. Someone asks us a question and and our instinct is to just people please and say, Yes, I can do that for you, even though we have no idea how it's going to get done. If we can just pause and say, Wait, let me look at my schedule, can I actually do this? Does this feel good to me? We're in that pause. And that is where not only can we reason things out, but our guides can say, No, I have something else planned for you that day. So maybe just leave the space. And that begins to create that communication and the miracles not only with ourselves, but with other people. And when we're less reactive internally, we are less reactive externally. So one of the most beautiful things we can see now is when you see somebody losing their mind, or, you know, speaking really harshly to other people, just know that what's going on inside of them is 100 times worse than what they're doing externally. So it's really hard to be them, you know, and that gives us the place of creating space for compassion. We are able to come much more into that compassionate action, then

Moira  14:20  
I like that. It's also where you create from the void. So that pause to me sounds the way you're explaining it, it's like that void or when you go into that space when you meditate, you know that you can create from there.

Theresa  14:32  
There's there's a pause between each breath that we have. So when we inhale, there's a natural pause where we switch to the exhale. When we exhale, there's a natural pause when we switch back to the inhale. And that's where the magic is available to us. It doesn't mean we have to hold our breath, but it's when we can slow down and be there in the void in that pause that we can actually hear. You know, we can sense we can be with If, instead of just doing and it's, it's just such a miraculous space, and it's available to us with every breath twice. So that's what I love about the way that our lives were set up for us that the breath is our biggest spiritual tool. And it's the thing we have with us all the time. So we have no excuse not to do the work when our breath is always there.

Moira  15:20  
And you think about it, it's our first breath that brings us into the world. And it's our last breath that when we, we transition out of this physical body,

Theresa  15:30  
That's one of the most beautiful spiritual teachings that I learned is, you know, when a lot of people chant ohm, how it's how it's spelled in the tradition is au M, and the A, that's the sound of the first breath, right? Think about a baby crying, ah, opens up the mouth opens up the glottis. Cries. The U is everything in between and the M. That's the sound of the last breath as the soul leaves the body. So it's this whole cycle of completion. And it's really such a beautiful thing, because we're chanting that whole cycle, when we say the word aum.

Moira  16:05  
The circle of life. What are the angels? What are they sharing right now with the people who are leaving, like, you know, like the planet right now? Let it be through COVID, or any of these variants or by another means is? What? What's the insight there? I have my own opinion about it. But I'd love to hear what the angels are saying, but that the people who are leaving, are they choosing to leave, are they, you know, they're not they've completed whatever they came here to complete.

Theresa  16:36  
So my experience through the angels, and through my studies of various things in what feels true and resonant to me is that we have several choices for exit points in our lifetimes. And everyone came in knowing that this time was going to be a possibility, and knowing that this might be an exit point for them. And so nobody actually leaves this world before they agree. Right? So you know, if we're on our deathbed, we have to actually say to our angels to the Divine, Yes, I'm ready. And we have to surrender to what's next. So so there is a choice. And what I've been shown over and over again, as people ask is that there's, there's something different that those souls are needed for. And some of them could have stayed here, because they, they didn't exhaust their exit points. But what's next is so important that they need to hold the energy from that place. And, and so, you know, every one is, it's so funny to me to you know, every everyone is making that choice. But it's really funny, because every time we enter a new year, and people start dying, it's like, Oh, come on. And you know, this year is like, Oh, come on, 2022, what's going on, but people are going to be born and they're going to die, no matter what the time is, you know, and it's, it's just what happens. And so the other piece that the angels have showed me is that the Earth really needed help, like the Earth really needs help. And there are too many people living on her. At this point in time, the population has gotten too big for the resources to sustain the population. So if you look at history, one of the things that happens when that happens is that there is a thinning of the population as is incarnated on Earth. Now, keep in mind, there are millions of other places for souls to incarnate, so those souls are leaving Earth and maybe they'll hang out for a while, wherever they return to, but chances are they will incarnate someplace that's better suited to their evolution, or they'll come back here at some point to complete work that needs to be done here. But there is definitely for Earth's sustenance there is there's a thinning of the population that needed to happen. And the one thing that the angels have always said is that whatever humans choose is your choice. Like how this goes is up to you, you can start to take care of the earth, or things will start to happen, that are not what you might choose. And they said, Be rest assured that the one thing that is true is that the earth will survive. So the earth is going to survive, how that happens is really up to us. And we haven't taken the right steps to, to kind of work with her and make sure that she's nurtured. And so this was one of the things that that had to happen in order for that to be. I hope that makes sense. I hope that doesn't sound too harsh, but that's really what's been shown.

Moira  19:33  
No, I think some people might think it's harsh, but no, I think you're right on with what you're saying. And the other thing is a big part of the show is about raising the vibration, the consciousness of all of us here to heal Mother Earth, humanity and our planet. Right?

Theresa  19:51  
Yeah. And I mean, the angels have been talking about this for so many years giving us warnings. There have been earth angels sent to give us warnings and have we listened to Have we heated them? A lot of us have, you know, but has it been enough? Has enough of the population made global change? And you know, we have a new opportunity every day and with every breath to actually do that. So, you know, there's there's no giving up on humanity, we have infinite capacity to, to change ourselves and to change the world. So I keep holding the vision for that.

Moira  20:21  
I know the other reason with where we are on this lake is, you know, I wanted to live off the land, like have my herb gardens and grow my flowers and you know, grow the lettuce and just eat and live off and land and fish. And there's a lot of fish down here. So that's good. But I want to dive into as we're talking about that, you know, 3d 4d 5d,  reality, you know, tell us a little bit where we're at with that. Are some people still in 3d, and some are in 5 and some are in 4?

Theresa  20:54  
Interesting, because I have a little bit of a disagreement with the the angels here, having boots on the ground. So I don't want you to all think like, you know, that, that when, when you speak to angels, it's always like, you're totally in agreement, because I'm like, Hey, I'm here, you're there. But, but what they're saying is, is that everyone on the planet is somewhere in the 4d now, and I'm telling them, Hey, I'm boots on the ground, here, I'm looking around, there are some people that are definitely in the 3d, you know, or at least striving to like run back there. But they're saying that - we'll stick with their teachings, because they know more than I do. Everyone here is at least somewhere in the 4d, some people are actually in the energy of the 5d now like actually anchoring that energy. And that started with this new paradigm as we moved into this new paradigm, like we were anchoring it spiritually. But there are people that are beginning to be in the physicality of that 5d energy. So the invitation is that those who are living in the 5d are living by example. So every choice that that you might make, or everything you do, regardless of you know, we don't want to separate more by saying, Oh, you're so 3d, you're low 4d, you know, like, it doesn't matter. But living by example, living the best life you can and what that doesn't just mean, you know, sacrificing yourself and doing all this service, because that throws us way out of balance too. What it means is really enjoying your experience of being here, leading by example of hey, you know, this is how I live and it makes me happy. It fills me with joy. And you can be filled with joy too. Things can be this ease filled for you to you know, and people learn just by experiencing you. And that's the beauty. And so when you're living the way you're living, it's an invitation for people to maybe step from the energy that they're in into a new way of seeing the world or experiencing the world. And that's how this shift is going to happen. It's not going to be like overnight, people get electrocuted, or like, you know, there's been this global planetary change. But that wasn't really the purpose to move people into, you know, the the next thing. There is an evolution that happens with something like that. Absolutely. We've all been greatly changed. We all now have trauma. But what they're saying is just really living and leading by example is key in this paradigm. Nobody wants to be preached to so just live your best life. Be in as much joy as possible and invite others to be there with you.

Moira  23:30  
Thank you, and 5g, you state it also means you know, you can experience multiple realities. You know, I wanted to ask the angels about inter galactic travel and other dimensions. Because that fascinates me. 

Theresa  23:44  
It's totally fascinating. Um, so so a lot of us are experiencing different dimensions just on the daily like the veils, what we used to call the veils are basically non existent at this point. So so your guidance is available to you, instantaneously. And that includes our helpers in other galaxies, like our brothers and sisters and, and the other beings who are in our soul family that are all over the place. Like that guidance can come in, and we really need that guidance right now. You know, one of the things Archangel Michael had said many, many years ago is that when specifically when being asked about a certain thing that was going on, that the technology of Atlantis would not be allowed, like technology would not be allowed to come in and do to the earth what it did to Atlantis. So, so the technology that is not in alignment with the highest spirituality will not be allowed to be. And so that's really beautiful to me, that put me at ease a lot. But what I'm seeing more and more is that, you know, even the people who have been working in science for so long, like new doors are opening every day in terms of communication, and seeing things that weren't visible before. Not just because we have more high powered things to look through, but just oh my gosh, that concept. How did I miss that before? You know, because the we were much more dense. And so things are so much more available. So we can start communication. Like each one of us can communicate intergalactically now and we can travel between the dimensions, especially, it's still easiest to do when we're in our sleep time. That's still the easiest, but eventually that will change depends when that will be. But in terms of like meditating and channeling, we can also bring those energies through and bring that help through. All we have to do is ask and and we'll be guided and that that guidance will come. So you know, that's what they've been showing. And it's just feels - I'm tuning in right now so just give me a second - is Archangel Michael is showing us that, he's showing me right now that so many of us have been connecting with our intergalactic family in, in our dream time and in our meditation time and also like spontaneous inspirations that have been coming. And, and that feels really important, which is why it's integral to this time and to our well being that we tune into ourselves first, before we come back to anything outside of ourselves. Because that guidance has come from our soul family, that guidance has come from our divine team and is in there with what we already know is our truth. And so when we tune in first, it makes it easier for us to navigate all of the energies outside of ourselves.

Moira  26:37  
I have tears with that. I'll share you a little bit that to my. And it is of an interest for me personally, and I had a dream about a month ago. And I remember my dreams and again, a lot of animals of my dreams. And then and then I woke up and I was sharing with my husband, Cliff and I was saying, Oh, I was sitting there with these people. And I could see all these spaceships quite close to the Earth. And I said, What is that to the people that are sitting on these chairs outside with me? And they said, Ah, you can see that's intergalactic travel. Those are spaceships, those are other dimensions and you can see them because you have an interest in them. And that's why it opened up to you. And, and I got all excited when I woke up because I thought wow, I want I want to open that up more. So yeah, yeah, very, very exciting.

Theresa  27:25  
So you're definitely one of the way pavers for that, you know, because just imagine what would happen right now on top of everything else that's happening in the world, if all of a sudden like 30 spaceships showed up in the middle of the sky somewhere, right? You know, that happens every once in a while, but no one's around to see it. But just imagine the panic that would ensue, like for most of the population. So your job is to anchor that feeling of calm, of excitement, of safety that you felt in that moment; You're carrying that now and you're radiating it out to the world so that other people who are resonant can, can start to feel that. And so when that wave sweeps around the world, that's when you know that that blockage will be dropped. And one of the most interesting things I've ever heard also was that when Christopher Columbus's ships now, I'm not sure if this is true or not, I read this in a spiritual book somewhere. But when Columbus's ships sailed to, to the harbor, or to the shore, in of the United States, they, they couldn't even see them, like the people who lived here couldn't see the ships, because they had no point of reference for them. They had never experienced anything like it, so they weren't even able to see it. So the thing that I took away from that is that our galactic family is probably out there all the time. But because we have no experience with, with what they are, you know, riding in or bringing with them, we may not be able to experience them. So it feels like you're also opening this up for other people as well. You're anchoring that so that it can become more of of a commonplace thing, and it won't be so overwhelming or scary for people.

Moira  29:12  
Oh, that's exciting. Yeah. Very exciting. Because I'm personally, heck a lot of people are exploring my year in exactly what do  I want to do. This show I love speaking to people like yourself, and you know, inspiring empowering other people to create and live their best life and writing and, you know, I'm just exploring other things because, you know, I used to put on my own self that, oh, you have to do that you put so much money or time into that. So you have to create that. No, no, that feels icky. Only if it's aligned with me, am I going to do something and be very kind to myself and, again, as you were very kind, you know, we had a big storm here. We had a flood in our house. I was in overwhelm. So I was one of those overwhelmed people and I'm an empath also and, you know, I just thought to myself, my listeners will understand that there's a couple shows that didn't make it. And also, when we moved here, there was a couple shows, and I just be kind and people understand it's called Living.

Theresa  30:08  
Yeah, I mean, it's part of the human experience. And, you know, it's part of giving ourselves a break, like we give to everyone else. And it's, we like to relate to each other through humanity. Nobody, nobody at this point wants to be with someone who is not human. You know, like that, that whole time is, is over, where we just looked up to somebody, as someone who's inhuman. We now want to be able to relate. And it's so important for for us moving forward to be from that place of being able to relate. So kudos to you.

Moira  30:39  
Thank you. Now you work with empaths, and let's see, you work with, okay, sensitive world changers. Lightworkers. Love warriors. Explain about that. And you're drawn to this area? This is your path. Is this something you've known all the time? Or is it something that's evolving for yourself?

Theresa  31:00  
That's super interesting. So so this is something I realized that I was a highly sensitive person and an empath in my 20s. Sometime, I guess, looking back, it should have always been obvious to me. Like I had all these experiences as a child, that didn't make any sense that scared other people, you know, but there was no real verbiage for that. But when I was in my 20s, I was sitting with one of my teachers, and I said to her, hey, you know, do you know how it is when you walk into a room, and you automatically know what everyone else is thinking and feeling? And she just looked at me and laughed, and she said, I don't know if you realize this, but not everyone can do that. And I said, What do you mean, and she said, that's not something everyone in the world can do. That's something that's unique to you, or at least to a very small part of the population. And in that moment, I understood myself so much more clearly. And I also understood the world so much more clearly. Because until then, I couldn't understand how, if people had this ability, we could be doing the things we were doing to each other, or we could be holding the energy with each other that we were holding. And so that was when I really started to understand who I was, in that very deep way. Like this is something that was always a part of me, it was something I kept shutting down because other people didn't understand it, or were scared of it. And there was a second experience too that I was able to be seen by someone in my entirety and appreciated in my entirety. And it just felt like such a weight was taken off of me. And it was those moments of stepping into myself, that made me feel free. And I feel like a lot of sensitives and empaths hold back on the really important work that they're here to do, the joy that they're here to experience because they're so busy keeping themselves under wraps. Because no one has showed them how to navigate this world and or people were afraid of what it was that they were experiencing or doing. So my goal has been to move people into that freedom because that's where our magic lives, when we can really embrace the path that we are here to walk and the twists and turns within it. You know, that moment to moment guidance that we are able to get and, and the changes we're able to make in the world because of it. That's why we chose to come here as sensitives and empaths. Because we are a force of healing on this planet in whatever unique way we show up.

Moira  33:37  
Again, I'm taking everything in so when I don't just pop up with some other thing to say I'm just really listening intensively or I know that even for myself, and I tell people this, you know, my whole thing is create the life you love on your terms. Because not not your husband's not your child's not your grandmother, you know, not anybody outside of you. Because like him when I was little and I saw spirit and it was very scary. And then when I talked about it, and I dated, you know, my brothers one in particular would say don't tell them about that, you know, they're gonna think you're very strange and they'll never get married and and I always said I think I said this before when we talked I said, you know, I don't really care then you know, because this is who I am. And this is what I'm all about. And back then if - I have a dance background - if I wore a bandana or something or you know, socks that were for dancing, like ballet kind of things, you know, my husband say yeah, you know, wear that to my house, you know to meet his parents and that that's you right? Yeah, listen to yourself and really honor yourself with that.

Theresa  34:39  
I think the one big thing that we miss a lot of times especially through indoctrination is that the divine created you perfectly suited to the work you're here to do to the mission you're here to embody, you were created exactly perfect for that. So the pieces of yourself you don't want to look at or you want to hide, those are all necessary to who you truly are and what you're truly here to do. So the quicker we can embrace those pieces of ourselves and look at them and start to work with them and appreciate them, then the more fulfilled the more on purpose we can be every waking moment of our day.

Moira  35:18  
So you talk about that, that goes right into your soul fragments, and how do you help a person reclaim their soul fragments and really integrate new programs and frequencies so they can live their life with more energy, passion and purpose.

Theresa  35:34  
Soul fragments, they're, they're really interesting, because we don't necessarily consciously know where they all are. So so what I like to do with people, is in a state of meditation; nobody needs me to do this, like you can do it. You can get yourself to just be in that quiet place. And you can invite all of the pieces of yourself to come back to you to align themselves exactly perfectly and integrate in the divine right timing. So not that they all like jump back in to your system at the same time, and all of a sudden, you're like, Whoa, you know, but to, to kind of - they'll align themselves in your column of light. And they'll slowly integrate back in as needed, or as the timing is, right. And it's such a beautiful way for us to invite ourselves in and to not have to be super controlling about what is it? Where did it come from? What was my past life? You know, to just be able to take a breath and know that the right thing will be integrated at the right time, and you'll have access to all of the knowledge from that fragment. There are also times though, that being said, where we feel called, you know. For me, I know that there's a piece of my soul that I left in Jerusalem that I actually need to go and reclaim. I need to be there to get it. And I haven't done it yet. So sometimes, we may actually know that there's a piece of ourselves somewhere that we need to, to go and be with and invite back in by actually physically being in the place because there's work that we vowed to do that we haven't yet done. So that's also another way is to really listen to those nudges. If you've always felt really called to a certain place, then maybe there's a piece of yourself there that needs to be reclaimed. And when you get there, you'll know Oh, I just agreed to come back here, or I need to do this while I'm here. So those are two ways. I mean, there are so many ways that I work with people on this depending on who they are and how they work best. But those are two ways I feel like everyone can start doing right now. So that you can start reclaiming and inviting back pieces of yourself.

Moira  37:41  
It's beautiful. It's like different places in the world that you're you're drawn to to go travel to. And again, we're not traveling right now the majority of us. But when we can those doors open again and to go to those places. Let's talk about protection for, you know, for empaths, or somebody who's channeling or really anyone every day. Who are we protecting from? How do you define that? And why do we need this protection?

Theresa  38:10  
Oh, this is super interesting. Like brings me, I've been really working with our energy levels lately. So I feel like this is a perfect tie in to that. So bear with me, I'm gonna go a little bit off what you asked. But to bring it back in a way that's much more clear. So every day we wake up, we have a limited amount of energy, right? We have infinite amounts of spiritual energy, but our physical body has a limited amount of energy. It's like, okay, I have $100 in my wallet today, I have to make that work throughout the day. That's it, there's a limited amount of energy we have. And we have to choose, in every moment how we spend that energy. And so when we start thinking of it like that, when we start thinking of our energy as money, then we make better choices about how we're spending it. Like, oh, my gosh, I know that Bob is gonna want to talk to me about his divorce for the 50th time, and he never moves on, and it just drains my energy. Okay, so is talking with Bob, where you want to spend 30% of your energy for today? Or do you want to make a better choice about that? And so when we can start to see the circumstances in our lives, be the people, places, things situations. You know, sometimes a lot of us live in clutter of old things that we just don't know how to get rid of and and it just drains our energy. How can we clear that clear those things, plug those energy leaks, become aware of them so that we can make better decisions about where we are investing our limited resource of energy each day. So that's really important. It's important also for us to think of energetic protection from a place of empowered choice instead of a place of fear. So when we protect ourselves from fear, like oh my gosh, oh my gosh, I need To protect myself because I'm so you know, I'm so sensitive. So you see how that starts to feel like a weakness for viewing our own sensitivity as a weakness, when we can start to say, Okay, I'm going to protect my energy today because I have big work to do in the world. And I need to have as much of it available to me as possible. So Archangel Michael, please be with me right now. And help me here. And then we surround ourselves in a bubble of light. Now, this is what works for me, you can use whatever works for you surround ourselves in a bubble of light with the help of Archangel Mikhail. Ask Archangel Mikhail to walk in front of behind and on all sides with us today. And then we know we're protected. And if any point in time, you start to feel like that protection is waning, then you just do the same thing again. Whatever it is for you - grounding, doing the bubble of light, doing a column of light, like however that works for you. But the key really, is that we're protecting our energy because it is a resource that is invaluable to us. And we have to start claiming that because I think that's the piece of the puzzle a lot of us have been missing. For so long, we've just kind of come at it from a place of weakness as opposed to a place of decision making.

Moira  41:23  
I talk about choice points, like in every moment, we have a choice. And, and there's power in that. And to realize we have a choice. And then of course, boundaries. I've taught about healthy boundaries for years. And in family dynamics, for sure, you know, to really, you know, I should be very clear with your family members, or friends or anybody that this is what I require right now. And, yeah, yeah, cuz I've had experiences around that, that's for sure.

Theresa  41:51  
People don't realize how powerful being able to verbalize that is because sometimes we just hide, especially as sensitives, that's a thing we hide. You know, instead of having that conversation with people, we just hide from them, we isolate. And you know, because we're very conflict avoidant, because of the sensitivity level. But that leaves the other person with question marks and energetically reaching out to you and pulling even more of your energy, because that's the dynamic that happens. So when you can very clearly articulate, I love you very much, I need a couple of days, I'm just feeling drained, I need a couple of days, I'll get back with you on Monday, let's talk about this on Monday. You know, you're giving them very clear parameters, and you know, boundaries, the best part of boundaries is that they're movable. If on Monday, you wake up and you're still not ready to have the conversation, you can again say to that person, I love you, but I still feel like I need some time. So can we circle back later in the week, you know. And so that's the beauty of a boundary, it doesn't have to be all or nothing, it doesn't have to be so harsh. It can be movable, and it can be malleable. And it can be articulated with love. And so I think that is something also that we've missed, to your point, ou know, of our own personal power and our communication. You know, we've hurt people by pulling away and hiding. And so it's time for us to kind of do everything in as much alignment as possible with the way we want to be living and communication is key there.

Moira  43:23  
Theresa, what does collective resistance mean? And how does it affect each one of us in humanity?

Theresa  43:29  
I like that you only ask easy questions. Oh, it's interesting, because collective resistance and and like, I don't want to get into judgment here. So there, there is a choice point where do you want to move forward? Or do you want to move backward? And in the world right now, there's a lot of energy that wants to move forward. And you know, I'm saying this without expressing like, what views are right and wrong, because there really are, if you're tuning into yourself, there are no right or wrong views. There's just what feels right to you. But when we are at a point where there is such a great shift, such a great forward momentum, the equal and opposite generally comes up. And the equal and opposite is the fear of moving into the unknown. So this new paradigm is something none of us have ever experienced before. Living completely from the heart in the 5d is not something we're familiar with. So there are those of us who are like, Yay, let's go right. And then there are other people that are like, nope, I like the way things are here. In fact, I like the way things were in 1982. So let's go back there, and they start running in the other direction, because that's something that they know, they understand that that felt good to them. So the unknown does not. So that's the collective resistance when there's a big wave of momentum forward. There's resistance that comes the other way. And we've seen this a lot with what's come come up socially. In the last couple of years, you know. There's been protests, there's been opinions about protests, there's been energy moving in all directions around these things. There's change that is being made; there's change that needs to be made. And then there's the point of view of, no, there's no change that needs to be made. In fact, we need to go back to the older ways. And, you know, that might be what's right for you, but it might not be what's right for somebody else. So, so there's a whole, a whole lot around there, you know. The collective resistance just wants to go in the other direction. And, and that's actually going to be a choice that we can make, you know. We eventually are going to be splitting; the 5d, you're going to move on, and the 4d is going to move on. And right now we're going to be able to see each other, but eventually over time, we'll either be in separate worlds, or we'll all be inhabiting the Earth, but not able to kind of see or interact with each other will be on different planes. And so that's just something interesting that the angels keep sharing. And it's like, I keep asking, when is that going to happen? Because I'm ready.

Moira  46:05  
I'm like, Yeah, 5d let's go there and sort of galactic dimension for sure. So what are the angels saying about, you know, really about 2022, with, with this COVID? Is this something that's going to be happening for the rest of our life, or a long time, that's a long time coming with our masks and these different variants that are happening, that the new flu will be those Omicron.

Theresa  46:31  
Well, what they've been sharing since the beginning is that this was something regardless of how it came to be, this was something that needed to happen, because if it didn't need to happen, it wouldn't have happened. So this was also you know, humanity looks to the Divine to get them out of situations they put themselves in all the time. So this was, this is kind of a necessary thing is what they're showing. And what they're showing is it's going to go on for as long as it takes humanity to learn the lesson. That's what they have kept saying, you know, if you learn, if you learn the lesson that this is here to teach you, then you'll be done with it. But the longer it takes you. That's and you know, the lesson in all of it is unity, and what is happening, the exact opposite of unity. That's the lesson that we need to be learning is how to unify how to work together against something that could potentially kill us. And everyone has their own opinions about how to do that, which is fine. What if all those opinions are right, instead of having to argue about which ones are right and which ones are wrong? You know, what if we, what? What if you know, and again, I'm not this is not my personal view on anything, this is what they've been showing. Like this is you can you can choose how long this is around. You can either learn or you can continue to spiral. And, you know, that's what they've said since the beginning. And they're they're not changing anything on that. And it's not punishment; they don't want us to think any of this is ever punishment. Because everything that happens happens for us, it doesn't happen to us. And these were all potentials that we all knew about when we incarnated, you know. It was like, well, this could happen, this could happen, just like, you know, the great tsunami, so this tsunami could happen. And it might be your exit point. It's like, okay, if that shift needs to happen, then I'm about it. So that's, that's what they've been showing. And I'm just hoping that we all work together enough to this - this is human - that we all work together enough to create a plan that feel sustainable to everyone. Like instead of being exclusionary, it feels good to everyone and that everyone loves their neighbor enough to do what it takes to move forward here. You know, it's not about me, me, me. And it's not all about you either. It's about how can we work together for the greatest good and it feels like that's a big issue that all of humanity regardless of where you are in the world is facing right now.

Moira  49:01  
I think that's a good point and message to come slowly to the close of our heartfelt conversation today. Theresa, can you share your special gift that you're giving again for them today and again, all the links to your gift from Theresa, and how to connect with Theresa will be below in the show notes.

Theresa  49:21  
Beautiful so I feel like this free gift blank is so perfectly timed. It's the archangel Mikhail Journey Meditation and this meditation, this journey will help you to connect more deeply with Archangel Mikhail or maybe even for the first time if you're not familiar, and feel Mikhail's protection, guidance, support energy and invite Mikhail to be with you throughout your entire day. And Mikhail will then help you to step further into your purpose further into who you truly are and the work that you're here to do.

Moira  49:58  
That's beautiful, and I think you're also giving a special for your wonderful program Healthy, Vibrant You

Theresa  50:07  
Yeah, so Healthy Vibrant You is a program that runs over the course of eight weeks. And it really focuses you in on how you can start changing your life as a sensitive or an empath. How you can learn more about yourself, know more about yourself, we go really in depth with things like hiding our own light and listening to our guidance. What are your special gifts and talents that you've shut down and really opening ourselves up more and more so that we can live on purpose. And the program was created to work on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies of sensitives and empaths specifically, so I'm really excited that you're helping me to get that out to the world. So thank you for that, Moira.

Moira  50:52  
You're welcome. I think it's very important Theresa. I'd also like to not like to I would love to invite our listeners to join our Facebook community, Create the Life You Love. And if you enjoy today, with Theresa, and I know you did, and her other episode, Episode 10. Please like, share and subscribe to the show. So you won't miss any of our other shows and also you will be part of this community that's growing and we're all about raising the vibration of consciousness to heal humanity and Mother Earth. So thank you for that. And again, thank you, Theresa for sharing from your beautiful heart and soul. Your wisdom on creating peace through balance now Namaste.

Theresa  51:30  
Thank you so much. Namaste.

Close  51:37  
Thank you for listening to the Heart Soul Wisdom podcast with Moira Sutton. I hope you enjoyed today's episode. Please join our community at moirasutton.com and continue the discussion on our Facebook page Create the Life You Love. You will be part of a global movement connecting with other heart centered people who are consciously creating the life they love on their own terms. Together we can raise our consciousness for the greater good of humanity and for our planet.